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Sara lusts for a college boy

Sara gives VIcky's son room and board amoung other things
I was a mid-forties divorced woman living alone and quite sexually frustrated when I got a call from my old college girlfriend, Vicky.

I was more than happy to help out my old college girlfriend, Vicky, when she asked me if could put her son up at my place for college. Her son, James, was starting his sophomore year and his mom was trying to cut costs with dormitory costs. Vicky also told me that James would be more than happy to help out around the house to help with his keep. Another reason I didn’t mind, was that I was a forty-five year old divorced woman with a large house. I often felt lonely and looked forward to the company of a man half my age. That was when the gears of my dirty mind began to turn.

I had seen James the year prior and I had also noticed what a sexy young man he had become. Though my pussy did tingle at the thought of James living with me, I had no designs on the boy. At that moment I was happier about the company and helping my old friend Vicky.

As the summer was winding down, I found myself thinking about how it would be with James around the house. The week before he arrived I found myself pushing my granny panties and plain bras to the back of my dresser draws and pulling my sexier panties and whatnot to the front. The night before James was to drive out to the house I took a warm bath while sipping some wine.

As my thoughts drifted off my hand slipped down under the sudsy water. I let out a slow sigh as my fingers traced down my inner thigh. My pussy tingled as my middle finger brushed through the dark triangle of pubic hair down over my swollen clitoris. I bit my lip lightly and remembered seeing James last year at the pool in his swim trunks. I thought of running my hand along his flat stomach and wishing he would kiss my exposed neck. Faster I rubbed my pussy fanaticizing about kissing his chest and nibbling at his nipples and wanting his hand to run down my back into the back of my two piece bathing suit. My legs tightened up as my orgasm rippled through my body. I smiled as I relaxed and finished my glass of wine. I knew I had to be good.

The next day I was a bit anxious and felt a bit guilty. I shook it off and took a deep breath as I heard James pull up in my drive way. I went to the door and my body felt week again when I saw James step from his car. Somehow after one year, James had grown even more into a man. His stood lean and tall with a sexy smile that had an incredible effect on me. This was going to be hard I said to myself.

James and I hugged at the door and I could tell James was glad to be back to school, but not stuck in the dorms. I helped him bring in some of his things and lead him upstairs to his room. As I lead the way I knew up the stairs my ass was right at eye level for James. I felt a little exposed because I was wearing a skirt that came down to about mid-thigh. My sexual urges wanted him to see as much as he could as we climbed. By the time we got James settled in, my blue silk panties were damp. Than night I rubbed and finger myself through three orgasms.

A week went by as we caught up on life and James started his semester. James's first Saturday morning became an eye opener for him. I was still not used to having the house to myself and as I came down the stairs James’s eyes perked up as I walked into the kitchen. What I had realized was the my short flannel robe was open exposing my bare breasts and after masturbating several times the night before, I never put my panties back on. I could see James’s eyes roam my body and pause on my dark trimmed pussy. I whipped closed my robe and tied it closed.

I apologized and I felt embarrassed and was about to run back upstairs when James poured me a coffee and handed it to me. I apologized a second time, reminding James I still wasn’t used to having a house guest. James let me off easy only joking with me that breakfast time was naked time. It was an accident exposing myself but my pussy dampened none the less. I pushed through as I gathered my breakfast and then I unintentionally flashed James again as I bent over into the fridge to grab juice.

I realized what I had done just as I was about to grab the juice and stand. I closed my eyes and swallowed hard as I held my obscene and erotic position. I went all in as spoke loud asking James if he moved the orange juice. There was silence which only made me feel more vulnerable to the possibility of his rejection. I then turned my head and looked back over my shoulder towards James. I gave him a dirty lust filled gaze as I bit my lip. My heart fluttered at what I saw next.

There standing up at the table was my young hot and sexy “tenant” pulling his hard young big cock from his gym shorts. James stood with his eyes rotating between my bent ass and my eyes. He slowly pumped his cock until all eight inches was rock hard. In a meek, yet sultry voice, I asked James to come over and help me find the juice.

