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Sarah - Part Eight

After an evening of sex with another lady, Sarah wants more.
We walked into Sarah’s room holding hands. Holding hands wasnot an unusual thing, but it was an indicator of Sarah’s mood.

“I missed you last night,” whispered Sarah, putting her arms around my neck. “I missed your touch.”

“I thought you came three times last night?” I asked.

“I did. And it was good. It was very good. But I woke up this morning wanting you.”

Sarah untied her pajama bottoms and let them fall to the floor. While I watched, she unbuttoned the top of her PJ’s. She didn’t take the top off, but just stood there letting me take a long look at her body.

“I like how you look at me. It gives me chills.”

I put my arms around her, and we kissed. Long, open mouthed, wet kisses.

I felt the smooth skin of her lower back and ass with my hands.

“I wanted you to be part of last night,” she whispered in my ear. “I hope you know that.”

“I know.” I said, trying to assure her that I knew that she had tried to get the three of us together.

“When Trish looked at your cock; stared at it; appreciated its size and length; and practically drooled because she wanted it so much, I like that. It turns me on.”

The Trish encounter, while not resulting in a night of threesome playing and fucking, still allowed me to experience a great blow job from two attractive ladies. That was a first for me.

But that encounter was over. It was Sarah who had my attention now.

Sarah, on the other hand, would not stop talking about Trish.

“I was so turned on by watching Trish suck on your cock, the expression on her face, the expression on your face, and the sounds the two of you were making. I thought the three of us were going to have a night of great sex. I was disappointed when it didn’t happen.”

“It’s okay.” I assured her, hoping to move on.

But Sarah continued. “I did enjoy my evening with Trish. I did cum several times. She was very good. Still, I woke up wanting you.”

Sarah nuzzled up to me, giving me little kisses all over my face and neck. I could feel her nipples poking into my chest; I know she could feel my hard shaft.

“Please,” I thought to myself, “Enough about Trish!”

Maybe Sarah was disappointed that the threesome didn’t occur; maybe she felt guilty about having such a good time with Trish; maybe she thought that I was disappointed. Or, maybe it was all of that. Who knows?

I did know that the night before I had received a great blow job from two ladies at the same time, was happy that Sarah had enjoyed her time with Trish, and now, holding an almost naked Sarah in my arms, I had a huge, bulging erection that needed attention.

“I want you,” Sarah whispered. “If you have no plans, I’d love to spend the afternoon in bed with you, just playing and pleasuring each other. Maybe there are some things we can do that we haven’t done yet?”

That last statement was said with a coy smile, was part question and part statement, and was certainly meant to create some interest on my part. It wasn’t necessary. She already had my interest.

She was teasing me, and knew that I liked to be teased.

Sarah did not wait for a reply, dropped to her knees, and started to undo the belt on my pants

I could have said that I was going to go to the dry cleaners and pick up my shirt that afternoon; or that I was going food shopping; or that I had to catch up on my reading. And all of that would have been true. But when a beautiful, talented woman like Sarah is about to take your hard cock into her hands and mouth, all of those “need to do errands” fade away into next week.

My pants dropped to the floor and Sarah helped me step out of them. She lowered my boxer shorts and out sprung the treasure she was seeking.

‘God, I missed this last night.” she said as she slid the head of my cock into her mouth.

I don’t know what a woman feels when a guy licks her pussy or slides his shaft into her slit. Hopefully, someone will tell me sometime.

When a woman puts my cock into her mouth the first thing I feel is a warm, soothing sensation surrounding my shaft. Then I become aware of the wetness and slipperiness of her mouth, the pressure of her lips on my shaft, and the swirling of her tongue.

Each time, despite having experienced hundreds of blow jobs, those sensations take me by surprise; it is always an intimate, sensual, wonderful and exciting moment.

Sarah sucked on my cock for several minutes, taking short breaks to flick the tip of her tongue all over the head of my cock, tickling and teasing me.

“Can we start slow?” she asked.

There was no need for a response. Sarah’s question was really her way of letting me know that “slow” was how we were going to proceed.

Sarah let go of my manhood, got up and moved onto the bed, lying on her side, and still wearing her open pajama top.

I watched her tits bounce and sway, and the wonderful view of her ass and wet pussy lips as I took off the rest of my clothes and slid into bed beside her.

She held my cock in her hand and slowly stroked it as we kissed. I sucked on her hard nipples and tweaked them with my fingers. We kissed, talked and played. There was no hurry, it was only early afternoon.

Sarah rubbed the head of my cock with her fingers, wet from my pre-cum. Her fingers running over the sensitive skin on the head of my cock always drove me crazy with spasms of pleasure.

I slowly ran my finger up her wet pussy lips, tickling her lips, teasing her, and making her ask for more.

