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I hear you, you have just come through the front door, you are taking your jacket off. I have done as you asked me, I’m standing in the bedroom facing away from the door, with just my under wear on - a black and red lace bra and thong. You have moved from the front door now and are in the kitchen. Knowing you are down there making me wait for you is turning me on, then thoughts of what you are going to do to me start to pop into my head, this excites me further and I can feel myself becoming increasingly more wet, however I don’t dare touch myself because as I have been thinking about all the things you are going to do to me I have lost track of you and don’t know where you are, you could walk in any second and this excites me even more.


I know this familiar sound you are on the second last step, you will be hear soon and I will be at your mercy. It seems that with every footstep I grow wetter. I can feel my thong is moist in between my legs, resting on my smooth pussy. You are at the door now I know you are there even though I can’t see you. The door opens and you enter the room, I can feel you even though you have not yet touched me, I can smell your sent from the other side of the room, the one I long to be on my sink. You walk the short distance of the room to where I am standing. You put your hand in between my legs to feel my soaking wet pussy. Feeling my wetness on my thong you remove your hand and without saying a word you turn me around and through me onto the bed.

“ Take them off!”

You order me. I do as I am told and remove my bra and thong revealing my full breasts to you. You grab my legs and spread them wide, revealing my pussy to you for the first time since you came in the room. I don’t resist in any way I want you to do this I need you, my pussy is aching for you. You tie my legs to each of the bottom bed posts, you then move up the bed and do the same with my arms. You have complete control over me now and I love it.  Once again you put you hand on my pussy.

“ You are enjoying this aren’t you, you little slut!”

You say as you discover I am dripping. I know however better than to answerer you. My pussy is aching for your massive cock and you now it as well as I do and breaking any rules will result in you teasing me with it longer than you have already planed. You know how much I want you in my mouth, to feel your hot thick cum running down my through. But we are a long way from that. I can see the growing bulge in your trousers. It is aching to be freed, but you have so much more self control than I do and you keep it locked away from me. 


You have your mouth on my neck now moving down it You lick the length of my collar bone. Your mouth is on my nipple now as your hand massages the other one. You start by sucking it then you start to bite it making it hard, you do the same to the other one until both are sticking out mirroring my arousal. You then start to run your tongue down my abdomen towards my wanting pussy. As your tongue stops at my navel you plunge two fingers deep into my dripping wet pussy causing me to gasp with both shock and pleasure.  You remove your fingers from my pussy and put them in your mouth, tasting me.

“Fuck! That is one sweet tasting pussy.”

You go back to running your tongue down my body, eventually reaching my swollen aching clit. You give it the attention it has been craving licking and sucking it. As you do this I forget the rules and “please fuck me” leaves my mouth. Before I have finished the sentence you stop what you are doing and walk away from the bed. I am so angry with myself for forgetting the rules, especially when I am so close to cuming. You return to your previous position between my legs and I can hear the familiar hum of my pocket size silver bullet vibrator. You know my body well and know exactly where to place it so it will drive me wild. The vibrations run through me touching every nerve on the way, I can feel an amazing orgasm building quickly inside me. You can also see this as I start to arch my back and tense my muscles. You know I am seconds away from coming. You stop and again the feeling of disappointment runs through me.

“That’s what happens when you break the fucking rules you dirty little slut!”

You say as you see the disappointment washing over my face. I see that glint in your eye that tells me you are not done with me yet, then that smirk runs across your face as if to say “I’m still going to make you pay.” you start to undo your trousers revealing what I have been waiting for from the moment I heard that first click of the front door, your massive hard cock.  You stand at the foot of the bed completely naked now, you grab my hips and raise them in the air at the same time you plunge your massive hard cock into me in one smooth move. I gasp as I feel you hitting my cervix causing me pain, pain that I know I deserve, pain that you no you are causing me but you have no intensions of stopping. I don’t want you to stop because with this pain comes a pleasure that is indescribable.

“Do you like that you fucking slut?”

I can sense you are getting closer to cuming now as your thrusts become faster, I am also close and can’t help myself, I let out a loud moan and this sets you off, you are filling me with your hot warm cum, as my pussy tightens around you and I cum harder than I ever have before. When you withdraw your semi hard cock from me you watch as the mixture of our cum starts to run from me, you then slowly put your finger inside me and pull it out again the put it in my mouth.

“ Dose that taste good you little cum whore?”

You ask me. I nod as a lick all the cum off your finger, wishing it was your big cock.

“I know what you want. You want this don’t you, you fucking whore? You want my cock in your mouth don’t you?

I nod again, its as if you have read  my thoughts. You turn away from me and start to get dresses. Only to your boxers. You walk towards the door. I am still very horny and now confused, you turn to face me with that same glint in your eye and smirk on your face from earlier the one that said “I’m going to make you pay”.  I hate myself now if only I had not opened my mouth and said those 3 little words.

“Maybe later. I have things to do. I hope next time you will remember the fucking rules!”

And with that you leave.

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