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RV Camping Trip

Part I – The Beginning

In the spring of 1995, I was on a camping trip at Brazos Bend State Park. It was a solo trip in the small RV that I had at the time. Of course, being the horny young man that I was, I was always looking for pretty women. But I mainly had porn and photography on my mind for this trip, so I hadn't really come prepared, physically or mentally, for a physical encounter. It wasn't the prime camping season yet, so I didn't expect to find a hot young lady or a lonely wife ready for a vacation rendezvous. Those expectations changed dramatically on my first evening there.

I had finished setting up camp around 5:00 and had gone inside the RV to cool down for about an hour. I had jacked off to some magazines for a while, but I didn't want to cum so early in the day. Since evening was coming on, I decided to sit out in front of the RV and shoot some pictures of any wildlife that may happen by.

About fifteen minutes into my impromptu photo session, a small herd of deer grazed their way along the forest-line next to my camp spot. I hadn’t put out any corn or feed to keep them around yet. I shot some pictures, but they moved on rather quickly. I was able to grab a few mediocre shots of a squirrel and two rabbits, but that was about all of the wildlife I spotted.

Well, that was all of the wildlife of the four-legged kind. As I sat in my chair around the campfire corral with no campfire, the sexiest beauty came jogging by on the park road. She was wearing a pair of running shorts and a jogging bra. She was just starting to pass me when I first noticed her, but in the glimpse that I saw, I could tell that she had a nice pair of breasts hanging from her chest. Her ass and legs were beautiful and toned as well.

As she was passing my camping spot, she shot a glimpse over at me. Her sweaty brown hair was plastered across her forehead in such a sexy way. Just as quickly as she had looked my way, she turned back to the road in front of her. But I had seen her, and I knew that she had seen me looking at her. I glanced around to see if anyone was looking, then I picked up my camera, zoomed in on her body, and snapped several pictures as she glided away. She probably heard my camera clicking and whirring, but I didn't mind. I wanted her to know that I found her attractive

After the brunette beauty was out of sight, I packed up my camera gear and went inside the camper. I had porn galore at my disposal; big-breasted-blondes in magazines and redhead lesbians with strap-ons on video. But I couldn't get my mind off of the girl. I put a VHS of No Man's Land 3 into the player for "atmosphere". I casually stroked at my cock as I watched the girls go at each other on screen, but my mind was still on that beautiful ass jogging away from me.

Part II – The Lake

By the time No Man's Land was over, it was pushing pretty close to dark. I decided to go outside and start a fire. I opened the door to the RV and noticed a paper stuck in the door handle. I pulled it out and opened it up. It was a map of Brazos Bend; the one you get from the Ranger’s station when you check in. There was a circle around the third fishing deck on the backside of Elm Lake with "9 pm -G." signed above it. I looked around but didn't see anyone. Surely this was from the jogging girl. It had to be.

It was a little after seven at the time. I still had a while to wait. I went ahead and made a fire and contemplated how the meeting would go. As I imagined sucking on her tits and fucking her, I realized that I had no condoms with me. There were two stores just down from the park entrance, but they were just some small country stores and probably closed anyway. I decided that to minimize my sperm load and to make myself last longer, I needed to cum before I met G. I went into the RV and put on another VHS tape. This time it was a beatnik themed video.

I jacked off to the fucking-beats and shot a load. I made sure not to use any lotion incase G wanted to give me oral pleasure. Hey, gotta keep all possibilities open. I was also careful to clean up my load well so she wouldn't smell cum on me in the same situation. Then again, that may turn her on. Goodness, I was so nervous.

Eight o'clock came around. I decided to hop in the Jeep and head toward Elm Lake. Maybe I would see G around the park somewhere and find out where she was staying. I wondered if she was camping alone or if she even had a husband or family that she was camping with. My mind raced at all of the possibilities. Was the note even from the jogging girl? I really didn’t know.

