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Christmas Wish
Every year I wish for something at Christmas. Usually it's things I don't need, but something that I really want. So about the end of October I started thinking about what I wanted for Christmas this year.

You know the stores start putting their Christmas items out. Kmart, Target, Walmart, etc. have all their Christmas lingerie right up front so horny guys walking down the isles can jerk off while thinking about getting their girlfriends, wives, mistresses, or fuck buddies one of these little gifts. In fact I watched a guy play with himself as he pulled one off the rack last night. He looked at the tags and held it up front and you could actually hear him panting thinking about fucking someone. It made me horny just to watch.

So I looked at the lingerie and decided that who needs to wear that stuff. I love being naked so why cover my natural perky tits with lace. Or why cover my tight pink shaven pussy with a thong, just so my fuck buddy can rip it off of me. He likes me naked anyway. There shot that idea for a present.

Walked the mall for awhile and noticed all the young people holding hands and making out. It's sad that we can't walk around naked if we feel like it. I thought to myself. Wouldn't it be cool to go shopping in the nude. I pictured myself shopping without clothes on. I pictured others without clothes on. A body is a beautiful thing. Not everyone is skinny or fat, tall or short. But most of us have things in common. Men, well yes, you have cocks and balls and asses and women we have tits and pussies and asses. My mall in my head also featured public fuck mats. Yes, instead of those hard, wooden benches to wait on, my mall had lots of velvet, silky mats to fuck on. What was cool in my mall was the fact that if you spotted someone you'd like to fuck, you could just go up to them and say: "wanna fuck me?" And if they replied yes, then you'd fuck right there in the middle of the mall in front of everyone.

One giant orgy. How insane, but how beautiful. Well.....I kept walking, looking at stuff that I really didn't need, but I liked. Got to Claires Boutique and looked at the earrings. Asked the clerk if she knew of anyone that was willing to piece my clit. She told me to purchase the earring gun at Sally's Beauty Supply Store and do it myself. Now how weird is that? I could think of lots of things to pierce with the gun.

Got down to the end of the corridor of the mall and there was Santa. All the kids were hanging around the dude. He wasn't a very fat Santa either. He was a young guy, but he played the part. The elf lady was an older lady, but was good with the kids. I watched as Santa chatted with each child and as parents had the kids' pictures taken with the elf and santa. After everyone had left, I walked over and said to Santa: "can I tell you what I want for Christmas?" Santa looked at me and said: "what would you like for Christmas this year my dear?" I looked him in the eye and I said: "I want your cum."

This threw Santa off guard. He didn't know what to say or do. I reached under his coat and fondled his man meat. He started to moan. I leaned over and whispered in his ear. "If you come to my house tonight I'll make you cum." "It can be a special night for you, big boy." Santa took his hand and squeezed my left tit. I continued to rub his balls and cock while whispering in his ear. Santa: "what do you want for Christmas?" Santa replied: "to eat your pussy." I'm like "ooo Santa, you're making me horny!" I straddled Santas lap. I took his hands and I put them up under my shirt so he could feel how hot my tits really were. Then I started to dry hump his cock. He was so hard and had a boner the size of Mt. Rushmore. I stood up and said: "rub my pussy Santa." Santa reached under my skirt and started to rub my pussy, but instead he lifted my skirt all the way and ate my pussy until Mrs. Elf came back.

I'll see you tonight Santa. And with that I left the mall.

Drove home with a wet, dripping pussy and very perky tits. Put on the Christmas music and got my apartment ready for Santas visit.
Santa appeared right on time. But to my surprise Santa brought me several presents. You see, on my list that I slipped Santa at the mall, I asked him for:
1. Several black cocks
2. 9-12 inch long schlongs
3. 4.5" thick dicks or bigger
4. Guys who like to dp pussy
5. And massive amounts of hot, sticky, cock cum for my pussy, ass and mouth.

Santa looked at me and said: "you're my naughty little elf, aren't you? Ooo Santa, I'll be whatever you want me to be. Spread your pussy lips for me. I laid on the sofa and spread my pussy wide. Santa and his men were discussing who would do what. Santa pulled out his cock. Oh Santa, let me suck you. Santa shoved his cock deep inside my mouth. I suck hard and fast. One of Santas black bro stuck his rod inside my pussy. I was tight. He said: "what are you a fucking virgin? I'm like "hell no, I just practice keeping my pussy tight for cock." He put it in and I squeezed my cunt around his rod while he pulled back out. He's like holy shit your tight and your pussy muscles are fantastic!!!! I said: put another cock in with yours. So another black bro climbed on and rammed his 12" dong inside my tight pussy too. The two of them squeeled with delight at what my pussy could do for their cocks. Then Santa started to drip cum into my mouth. I'm like Santa: "not yet!!" So Santa took his rod and popped it into my ass. And fucked me until he blew his load. I sucked him dry. The other two black elves were still going strong, when one elf said: "ooo baby I'm gonna blow my load." Go for it. Fill my pussy with your cum. He blew his load right on top of the other cock. His goo started to run out. The other elf kept fucking and finally blew his load.

At this point I begged Santa to eat the cum out of my pussy. Santa was a very good Santa. He ate every drop of nectar that dripped from my pussy.

Now every year my wish is to fuck Santa and his elves.

Tonight Santa was early. We fucked all day today. About an hour ago Santa said: "honey my cock is sore." So I put Santa to bed. I will blow his load in a little while.

Happy Cumming to All and to All a good Fuck.