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Santa's Last Stop

Every year Santa selected a woman between the age of sixteen and thirty who was on the naughty list as his last stop on Christmas Eve. And these selected women always tried to stay on the naughty list. Santa gave the selected women a treat. It started after Mrs Claus died in the 14th century. It was so Santa could find a new wife, but so far none had quite been right for him.

Now Santa always laughed when he saw what the public thought he looked like. He wasn't the white haired, old fat man. He was stuck immortal at twenty three, not fat, but a bit soft in the middle with a beer belly, although the rest of him was muscle. His hair was light brown and short. At least the images had it right when they portrayed him with a beard. He always found himself being drawn to the British women on the naugthy list, something about them just inflamed his desire. This year, 2017, felt different. Something was compelling him to pick someone from the low end of the naughty list, border line on the nice list. While the elves loaded his sleigh he looked over the woman that was drawing his attention.

Christine Willoughby was twenty three and studying to be a nurse. The only reason she was on the naughty list was her sexually deviant fantasies. Now Santa was really interested. He had to delve deeper into who she was and what she looked like. When he looked he saw she was of an athletic toned physique, her breasts were of a divine medium size firm and soft and oh so natural. Her arse was full and firm, a perfect bubble butt while being small. Without looming further he knew she was the one he would make his last stop. After making that decision he looked at her face. She was a beauty, the sort that only turn up once in a generation. Her features were so soft and perfect they had to have been sculpted by the Gods themselves. Her full lips were just begging him to go see her now but he knew he had to wait. He couldn't help but spend the entire day Christmas Eve imaging his milky white flesh pressed against her healthy natural olive tones.

Finally it was time to deliver all the gifts to the world. Santa found himself rushing despite the fact that time was statis locked for him on this night. Each time he finished a person's house he looked to see how soon it would be time to deliver the special gift to Christine. The list never seemed to shrink. It was as if the fates were trying to tease him and drive him wild with desire. Finally it was time to visit his selected naughty girl of the year. He took his time laying all the presents under the tree and delivering the stockings to Christine's brother, sister and parents. He slowly opened Christine's door creeping into the room waiting to see if she would stir. After he shut and locked her door he removed the statis time lock from her room and only her room.

"Wake up, Christine, I have your presents for you," he whispered softly, his Wiltshire accent at odds with where he lived and sounding strange to her Newcastle born and raised half asleep ears.

"What? Who is there?" She gasped as her eyes fluttered open as she heard the intruder in her room.

"Open you eyes, my sweet naughty girl. You made my naughty list this year. And before you say anything, yes I am Santa Claus, just every portrayal of me is false."

"Prove it!" she challenged Santa.

"Right then, you play football but not professionally. Your friends have been finding their true loves and you haven't. And you go onto a website called lush stories under the name wchristyw where then stuff you roleplay is the taboo side of taboo. Do you want anything else?" Santa replied calmly.

"What the fuck? How do you know all that?" She stuttered in surprise, mingled with curiosity and horror.

"Well I am Santa, I know when you are awake I know when you've been bad or good," he replied in the tune of the song.

"So why am I awake? Don't you deliver presents while we sleep?"

"I do but you are special and one of your presents you need to be awake for. It's a present only one person a year gets."

Christine's interest was peaked at this so she looked Santa up and down. She noticed the similarities with the traditional image first. The big heavy duty black boots, the red suit with white fluffy trimmings, the thick black belt and of course the hat. As she studied him she realised that was where the similarities ended. He didn't appear to be old, in fact she would have sworn they were the same age. He wasn't athletic but he was by no means fat. The more she looked the more she realised that he was attractive. Finally she saw his crotch where his semi hard cock was forming a bulge. Santa grinned when he saw where her eyes were resting, he reached out and pulled her duvet from her body. She was in a peach coloured sheer nightie, and her nipples were starting to stand to attention. She shivered when the cool air hit her body, the air serving to show her that she wanted Santa and not just to deliver toys. She wanted the present in his trousers.

"So what is this gift then, Santa. What do I deserve?" she asked as she got onto her knees looking at Santa.

Santa took out a lovely black leather collar with a heart shaped diamond attached. She looked at it then him, and as she understood what he was after her eyes sparkled as she softly nodded her head. Santa put the collar around her neck and tightened it.

"So am I your pet or is this a one time thing?" she asked quietly not sure what she wanted the answer to be.

"That depends on you. If you exceed my expectations you will be mine, if you match expectations then I will see you next year, anything else and you won't ever see me again." He smiled as as he started to strip and her eyes lit up as Santa's cock was revealed. Only five inches at the moment, semi hard, just waiting to be coaxed to its full six and a half inches.

Without a word Christine moved and knelt before Santa. Reaching her left hand forward she took his cock into her hand and slowly stroked it. Santa moaned as his cock sprang to full size. She leant forward and planted the softest little kiss on the tip of his cock. She giggled when he let out an exasperated moan, her eyes sparkled with mischievous intentions.

"If I am your pet then I need instructions," she whispered through giggles.

"Suck my cock and don't make me ask again."

"Why will I get a spanking?" She winked as she wiggled her arse.