I rode around all of the camping facilities and shelters, but I didn't see anyone who looked like the jogging girl that I presumed to be G. I pulled into the parking lot of Elm Lake around 8:30. There were no other vehicles in the parking lot. Was she even here yet? It's about a twenty-minute walk back to the third pier. I locked the Jeep and headed down the stony trail. There was no sign of G along the trail. There were just the birds, turtles and other wildlife. I didn't see any, but I was sure that there were alligators nearby as well. It was kind of creepy making the darkened trail on my own. It only got darker and creepier as I walked under the cover of the hanging trees.

I finally made it around to the first and second piers. By then, it was outright dark and I could only see by the light of the moon.. The only clue that I had about my location was the reflection of the full moon off of the lake. I don't know why I didn't think to bring a flashlight. As I approached the third deck, I could see the silhouette of a woman standing there, looking out on the lake. I stepped to the edge of the deck and stared at the body outlined against the moon's glimmering shine. I knew this was the woman I had seen earlier. I knew this was G.

"Good evening." I said. "I'm Paul."

She casually turned around and leaned her ass against the wooden rail. "Hi. I'm Gigi. I'm glad you found me."

"Yeah, me too." I thought.

"I don't see a fishing pole, so I don't think you invited me out here to do some night fishing." I said.

"No, not at all." she replied.

"Well, what's on your mind?" I asked her. With those words, I stepped onto the deck and moved closer to her.

"I saw you and thought that I may like to get to know you a little better." she replied. With that, Gigi opened up her blouse, which was apparently already unbuttoned, and let it drop to the wooden deck. She hopped her ass up on the deck railing. This whole scene was feeling like a dream.

I headed straight to her, cupped her left breast with my right hand and kissed her. She kissed back hard against me. She grabbed my other hand and put it on her right breast. What I couldn't see in the dark became obvious in my palms; Gigi had a very full chest.

After a few introductory kisses, and she did kiss well, I moved down to her breasts and began giving them pleasure. With her right breast still cupped in my hand, I gently moved my tongue around the edge of her areola. Then I took the full nipple into my mouth with a gentle suck. I spent a long time on her right breast, and then moved to the left one to give it the same pleasure. Gigi was moving and moaning to the pleasure.

I had been supporting Gigi's breasts while I kissed and sucked them. They were such wonderful breasts, however, that I needed to experience them in their full beauty. I knelt down on my knees and had Gigi lean forward toward me. Her breasts hung down to my face. Her firm nipples pointed like perfect arrows toward me. For several more minutes, I licked, kissed and sucked at her hanging mounds. All the while, Gigi was moaning and rubbing between her firm, fit legs.

Gigi motioned for us to switch places. I stood against the dock railing and she got down on her knees in front of me. Gigi unzipped my cargo shorts and released my rock-hard cock. Without hesitation, she took it deep into her mouth. I would swear that she took the whole eight inches down without a blink. With her lips resting on the base of my shaft, Gigi took a hard suck on it and slowly pulled back on it, releasing it out of her mouth, inch by inch.

When she got to the head, she stopped and put into place a fast fluttering motion with her lips and tongue. My body jerked from the sensation. I could have come right into her mouth but managed to contain myself through her continued pleasure. She gave me more deep-throat action, tremendous head pleasure, and even sucked up and down the vein of the shaft.

Her oral capabilities were tremendous, but Gigi did some handwork on my balls that I had never experienced before. Through all of her sucking and blowing, she kept her hands busy fondling and caressing my balls. She would gently massage and caress them, and stimulate the most erotic areas under my groin. My moans throughout her pleasure let her know when she was hitting me just right, and she controlled her techniques along the way to make me last longer. Quite frankly, the girl gave the best blowjob I had ever received.

Gigi and I had been pleasuring each other for about twenty minutes. We were both horny and ready to fuck. With one last slurp, she pulled my cock from her mouth and looked up at me with her sexy doe eyes. She stoop up and dropped her shorts to the deck, grabbed hold of the railing and stuck her ass straight out. She was small on words, but she left no doubt as to her expectations. I positioned myself behind her and slid my cock right into her wet, dripping pussy.

