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Sailing away

I put the boat automatic pilot on and proceed to grab the sunscreen bottle.
Somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea, close to any of the thousand Greek islands, a white silhouette breaks the waves. My old sailing boat, not too big, not too small. The sails fully extended and the wind is gentle but constant. I'm at the steering wheel and you are mixing us some drinks.

I look at the horizon while you take off your dress and try to get some sun. Your white skin is too sensitive you ask me to apply some cream on your back. I put the boat automatic pilot on and proceed to grab the sunscreen bottle. You untie your bikini top revealing the side of your breast but you instantly turn your back on me. I'm wearing sunglasses but you could notice my eyes glancing at your nipples for a milli-second. I put some sunscreen on your back and shoulders.

I go all the way down your back to the top of your bikini bottom, almost reaching your perky ass. You bend a little bit forward making it easy for me to touch your back... your ass is rubbing my cock that its getting hard. You notice my smile and keep rubbing against me. I put my both hands in your shoulders, slowly moving them towards your neck. I pull you hard against me, a little roughly, my arms are around you, you can't move, and are totally at my mercy. Both my hands go straight to your tits, you moan and move your head back which gives me the green light to kiss your neck. Your sweaty and salty neck. My hands keep playing with your nipples, pinching, caressing, and rubbing. Your breasts fit perfectly in my hand. My left hand moves up to your neck and chin while my right hand goes down, slowly, I like the feel of your skin, your belly and your hips as my finger slides into your bikini bottom while one of my fingers is touching your lips, I feel the wetness of your tongue and I can't help but let you bite and suck my finger, first one, then two... I love feeling the warmth of your mouth, its wetness. Knowing that soon I will put something else in there makes me shiver.

Now you turn around, we are looking into each other's eyes... your pupils are so bright, so blue. Your red-colored hair is shining in the sunlight. We kiss, my tongue is deep in your mouth, we play a bit, bite a bit, lick each others chins and necks... we taste our saltiness and you start unbuttoning my shirt... almost ripping it.

You pass your hand over my chest, you like my chest hair and you spend your time playing with it and touching my nipples. You lean over to kiss them and then you get yourself on your tiptoes to kiss and lick my neck. My hands are all over your back, pressing your tits against me, feeling your breasts on my chest. My shirt is on the deck, we are both very excited now.

I put my hands on your ass, grabbing it, I know you like that and you know I love that... I untie the knot of your bottoms, just pulling the string and letting it go... I feel the coldness of your skin that was under your bikini, getting warmer and warmer with the sunlight and my hands. I pull a bit away from you so my hand can move to your front... I feel something wet on your thighs, something dripping down, and something hot, very hot.

Your hand has already undone my zipper and my button, my shorts are on my ankles and I am as hard as a rock. My cock is in your hand and you are stroking it back and forth while you look at me. My fingers start playing with your clit, you moan and I whisper.

I turn you around and press your back against my chest. Both my hands are free now to grab your tits, your hands on top of mine. Following your moves, I pinch your nipples and take you’re them in my hands. I love the softness of your skin; I feel your nipples getting hard. You feel my cock pushing you from behind, you like the fact that I am so turned on.

We are now both completely naked. I start kissing the back of your neck, pulling away your hair. I lick the salt off your shoulders, and keep kissing you around that area. You close your eyes, you feel the sun on your face, its warm and you are getting hotter. You ask me to put some sunscreen in your front while you pass me the bottle. I empty a good deal of it in my hands and proceed to spread it all over your excited breasts, your belly, your arms, and your hips... your thighs...

Once this is done I start again kissing your shoulders, your back... slowly going down and rolling my tongue all the way down your back. I get on my knees, your ass is in front of my face... my hand goes from your inner thigh all the way up, I feel all the wetness dropping from your pussy... and I keep moving my hand upwards. You make a little scream when my fingers touch your clit; it is so wet that one of my fingers goes inside of you by accident. You get on your tiptoes and arch your back, making your ass higher. You spread your legs a bit for me and now I can smell you, your wetness, I love it and its turning me on so much. My tongue decides its time to taste you.

Both my hands grab your ass and spread your cheeks, revealing your sex, open and inviting. My tongue goes in, licks it, sucks it, plays with it. I can hear you moaning louder, I lick you all the way from your pussy to your asshole, you are salty everywhere, but also hot and a bit sweet. You hold yourself on the rail of the main deck. You push your ass even higher. I bury my face on you, licking everything, tasting everything... and I could be like this forever... you beg me to stop, you scream at me to stop, you are so turned on you are gonna come... and I keep licking and sucking you... I can feel myself hard as I have never been before, little drops falling from the tip of my dick... I am so ready to fuck you!

Since I am kneeling down, I finish taking my pants off on throw them away. I slowly get up right behind you. I hold your back with my hand so you can not get up, I like you like this, and I want you bending down. My cock is so hard and is so close to your wet pussy. I help myself with my hand and I slide it in. It goes so easily, sliding in, finding its way and fitting perfectly inside of you. Your hands are still on the deck, you need to hold yourself. I grab your hips, I start fucking you gently, slowly, making sure everything is lubricated... of course it is... and I start moving faster, my hips clashing against your naked ass, I am fucking you roughly now, hard, fucking you good... I hold your hips and that helps myself to push even deeper, you moan with pleasure. I breathe heavily. One of my hands move slowly towards one of your tits, but I still hold you with the other. I play with your boob, touching it while I fuck you from behind.

