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Sex fun develops during a sailing trip.
"Another working day is over," Robert thought with satisfaction as the boat was being moored.

He had just brought back a group of Australian tourists, from a sailing trip along the coast, and they seemed happy with the outing he had provided; some hours at sea, a swim in crystal-clear waters, and a fine sea-food lunch with excellent Italian wine.

At the same time he felt disappointed; Emily, the lovely brunette who had been chatting and flirting with him since boarding at mid-morning, was now on the phone, probably with a boyfriend, and was walking away, without a backward glance.

"Her loss," he thought, as he knelt to secure a rope to its bollard.

“Hey, sailor,” her voice called teasingly as her shapely legs appeared right before his eyes. “I’ve been trying to book another trip on your boat, but it’s all sold out till next week.”

“Well, there’s always Thursday,” he heard himself saying as he stood. “It’s my day off, but we can arrange an outing if you want”.

“Great,” she said, eyes sparkling with ostensible pleasure. “Ten o’clock, right?”

On Thursday she was there early, just as he was loading the supplies for the trip. She wore only a floral cotton dress, with thin shoulder straps and sandals; sunglasses sheltered her eyes from the harsh light. As she got on the boat she took off her dress, showing a yellow bikini with a thong bottom over her tanned skin.

Robert stopped for a moments, eying the brunette’s curvy figure, the well-proportioned legs and hips, the full and firm breasts, and the round ass cheeks; then, rousing himself up from the protracted gaze, he hastened to bring everything on board, had the moorings released and took the boat out of its berth. As he steered it out of the marina, she unfastened her bikini top, revealing all of her breasts, with brown aureola, just the right size, and nipples sticking out. He was glad that his own sunglasses hid the glances he couldn’t help stealing at her beautiful body.

Out of the marina, he turned off the engine and hoisted the sails. The boat started to move easily over the waters, the only sounds coming from few sea birds or the occasional flap of the sails. He sat at the wheel, as she lay in the warm sun, and they chatted and flirted, minutes going by unnoticed, until they reached a small secluded cove, sheltered by the rocks from the wind and from the main tourist routes.

Emily dove in the water to take a swim, and Robert got busy lowering the sails, dropping the anchor and setting up a canvas tent over the boat wheel and dining area. As he stood watching the coast, a drenched rag hit him on a shoulder and, with a reflex catch, he took it. Unfolding it, he found himself staring at a yellow bikini bottom.

A giggle rose from the water, “Ooops! Sorry, sailor… Didn’t mean to…”

For a moment he had the instinct of throwing the garment back at her, but he refrained.

“Lunch will be ready in few minutes,” he yelled over board, and a grin bent his mouth at the thought of her nakedness.

And then she got out of the water. As she climbed the small ladder, her head appeared first, a smile on her face, then her breasts, slightly creased because of the cold water, and finally the tuft of pubic hair and the pink lips of her womanhood below. She was dripping water all over, but took her time before grabbing a towel and starting to dry herself. Robert stared at the perfect shape of her body, at her luscious curves, and felt a stirring in his swimming trunks.

“Hey, sailor,” she called at him. “Why don’t you make yourself useful and dry my back?”

“At your orders, ma’am,” he said, walking behind her and taking the towel she was handing.

Robert spread the towel on her shoulders, rubbing them and then her back. When his hands returned on Emily’s shoulders she pushed back into him, grinding her butt against the hardening cock inside his trunks and he let out a light moan. When she didn’t stop, he threw the towel aside, put his hands on her hips and lowered his head to the side of her neck.

As his warm lips touched her cool skin, Emily felt a shiver running along her spine down to her crotch. He kissed her again, then parted his lips and let his tongue savour her salty neck. Still grinding her butt on his crotch, she raised a hand over his head, entangling her fingers in his hair, as Robert brought his hands to her breasts. He cupped them, appraising their firmness and shape, as his thumbs extended to the nipples, brushing on them, causing her woman’s juices to start flowing.

As if feeling it, Robert’s hand ran down her chest and belly, and lightly pushed her legs open. The palm of his hand cupped her mound, resting on her pussy lips and got immediately wet with her moisture. Groaning with pleasure, he turned her round, searching her mouth with his own. She hugged him, trapping his arm between them, and raised her face to his. Their lips met, then parted and his tongue was inside her.

