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Sara Lusts For A College Boy Part 2

Sara offers her ass to her boy toy
The days following the beginning of mine and James’s sexual relationship were surreal. I felt the rebirth of my sexuality as that sexy young man took every opportunity to fondle my lust laden body. That morning, after I woke up to James fondling my naked body, I sucked his delicious cock and fondled his balls. As my tongue lightly ran up his smooth young cock, I could taste my tangy cum from the night prior mixed with the musky, salty taste of his seed. I slowly sucked his throbbing cock savoring his taste and his manly odor. Hearing him moan made my dirty pussy water and I kept sucking his long shaft yearning for his creamy salty load. James quickly popped and began squirting his seed into my mouth. I moaned with each jet of cum and I swallowed his cum as I rubbed his cock head along my lips.

I kissed James again, sharing the remnants of his load and then I suggested we take a shower. I was grinning ear to ear as that man more than half my age followed me into my bath. His hands caressed my round ass as I walked giving my body chills. Turing around as we entered the bath, I smiled as my new young sex toy’s cock was renewed with life. His cock was beautiful with a slight upward left curve and a swollen big round head. I could see how is cock was able to hit my special spot over and over. My legs were a bit weak as I turned and started the shower while James hugged me from behind. His cock pushed along my pussy lips and his small patch of pubic hair brushed my ass cheeks.

I backed off my eager boy, but I grasped his shaft and lead him into the shower. I reached for the soap and I began to wash my dirty boy. I lathered his hard body up, starting at his chest as he caressed my tits. It was hard to concentrate as I worked my soapy hands down his firm chest to his swollen cock. James looked down at me as I knelt and began stroking his throbbing cock in my soapy hands. I got an evil grin as I pulled my hands off his cock. James moaned in grief as his cock swayed while dripping soapy water. My hands fondled his balls as the water washed the soap off his shaft. My pussy tingled as I kissed his cock head before sucking his shaft into my mouth. My mouth teased James as I would pull off his shaft. I knew he wanted to cum as he tried to hold my head and shove his aching cock into my mouth.

Again, I had to back my eager sex thing off as I stood and turned him towards the warm cascading water. I stood behind James and soaped my tits and belly. My pussy rubbed against his ass cheeks as I pressed my tits against his back. We both moaned as I raked my hard soapy nipples on his back as I ground my equally soapy mound against his firm round ass. I whispered into his ear asking if it felt good. James only moaned as I reached around and encircled the base of his shaft. I dared not to stroke his cock and losing his precious cum to the shower floor.

My free hand had been rubbing and fucking my pussy as I rubbed my soapy body against his back. My thigh pushed between his legs spreading them as I took my wet finger to his ass. James let out a groan as my slick finger easily slide up into his puckered hole. My hand held his wet hard dick with a tight grip. I moaned into his ear that his sexy body was mine. I finger fucked his hot tight ass but wouldn’t stroke his cock. I was getting off on asserting my will upon him and the more he whimpered and moaned the more wet my pussy became.

I wanted James inside me. My finger working his asshole eased up as I looked to see his pre cum leaking from his swollen smooth cock head. As I let go of James’s body, he turned. I gave him a dirty slutty look as I sucked the finger that was up his ass, something I had never done before. I then turned and bent over holding the handle in the shower and I wiggled my wet smooth ass at James. I wanted him so bad as I reached back and pulled one ass cheek exposing my pussy and asshole to him. My mouth opened and I told James to fuck my ass. I couldn’t believe I had just offered my ass to James. I hadn’t had anal sex in several years. I could smell my hair conditioner and I knew James was lubing his cock for my ass. I couldn’t wait to feel his beautiful cock work its way up inside my ass. After many sexually repressed years I was finally letting go. I looked back with lust filled eyes as James finished lubing his big dick. Seeing his girth I began to regret my anal offer.

There was no way I could take my words back as James grabbed my other ass cheek and pressed his wet cock head against my tight asshole. The cool sensation of the conditioner contrasted the sensation of the hot flesh of James’s cock head. I gripped the shower handle tightly as the head of his cock sunk into my ass. Slowly and steadily James pushed his cock into my asshole. His girth opened my anal ring first sending a stinging sharp pain through my body. I winced as he pushed and then I groaned as his shaft opened my bowels. I stayed completely still as James did while my ass stretched around his dick. I let go of my ass cheek and I fondled my pussy as the sensation in my ass began to change. The fullness of his cock began to tingle and the stinging faded quickly.

I yelped as James pushed the last few inches into my ass. I rubbed my cunt faster focusing on my swollen clitoris. I began swearing as I felt like his cock was splitting me again. James, however, began sawing his dirty cock in and out of my tight bottom slowly. I tried to keep rubbing my clit but the sensation of my ass being filled and fucked caused me to only be able to hold onto the shower handle.

I looked back at James and demanded her fuck me deep and hard. I was already having my first anal induced orgasm after the first few fucks. My pussy felt like it was flooding as my young man began to ravage my ass.

I kept letting out slutty outbursts like, “Fuck my dirty ass” and “I’m such a dirty slut.” My verbal outbursts spurred the young man on as he held my hips and fucked my ass as hard as he could. My body shook with each thrust as another orgasm washed over my mature body.

James’s body quivered as the walls of my ass squeezed his invading cock. He began to grunt and swear and then I let out a long low groan. I felt the head of his cock began to erupt deep in my asshole. I whimpered as I felt each jet of his seed splash inside me.

James’s cocks slowly slid from my well fucked ass and I felt so empty. I then reached back and spread my ass showing James my leaking asshole. I was wondering how he would react when I told him to clean up his cummy mess. I got the answer I was hoping for as I felt my young fuck toy’s mouth on my ass. I slipped a hand to my pussy as I felt his tongue drill into my open ass. I felt him moan as he scooped up his cum while tasting my ass. I smiled as I felt his finger slip up into my pussy as I rubbed my clit. His tongue worked as deep as it could as his finger fucked me into another orgasm. I was glad he came, filled my ass and ate my cream pie just before the shower water began to run cold.

As we stepped from the bath my eyes locked on James’s youthful hard cock. It was amazing having a young sexy guy in the house but I wasn’t sure if I had another round left in me at the time as I could see the hungry look in his eyes. I didn’t want my sexy obedient house guest to feel neglected so I knelt on the bathroom rug and took his dirty cock into my mouth as he dried his body. The mixed taste of my ass and his cum was delicious and I sucked every inch of his shaft, savoring the flavor. My inner dirty girl relished in sucking James’s dirty cock until he grunted and shot what was left of his cum against the back of my throat. I was barely 10 a.m. and we were both ready for a nap.

I suggested that we eat and rest as I had more plans for my young hot boy toy. I had called an old girlfriend who was one of my former lovers that afternoon to share my new living situation. She was eager to meet him and reconnect with me. All I needed to do was keep James off me to rest for the remainder of the afternoon and early evening. I just knew he was going to love Karen.

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