I squeezed her tits and she tickled my balls.

I fingered her pussy; she played with the swollen head of my cock.

At one point Sarah jumped out of bed, opened a bureau draw and pulled out a large “silk-like” scarf.

She sat next to me on the bed, as I lay on my back, my manhood pointing straight up at the ceiling.

She dragged the scarf over the head of my cock, not once or twice, but several times. It was a different but incredibly good feeling; the more she did it, the more intense the pleasurable feeling.

It is hard to describe; the silky material grazing over the sensitive skin on the head of my cock, again and again. It tickled; it made me squirm; it sent little electric shocks down my shaft. The feeling was so intense that the pleasure was almost overwhelming; and at times the pleasure became so intense that it hurt.

I grabbed the bed sheets with both hands and held on.

I moaned and held tightly onto the bed sheets; Sarah teased my cock.

Sarah took me to that point of pleasure and pain several times, playing with me, before moving on.

She wrapped the scarf around the base of my cock and slowly pulled the scarf straight up by one corner. As she did, the scarf material slowly twirled around and up my shaft all the way to the swollen head. The scarf material tickled my erect shaft and sensitive, swollen head. I got chills from the material running around and against the skin of my shaft. Sarah enjoyed teasing my manhood with the scarf. And I got very turned on watching her play with my cock; watching the expression on her face; and knowing that she enjoyed “torturing” me in this way.

The downside to this new “toy” was that pre-cum flowed freely out of my cock in copious amounts, soaking the scarf material within a few minutes. Once wet, the scarf no longer was effective, and in fact, hurt as it continued to rub against the skin of my shaft.

When it was my turn to pleasure Sarah, I placed her on her back and bent her legs way back, and had her hold her legs back by her head. I placed my hands on the back of her legs up by her knees. I kissed around her inner thighs and the cheeks of her ass, slowly making my way to her love hole. As I did, I ran my fingernails along the back of her legs and along her ass cheeks.

Sarah moaned with pleasure.

For the next fifteen minutes or so, I slowly licked her pussy lips, starting just on the inside, and making my way further and deeper into her slit.

Sometimes I flicked my tongue over her pussy lips just to tickle and tease her. Other times, I ran my flat tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top, over and over, making Sarah moan and her body shake.

Sarah’s clit was red, swollen and poking out from under its hood, begging for my attention.

I slowly worked my tongue over and around her clit, flicking the little wet nub back and forth with my tongue.

I too enjoyed teasing Sarah, and listening to the sounds she made as I tickled her clit with the tip of my tongue.

“Nnnnngggghhhhh! Uuuunnnngghhh”

There are certain satisfying things in life. One of them, at least for me, is bringing a lady close to the point of orgasm; making her moan; making her produce sounds that seem to come from deep within her; making her beg for more; and making her lose all control, to the point that she will do anything for or to you.

I played with Sarah’s clit and pussy for as long as I dare. She was breathing heavy, her body was shaking and jerking, and she was moaning loudly, all signs that Sarah was getting ready to cum.

I backed off, letting her settle down. After all, she had set the “rules”; slow play for the afternoon.

With her legs still bent back, Sarah’s ass was there for the taking, and I thought about sliding a finger into her asshole. She liked that.

I don’t know what caused me to do it, as I had never done it before, but instead of a finger, I licked the sensitive area between her pussy and asshole, and then swirled the tip of my tongue around Sarah’s asshole, darting the tip of my tongue into her hole every few seconds.

From the sounds she made, the way her body shook and the expression on her face, Sarah liked it and wanted more.

She reached down with both hands and spread her cheeks for me.

I licked Sarah’s asshole for several minutes. She moaned and told me how good it felt. When I stopped she pleaded with me to do it “just a little more”.

“Please? Please? That feels so fucking good.”

I had found another way to tease Sarah; and being teased was what she loved.

There was a hair brush on the table next to her bed. I grabbed it, showed it to her like I knew what I was doing and how I was going to use it on her.

I started by running the brush part lightly over her tits and hard nipples, then down along her stomach, and finally over the inside of her thighs.

The brush was soft, and Sarah liked the feeling of it on her skin, particularly on her nipples and inner thighs.

I brushed the pubic hair at the top of her slit, and lightly ran the brush down over her pussy lips.

I thought the brush directly on her love hole lips would bring more pleasure than it did. She did tell me that it felt good on her slit, but not as good as it felt on her nipples.

I ran the brush over her nipples several more times, as Sarah moaned and squirmed.

“Use the handle!” she said.

I wasn’t sure what she meant, but quickly got the idea as she spread her pussy open. The handle was long and smooth; her pussy was empty and wet.