Gigi's back was straight-out flat and her tits hung straight down. I reached forward and grabbed hold of her tits with each hand. I spread my legs and hunched down a bit to give Gigi support. Then she started fucking me. I pushed my pelvis up against her pumping, thrusting ass cheeks. She was raising her waist high with each thrust. I could feel the head of my dick run the course of her deep cunt. The folds and creases inside rubbed against the texture of my head until I could feel her inner and outer lips. Just as my cock was about to slide out of her pussy, she would thrust back down and drive my cock down to the deepest point of her juicy cave.

After about ten minutes of fucking me, I could hold on no longer. With a loud moan, my dick jerked and thrust its liquid into Gigi's pussy. This didn't deter the frenzied girl at all. She just kept on pumping and fucking. When I was exhausted of all of my jizz, Gigi was still going. I just grabbed on to her waist and held on for the ride. For three, four, and five more minutes, Gigi kept thrusting her body against mine. Her sexy ass working against me was so sexy that I was able to stay hard long enough to cum again.

I could tell that Gigi was ready to cum by the increased excitement in her voice and the more rapid rate of her pumps. Her voice pitched up with higher moans of pleasure. Her body rapid fucking motions continued for a moment and then switched to more staccato movements. Over five or six hard thrusts, Gigi groaned out her orgasm with a flood of juices that ran down my legs. We both remained still for a moment and then she slowly started sliding her pussy off of my cock, just as she had slid her mouth off of my cock earlier.

We were both speechless as we dressed ourselves. Not because there was nothing to say, but because we were both so exhausted and satisfied from the sex. I finally spoke first.

"That was.... awesome." I said.

"Yeah." was all that Gigi could reply.

We both headed off of the pier and chatted our way down the trail back toward the parking lot. When we reached a split in the trail, Gigi stopped.

"I'm down this direction." She motioned down the other trail that I had not come down. I knew the park enough, and was aware that the trail headed to the very front of the park, to the 40-acre lake. It was a long walk up there and would well out of the way for me to make the walk with her and come back to my vehicle. I didn't want to be a rude fellow, but I decided to let her go for the night. But I tried to be polite about it.

"Are you sure? I can walk you?" I said. She kind of chuckled. She knew it was kind of a ridiculous proposition.

"No, thanks." she said. "I'll be all right."

"When can I see you again?" I was not being polite with that question. I was dead serious.

"Don't worry. You'll get to meet me again." Gigi leaned forward and gave me a long, passionate kiss. "I'll let you know when."

With that, Gigi turned and headed down her own trail, away from me, my Jeep and my RV. As her sensual body disappeared into the darkness, her body was suddenly silhouetted as she turned on a flashlight to illuminate her trail. I could wait to be with her again.

Part III – The Trail

The next morning I woke up and tried to figure out if the night before was real or imagined. I thought back on the rendezvous. It seemed too good to be true. I soon had a pinch, however, to let me know that it was true. There was a knock at the door. I went to the door and opened it, expecting to find my dream girl greeting me outside the trailer. Instead, there was no one. There was, however, a folded page taped to the trailer next to the door. I pulled it off and opened the paper. It was another map of Brazos Bend.

There was an X on the map marking a spot on a trail; the Red Buckeye Trail, to be exact. The Red Buckeye is a part of a trail system that meanders along the Brazos River and Big Creek, where the creek empties into the Brazos. The Red Buckeye trail is a small trail; that is an offshoot of the larger White Oak Trail. The X was marked on a point of the Buckeye along the Brazos River. Next to it was written "12:00 P.M."

