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Sally and the Nudist Resort

Jack agrees to let me borrow Sally so we can visit a nudist resort.
It had been about a month since Sally and Jack had visited and we had had our weekend fuckfest. What wonderful memories I have of their visit. It was like an orgy. Jack would fuck Sally and then I would follow up with my turn. Sally loved it and I didn't think anyone could have that many orgasms in such a short time. Jack seemed to enjoy it as much as Sally. I think he really enjoyed watching Sally being fucked by another man, and I certainly enjoyed pleasing them both. My mind kept wandering back to that weekend and I kept getting an erection every time I thought about it. I wanted to have Sally again, and I wondered if I could have her to myself for a night or two.

Sally and Jack kept sending me photos of Sally nude, and it would continually get me aroused. I would have to masturbate, but I didn't mind, even though I would prefer the real thing, fantasy was nice too. But I could not help wondering if Sally might be willing to come spend a weekend with me.

One evening I was browsing the web when I ran across this web site for nudist resorts. I had always wanted to go to a nudist resort, but my ex-wife would not hear of it, and they all seemed to require that no single males could attend. You had to be a couple. That is when it hit me, how about taking Sally with me.

I got excited just thinking of taking her to a nude resort where we would be naked, maybe the whole time we were there. I thought about fucking her any time I wanted – in bed, in the woods, by the pool. We could fuck anywhere we wanted and could get away with it.

I thought about how all the men would see her naked, and that turned me on. I thought about even exposing her to all the other men there at the nudist resort and then being inside her again.

Of course, that meant that Jack would have to stay home, while Sally and I had all the fun. Well, the only thing to do was call and talk to them about the possibility. I immediately did just that. As the phone rang, I was hoping that Jack would not just let Sally to go with me to the resort, but that he would be enthusiastic about her being with me – naked for several days and available to my every desire.

Sally answered the phone. “Hello.”

“Hi Sally. This is Morris.” I could almost feel her smile through the phone.

“Hi Mo. I hope you have enjoyed the photos Jack has been sending you?”

“Yes, I have enjoyed them very much. Seeing you so naked makes me remember when last you were here – swimming together and playing in the yard, and you sleeping in my bed.”

“We had a lot of fun together, didn’t we?” Sally said.

“You were wonderful for me, Sally, and truthfully, I miss you.”

“You do?” Sally asked.

“Yes, I want to be inside you. I want to borrow you for a whole weekend.”

“You do,” Sally said.
I was already hard just talking with Sally. There was nothing to do now but ask her. I took a deep breath. “I found a cozy little resort I want to take you to for a long weekend.”

“You did,” Sally asked. And I thought I could hear a catch in her breath as she asked.

“It is a nude resort, Sally. And it is for couples only.”

“Ohhhhh,” she said.

“So it would just be you and me, and I was thinking you could come on Friday and I could get you back home by Monday or Tuesday.”

There was a brief silence, but then Sally said. “I will go ask Jack.”

I heard her put the phone down, and she was gone for a couple of minutes, but when she came back she said, “Great idea, Mo. And Jack says great too. When do you want me to come?"

“All the time,” I said laughing.

“I am sure that will be no problem for you, dear.”

As it turned out Jack had one stipulation. That was that we must send him photos and tell him what happened each day. I gladly agreed to this stipulation, and Sally agreed to fly in on the following Friday for our get together. I was so excited at the thought of having Sally all to myself at a nude resort.

I picked Sally up at noon, Friday at the airport. I had called the resort and found that they had a few rooms available to rent. I had reserved a room for Friday through Sunday nights. It was a two hour drive to the resort and Sally and I caught up on news while we drove. Luckily the folks I talked to at the resort had given me directions, otherwise I would never have found it. It was really secluded and there weren't any signs showing the way, which I guess I can understand or they would have a lot of gawkers driving by.