I slowly inserted the handle into her slit and “fucked” her with the hair brush. The hard end of the handle, up next to the brush part, hit her clit each time I slid the handle into her hole. She liked it and wanted it harder and faster.

“Fuck my cunt with the hair brush!” she said, the words sounding rough and guttural.

I held the hairbrush by the flat brush part and pounded the handle into her pussy.

“Yes. Fuck yes. Do it harder.”

I’m not sure which was more effective, the handle sliding into her love hole or part of the brush bumping against her clit. It didn’t really matter; Sarah liked it and that was what counted.

Another toy to use, tease and bring pleasure!

We played like this, pleasuring each other, playing with each other; back and forth, using toys, softly touching, kissing, teasing, and each coming close to the edge more than a few times.

Sarah’s pussy ran with her juices, soaking the bed sheets in several places; my cock was soaked and gleaming with pre-cum, which had already spread to my stomach and thighs.

Slow, teasing play has its place. But at some point the pleasure within becomes so elevated that the need for a release takes over. The slow pace and teasing evolves into rougher play and a more urgent need to cum.

I had brought Sarah to the edge several times, each time not letting her cum. But at any time, I could have let her go over the edge and cum. That was not the problem.

I was the problem.

Sarah easily brought me to the point of no return. It was not difficult given the playing and teasing that we had each enjoyed. The problem was keeping me from going over the edge.

Guys are like that! We can cum very quickly and without much notice. Just a little too much, and on the edge turns quickly to over the edge, and there is no way of stopping the streams of cum that follow.

I had some advantage. I could see and tell when Sarah was about to lose all control and climax. And I could often keep her at that point by controlling what I was doing to her; the speed, my touch, where I touched, a change in position or location, hard or soft.

A guy is more difficult to read. On two or three occasions, I almost went over the edge and shot my load. So, Sarah had to be more careful with me, than me with her.

Fortunately, Sarah has experience in these matters.

There is another consideration, as well.

I can get very turned on by Sarah playing with my cock to the point where I will cum. I can also get very turned by playing with Sarah’s nipples, tits, pussy, or ass and watching the affect I am having on her and the pleasure she is enjoying.

While each of us could play with the other and bring the other to the point of climax and even an orgasm, what each of us was doing to the other was also a huge turn on and added to our personal level of excitement and pleasure.

Have you ever watched your partner cum while you were providing the pleasure that pushed your partner over the edge? Tell me that providing that pleasure and watching your partner squirm and moan while their orgasm rippled through their body didn’t turn you on; bring you to another level of excitement and need.

While we had started slow, playing and teasing, sucking and licking, we had progressively moved to a level of increased passion and need for a release. Rougher sex and the need to cum had taken over.

“Fuck me. Please fuck me.” Sarah yelled, her voice shaking.

I slid my hard cock into her hole and fucked her hard and fast.

“Yes. Yes. Fuck my pussy.”

I slammed my cock into her hole and pinched and pulled on her nipples.

Sarah was moaning and begging, her body trembling, her pussy running with her sweet juices, streaming over her asshole and dripping onto the bed.

She was close to an orgasm. Was I going to last long enough to give her that wonderful release?

I flipped Sarah over onto her hands and knees and entered her doggie.

“Fuck yes. Fuck me hard. Yes. Yes. Harder!”

Sarah was quickly losing control. I love when that happens.

I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back.

The soft, slow playing and teasing was now just hard, unabated sex; the need for higher pleasure; the need to cum.

I wet my thumb and slid it into her asshole all the way up to the knuckle, and fucked her ass with it. I fucked her pussy with my cock. I pulled on her hair. Her tits swayed side to side with each of my thrusts.

“Cum for me,” I yelled. “Cum all over my cock.”

“Yes. Yes. Yes.” Sarah yelled, her eyes half closed with pleasure; her tits swinging violently back and forth; her mouth wet and open.

I fucked her as hard and fast as I could, and slid two fingers into her asshole, as I felt my own orgasm growing quickly in the pit of my stomach.

This was down and dirty, hard sex.

In the moment, Sarah didn’t care what I did. What I was doing felt very good and it was bringing her to a place where nothing else in the world mattered; the place where her entire body would be consumed with pleasure.

When she was in that place, she did not know where she was, nor did she care. There was just her and me, my cock and her pussy, intense pleasure throughout her body mixed with some pain, and she would lose all control; and then she would cum.

Sarah went silent. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to make some noise; any noise. She could not. The pleasure rippling through her body was so intense just before her orgasm, that she could not make any sound. Her mouth was open, she wanted to scream, but nothing came out.

She looked back at me and the look on her face said it all. She had just gone over the edge and was consumed by pleasure. That look almost made me cum.