I knew where to be and when to be there. I just didn't know how long it would take me to get there. I had never been on these remote trails before, so I wasn't sure of the time it would take to navigate to the X, which was located near the far back end of the trail system. My timing wasn't very far off, but I was about seven minutes late by the time I got to the point of the trail with the X. Just like on the map, the trail broke off down to a cliff overlooking the river. What the map didn't show, however, was a big-breasted brunette laying naked on a picnic blanket.

"Howdy, hiker." Gigi said with a big smile. She was lying on her back, propped up on her elbows. Her knees were bent up and together. Her breasts were resting on her chest, making that beautiful rounded breast mound that they do in that position. She was completely naked, from her nose to her toes.

"Hey." I answered back. "You mind if I take a break here with you?"

"You can stay here with me, but you won't be taking a break." With that, Gigi spread her legs wide open to reveal her smooth, shaved pussy. I got down on the blanket with Gigi and put my body between her legs. We exchanged kisses while I undressed myself. I kissed her lips, breasts and nipples as I stripped myself down to my socks. As I sucked on her right nipple, Gigi pulled each of my socks off with her toes. The warm sun felt good against my skin, but Gigi's hot body felt even better.

With both of us bare naked, I reached down and slipped a finger across her smooth lips. My finger slid into her moist pussy. Her pussy was swollen and ready. There was no need for more foreplay.

I wanted to experience Gigi in a different way than the darkened fishing pier allowed me the night before. I moved my face down between Gigi's thighs and began to make love to her pussy. First I kissed the inside of her legs and the tuft of short hair above her pussy. Then I kissed at her outer lips, the beautifully named Labia Majora. I took the flesh of each lip into my mouth, gave it a gentle suck and massaged the loose fold with my tongue. The moisture from Gigi's dampened vagina was pressing to be released. As I moved her outer lips around, the juice flowed onto my lips and over my tongue.

Gigi moaned at the pleasure as I worked my tongue past the outer folds into the inner crevices. At this point, I was still only working with my mouth and tongue. I stuck my tongue deep into her hole, touching the intricate folds and tasting her moistened flower. Gigi's legs were spread wide open. I could tell that she was getting lost in the pleasure.

I decided to take this a little further. I pulled Gigi's lips apart with my fingers to reveal her beautiful hole. With her pussy spread wide open, I ran my tongue along the delicate folds inside her pussy. Gigi's moaning was becoming more accelerated. I could hear and feel her respond to certain hot spots as I hit them with my tongue or gave them a kiss or suck. In a sense, I controlled her through her pussy. I would ease off by giving her pleasure in less erotic spots, and turn her on by really hitting super erogenous zones.

For the most part, I stayed away from Gigi's clit until I had her ready to cum. I knew she was at that point because she was moaning and almost screaming loud and methodically. At that point, I moved up to her clit. I reset my hands to spread the top of her pussy out just right. Her largish clit stuck up like the little soldier that it was. Then I went to work on it.

A gentle tongue-lash around the base of her clit caused Gigi to let out a startle. Her body jerked back at the sensation. Without much time for recovery, I jumped right back at her. I licked her clit again, from the base up. Then I wrapped my lips around it and gave it several long and gentle sucks. From her moaning and shaking, I knew I didn't have long before Gigi came. I set to work on her clit, flicking it, sucking it and kissing it.

I moved a finger down and began fingering her with long and deep motions, rubbing the roof of her pussy. I knew we were on the home stretch then. I set my tongue in a flicking pattern against her clit. As I flicked and fingered, she moaned and shook. Her moans became louder and more direct as they ascended to a crescendo.

Suddenly, with three loud moans, Gigi squirted her cum out of her pussy. I wouldn't exactly call her a squirter, but she did ooze a considerable amount of visible female cum out of her hole and over her folds. Being as gentle and respectful as I could of her now-sensitive pussy, I licked and slurped at the lovely liquid that was before me. I ate it up like a fine delicacy, because that is indeed what it was.

