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Sanitarium: Part Two

Leah is cornered with the new inmate
More, she wanted more.

“You’re not going anywhere,” Alex husked at her.

Her breath caught in her throat as she leaned her head back at the pleasure. There was nothing she loved more than a man grabbing her and making her his. After nearly a year of being untouched, unfucked; Leah knew she would do anything this man wanted her to do. If he told her to drop to her knees and act like a dog, she would. She felt his breath on her neck; hot and teasing. Her hips had a mind of their own as she slowly grinded against his crotch.

“You want this,” he teased, reaching with his free hand to the hem of her denim shirt. His calloused hand slid beneath the fabric and up her stomach. Goose bumps bubbled along her skin at his touch. A whimper let out of her lips. “It’s written all over your face.”

Leah refused to nod or shake her head; she simply stood there, devouring the feel of his hand. His fingers slid up to the underwire of her old and unflattering bra that was a bit too small for her. He pushed underneath the wire and found his way into the warm fabric. She sighed with relief at his touch.

“How long has it been since you’ve been fucked?” he asked in her ear, not letting up. Leah had imagined talking dirty to him, and telling him what to do, but she couldn’t find it in herself. All she wanted was for him to destroy her body and do what he wanted.

His fingertips found her nipple.

"Ah!" she squeaked. Her body went wild from the small touch. Her legs nearly gave out from underneath her. Touching herself wasn't the same as another man feeling her, inching his hand painfully slow up her body. She wished she could imitate the touch, but she couldn't.

"How long, Leah?" Alex demanded.

"Too long," she gasped.

"How long?"

"Too long!" Her hands reached under her shirt and pushed his hand into her breast. She wanted him to roll her nipples in his fingertips; to rub her skin raw.

He chuckled and pulled his hand away, causing her to whimper in reply. "Slow down, kitten. You want to enjoy this, don't you?" He let go of her wrist and turned her around to face him. Another chuckle came from him at the sight of her bright red face and wild eyes. He had set her off the edge, he knew.

"Take off your shirt," he demanded.

Her fingers went to work quickly as she fervently unbuttoned her shirt. They skipped and fumbled a few times, causing her to growl, but soon she got them all undone. Alex watched, amused at the scene. Leah discarded her shirt to the floor as soon as she could and quickly began undoing the snap on her bra.

"No, no, no, kitten," he playfully scolded, stopping her. "I said just your shirt."

Her face turned even brighter red then. God, why didn't he just strip her down and throw her to the ground already? Didn't he understand a year is a long time for a girl who actually liked sex?

Alex deftly pointed to the button on his jeans, "I imagine you know how to do that, huh?"

She didn't need to be told twice. In one swift motion she dropped to her knees and began unbuttoning his jeans. Like a professional, she slid them halfway down his legs, then his underwear, and quickly caught his dick in her hand as it sprung out of his boxers. As if she were a hungry animal, she quickly went to work; licking the head and the sides, using her hands to pump up and down as well. Alex watched her, enjoying the scene and her hastiness equally. Her head bobbed up and down as she took more of him into her mouth, down her throat. Slight gagging noises came from her, but she ignored the feeling and continued the assault.

Alex slowly rolled his head back, feeling his balls tighten. She was good; hadn't lost her touch even after a year without a subject to perform on. His hands laced in her hair and gripped her head, pulling her close as he began to fuck her mouth.

Leah felt her panties soak through with her juices. God, she couldn't remember ever being this turned on. She wanted to finger herself so bad as her clit began to throb almost painfully. Her pussy ached, wishing to be full. Her hands left his cock to go to the button of her jeans. When she began to undo them Alex saw and quickly pulled out of her mouth.

"No, slut," he growled. His hand pulled on her hair, pulling her to her feet, "You don't get off unless I say so."

Quickly, he lifted her onto one of the tile shelves everyone kept their soaps and wash rags on. Leftover water from a previous shower soaked through her jeans, but she didn't care. Alex reached around and undid her bra in less than a second, releasing her breasts. As soon as the bra fell to the floor his mouth covered one of her nipples while his hand played with the other. She threw her head back and moaned from the touch. Her folds ached and begged to be touched. She tried to sneak her fingers between her thighs to relieve herself, but the jeans were too thick for her to feel anything.

Alex saw, either way, and snatched her hand away. He pulled away from her breast and demanded, "You want to cum, slut?"

Leah nodded her head so fast she almost cracked her neck, "Yes - yes!"

"Beg for it," he sneered.

"Please, please fuck me," she whimpered.

"Not enough, kitten,"

"Please! Please fuck me with your hard cock!"

Before she could say anything more, Alex reached between them and undid her jeans, pulling them and her panties down to her knees. From there she kicked them off and let them fall to the floor. The cold tile against her bare ass made her gasp, but the feeling of Alex edging closer to her made her groan as if she was in pain.

She watched him line up at her opening, holding his member in his hand. It was glistening from her spit as he came closer. With one strong thrust he pushed inside of her, causing her to cry out. He let his cock sit inside of her for a second, letting her come down from her high, before he began to thrust in and out like a wild animal. The sound of his hips crashing against her ass sounded through the room, along with her cries and his grunts.

Leah grabbed onto his shoulders, gripping his wife beater he was still wearing. She pulled on his hair, scratched his skin, and cried from her quickly approaching orgasm.

Alex lifted his head from her shoulder and nuzzled into her neck, his stubble driving her that much closer to the edge. "That feel good?"

"God yes!" she cried.

He grunted before continuing, "This is my pussy from here out, you hear me?"

She nodded but couldn't reply; her walls began to contract and squeeze as she felt her orgasm approach.

"Did you hear me, slut?" he growled, grabbing her hair again. "Who does this pussy belong to?"

"You!" she screamed, feeling her pussy explode in euphoria.

"Fuck yes," he grunted. With a few more thrusts he came; pushing in one more time with all his strength, he emptied his seed into her. She threw her head back as she floated down from her cloud. He stayed inside her as he leaned into her throat. They panted against each other with hardly any clothes on; cum dripping from the both of them.

Leah kept her eyes closed as she held onto him. She had dreamt of sex like this almost every night since she was committed. It was everything she wanted, everything she needed...

But she shouldn't have done that.

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