Rustle in the Bed

By msutton

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I wake my sleeping husband for a morning he won't forget.
He's lying there sleeping and snoring, a little restless like always. And here I am, awake, still, and pondering. It's 3am and of course I'm horny. I can feel the warmth building between my legs, and can smell myself getting wet. My nipples are hard, and the cold air of the fan makes my shirt flutter slightly... just enough to make my clit throb.

Plain and simple, I want his dick. I want it in my mouth, against my tits, and deep inside me. But we both have work in the morning, and I know I shouldn't wake him. I should be asleep too, so that I'll be up in time for class and coherent at work. But fuck, I'm so wet. I just want him to fuck me.

I rustle in the bed a little, "accidentally" making some noise to see if he'll wake up. He stirs briefly, but rolls over. If he only knew what I wanted from him right now, I'd bet he'd wake up. We've been married almost five years now, and he's never been one to turn me down. But he's a man who enjoys his sleep. He'd be mad if I woke him, right? I should just get myself off and go to bed, right? I reach down and feel my wetness seeping through my panties. I slide my fingers just under the fabric, and feel the juice I so desparately want him to drink from me. I toy with my lips and gradually brush across my erect little bud. I imagine it's as pink as can be, just lying there waiting for attention.

But I'm tired of pleasuring myself. I want him to do it, and fuck, I want him to do it now! I've spent many nights fantasizing about how to wake him up at a time like this. Should I go straight for the cock? Or should I gently massage his large, warm balls? Maybe I should tweak and flick at his nipples just enough to rouse him? Or hell, maybe I should just sit on his face and drip my cunt juices directly into his unsuspecting mouth? All the choices turn me on, make me wetter, and get me more excited. I just can't take this anticipation anymore. The pool beneath me is getting bigger, and I have to do something. I'm wet from front to back. I want his big dick, and I want it now!

I glance at him and notice the sheet is partially off him... this is my chance, as his bare ass is exposed. I gently rub his cheek for a moment, then get a handful and squeeze slowly but forcefully. He loves it when I touch his ass, but he loves it even more if I go farther. I lick my fingers while I continue the ass massage. Briefly, I encircle his brown hole with the tip of spit-covered hand. He moans and I know he is waking. I stay still for a moment until he settles. I need him to be excited, but I'm loving this feeling of stimulating him without his knowledge. Again, I gently touch his asshole, but this time I linger there, applying pressure against his tight sphincter. I feel his dick come alive with blood, as he twitches from my fingerplay. I move closer, my mouth hovering over his ass, and I breathe hot breath into his dirty, tight hole. The steaminess makes him tremble, and I know I've gotten his attention.

Groggy, but interested, he rolls over and asks what the fuck I'm doing. There's no time for talking though, because now his pole is directly in my face, and I'm mesmerized. I immediately take him in my mouth, and suck like I've never sucked before. I get him completely hard quickly, just to torture him, and then I stop. I let his cock point up to the ceiling, and admire the precum oozing from it's head. He'll have to wait, just like I waited while he slept.

I take one of my tits, and rub my nipple againt the head of his dick, slightly smacking the fleshy, soft tissue of my breast with his erection. He reaches out and pinches my nipple, just like I want it, and I let out a moan that I didn't know was coming. He pulls me toward him and begins to kiss and lick my nipples sweetly, but not too soft. I know he knows what I want. He kisses down my tummy and lays me on my back. God, I love his hands, and I want his body all over mine. As his lips approach my pelvis, I feel his chin touch my bush, and I can't hold back the shiver. I'm throbbing like crazy now, and I'm sure I've made a mess of the sheets already. Soon his tongue finds my pussy, and he kisses me over and over and over. I speak my first words to him and ask him to suck on my clit. He pretends he can't hear me though, clearly wanting to make me suffer for waking him up in the middle of the night. He slowly and methodically tweaks my clit, so lightly that I can't help but beg him for more.

"Please, baby! Please don't play with me! I need to cum all over you! Please fucking rub my clit!"

He senses my urgency, but wants me to want him even more. His fingers slide inside my slit, and he gets the first real glimpse of the juice my body has been producing. He rubs my fluid all over his dick, enjoying my smell and warmth. Then, without warning, he nose dives into my snatch, and I'm instantly writhing! His tongue feverishly searches for my throbbing pearl, and once he finds it, he licks, pulls and softly bites it. I can't stand it and quickly start to convulse, but he only buries his head deeper into me.

I scream. My whole body feels like it's going to explode, but it's no use. He's not going to stop until I'm completely empty. I quiver every time his tongue brushes across my pussy, and I can't believe how much I've cum for him. I beg him to stop and let me catch my breath, but he says no.

"You woke me up on a work night to fuck. We're not stopping until I say so!"

Out of breath, I plead, "But please, baby, please! I can't take your tongue anymore! Give me your dick, please. I need your dick in me now!"

He looks at me momentarily, like he's not sure what he should do next. I take this moment of hesitation to push him onto his back, and in a split second, I'm on top of his cock, riding him as hard as possible. He grunts and I can tell he's enjoying our midnight romp. His hands cup my tits and I fuck him upanddown, upanddown, upanddown. I feel his cock trying to break into my cervix, and I don't know how long I can do this before I shower him in cum again. His balls are dripping with my juice, and I can't help but give in to my second orgasm. I scream and twitch atop his dick, and I can tell he's holding out for more. I don't know how he managed not to cum, but I can't think about him. Every muscle in my body is throbbing, and my nipples are harder than I've ever seen them. I can't breathe for all the moaning, and my riding has turned into a slow sway.

He lets me rest a moment, then lays me by his side. He kisses across my tits again, and before I know it, his throbbing dick is in my face. I open wide and engulf his shaft, knowing how much he loves me to suck him. I keep from gagging on his girth, only because I want his dick so badly. I lick and suck and thrust about, tickling his balls and running my finger around his ass again and again.

I know he's going to need to blow his load soon, but I don't want it in my mouth. I want his seed inside my womb, and I want him to fill me to the brim. I turn over on all fours, feisty again from sucking his cock, and invite him to take me from behind. He punches his dick into my aching pussy with a fury that is unlike him. He knows I want him to spray inside me, and I know he wants the walls of my pussy to suck the milk from his dick. He grasps coarsely at my dangling tits while he fucks me, and I feel the fire of orgasm building within me again. With his hands now on my hips, he slams his dick into me repeatedly. His pace is rapid, and sweat drips from his forehead onto my red ass. He slaps my cheeks like he does when he's about to cum, and I know he's moments away from filling my cunt with a white explosion. He groans and I encourage him.


Just then my body starts contracting again, and he can't take it anymore. His stiff dick unleashes it's hot cream into my pussy, and I scream with delight! I can't keep it all in me- he shoots his load into me eight or nine times. With each thrust his cock becomes softer, and gradually it becomes flaccid near my satisfied clit. We fall asleep quickly, and awake a few hours later to find ourselves covered in cum and lust. I tug at his cock briefly, wink and head toward the shower.

"Same time tomorrow morning?" I ask. 

"Definitely." he nods.