After taking just a moment to recover, Gigi had me stand up and then she got on her knees in front of me. She took my rock-hard cock into her hands and started kissing and sucking at the head. Her lips felt so good around the head of my dick. A few more sucks on the head, and then Gigi took the whole thing into her mouth. She pursed her lips around the base of my dick as she did some type of massage on my head with the back of her throat. The sensation started there, and then traveled down her tongue, along my shaft, to her lips. I'm not exactly sure what she was doing, but I know I've never felt a blowjob like that before. It was even more erotic than the night before.

For at least a full minute at a time, Gigi kept the cock in her mouth, working her magic on it. Then she would pull it out, give a good suck on the head and send it back down. The was giving me the most incredible oral massage.

I thought Gigi was going to suck me off until I came in her mouth or face, but she had different plans in mind. She pulled my cock out of her mouth, reached over under the blanket and pulled out a tube of anal lube. With one hand still on my cock, she flipped the top with the other hand and squirted a line down the length of my dick. Assuming I would know how to do the rest, she tossed the tube to the side and bent over on her hands and knees.

The lubricant spread smooth over my cock as I knelt down behind her. Gigi had her ass jacked up in the air toward me. I aimed my cock for her asshole. The head of my dick stressed against her sphincter, and then it popped past the rim. Gigi let out a deep, satisfied "Ohhh!" I slowly kept pressing my cock deeper into her ass. Gigi wasn't complaining of any pain, so I pressed until I was all the way in her.

Gigi's asshole was pressed tight around my cock. I could feel it as a pressure point as I slid my dick back out, and I could feel the warm pleasure of her cavern against the length of my cock. Over a few in-and-out thrusts, I settled into a smooth fucking motion. Gigi was responding well and the tight grip of her ass on my cock was quickly driving me crazy.

The anal lube was doing its job. I kept fucking Gigi's ass for about ten minutes, and she moaned at the pleasure along the way. As her moaning grew louder, I knew that she was about to cum again. With everything in me, I held my cum inside until I heard her notable groan of orgasm. Just as she began her orgasm, I let my huge load go inside her ass. I grunted with pleasure as my dick jerked inside of her, shooting a stream of cum each time. My satisfaction was accented as I imagined my white gift releasing itself inside her body.

When we were both done with our orgasms, we stayed in our positions with my dick still up her lubed, cummed asshole. I could feel it still pumping its last pumps of cum inside. I'm sure Gigi could feel it too. She was still letting out little moans with each pump of my dick. After a couple of moments, I gracefully slid my slippery cock from her ass.

I got up and started getting myself dressed again. Gigi had lay down on the ground and seemed to still be recovering. When I finished getting dressed, Gigi was still on the blanket.

"You need some help getting ready?" I asked her.

"No, I'll be ok." She said.

"Well, I'll wait here with you." I started to sit down on the blanket.

"No, you can go on." Gigi replied.

"That's crazy." I said. "We can walk back together, can't we?”

"Look, I know that I just let you ass-fuck me in broad daylight along a riverbank, but I do need to clean myself up, and I would like to do that in privacy." Her point seemed a little far, but I was willing to accept it. I could tell that she wanted to keep a bit of a mystery about herself, and I was willing to respect that.

"Is that ok?" She asked. "Are we ok?"

"Absolutely." I told her, and I meant it. I leaned over, gave her a kiss on the lips and got up from the blanket. Before I turned away, I asked Gigi if I would get to see her again.

She looked up at me and smiled. "Just watch for my note."

I turned and headed back down the trail. It didn't take me long to get up the break-off and back to Red Buckeye Trail. Before I turned on the trail, I looked back at Gigi. She was pulling some clothes out of a duffel bag she had to the side.

Part IV – The Shower

I went back to my RV, had a bite to eat and took a nap. I woke up around 4:30 and went out to take some pictures. I took the Pilant Slough trail to Elm Lake and came back along the short side of the lake to the interpretive center. That trail was never very good for pictures, and it was no different today. I was mainly just killing time, waiting to hear again from Gigi.

