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Sally's New Job

Bob finds Sally a new job as a sexual surrogate.
Bob and Sally slept late Saturday morning. Bob woke first, and he lay on his side looking at Sally, the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed. He laid his hand on her breast in simple appreciation.

Bob was counting. He thought for sure he would fuck Sally three, maybe four more times before he had to leave Monday morning. Last weekend, he had fucked her five times and six the previous weekend – sixteen times in three weeks, actually nine days. Jack, on the other hand, was so busy with his classes at the university, committee work, the book he was writing, and of course the cage on the weekends Bob visited, he had fucked his wife only twice in those three weeks. That pleased Bob. He wanted that to be true every month. He wanted there to be months when Jack could not fuck his wife at all, but he, Bob, would have her many times. He wanted other men to have her as well, as had been the case at the nude resort and when she had come to stay with him at his house. To Bob, when he gave Sally to other men, it was as though he were fucking Sally by proxy.

She stirred, turned onto her side facing him, opened her eyes, and smiled a sleepy smile.

“I need to pee,” she said.

“You were stunning last night,” Bob said.

“Did I please you?”

“Yes, in every way. You are the most erotic woman I have ever known.” Bob reached down to caress her between her legs.

“Don’t press my bladder,” Sally said, jumping out of bed. Bob listened to her pee.

They took a quick shower together. Bob dressed in shorts and t-shirt. Sally saw no need to wear anything. They brushed their teeth, she brushed her hair a little, and they went into the kitchen.

Jack was preparing lunch. Sally came to him, gave him a kiss. He kissed her back, caressed her bare bottom. “Coffee’s ready,” he said.

Sally reached up into the cabinet to get down coffee mugs, and both men watched her and then looked at each other. Both were thinking how lovely Sally was in the light of this new day. The sun was bright in the mid-day sky, and daylight flooded the kitchen through the window over the sink and the sliding glass doors. Jack’s body ached for his wife, and he saw Bob’s erection in his shorts.

“The paper is on the table,” Jack said to Bob. “I am toasting bread for sandwiches.” Besides the paper on the table, there were lunch meats, lettuce, tomato, mayo, pickles. No onions. Jack knew they would not eat onions. They made sandwiches at the table and talked a little about the night before. Bob saw no need to tell Jack all that happened.

After they had eaten, Sally went to clean up properly, and Bob read the paper. He read a few things to Jack from the sports section, and they talked about sports. Bob liked Jack a lot, liked that he was willing to let him have his wife. He wanted Jack to know how much he appreciated having Sally.

Bob was looking through the classifieds when he saw a small advertisement:

“Professional sex therapists looking for a qualified sexual surrogate. Call for appointment to interview.”

Bob called. The clinic was run by two professionally-trained sex therapists, a man and a woman. Bob explained a little about Sally. They were in the clinic and had some time available. “Why don’t you bring your wife by in say thirty minutes?”

Bob went in the bedroom and told Sally to put on a sundress. Bob put on a shirt and slacks.

“We’ll be back in a little while,” Bob told Jack.

The clinic was conveniently located a little north of their house on 18 th street in an old gray brick two-story re-zoned for professional businesses. On the way, Jack explained that Sally was going to apply for a job as a sexual surrogate.

“A what?” she asked.

“You are going to help men with their sexual problems.”

“What does that mean?”

He parked along the curb.

“Just go in and ask to see the doctors. You are here to interview for the position of sexual surrogate.”

“You want me to do this?”

“Yes, this is what I want you to do.”

Sally walked up the front walk and into the building. One hour later she came back out.

“Well,” Bob asked as she got into the car.

“They liked me. I am now working for them on a contract basis as their surrogate.”

“What did they ask you?”

“They both conducted the interview. The first thing they asked me to do was take off my sundress.”

“There in front of them.”

“Yes. And I was naked for the entire interview. It was like a test. They wanted to know that I am comfortable with my own nakedness and my sexuality. They asked me a lot of questions about my sex life.”


“I told them. And they did a blood test and took a urine sample – I had to pee in a cup right in front of them. I was embarrassed, but it was part of the test.”


“I already have my first client. They told me a little about what to do, but they said my role is to provide a partner for the homework they give each client. They gave me a folder on this guy; they called him as I sat there, and he is coming over to see me at 4:00.