When we got there, I entered the code I had been given in the gate and drove up to the office to register and pay our fees. We saw several people milling around completely nude. Some looked good and others not so good nude but the same can be said for people who wear clothes I suppose. Sally and I went into the office and the lady who registered us was also nude. We registered under our own names since they had to check our driver's licenses and it really didn't matter that we weren't married, just as long as we were a male/female couple. It took me a few moments to really get used to all the nudity but we finally got all the paper work finished and were told where our cabin was. We went back out and drove to the cabin. We went in to check it out and to strip since we were both feeling a little weird wearing clothes with all these nude folks around.

We quickly got out of our clothes. I had wanted to undress Sally myself but I think she was just as anxious to get nude as I was. I really think she is somewhat of an exhibitionist at heart. I went over and gave Sally a long kiss. I really wanted to fuck her here and now, but decided to give her the choice. She opted to walk around and check things out.

As we left the cabin, I was enjoying seeing her completely naked except for her sandals as we walked up the dirt path.

“You realize you are the one who everyone will be checking out,” I told her.

“Jack keeps telling me I'm an exhibitionist,” she said, “I don’t believe him, but we will see. We will see how turned on I get with men looking at me, and if I do get really turned on that will make our first fuck of the trip very memorable.”

The thought of other men looking at her naked not only turned her on, but me as well. I could feel a little stirring in my cock. Now, isn't a good time to get hard I thought.

I thought Sally might feel a little self conscious at first but she seemed to take to nudity like a fish to water. We had been told to carry a towel around with us and to use it to sit on whenever we sat down, so we had brought a couple of beach towels each for the weekend.

I had been worried about having an erection while I was at the resort but after a few minutes of walking around I discovered that just being nude and seeing others nude wasn't as stimulating in and of itself as I had thought.

As we strolled up the path from the cabin, we were getting used to our surroundings and enjoying the scenery. There were a number of people strolling around, and a few stopped us and asked us our names. These nudists seemed to be a friendly group. One man who stopped us said his name was Dave, and I swear he had a cock on him that was at least eight plus inches long soft. I couldn't believe it, and I was slightly jealous. He seemed to be very interested in Sally as he kept glancing at her. He was from a nearby town and came out quite often he said.

After exploring for awhile we decided to lay by the pool and work on our tans. We spread our towels out on a couple of chaise lounges beside the pool and looked around. I noticed a sign that said, “Please shower before entering the pool” and it was located right beside an outdoor shower. Why not I thought.

“Want to get wet and cool off before we lay out,” I asked Sally.

“That would be fine with me,” she said, so we both wondered over to the shower and I let her wash down first and then quickly followed her. We went over and eased ourselves into the shallow end of the pool. We both acclimated ourselves to the water and splashed around for awhile. A lady in the pool asked us if we were new and we said yes. She mentioned a potluck dinner that evening at the club house and asked us to come by. We said we would and thanked her. I glanced at her nudity while we were talking but I didn't stare. She was about 5'4“ and slightly overweight, as seemed to be the case with most of the folks here, but there were some who were quite fit and attractive, but they seemed to be in the minority.

I have to admit, swimming in the nude was a lot more comfortable than swimming with a suit. Sally and I alternated soaking and sunning for about an hour. We were laying in some chaise lounges beside the pool and I was very relaxed and about to dose off when Sally turned to me and said, “Don't look now but the fella we met earlier, Dave, is sitting directly across the pool and I swear he is staring at my pussy.“

I said, “Well, maybe you should give him something to stare at, spread your legs and let him get a good view of your lips.“

Sally casually did just that, and I closed my eyes again, not wanting to scare Dave off by looking at him. It was kind of a turn on for me to know another man was enjoying a view of the lady I was with. After a few minutes Sally said, “I think it is having an effect, his cock is looking larger to me. And I am starting to get moist myself, just thinking about him looking at me.“

“Can you discretely spread your pussy lips without anyone except him seeing you?“ I ask.

“I'll try,” she said.

In a few more minutes Sally said, “ I did what you suggested and I think it worked. He had to get up and lay on his stomach but when he did I saw that his cock was stiffening and when he laid back down he made sure he faced us. I'm really getting wet now.“

“Well, maybe it is time for you and me to take a little hike into the woods and fix your problem,“ I said.

