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Rush Hour Surprise

After a long day, all I wanted was some peace and quiet. Or so I thought...
'One more day to go until I can get the fuck out of this city for the weekend' I thought to myself as I waited for the next T. It was only Thursday but it had already been an incredibly long week. It seemed like I had a deadline for every hour of the day and had reached the point where I caught myself rushing to finish dinner before some imaginary clock struck zero on me and I'd have to move on to the next task. The proverbial carrot on the stick in front of me was a nice long weekend down on Cape Cod, drinking beer and relaxing on the beach. My buddy had told me his girlfriend was coming with a few of her easier friends, but I couldn't even think about chasing girls at this point, I was just too exhausted. I looked up to see the next B train approaching and I waited to board the T with the rest of my fellow cattle.

Once on board I found a nice quiet spot in the back to lean against the wall and try to enjoy the next 40 minutes as much as possible. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back, trying to ignore the bumps and sways of the trolley car as it rumbled beneath Boston. About two stops in I opened my eyes to take in my surroundings and make sure I wasn't in the way or anything. As I scanned the nameless faces of students, workers and fellow miserable bastards my eyes landed on her. She was, in a word, breathtaking. Sure, maybe she wasn't your classic centerfold material, but she was my idea of the perfect sex goddess. Long, curly red hair framed her chubby face with thick, full lips. Her heavy winter coat did little to hide her ample breasts and her not-quite-short-but-not-quite-long-either skirt had ridden up her thighs just slightly, showing off her sexy legs in dark stockings. I caught myself staring and glanced away, not wanting to be rude. 'If she's had as long of a day as I have the last thing she needs is some perv ogling her on her train ride home' I told myself. But as hard as I tried I couldn't keep my eyes away. A quick glance here, a subtle look there, I snuck in a few looks while I could.

As the train came to a stop I took yet another look and this time I saw her looking back at me with a smirk on her face. BUSTED! I felt like a kid getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar, or at least getting caught staring longingly and drooling while looking at the jar. I turned my head away in shame and stared out the window for another stop or two. Another passenger moved by me, breaking me from my gaze and I involuntarily looked back in her direction to see her smirking at me yet again. This time I held my look a pause and caught her eyebrow raising slightly. Really? Could this beautiful, sexy woman really be interested in a shlub like me? I'm no beast, of course, but at 5'-10 and more than a few pounds overweight I'm certainly nothing to write home about. Apparently nobody sent her the memo, because she was giving me quite a staredown.

I took all the confidence I had inside me and mustered up my biggest public flirt of my life, a quick wink. My nerves were racing, wondering if I'd misread her when she suddenly sent my heart racing by returning the wink, slowly and deliberately. My goodness, what now? I gave her a nervous smile and started making my way over to her when her head shook. "No" her motions said, "stay over there". To accentuate her point she unzipped her jacket slowly, making a point to pull it open once the zipper reached the bottom. I took a quick look around and noticed the train had strangely emptied quite a lot over the last few stop. We shared the car with only one older woman who was facing the other direction and was nose-deep in her book.

Seeing that we had some privacy made me bolder as raised my eyebrow in her direction. Smiling, she ran her hand up and down her open jacket, her hand slowly sliding along her voluptuous curves as she traced the path of the zipper. Under her jacket she wore a very business-like white blouse that did little to hide her succulent breasts. In fact, the garment seemed to raise them up and show off her deep cleavage. I could only imagine how many of her coworkers had lost track of their work while daydreaming about those perfect curves. As if reading my mind she leaned forward, allowing me a better look at her billowing tits. I could feel my cock growing harder under my khakis and slipped into a nearby seat, still facing her, hoping my erection wouldn't be quite as noticeable.

