Running for lust

By organism

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A stroke of luck finds him having sex with his friend's house mate
Before the sun got too hot this morning I went for a run, about 4 miles to the park, some floor work on the grass, sit-ups and press ups that sort of thing, then home again. I am getting back into training for the new football season, plus I like to keep in good shape. I love the feel of the chill air on my skin in the morning and the build up of heat as my muscles start working hard. It often reminds me of the warm up to sex and I often find myself running half-stock. This time of year, women wearing little sports vest tops and shorts makes me think of sex even more.

This morning when I returned to my flat, there was no water. I was hot with a sheen of sweat, ready for a long cool shower and some fun with my hand. Luckily for me, my friend Kira from college lives about half a mile away. So there was a bright side to my problem. I've wanted her badly, or more correctly to be in her, since we met. She's a stunning blonde, sporty, fit and single, my female counterpart in a way. We flirt, sometimes outrageously. Last weekend at a small and drunken party of the Sports Society regulars we were paired to perform as many sex positions as possible in 5 minutes – sadly, fully clothed. Despite this barrier I worked up a hard-on, creating a noticeable bulge in my jeans. Seeing her tight ass in her shorts and the string of her panties poking out was almost too much to bear. It was by sheer will that I didn't cum right then.

I ran up the street, my thigh and calf muscles burning as I pounded the street. I finally arrived at her door panting and sweaty. I was wearing black mid-thigh shorts and a vest top that gave me a chance to show off my muscular arms and legs.

Kira answered the door, perfectly turned out and sexy as usual. She was wearing a simple thin summer dress and strappy sandals; they gave the impression of delicate vines winding up a pair of beautiful young trees - firm and strong. The dress wrapped round her body nicely showing off her trim figure and enough of her thighs for me to easily imagine her in just the sandals. She scanned my body, standing at her doorway.

"Hey look at you, stud!" she laughed. "What's up?"

I explained my problem and she smiled and beckoned me inside. Although because of how she stood in the doorway I had to squeeze past her. For a moment my thigh slid against hers and in that moment I imagined my whole naked body lying against hers. My passion was rapidly building from the adrenaline of my run and my imaginings of her naked body. She seemed to be on her way out, but made it clear I could stay.

"Anything else I can do for you before l leave?" she said as I necked a glass of water. I was horny as hell, so I tried my luck.

"Casual sex?"

She was silent for a long time, smiled and replied, "No - you cheeky sod!" After a long pause, she said, "So you think about me like that then....?"

I half laughed my reply. "Look at you! What red-blooded man wouldn't! Remember last week at the party? I almost came acting out those positions with you!"

"Yeah it was pretty hot. Tell you what: payment for water is a look at that fab bod’ of yours. Just the top, we don't want you getting too excited do we!" She smiled wickedly and stood back with her hands on her hips. “I want to see what was pressing up against me last week.”

I stood there burning with lust and took hold of my shirt and whipped it over my head. I was still breathing hard, with only my shorts scarcely concealing the bulge beneath. She slowly walked forwards as if to inspect me. She walked silently around me. My chest, suddenly exposed to the cool air, collected little droplets of sweat that made little trails down my body. As she walked round to my front again she reached out with one hand and held it in front of my left pectoral for a little while, as if deciding whether to go ahead. Finally, with two fingers, she slowly, slowly traced them down my front. She reached my nipple, which slid slowly through her two fingers; electricity seemed to leap to my rod, finally completing its journey to full hardness. I silently groaned and she smiled, her fingers continuing their slow journey. Her finger tips reached the mid-line of my belly, between the visible beginnings of a six-pack I have been nurturing for several months. As she reached my belly-button my excitement increased. Was she going all the way down? My dick was yearning to be free.

Her finger stopped again at the top of my shorts. Almost involuntarily I murmured “Oh yes!” I must have broken the spell as she quickly looked up at me and shook her head.

“I must go! But - you've given me a lot to think about. Make yourself at home. Don't make too much noise though or you'll wake my house mate. I'll be back in a couple of hours and can… discuss things.”

She quickly left and I remained stunned by what had just happened and what had failed to happen.