Emily started sucking on his tongue while Robert’s hand was still between her thighs. As he began running his fingers on her pussy lips, heading up between her folds and towards her clit, she felt her legs give in. Unable to stand, she pulled herself free and knelt before him. Looking up to his face, she reached for his crotch and rubbed his cock through the fabric. Its hardness and the lust in the man’s eyes told her the time was right: she slipped her fingers inside the waistband and pulled the trunks down, letting his cock bobbing free.

She took hold of the gorgeous, uncut dick and pushed the foreskin down. Robert let out a sigh as he felt her hand on his member, but kept watching as she brought it to her mouth and kissed it. Then, she wrapped her lips around the head, sucking on it as her hand held the base, the thumb caressing his balls. Emily ran her tongue down the shaft and back again, probing the underside for several minutes, till she felt the balls swell.

“Emily… I’m there…” Robert warned her, stammering and feeling the orgasm rush in.

She sucked him again to bring him off. When she felt him moaning louder and saw him jerk back his head, Emily took the cock out of her mouth and directed it towards her body, still wanking. Rope after rope of warm cum fell on her chest, drawing lines on her breasts and sliding down her skin, as she stroked the hard dick empty.

They stayed motionless for some moments. Then, he knelt, wrapped his arms around her and put his mouth to hers, kissing hungrily, savouring the taste of his own cock on her. With his body, he pushed her down on her back and broke the kiss, his lips taking a path down her full figure: her neck, then her cum-stained breasts, then her belly and further down.

Emily felt his fingers parting her pussy lips and the tingling in her back increased. When his tongue started lapping at her pussy, she moaned and arched her back and pushed his head down to heighten the pleasure, needing release. Robert inserted a finger in her pussy, then a second one and began fucking her. Juices flowing, she moved slightly so as to have his tongue on her clit and kept his head right there, building on her excitement. Quickly, orgasm followed, shattering her inside and making her whine and squirm uncontrollably, her legs closing around Robert’s head.

When she let him free, he rested at her side, and they resumed making out slowly and tenderly, Emily tasting herself on Robert’s lips and tongue. Shortly, his erection started poking her side and she reached a hand down to hold it.

“Oh, sailor…” Emily exclaimed. “Looks like you can never have enough!”

“Never enough of you,” he said, and turned her on one side, spooning her.

He raised her leg, parting the thighs, and brought himself closer behind her. Emily grabbed his hardened cock and guided it to her pussy. It slowly entered, filling her again. They adjusted to feel each other best, and started rocking in slow motion. Robert reached a hand around the woman’s body and put it at her mound, his fingers slightly brushing her still sensitive clit. Emily turned her head sidewise, first meeting his longing look, and then his tasty lips. Tongues shot into each others' mouths.

Some minutes into the action Robert lay down on his back. Emily turned and straddled him, clutched his hardness again and lowered herself on it, wrapping the entire shaft with her sex. She started riding him, alternating the rocking motion with some circular sweeps, as his hands roamed over her shapely breasts. Emily slowly increased her swaying on her lover’s cock. Both sexes soaked now, the movement smooth and steady, with Robert raising his hips from time to time to reach deeper inside her. One hand fell to Emily’s belly, thumb extended between their joined body to stroke her clitoris.

After a while, she leaned down, ran both hands along his sides, under his armpits and pushed his arms back over his head. Moving on, her hands reached his and pinned them down, fingers entwining, as her breasts swayed over his face. Raising his head, Robert wrapped his lips around one of her nipples and sucked on it… But Emily pulled back and offered him the other. Sweat was pouring down her skin, as now she was riding him faster, almost jumping on him.

Then, she bent further and the gap between their faces closed; their lips and tongues met again, pushing both over the edge. Moaning loudly into each others' mouths, they gave themselves up to the hardest orgasm each had ever experienced. Panting now, Emily felt her man’s warm cum shooting inside her pussy and Robert had to catch his breath as his woman’s pussy squeezed his cock over and over.

Recovering from the height of their love making, they kissed again, tenderly. Emily raised herself up from Robert’s body, letting his cock slip out of her pulling cum and juices with it. She moved to his side, resting her head on his chest, caressing his now limp penis and thinking happily of how sailing had… Turned to riding.
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