“This afternoon?”


“They said he would be a good one for my first client because they said he mostly needs reassurance about his adequacy. It was very interesting talking about the problems that men have sexually, especially since the men in my life seem to not have any.”

They went back to the house, and on the way, Sally said it would be good if Bob and Jack were not there when he came.

“Does he have a name?”

“Yes, I know his name, but even his name is a part of patient confidentiality.”

When they got back to the house, Bob asked Jack if he would like to play some tennis. They left the house about 3:00.

Sally ran a hot bath, and simply soaked in the hot water for a while to relax. Then she dressed. The doctors told her not to dress sexually, but to dress modestly. She put on bra and panties and a skirt and button-up shirt. She put on some music in the living room, left the front door open, sat down, and waited. He arrived promptly at 4:00. Sally greeted him at the door.

“You must be Martin,” she said, opening the screen door.

“Yes, and you must be Sally.” He shook her hand.

“Come in and make yourself comfortable, Martin. Would you like some iced tea?” she asked as she shut the front door to give them privacy.

“Yes, that would be nice. Thank you.”

She brought two glasses of iced tea. He sat in the easy chair. She sat on the couch. There was a brief moment of awkwardness, but Sally was already comfortable in her newly discovered role.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Martin. In a way, this is like our first date. I know first dates are often awkward, so maybe we should think of this as our second date.”

Martin laughed. Sally’s humor helped Martin relax.

“Are you married, Martin?”


“How old are you?”


“It is hard for me to believe you are not married.”

“I have never been able to think I could please a woman enough that she would want to marry me.”

“Martin, what I think is that in a few months, maybe weeks, you will meet the woman of your dreams and you know what?”


“You will be the man of her dreams.”

“You really think that could happen?”

“I do. And we should begin to make that happen.”

“How shall we do that?”

“Come sit by me, Martin.” Sally patted the couch.

Sally could see it took some effort for him to sit next to her. But she was settling quickly into her role. She liked sitting with him, their arms and hips and legs touching. She put her hand on his arm. The warm, rich music swirled around them.

“It is nice sitting beside each other.”

Martin smiled weakly.

“I would like to snuggle down into your body, Martin.” Sally pushed her shoulder between Martin’s arm and his chest. “Put your arm around me and hold me, Martin.”

Sally snuggled up against him as he put his arm around her. She put her hand on his chest and rested her head on his shoulder.

They were quiet for a few minutes listening to the music – Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto 2.

“This is nice, Martin. I like being here with you like this.”

“I do too. I like being with you,” he said. It was the first small victory, Sally thought.

“The wonderful thing about being together is that we need no agenda. All we want to do is enjoy each moment we have,” she said. “If you want, we can stay like this and just listen to the whole concerto.”

Sally closed her eyes and let the music play in her body. “This is the most beautiful piece,” she said.

Martin whispered something.

“What, Martin, I did not hear.”

“I think you are beautiful,” he said.

“Why, Martin, you are sweet.” She smiled her beautiful smile and was so moved by his words, she reached up and kissed him, just a quick peck on the mouth. And she snuggled into his side again.

He held her a little tighter now.

“What, Martin?”

“I would like to kiss you again.”

Sally raised herself up closer to his face and kissed him. A soft, sweet kiss, his lips were warm. When their lips parted, he pulled her back and kissed her again. He is warming to the task, Sally thought. She put her hand on the back of his neck and held him and kissed him. She parted his lips with her tongue and explored his tongue. They embraced and kissed for several minutes. It was like back in high school. His arm around her dropped down and his hand covered her breast. She purred, and they enjoyed being in each other’s arms and kissing. It really is like high school, Sally thought, when boys tried so hard to feel girls up as they were making out on the couch in the girls’ parents’ home. Sally felt the emptiness of her home. There was no one to interrupt, and she wondered if Martin would want to go all the way.

Sally rubbed his nipple through his shirt, and she felt the rise in his pants. Now, he held her tight and kissed her with more passion. She rubbed his nipple, and he squeezed hers. She moaned.

“You are turning me on,” she whispered into his mouth. “I like that a lot.”

He put his other hand on her leg.