She seemed to notice my state and it only made her chuckle. Her hand slid up and cupped her breast over her blouse and nodded towards my groin, her eyebrow raised seductively. Well, I've come this far, might as well play along. My hand slid down to rub over my cock, pressing the material of my pants down to show off how hard I was. As I rubbed her teeth bit slightly on her lip and she squeezed her breast. She slowly started to spread her legs, her other hand sliding down over her thigh. 'This is too hot' I thought to myself as her legs spread wider, her hand sliding up her thigh. Our eyes locked on to each other as her hand slid up and down her thigh, my hand rubbing my swollen cock for her again and again. She then moved her other hand to the top of her blouse and slowly undid the top two buttons on her blouse, her breasts now fully exposed in her sexy lace bra. Her hand held open the blouse, letting me take in her sexy breast as we continued to tease ourselves for each other. Emboldened by her actions I slowly started to unzip my pants but, again, she shook her head. She quickly snapped her thighs shut and zipped her coat. I was disappointed, figuring I'd gone too far. She stood and walked to the door of the car and looked over at me.

"Isn't this your stop" she asked, her eyebrow raised and that same smirk on her face.

My brain snapped to and I rushed to gather my things and join her at the door. I stood behind her and waited for the train to stop as she pressed her ass back against me. She moaned softly as her ass ground against my throbbing cock. Her hand reached back to rub me through my pants as I slid my hand over her jacket-covered breasts. As the train came to a stop she gave me a wink and told me to follow her.

We walked a couple blocks until we came to an apartment building. Unlocking the door she led me in and into the elevator. As the doors closed I moved to touch her again but she backed away playfully. "No, no, not yet" she teased. I knew better than to doubt her now so I decided to bide my time. We arrived at her floor and she led me to her apartment. As she locked the door behind her she threw her jacket off and strode into the living room. She pulled a wooden chair to the middle of the room and told me to sit. Next she bent down and untied my boots, throwing them into the corner. As I sat waiting for what was next she slowly raised herself up and leaned into me, her mouth just inches from mine. "I'll be right back" she whispered, her tongue darting out to lick my lip. Giggling, she ran out of the room.

I sat for a few minutes wondering what was next when I heard the music start. It was some pop song I wasn't too familiar with. Suddenly she came around the corner, dressed in the same business blouse, skirt and stockings. As the music played she swayed her curvy body to the beat, her hips rocking effortlessly in time to the music, her hands sliding up and down her chest and hips. I stared at her body, enjoying the motion of her hips and the gentle sway of her tits as she danced closer to me. I tried to rub her thigh as she walked by but she quickly moved away, taunting me and whispering "ohh, naughty boy, no touching!"

The song continued as she moved around in front of me once more, her back to me, her sexy ass right at my eye level. I could only imagine how perfect those firm cheeks would feel in my hands, and I wondered if she loved having a hard cock in that tight ass. Her hands slid to her hips and slid her skirt down over her ass. I groaned as I saw she wasn't wearing any panties, her stockings coming up to the middle of her thigh. She stepped out of the skirt and tossed it aside, bending over in front of me to show off her phenomenal ass. I could only stare as her hips rocked, the shake of her cheeks had me mesmerized. Quickly she stood back up again and faced me, her hands ripping open her blouse, the buttons scattering on the floor all around. I quickly saw that her sexy bra was now gone and I had my first look at her amazing breasts. Although they were quite large they were quite firm and stood proudly on her chest. Her nipples, already rock hard, rosy and pink. She stepped forward and straddled me, her eyes right on mine, her pussy grinding against my now impossibly hard cock. I could feel the heat from her pussy through my pants and boxers, and I could only imagine how it was going to feel wrapped around me. She rocked her hips, dry humping me as I sat there. I kept my hands locked at my sides, not daring to ruin this now.

"Good boy" she moaned into my ear, "very good boy". She slid her tongue into my ear and moaned, her tits crushing into my chest. Her hands gripped my shoulders as she moved her hips even quicker. I wasn't going to last long if she kept this up, and she must have known because she quickly stood and knelt in front of me. "Stand. Now" she said as I quickly rose. Her hands deftly undid my belt and had my pants and boxers on the floor in record time. Her mouth leaned forward to capture my cock and she gave me two quick sucks before shoving me back into the chair. With a moan she straddled me, reached down and held my cock in place as she sunk her body down on mine. Her pussy was the hottest I'd ever felt, like sliding my cock into a volcano. As she settled into my lap a loud moan escaped her lips and she wrapped her legs around me. Slowly she started rocking her hips again, fucking me with short, deliberate strokes.