There was one large body jerk along with a long “Uuunnnggghhh!” Then another large body jerk and another long “Uuunnnggghhh!”

She shook and jerked and made noises, as she was overwhelmed with the pure pleasure running through her body; and the pleasure went on and on, not stopping.

“Oh God. Oh God.” she screamed, gasping for another breath of air.

She tilted her head back towards the ceiling and arched her back in an exaggerated way, and came with another long shudder, and then another, her muscles rippling with spasms of pleasure.

“Fuck. Yes. Fuck my cunt! Yes. Don’t stop. Oh God. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

Her pleasure continued, as Sarah experienced a second orgasm.

Saliva dribbled from the corner of her open mouth, pussy juice ran down the inside of her thighs to the bed; and tears ran from the corners of her eyes down her cheeks.

“Oh God. Oh God.” she blurted out between gasps for air. “Please don’t stop!”

I had to slow down or I was going to cum.

It’s not that I didn’t want to cum. I did. But when Sarah and I cum at the same time, or very close in time, I miss seeing all of her pleasure revealed through her facial expressions, her body, and the sounds and noises she makes. Watching and listening to Sarah cum is a great part of my own pleasure.

To the extent that I can control myself, and it is not easy, I like to let have Sarah cum first. Then, when she has experienced her pleasures, I can enjoy my own orgasm, enhanced by watching her cum, and Sarah can watch me cum, as she likes to do.

Eventually, after having experienced at least two major orgasms, Sarah fell forward and rolled onto her back.

I rolled onto my back as well, and the two of us spent the next few moments trying to catch our breath.

“Did you cum?” Sarah asked, out of breath.

“No!” I said, still breathing hard.

Sarah reached over and took my hand in hers.

“That was so intense.” she said.

We lay there, holding hands and trying to catch our breath.

Sarah suddenly rolled over on top of me.

“Will you cum inside me?” she asked, looking into my eyes.

It was a simple question.

“Please cum in me.” she said quietly. “Please?”

I had not cum in Sarah before; it had always been in her mouth or on her body somewhere. Now she was asking me to cum in her pussy.

I admit to thinking about whether I should or not.

I had been fucking Sarah for weeks now without a condom, and I have always trusted her to use protection.

“I’d like that!” I said.

Sarah reached for my shaft, which was now leaning to the side and leaking pre-cum on my stomach and thigh. She tugged on it once, which caused the pre-cum to spurt out all over her hand and run down her arm.

She positioned the swollen head of my cock on her slit, and pushed her wet pussy down on my glistening shaft, quickly engulfing all of me in her love hole.

We kissed, long, deep, tongue battling kisses, as Sarah worked her hips and ass, riding my stiffening cock.

“I want to feel your cum in me.” She whispered. “Cum in my pussy!” she whispered, over and over.

Sarah’s pussy lips milked my shaft from its base to the swollen head.

She looked so turned on; her eyes half closed; her lips trembling.

“I love your cock. It’s going to feel so good when you cum in me.”

Working her hips faster and slamming her ass and wet slit down on my cock, Sarah had one purpose in mind, and only one purpose. She was going to make me spurt all of my goo deep into her pussy.

It did not take long.

The pleasure of her wet love hole sliding over my cock; the look of intense pleasure on Sarah’s face; and, the knowledge that we were about to experience the ultimate sexual act, all contributed to the moment; our moment.

I exploded and shot hot streams of cum into her love hole, one ribbon of cum after another, after another. The intensity of my orgasm was almost unbearable. I know I yelled or screamed something, but wasn’t sure what.

“Yes. Yes. Fuck yes.” Sarah screamed, shivering as she milked every drop of cum from my cock.

When it was over, Sarah sat back, still on top of me, bracing herself with her arms and hands behind her, and spread her legs.

I watched as cum slowly dribbled out of her pussy, ran down her lips, over her asshole and dripped onto my stomach.

“That’s your cum!” Sarah said, with a very seductive, sultry voice and look. “Your cum inside me! Your cum in my pussy!”

After a few minutes of my watching cum dribble from her slit into a pool on my stomach, Sarah leaned forward again and slid my softening cock back into her pussy. We kissed and talked until I was so soft that my cock slid out of her wet pussy.

It was a very intimate experience between two people who, to this point, had only fucked for the physical pleasure of it.

When Sarah and I had started this adventure, which had only been a few months before, Sarah was very willing to be sexually involved with me, but had been adamant about there being no romantic relationship; I had agreed.

Perhaps that was still the case.

But it seemed to me we had just crossed some line.

The sex for the physical pleasure of it would still be there. We were and still would be “fuck-buddies”.

Now, however, it seemed we had added an emotional, caring, maybe even a romantic element to our relationship.

Would things change?

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