“Such a pleasant way to pass a Saturday afternoon,” Sally whispered. “Would you like to take off my shirt?”


She sat up and turned toward Martin. He began with her top button. She helped him pull it out from under her skirt, and he slipped it off her shoulders. He touched her bare shoulders.

“My bra?”

He took hold of the front snap and unhooked Sally’s bra, uncovering her breast. She laid her bra aside. She smiled and asked what he would like to do now. He caressed her breast. Her nipple went erect. Sally closed her eyes.

“That feels very good,” she said.

“Your breast is so soft,” he said.

“Have you ever felt a woman’s breast before?

“You are the only woman I have touched this way.”

“May I unbutton your shirt,” she asked.

He nodded.

Sally unbuttoned his shirt. She put her hand on his nipple, and she rubbed it with her fingers. He gasped and arched his back. She leaned into his bare chest and kissed him. They kissed for a long time, and he held her tight against his chest.

“Do you like the feel of my bare breast on your skin?”

“Yes,” he said.

He held her close and they kissed like teenagers, and she touched his nipple again, and again there was an immediate erection. She leaned over and began to suck on his nipple. He groaned and arched his back. As she sucked on his nipple, she reached down and rested her hand on his hard cock. He groaned. He felt large as she held him through his pants. And she was sure she knew how her first session as a sexual surrogate would end.

“You should take me to the bedroom,” she whispered. She got up, took his hand, and led him to the bedroom. She sat him on the bed and stood in front of him.

“I think you should take my skirt off, Martin.”

He unzipped the side zipper and tugged Sally’s skirt down over her hips. She stepped out of her skirt. He looked her over as she stood nearly naked before him.

“Do you want to take my panties off?”

“I do.”

“You may.”

Martin took her panties in his fingers and pulled them down. He uncovered Sally’s freshly-shaved pussy lips. He pulled her panties down to her ankles and she stepped out of them.

“Now, I am naked for you. Do you like for me to be naked for you?”

“Yes,” he said, and he took her bare bottom in his hands and buried his face in her stomach. He felt her bareness with his face, kissing her bellybutton.

Sally lay on her back on the bed and opened her legs. He sat beside her on the edge of the bed and gazed on her naked body.

“You are the first live woman I have ever seen naked,” he said.

"Martin, I am alive, and I am naked just for you. I let you undress me because that is what you wanted to do, and I like very much being naked for you.”

“Thank you,” he said.

He put his right hand on her lower abdomen. He caressed her. Slowly, his hand went lower. Sally closed her eyes. She could not help raising her hips to his hand. He felt her pussy lips.

“So soft,” he said.

“For you to enjoy,” Sally said. She opened her legs wider.

His fingers went down, caressing her pussy lips. She moaned. “I like that a lot, Martin.”

His fingers gently separated her lips. He discovered she was wet.

“I am wet because you are arousing me, Martin. This is what happens to a woman when a man loves on her. Do you like making me wet?”

“Yes,” he whispered.

Sally took hold of his hand. “Feel of me here,” she said, guiding his fingers over her clit. Her eyes were closed and her hips rose to his touch. “Most women like to be touched here very much.”

Then, she guided his fingers down her wet slit and into her vagina. She moaned again. “Do you feel how wet you have made me. You are a very good lover, Martin. Do you know why a woman gets wet down there?”


“She gets wet so her man can slip easily into her. Are you ready to do that?”

He stood, slipped off his shirt, and took off his pants and underwear. When she saw him, Sally was surprised. Martin was a slim man, but his semi-erect cock was big, like eight inches.

“Come lie on top of me, Martin.”

He got between her legs and lay down on her. His cock rested against her pussy lips. He put his arms under her back, held her tight, and kissed her.

“Look at me,” Sally said to Martin.

They were nose to nose as he looked into her brown eyes. They were body to body and nothing came between them.

“We are naked, Martin. Do you like being naked with me?”

“Yes, Sally, I like being with you very much.”

“Kiss me,” she said. “We should kiss a lot.”