When I got back to the RV, I discovered that my trip was actually time well spent. On the door of my trailer was another familiar folded page. I opened it up and there was a circle around the restroom and shower facility at the head of the trailer camping circle. The time written down was "Midnight".

I was excited at the prospect of a midnight rendezvous with Gigi. The hardest part would be waiting. It was going on seven and five hours would be a long time to wait. I settled in for the prime-time television of the evening. As I watched TV, I jacked off to some magazines that I had. I jacked off without cumming for almost two hours. I finally got too horny and had to cum. It crossed my mind that I may have a hard time getting it up for Gigi, but I quickly decided that wouldn't be a problem.

After what seemed like a ten-hour wait, midnight arrived. I left the RV and arrived at the shower facility with a couple of minutes to spare. There were no other vehicles parked at the building, but I knew Gigi was inside. I had figured out by now that her style was early and unseen. I had two choices, either the men's restroom or the women's restroom. Knowing Gigi, she would make me go into the women's.

I opened the women's door and heard a shower running. I walked into the shower area and found a curtain drawn on the third and last stall. I knocked on the wall and started undressing myself.

An unfamiliar voice came from behind the shower curtain.

"Oh my word! You pervert! Get out of here!"

I must have jumped six inches in the air and redressed myself in a flash. Just as I was apologizing and heading toward the door, Gigi's laugh poured at me amidst the patter of the shower.

"Oooh, it's a pervert." She said in her fake voice. The shower curtain swung open to reveal her wet, toned and sexy body, still partially dressed in her bra and panties. She had a guilty smile on her face. "Join me, pervert."

There was something incredibly sexy about seeing her in the shower in her translucent underwear. The white lace became see-through under the water. It left nothing to the imagination, but still left a sense of mystery and discovery.

I undressed myself and stepped under the warm water with Gigi. I took her slender body into my arms and gave her a long, passionate kiss. The water was splashing against us at our shoulders. We kissed for a minute or two, and then I reached my hands down and started slipping off her panties. I knelt down in front of her to begin undressing her.

I pulled the lacy edge of the panties down over her ass, grabbing her full tush with my hands. Then I pulled the front of the wet lacies down to reveal the slope down to her pussy. I kissed the area above her clit. I slid the panties down her legs and Gigi gently stepped out of them and flipped them to the side with her foot.

With her panties off, I stood back up and began to work on removing her bra. I grabbed her left breast into my hand and sucked at the nipple through the bra. I reached around and unsnapped the bra, and then watched as Gigi slid the straps down her arms to reveal her big, wet titties.

Gigi tossed her bra to the side with the panties. I grabbed hold of her breasts and started sucking. I started on her right breast and wrapped my lips around her whole nipple and areola. I massaged the end of her breast with my tongue and with firm suctions from my mouth. Gigi grabbed me by the back of my head, pushing me firm into her chest, and moaned at the pleasure.

I ravaged at her right tit, then moved back and forth between both of her orbs for several minutes, sucking the nipples, licking all around the breast, and swallowing her mammaries into me. Then I took hold of both breasts, squeezed them together and took both nipples into my mouth. They big, fleshy slabs came together at their points with ease.

Gigi's pleasure jumped into high gear when I started sucking on both of her nipples. She was letting out strong moans of ecstasy. I was just as excited and horny as she was. I held onto her slippery tits to keep them together and in my mouth. Inside, I sucked at her nipples and excited them with my tongue.

After a few minutes of double-barrel action, Gigi was at the verge of orgasm. There was a bench in the shower. I had noticed it when I came in, along with the long, rubber dildo that was resting on it. Gigi had me sit down on the bench. My dick was sticking straight up, rock hard. Then Gigi turned around and sat down on my cock. Her soaking pussy just slid right over it with almost no resistance at all.