“I'd go for that,” Sally said.

We got up and picked up our towels and slipped on our sandals and headed for a trail that led into the woods. We walked for about five minutes, all downhill, until we came to a nice little stream and I suggested we head up stream and find a nice place to play. We did just that and quickly found a place that was private and open enough for us to lay our towels out. We quickly laid them out and then embraced without a moments hesitation. I was erect in a matter of seconds. I had been waiting too long for this encounter. We kissed passionately and I laid Sally back on one of our towels. She spread her legs as I did so, and my cock found her pussy with little coaxing. I slid it into her. She was sopping wet. My God, I thought, she must have really have gotten turned on with Dave ogling her. We both reached climax in a matter of moments and as she pushed her pussy onto my cock and I let go of my load, I heard a strange clicking sound. As we both came back to reality, I saw Dave standing at the edge of the clearing with a camera. The sound I had heard was him taking photos of us fucking.

“Enjoying yourself,” I said to him.

“Yes, very much so,” he said, “ I hope you don't mind, but Sally does stimulate me so I couldn't resist following you in the hopes that this just might happen.“

Sally smiled as she saw his now very hard cock sticking straight out about 9“. He was indeed stimulated. As I pulled out of her pussy she pulled my head down to her lips and whispered, “ I need some of that”.

Okay, I thought I don't mind sharing.

“It is obvious you are turned on,” I said to Dave, “would you like a turn?”

Dave without hesitation said he would indeed like a turn.

I said, “Okay, but it is only fair that I get to take photos of you two while you fuck and that you agree to provide copies for Sally and I.“

“You bet,” Dave said, as he handed the camera to me and took my place on the towel beside Sally.

I stared at his cock as he began to kiss Sally and I swear it was still getting bigger. It had to be nearly 10“ long and about 5” around. It was indeed the biggest cock I had ever seen, and I worried that Sally may be biting off more than she could chew, but that was her decision. I started snapping photos as Dave fondled Sally's breast and she grasped his huge cock. I could tell she was a little surprised at the size. I actually caught the surprised look on her face with a snap of the camera. Good grief, I was getting hard again just watching them. Dave moved his body so it was obvious that he wanted Sally to suck his cock. She did try but about all she could get in her mouth was the head. When it was obvious that wasn't going to work, Sally finally said, “Just fuck me, I need your cock in me.”

Oh boy, that is all it took. Dave moved between her legs and put the head of his cock at the opening of her lips. Sally already had not only her pussy juices dripping from her pussy, but also my cum. Dave began to enter her. He was gentle, realizing that he might hurt her if he just rammed that huge tool into her. After a few seconds though and some gasps from Sally, he had all 10“ of that huge cock buried to the hilt. He held it in her for a few seconds and then slowly started to slide in and out of her pussy. I was snapping photos like crazy trying to get the looks on her face as he slowly fucked her. She was definitely enjoying it. I could see her toes twitching and she was actually pushing her pussy toward him trying to get as much as she could. After a few minutes Sally came with an explosive orgasm. I watched as her face contorted and her body stiffened and she rolled her eyes back. It was one of the most dramatic orgasms I had ever seen. The funny thing was that Dave continued to fuck her. He hadn't cum yet and he was enjoying watching her pleasure as much as I was. I thought to myself, the man is hung like a horse and has staying power as well, who says all men are created equal.

Dave finally let up on his strokes to let Sally get some semblance of consciousness back. When she was again settled he continued his strokes in and out of her pussy. I watched as his glistening hard, huge cock entered Sally's pussy and he again pulled it out. I noted he would alternate his tempo and speed up when he thought she was about to climax again. I lost count but I know that Dave gave her at least 4 orgasms that afternoon. On the final one Dave finally came, he pushed his cock all the way into Sally's pussy and dumped his load of semen into her while she again spasmed with pleasure. I didn't time them but their coupling must have taken about an hour before both were satiated.