"You just might, now suck my cock," he said as he wrapped his hands in her hair. She slowly started to take his cock into her mouth, inch by tantalising inch, her tongue swirling around his cock bringing Santa more pleasure than any of his previous last stops. She bobbed her head up and down slowly taking his cock fully into her mouth and throat, gagging slightly. Her left hand cupped Santa's balls as her right started to rub her pussy. Santa had never seen someone enjoy sucking cock as much as his naughty little Christine.

"Ohh god yes! You are the best at giving blowjobs I have had so far. I am so close baby," he exclaimed. Hearing this Christine pulled her head back leaving just his cock head in her mouth as he started to cum. She swallowed most of his large load allowing some to dribble out of her mouth and down her chin. She didn't stop sucking, making sure Santa stayed hard for her.

"I hope that wasn't my whole gift Santa or should I call you Father Christmas?" Her eyes sparkled with desire as she revealed in knowledge that all her kinky secrets were already known.

"Why stop at Father Christmas, why not just call me Daddy? Besides you need to be punished for not doing as I asked. Stand up and bend over the bed," he demanded. She bit her bottom lip seductively as she followed his instruction.

"Have I been a bad naughty dirty girl, Daddy? Will you punish me, Daddy?"

"Yes I will punish you," he stated as he spanked her left cheek then her right cheek, firm spanks that elicited moans from her. He reddened her arse without causing pain, but leaving a stinging sensation. Once he stopped she wriggled her arse enticingly at him. Santa ran his rough hand over her pussy, feeling how wet she was. Slowly he slid a single finger into her eliciting a moan from her lips.

"Fuck me, Santa, please fuck me!" she pleaded needing her own release desperately. He softly held her shoulders guiding her to stand up before turning her around to face him. She raised her arms as he lifted her nightie off of her. Santa lent forward and kissed her neck as his hands roamed over her body. He crouched slightly as he cooked her left nipple into his mouth and softly sucked. Christine moaned, everything building her desire up, her need to be fucked burning in her like an inferno raging deep inside. Her hands gripped Santa's hair holding his head to her breast.

"Oh god that feels good. Don't stop." Her voice was small and weak. Santa switched nipple enjoying the power he was having over Christine. He softly bit her nipple before he pulled away.

"Do you think you deserve me fucking you?"

"Yes, Santa, yes, Daddy I know I was a naughty slut, but I want to be your naughty slut and only yours. I hope this won't be the only time we have together like this, Daddy Santa."

Santa laughed as he heard her impassioned reply for him. He leant in and kissed her passionately, holding her olive flesh to his milky white flesh in the way he spent a day imagining. He guided her to lie on her bed as he kissed down her body wanting to taste her before the main event. His tongue grazed along her slit as she spread her legs for him. He circled her clit with his tongue before rapidly flicking it over her sensitive clit rapidly. Her hips started to gyrate and grind against his mouth as he sucked her clit into his mouth, his two big strong hand caressing and softly squeezing her heavenly breasts.

"Daddy Santa please, please, please make me cum," she begged as his actions drove her closer and closer to the edge, making her whine and moan in pleasure. He moved his tongue away from her clit and drove it into her pussy instinctively knowing her sensitive pleasure spots along her inner sanctum. His rapidly moving tongue soon brought her to a screaming orgasm as she covered his face with her juices. Santa grinned as he looked up at her from her pussy. Her breath was shallow and rapid as she calmed down from her orgasm. As she relaxed her mouth spread into a huge grin before she seductively bit her lower lip.

Santa kissed up her body stopping at her chin, his cock lined perfectly with Christine's pussy. He smiled before kissing her and thrusting his cock deep into her in the same movement. She gasped. The speed of his thrust and the sudden sensation of being full shocked her with pleasure. Santa slowly started to withdraw his cock until just his head was left in. He held himself up on his arms as he thrust fully back into her.

Soon he set up a rhythm of hard, fast deep fucking and rubbing along all her sensitive spots with each thrust only to stop and switch to slow gentle but still deep thrusts. Her moans of pleasure filled his ears with joy and list. Here was the woman for him. Here was the future Mrs Claus. Both parties built towards their orgasms together, their eyes locked on each other and all knowledge of the world lost to them as their universe shrunk to encompass just the two of them.

Each of his thrusts brought them both more pleasure than they had ever known. Santa knew how to prolong orgasm after centuries of practice. Santa managed to give Christine two mind shattering orgasms during his time of fucking her hard and deep and fast. As Christine screamed in pure orgasmic joy with her second orgasm from his cock, Santa started to cum. His balls exploded filling her pussy with his cum and he gave a final thrust, following his primal desire to breed, trying to get his cum as deep in her as he could. She wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him into a passionate kiss. Slowly they broke their embrace as Santa pulled out of her. She smiled at him as he started to get dressed.

"Thank you for my gift, Santa, same time next year or could we meet before then?" she asked through a yawn.

"Definitely this time next year. I will see about sooner," he replied as he took a little jewellery box and a envelope out of his sack and putting them on her bed side table. He looked at her as she started to fall asleep he couldn't help but think how beautiful she looked. He left her room without a sound.

In the morning Christine woke and straight away opened the jewellery box. It had inside a beautiful slim gold and diamond ring with a matching necklace. She smiled but left them in the box as she opened the envelope, it contained a letter explaining that the jewellery was only to be worn if she wanted to be Santa's girlfriend. If she wore it then Santa would find more time to see her. She smiled and slipped the ring on. It was the perfect size.

To be continued? ....


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