The chair fell backwards slamming on the floor as James rushed to my back side. I whimpered as James’s hand cupped my pussy from behind. His young hard dick brushed against my ass cheek and James moaned my name. I pushed back on his hand and stood up as he wrapped his arms around me. My robe was ripped open letting my tits fall out into his other hand. I moaned again as I felt James’s finger slip up between my damp pubic hair and into my aching pussy. I reached back and wrapped my fingers around his throbbing shaft. Oh, he was so hard as I stroked his shaft and he fondled my dirty pussy.

I tilted my neck to the side as James kissed and lightly bit me. I was melting into his body as he held me. I felt his mouth move up my neck to my ear lobe and my body quivered as he worked one of my most special erogenous zones. James turned me stripping my open robe off me while I pulled his shirt off. He moved close in on me and walked me back to the kitchen table. The sound of dishes breaking as they fell from the table startled me as James sat me on the edge and pushed me back.

James was neither, virgin nor beginner, as he took a seat and began running his tongue through my pussy. I squeezed my nipples as I felt his nose rub my clit as his tongue slipped from my pussy to my asshole and back. I was moaning and whimpering as James began to suck and lick my clit as two of his fingers slipped into my quivering pussy. I felt so dirty and sexy as my girlfriend's son ate me like I was his meal. I climaxed hard and flooded James’s mouth, knowing he wanted me, a woman about twice his age. I kept telling James to eat my pussy over and over until I let out a groan as he slipped a finger into my ass. I began to wonder where this young college boy learned such dirty and erotic techniques. But I lost all thought control as the finger in my ass was being plunged in and out of me as fast as the two in my pussy.

I rubbed my cumming pussy as James stood and brushed his cock head along my dark wet patch of pubic hair. The residual cum coated his shaft and I wanted so bad to suck his dirty cock. But instead James took my legs and rested them on his strong broad shoulders. My wet cunt waited as his cock brushed my slit. I begged James to fuck me. I pleaded for him to slam his cock in me and how much I needed to feel his girth fill me. Then my eyes rolled to the back of my head as all eight inches of James’s young cock skewered my body.

I was limb as his shaft pulsed inside me. James was groaning telling me how tight my pussy was and how amazing I was. I smiled as he called me sexy and how he wanted to fuck me ever since the summer before. Then I was pulled up by his strong arms and James kissed me deeply sharing my own juices with me. I could smell our sex as his cock sawed in and out of my spread pussy. I cried out as I felt his hand take a handful of my hair. My head came back as he gently tugged and ravaged my neck. I gushed on his cock as his mouth kissed and licked my sweat from my chest. He held me tighter pulling harder on my hair as his cock fucked me deeper and harder. I reached forward grasping James’s ass and back pulling my pussy forward against his hammering hips. We both grunted and moaned as I felt his seed begin to jet up into my pussy. Again and again, ropes of his creamy cum was splashing inside me as my pussy squeezed his cock with a huge orgasm.

Our primal fucking slowed until James pulled his cum covered cock from my pussy. James plopped back into the chair as I lay motionless on the table. I could feel our mixed cum begin to trickle down my pussy lips and coat my puckered asshole. Then James gave me another shock as he bent forward and be began licking my pussy as it leaked our cum. I ran his fingers through his hair as James finished cleaning me.

After a few moments I peeled myself off the kitchen table and lead James to my bedroom. We crashed hard falling asleep for hours until I felt a mouth on my tits teasing my nipple and a finger circling my pussy. Being woke up in fashion turned me on right away. I took control from James and slipped down to do what I wanted to do the night prior, suck his hot hard young cock. We hadn't showered and I moaned as I could smell our sex and taste our mixed juices. When I slipped a finger up into James's asshole that pushed my young college stud over the limit. I moaned as my mouth was filled with his cream seed.

I smiled as I woke and thought to remind myself to call Vicky and thank her for sending her son to stay with me.

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