“Shit!” I exclaimed as the door closed. I sat on the sofa and pondered my situation. I had progressed further than before and was excited by the prospect that a discussion might lead to more. My hands rested on the tops of my thighs and slowly, almost involuntarily, moved inwards. I moved one hand up to the nipple she had touched and stroked it softly between two fingers. My other hand traced the outline of my dick through my shorts. I was momentarily torn by the guilt of what I was about to do, but Kira had pushed my libido beyond its limits. I slid my shorts down and off my legs leaving only my black sports briefs holding my penis in place. Around the head was soaked with pre-cum. I savoured the feeling and continued to work on both my nipples, using a little spit as lubrication. Finally I could bear it no longer and slid off my briefs. I quickly took my dick in hand and stroked the whole length, sliding through the wetness.

Suddenly a noise behind me made me literally jump off the sofa and I spun round to see Katie, Kira's house mate standing halfway down the stairs in a loose fitting and revealing gown. She seemed startled as I twirled round, but did not scream or take fright, as you might expect. I stammered an apology, realising I was completely naked and my penis was quickly pulsing up and down with my heartbeat.

“I'm sorry I spoiled the show. I've been watching since just after she left you know.”

“What?!” I gasped.

“She's such a tease. I was going to come and console you, but you gave me something to watch instead.” She smiled as she pointedly looked down at my throbbing manhood.

I felt angry, but realised where I was and what I had been doing. I also realised that although her face was not as initially stunning as Kira’s, her body was equally as fit and lean. I could tell from her thigh that was loose of the revealing mid-thigh gown that she either ran or swam. Her breasts were at least a size larger than Kira, but were firm. My fright turned back into lust. I must have stared longer than I thought, as she purred, "Do you like what you see?" I nodded.

“Feel free to carry on, or you can go if you like?” she continued.

“No!” I said very quickly. “It’s your house. Come and sit down. It’s Katie isn't it?”

"Lay back down where you were!" I got the feeling she wanted to be in control so I lay back down, slouching on the sofa. She walked around to stand in front of me and untied her gown. I was right: she had an amazing body! My hands itched to caress her. I reached up to touch her, but she told me sharply to stay where I was. It felt like a dream as she quickly kneeled down and took my cock in hand. She ran her finger through the wetness I had left, her eyes intent on it. She looked up briefly at me then lowered her mouth down onto the swollen head. Pulling back the foreskin her tongue flicked around the head and the base. The feeling was electrifying. All feelings of unease were gone! All the excitement was too much to bear and as she started to caress my thighs I felt the surge of an orgasm approach.

“I’m gonna cum!” I gasped.

But instead of moving she moved my dick further into her mouth and I erupted into her throat. Oh, I saw lights as I emptied my load into her mouth. She looked up and smiled, sitting down next to me. We kissed deeply. I could still taste my salty cum on her lips. My hand at last had a chance to feel her body. It was strong and feminine, amazing to feel, like raw energy captured beneath soft womanly skin. I gently sucked on her erect nipples, which made her gasp, but rapidly turned into a soft moan as my hand worked its way between her thighs. I traced my fingers round her labia lips; they were silky and wet. I think she had been enjoying herself as I worked on myself earlier. I worked my finger round her wet lips, slowly making my way just inside.

My erection swiftly returned, with the help of her hand on my body and the tender stroking of my balls.

She smiled, “One last job and you’re done.”

She got up off the sofa and straddled my legs, facing towards me. She squatted down and rummaged in her robe.

“Here put this on, don’t where you’ve been.” But she smiled as she said it. I slipped on the ribbed condom, no problem. She lowered herself down on my fully erect penis and groaned as she did so. I lay there letting her enjoy herself and enjoying the sensations of her riding me hard. As she pulled and then took the whole length into her she gave increasingly load groans, “Ahhhhh, Ahhhhhhh!” She was steadying herself with her hands on my chest. I was incredibly turned on, feeling her slick body as she pumped me and hearing the slap of her thighs against mine. I groaned with need myself, a more base response to her female voice. I worked my thumbs over the base of my cock to her clitoris and lips. Soon she was grinding into my pubic bone with hers and quivered with need. Her orgasm exploded within her, her vagina pressing and tugging at my cock. In the midst of her orgasm her pulled and grasped at my chest and arm muscles, bringing me over the edge with her.

She collapsed on me panting and we lay there for a seemingly long time. Finally she laughed. “Oh god, what is that silly bitch doing passing you up! Come on let’s shower.” I hesitated, thinking Kira would return soon, and told her so.

“So she’ll have to wait her turn!”

What else could I do!?