Throwing caution to the wind I reached up and grabbed her sexy ass. She moaned again and rotated her hips quicker, my cock plunging in and out of her soaked pussy. I gave her ass a loud slap and she screamed into my ear, her body twitching on mine. It was my turn to give the orders as I told her to stand up. She quickly obeyed and I stood as well, moving her to the couch and laying her down, spreading her legs wide. I leaned down and ran my tongue over her pussy, tasting her hot juices and rubbing her hard little clit. I slid a finger into her pussy as I continued licking her clit and her moans got louder and louder. I pumped my finger in and out, coating it with her slick juices, then I slid it out and rubbed over her sexy ass. I moved my other hand to her pussy and resumed fingerfucking her as my other finger slowly pressed against her tight ass. "OH FUCK" she moaned as the first knuckle sunk into her ass, my tongue resuming its assault on her clit. I slowly worked my finger deeper into her sexy ass, my tongue and fingerfucking never slowing down. My finger slowly started pumping in and out of her ass, gently yet firmly. As I pressed my finger deeper I sucked her clit and slid another finger into her pussy and her thighs rose from the couch as she screamed out "I'M CUMMINGGGGGG!". I felt her pussy flooding my hands and tongue and I struggled to lick up all the cum. I continued to gently play with her as she came down and her breathing returned to normal.

She reached up and tried pulling me to her, begging me "I need to taste me on your lips".

I stood between her spread legs and told her she could taste me, but it wouldn't be on my lips. I rubbed my cock along her soaked slit, coating it with her as I then moved to her mouth. With a grin she licked herself off me, her tongue eagerly lapping herself up. She sucked me back into her mouth and I pulled away with a pop. Returning to her pussy I spread her legs wide and slid into her, my balls pressing against her ass. I pumped in and out of her, then returned my soaked cock to her eager mouth.

We continued this game for another turn or two before I pulled her to her feet and bent her over the armrest of the couch. Standing behind her I rubbed my cock over her pussy, teasing her. Her hips pressed back, begging me to fuck her. I thrust myself back into her pussy and slapped her ass, my hand reaching up to grab a handful of her hair. Pulling firmly on her hair I began pumping in and out of her, thrusting harder into her with each stroke. Her moans grew louder with each pump and soon I was pounding into her hot, soaked pussy. I let go over her hair and grasped her hips, slamming my cock into her again and again, my hips crashing into her ass. I knew I was going to erupt soon so I pulled my cock from her and moved back to her face.

Knowing what I wanted she dropped to her knees and swallowed my cock, her mouth bobbing up and down with amazing speed. Her hand reached up to tease my balls as she pulled my cock from her mouth and moaned "cum for me, cum in my mouth, cum all over me, make me your nasty cumwhore" before sucking me back in. It was too much for me to take as I groaned out that I was cumming. Her mouth pulled back as her tongue flicked over my head as the first shot splashed over her lips. A moan escaped her lips as the next shot coated her nose and forehead as she quickly sucked me back into her mouth, capturing the rest of my load in her mouth. As I finished erupting she sucked my cock clean, getting every last drop of cum from my balls. She stood and opened her mouth, showing me all the thick, creamy cum in her mouth before she closed her lips and swallowed it down. Gasping, I sat back in the chair, trying to catch my breath.

Suddenly the trolley shook, breaking me from my daydream. Looking around I noticed I was 4 stops beyond mine. SHIT. 'Way to go' I thought to myself. I glanced over where she had been sitting and saw her still sitting there, gazing out the window. She turned towards me and her eyes darted down to my crotch, seeing the bulge in my pants caused by my daydream. I quickly moved my messenger bag around in front of me, hoping nobody else noticed. Ashamed, I moved to the door and prepared for my long walk back to my station. I gave her one last look before I got off the train and I saw that smirk on her face, followed by a long, deliberate wink...
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