Suddenly I grab your hair, make a little ponytail with one hand and pull it backwards and it makes you arch your back even more, and it is turning me on so much. You complain a bit about my roughness but you don't want me to stop. Now I am bending a bit backwards, helping myself to stand up right behind you with my hand on your hips and my other one pushing your hair back. You stand up a bit, getting your shoulders close to me, I'm still inside of you, and I don't want pull out.

You hand goes back to my hair, you play with it while we both turn our heads to kiss passionately. You are also playing with your clit while at the same time you can also feel my whole dick inside of you. It is not moving but you can feel its hardness and it is turning you on a lot... you stop playing with my hair to use that hand to touch your breast, grabbing it hard, pinching your nipple even harder than I did.

I want to keep fucking you but I want to face you, so I pull out. Tell you to sit on the upper deck sitting section, your legs are wide open, your pussy wet. I get on my knees so we are at the same height. I get closer to you so my cock is right in front of your pussy and you move a bit to the edge of the seat so I can slide right in. Now I don't even need to use my hand to put it in. You move yourself right into it.

Your pussy embraces my dick perfectly and we know that we are the right fit for each other. Now that I have you in front of me, we both have to move at the same time. I am facing you, facing your breasts, if I look down I can see your feet, on their tip toes, that turns me on even more and you can feel how my dick grows even more inside of you. I grab your hips, putting my thumbs close to your belly button. Your head is slightly backwards, you are enjoying every second of it. Me too, I moan, this is one of my favorite positions. I move my hands from your hips to your knees and back to your hips, I play a bit with your tits, touch your lips and put one finger inside your mouth, you lick it, suck it, then another finger goes in, you can taste your own pussy and this turns you on more, I put three fingers in your mouth, now you suck them as if it was my dick, you are now so full of me... we go like this for a while...

Then I grab your legs and move them upwards, now your back is resting on the pillows that are on the deck seats. I am still on my knees, my cock inside of you, moving and pushing in. I move myself a bit forward, your legs are wide open, you close them around my back, you put your feet together behind me and push me in, deeper inside of you, and with every thrust I feel the deepness of your pussy, warm, wet, and amazing.

You keep throwing yourself at me; I am trapped between your legs. I love being there, I move even forward so I can put my mouth on top of yours, my hands are free so I slide one under your head, holding the back of your neck and pushing towards me, we open our mouths and our tongues meet, my tongue goes deep into your mouth, the same does yours, this is not a shy kiss, is a super passionate kiss, hard, rough, we almost hurt each other. I can seem to get enough of you, but eventually I get myself together and get back to my original position, right between your legs.

We are both very close to coming, but we don't want it to happen just yet. You open your legs again; I move my back a bit backwards, slowing down my movements, still inside of you. I rest my hands on the deck, right behind me; know I am still on my knees, my back arched backwards, moving gently and penetrating you with ease. Your elbows are resting on the deck, you have a good view of everything that is going on, you know what you want to do now, you have been thinking about it since you know it will turn me on a lot.

And you do it. You put one feet on my chest, start playing with my chest hair, moving your toes here and there, I love that. You move your feet slowly upwards, I try to lick your toes, to bite them, but you move them back, teasing me... until you put them to close to my mouth, I lick first one, then two, then all of them, you can feel my short beard with your sole, you like the roughness if it. I grab your ankle with one hand; I am so turned on, still fucking you, moving inside of you. You move your feet back to my chest, and leave it there, resting.

My dick is so hard, you can feel that. You love it. I grab your legs again, putting them together, in front of me, now I cannot see your face, but this position gives me a better angle to fuck you, and I go in harder, faster, deeper. You scream, moan, I breathe heavily. We are both sweating a lot, under the sun, your skin is shining, all wet.

You rest your legs in my shoulders now, we can see each other, our faces griming with pleasure. I pull out to tell you to get on the floor, on your knees. So I can fuck you from behind again. You get up quickly and kneel down; we kiss again before you assume the new position.

I can't believe I am still so hard and that I haven't come yet. I have been so close so many times though. I can't wait to come simultaneously with you. You are kneeling down. Your arms resting on the seats, to your right you can see the vastness of the see, a little island showing its silhouette, another sailing boat cruising around. I kneel right behind you. I kiss your back, grab your ass with my hands, touch your pussy, you are so wet and getting wetter. You order me to stop playing around and shove my dick into you again. And of course I obey. At first my legs are between yours, and I am fucking you from behind, holding your hips and moving you towards me, you also move yourself, dancing to the same music. I stop moving for a while, and let you do the work, I love looking down and see my cock disappearing into you every time, and coming out shining, and wet from your fluids. It feels so good. With one hand your are touching yourself, you are close to coming, me too.

We change positions and you put your legs between mine, I can feel my balls brushing your feet every time we move, I am still grabbing your hips. You can feel my breathing, my moaning, you can tell I am about to come. I go harder and faster, this turns you on, your ass is hitting my hips, making smacking noises, your fingers are going like crazy in your pussy, you start screaming, you are coming, a huge orgasm, I hear that, I am going so fast I can feel my cum wanting to leave, I pull out at the same time you are screaming like a madwoman, you arch your back and I release my load all over your back. I moan and breath heavily... you feel the warmth of my cum on your back. I close my eyes; I need a few seconds to recover. You turn around to face me, we are both on our knees, you come closer to me, smiling, and kiss my neck, you hug me and I hug you, we kiss again, it has been a great fuck!

Now its time to clean ourselves a bit. The water seems so nice, clear. We jump overboard, naked, together, we feel the coldness in our skin... the sun is shining, again... it has been a great afternoon.
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