She put her arms around Martin, and they kissed a long time. She fingered his nipples, and the reaction was immediate. His cock grew quickly into a full, hard erection between her legs, and she felt the head of his cock pressing against her pussy lips, seeking entry. She reached down between their bodies, took his cock in hand, rubbed the head of his cock into her pussy lips. She was so wet, her lips parted easily and she slid his cock down until it caught in her opening. He felt so big. She rubbed his nipples, and he thrust. His cock went deep into Sally and she flinched as his cock filled her. He was bigger than any of the men who had had her. Bigger and thicker. She wrapped her legs around his. He held her tight. He kissed her and fucked her. She pinched his nipples, and he groaned his pleasure, and he fucked her hard.

They lay together, completely together, so naked together, for minutes, maybe thirty minutes. And he fucked her so good. He lasted so long, and he fucked her so good. She was getting more and more aroused. She was losing control.

“Oh, you are fucking me so good. Fuck me, Martin.”

He was fucking her harder and faster. And so deep. “Yes, Martin. You feel so good inside me. You are going to make me come, Martin.” Sally pushed up hard to get him deeper inside.

“Oh, Martin, yes, fuck me. You are going to make me come. I am coming.”

And Sally held onto Martin as she came on his cock, and he came in her. She closed her eyes and held him tight. She was out of breath. Her pussy spasmed on his cock, and she could feel him shooting his come into her. It took her several minutes to catch her breath.

“Martin,” she finally said, “You were wonderful. Thank you.”

He rolled off Sally, and they lay naked side by side.

“Thank you,” he said. “I did not think that would happen.”

“We just did what comes naturally, lover. We just enjoyed each moment and let each moment guide us to the next.”

It was a little after 6:00 now.

“When shall we have our next date,” she asked him.

“Would you be able to do something on Monday?”

“What time?”


“Okay, let’s have a date.”

“Can we just meet here again?”

“I will make you lunch.”

They rounded up all their clothes and dressed. Sally walked Martin to the door. She went into his arms, and they kissed.

“Thank you for a wonderful afternoon,” she said to him.

Thirty minutes after Martin left, Jack and Bob came home. Sally had just enough time to clean up, to get the smell of sex out of the bedroom and house, and to get out of her clothes.

“Hi,” she said. "Did you have a good match?”

“Yes, we had a good match,” Bob said. “What about your afternoon?”

“I got some good work done. ‘A woman’s work is never done,’ they say.”

When Jack went upstairs to put away his gear and take a shower, Bob asked Sally again how her time had gone.

“Patient confidentiality,” she said.

He smacked her on her bare butt.

She said, “Watch it, buster.”

And then he knew what he was going to do with her later in the evening.

After a light supper, Jack didn’t say anything, but he was wondering what Bob had planned for Sally for the evening. Bob had no intention of telling Jack what was going to happen to his wife. He just told Sally to go out front to the street and wait for him. The only thing Sally wore was her ring, but she did not hesitate. She went to the front door and out, closing it behind her.

Bob went to the computer and looked up something on the internet. He made a call. Took him probably twenty minutes. Sally waited naked out by the curb. A few cars went by. And the fellow who had been watering his yard from down the street came by walking. He stopped and talked with Sally for five, ten minutes. Clearly, he was becoming interested in this naked lady who kept showing up on his street.

“We’ll be back late. No need to wait up,” Bob told Jack.

And Bob went out back to get the car. He backed into the street and pulled up to the curb. The fellow from down the street was still talking with Sally.

“Hey cutie, can I give you a ride?” Bob said out the window.

“You can give me a ride any time,” she said.

The fellow from down the street opened the car door for her. When she was in, he shut the door and leaned down on the door frame. “So this is where my naked lady lives.” And then to Bob: “Have a nice ride, my friend.”

They drove south for a while, and Bob seemed to catch every red light. Sally thought he was doing it on purpose to give people a chance to see her. He turned right onto White Bridge Pike. On the right was a Target department store. He turned left into a strip center. And finally parked on the second row from the shops. In front of them was a shop called Pleasures Romance Boutique. The store front was all glass, and in one window was a brightly lit, heart-shaped neon “open” sign. What Sally did not notice was the leather bench placed under the “open” sign. They saw several people go into the store as they sat in the car. None of those who went in came out.

Bob gave Sally his credit card.

“Do you see the girl at the counter?” Bob asked. The sales girl had long, black hair, and her makeup was in black – black eyebrow liner, black mascara, even black lipgloss. She wore a black shift.