It took Sally nearly a half an hour after the last orgasm just to be able to stand again. Her legs were so wobbly. We all sat around and chatted while recovering from our sexual excitement. Sally and I both commented on how large Dave's cock was. Dave admitted that sometimes it was a blessing and other times a curse. He said he had never been able to find anyone who could suck him off and he would love to experience that. We admitted that we weren't married and that I had just 'borrowed' Sally for a long weekend so we could visit the nudist resort. Dave admitted he had left his wife napping back at their camper when he went to the pool, and asked us to be discrete when we met her at the pot luck later.

When we got up to head back toward the pool area, Sally said, “Oh dear, I'm leaking.”

Sure enough, Dave and I both looked down between her legs and we could both see the cum running down her legs. I suggested she rinse off in the creek before we headed back up the hill. Dave took his leave and we both said it had been fun.

I'm sure we would see more of him soon.

Sally and I got back to our room and showered to freshen up. Since we didn't want to leave the resort to drive into town for supper we decided to take up the invitation to go to the potluck dinner. We went over to the pavilian where it was being held and were amazed at the ease with which everyone loaded up their plates and ate sitting at the tables provided and doing all of this in the nude.

I noticed a few of the men casually glance at Sally being discrete in their examination of her. She was really very attractive, especially since she was petite and slim. I'm sure many of them were a little envious. We saw Dave and decided to sit with he and his wife. He seemed perfectly at ease even though we had just had a fuckfest that afternoon that his wife knew nothing about.

He got me to the side after we ate and slipped me a flash drive, saying, “I thought you would enjoy looking at these. Are you two staying for the dance?“

I put the drive into the box we had brought our eating utensils to the pot luck from our cabin.

I didn't even know there was a dance, but told him that I was sure we would.

“Good,” he said smiling, “I'd like to dance with Sally, and I'd love for you to dance with my wife as well.“

His wife was about our same age and what people might call slightly heavy, not fat, but not slim.

I said, “I'll be glad to if she doesn't mind.”

“I'm sure she won't,“ said Dave smiling.

After the food was cleared away, the tables were pulled out and someone broke out a boom box and started playing music. The songs ranged from light rock to slow. The slow dance music seemed to be the most popular with many couples participating when those songs came on.

Dave and his wife Joan sat with us at the same table and after a couple of songs. Dave suggested I dance with Joan and he would dance with Sally. Thus, we all headed to the dance floor. Joan's breasts were quite a bit larger than Sally's and since this was a slow dance and I was trying to be a gentleman I was having a hard time dancing without brushing against them. I wasn't too successful. I glanced and Dave and Sally and they were snuggled together like old lovers, so I said the heck with it and moved closer to Joan, I did this slowly though waiting for any objections. There were none so eventually I was pressing my pelvic area against hers and my chest against her tits. She actually seemed to enjoy it. When the music ended we pulled apart and my semi-rigid cock bounced as I escorted her back to the table.

“That was nice, thank you,” Joan said.

We both watched as Dave and Sally danced another dance and Joan leaned over to me and said, “Dave is getting excited dancing with Sally, I can see his cock starting to stiffen when they turn a certain way.“

This surprised me a little and I asked if they were swingers. Joan confirmed the fact that they did swing and that sometimes it was fun to play with a guy she could actually have oral sex with. Well, needless to say this was enough to get me erect again and I had to cross my legs to hide it.

“Why don't you two come over to our room and we can all play,“ I said.

“I'd love that,” she said smiling, “and I'm sure Dave would too.”

I consulted with Sally who readily agreed and Joan talked to Dave who was obviously ready to leave the dance as evident from his erect cock.

We headed back to our room and without preamble we were all on the bed as soon as we walked in the door. Joan had my cock in her mouth almost instantly and as I laid there enjoying her slow deliberate lip and tongue movements, I watched Sally as she lay with her legs spread apart and Dave madly working his tongue in her cunt. We looked at each other and both smiled. It just doesn't get much better than this. I'm afraid the emailing of photos to Jack was going to have to wait until morning.

To be continued.................

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