All I could do was sit there and take it. Gigi was pounding hard on my cock. I grabbed hold of her waist, just like I did when I was fucking her in the ass earlier that afternoon, and let her go at it. She rode my cock for a good four or five minutes, lost in her own world of pleasure. I literally sat back and enjoyed the show as her ass and titties were jiggling and flopping to her sexy motion.

Gigi finally eased up on her hard fucking and pulled up off of my cock. She had us basically switch places. She sat down on the bench and I stood up in the shower. Gigi took the long, at least ten inches, rubber dildo and slid it right into her silky pussy. Her cunt swallowed all of it, up to her fist that she was gripping it with.

She slid it out and then in again. With her other hand, Gigi reached down and started twiddling at her clit. She motioned at my dick, letting me know it was ok to masturbate myself as well. I accepted her offer and started stroking my throbbing cock.

We masturbated ourselves, each turned on by the sight of the other. I admired Gigi's breasts, resting gently on her chest. I stroked off to her beautiful pussy, doing its job perfectly.

Gigi started flicking her clit harder, but she kept her total concentration on my stroking my cock. She was getting ready to cum, and I felt obligated to keep providing her stimulation. I held my own orgasm out as long as I could. I was trying not to cum and wondering when she would. I couldn't hold out much longer.

Then Gigi motioned me closer to her. She was leaning against the wall with her tits laid perfectly before me. She rubbed her hand across the beautiful twins. I took her motion to mean that she wanted me to cum on them. I stepped up and did just that.

I was standing between her widespread legs. Just below my hanging balls, Gigi's right hand was feverishly pumping the dildo in and out of her pussy. She had put her left hand back to work at stroking her clit. My right hand was pumping away at my cock, with Gigi's belly and breasts in dead aim before me.

I felt the sensation deep in my shaft that let me know I was past the point of no return. Each stroke brought the sensation further up my dick. Then a surprise release squirted out, falling on her stomach. I pumped hard and the rest of the load came gushing out of my dick and squirted all over her tits, stomach and neck. After the load I had let off in her ass earlier, I was surprised that I had that much in me. Still, gush after gush came out, covering her tits with my creamy goodness. .

Still stroking at her pussy, Gigi dipped two fingers into the swaths of cum and put them in her mouth. As she sucked on her two cum-soaked fingers, with a drizzle of cum leaking out of her mouth, the fucking dildo gave Gigi her own orgasm. Her moans and screams were stifled by her cum-dripping fingers in her mouth.

After we were done recovering from our orgasms, we helped wash each other down in the shower, kissing, holding and touching one another. When I thought we were done, I turned off the water and went to get a towel. While I was starting to dry off, Gigi turned the water back on.

"I still have to wash my hair." she said.

I wanted to ask her if I could help and get back into the shower with her, but I knew that once again I would walk away on my own. I dried off, got dressed and gave her one last kiss goodbye.

I was leaving the park the next day so I really didn't expect to see Gigi again. I left her that night with the satisfaction, however, that we had shared some wonderful, although mysterious, times together.

Part V – The Departing

Checkout time the next day was at 2pm. I took my time packing up the next morning, and even left the trailer for a while, giving Gigi a chance to offer me another meeting time. She, or her maps, never showed up. Finally, around 1:45, I hooked the trailer up to the Jeep and headed up to the front to checkout.

Being right at checkout/check-in time, the office was a little busy. I stood in a short line as a man and a woman behind the desk tried to wait on everyone. By the time I reached the front of the line, there were several other people behind me. The man asked the woman if there was any other help in the back.

"Gina." the woman called. "Can you help us out here for a minute?" My head snapped up when I heard the name. I looked to see who would share a similar name to my recent lover. Out walked none other than Gigi. The lovely little whore had been a park ranger all this time. She seemed a little startled to see me. She quickly recovered and offered a wide smile as she greeted me.

"Can I help you, sir?"

"I just need to check out of camping site"

"108?", she interrupted me.

"How'd you guess?"

"I guess I've just seen you around." she said with a wink.

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