“Yes,” Sally said.

“Go talk to her. Tell her you want a leather riding crop and a leather flogger. She will know what to do.”

Sally got out of the car, and Bob watched her walk through the first row of cars and into Pleasures. He could see her talking to the sales girl. He wished he had parked back closer to the street to make her walk further to get into the store. He could see people in the store looking at her. He liked that. Then he moved the car into the first row of parking so he would have a better view. He had seen the leather bench.

Inside, Sally stood naked at the counter. The sales girl looked her over. “What can I do for you?” she asked Sally.

“I need to get a leather riding crop and a leather flogger. But I think I need your help to make a selection,” Sally said

The girl came out from behind the counter and led Sally through the aisles. Sally felt she deliberately led her past several of the customers in the store. They stared at her naked body as she went by.

“I like this crop.” The girl in black held up a black leather riding crop.

“What do I do with it?”

“You don’t do anything with it. Your man will do something to you with it.”

Sally’s eyebrows went up.

“And this is the flogger I like,” the salesgirl said.

Sally held it in her hand, felt the heft of it, felt in her mind the sting of it. She understood spanking. “But where?” she asked.

“Before I ring it up, the best thing to do is to try them out.”

Sally looked at her questioningly. The girl led her back toward the front of the store, back by several customers, to the bench at the window.

“Lie down.” It was not a suggestion.

Sally, without hesitation doing as she was told, sat on the bench and turned to lie down.

“No, the other way, so your pussy is toward the window.”

Sally did not even consider saying no. She swung her left leg over the bench and lay back. She was naked and exposed, her legs spread, showing her pussy to anyone walking by or parking in front of the store.

“He is going to spank your pussy,” the girl said, “Like this.” And the crop came down with a smart smack on Sally’s pussy lips. It happened so unexpectedly Sally flinched.

“Do not even try to close your legs,” the girl said.

She saw the riding crop in the air and felt the smack of it on her pussy.

“Oh, it stings,” she said.

“Then it is working well,” the girl said.

The sound of the crop slapping Sally’s pussy attracted the other customers in the store. They came to the front and gathered around to watch Sally’s spanking. Sally felt them and then saw them as she rocked her head back with each sting of the crop.

Each slap of the crop on her pussy lips made Sally gasp. She could hardly breathe, but the sting of the crop on her pussy lips made her gulp down a breath. As the spanking went on she broke out in a sweat. Her naked body glistened. The tempo and the intensity of the crop on her pussy increased gradually. Sally grabbed the side of the bench and discovered handholds. She grabbed hold with all her strength. The customers watching could see the pain in Sally’s face. And the arousal. Sally’s legs were shaking.

“Oh, it stings so good,” escaped Sally’s lips.

“You want him to do this to you, don’t you?”


“Like this.” Smack.


“Like this.” Smack.


“Until you come.”


Tears welled in Sally’s eyes and rolled down into the hair at her temples.

“Don’t stop,” Sally said.

Her body tensed.

“Don’t stop until I come.”

“You like your pussy spanked, don’t you!”

“Yes,” Sally gasped.

“Yesss,” and her voice trailed away into her orgasm. Her body shook with the spasms in her belly. The girl in black spanked Sally’s pussy until her climax began to subside. Sally’s chest heaved. She was so surprised how good the stinging pain in her pussy felt. She was surprised it made her come. Another discovery.

Then, Sally felt the girl’s fingers on her red and swollen pussy lips. She gently caressed Sally to comfort her. She lay with her eyes closed for several minutes. Finally, the girl gave Sally her hand to help her sit up. It was then Sally saw there were people at the window – seven or eight who had watched her spanking. Several were holding their cell phones. Sally blushed and smiled weakly acknowledging them.

The girl rang up the sale at the counter. Sally signed the credit card receipt. She took the bag with the well-used riding crop and the flogger and went out. Bob was there waiting for her. He took her hand and began walking. He had moved the car once more to the back of the parking area next to the street.

“Looked like you had a good time shopping,” Bob said to Sally.

“She made me come.”

“I saw.”

“Did you know?”

“Know what?”

“Did you know I would come?”

He chose not to answer her question. “We will have to go back there again.”

“Okay,” Sally, the submissive one, said.

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