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Sarah - Part Four

Sarah and I get to know each other - sex every weekend
I only saw Sarah once during the next week. She apologized for being so abrupt with me the previous Sunday night and closing the door in my face. She was uncomfortable doing anything while Dave and Julie were in the house, and I should not take her “not now” as an indication that she wasn’t willing to fool around. It was just that she wanted to wait until we had the house to ourselves.

The next few weekends leading up to the holidays were wonderful. Dave and Julie would leave on Friday afternoons. Sarah and I had the house to ourselves from Friday night to Sunday night. We took full advantage of the time, like two teenagers in heat.

It was not sex all the time. Sarah and I both had school work to attend to, and there were the usual necessary activities of food shopping, errands, etc. And once in a while, one of us just needed time alone or some rest, or wasn’t in the mood.

But, for the most part, just about every weekend night, and many weekend afternoons, we explored and pleasured each other.

Sarah and I developed a routine in which I would sit on the couch and Sarah would lie across my lap on her stomach. I would massage her back, then her legs and ass, and then return to massaging her back. As I massaged her back the second time, I would go beneath her shirt and massage her bare skin, moving from her lower back to her neck, while at the same time pushing her shirt higher.

Once Sarah’s shirt was pushed up by her neck, she would reach back and take it off. Never wearing a bra around the house, Sarah’s tits would hang down, waiting to be touched and fondled.

Sometimes I would tease her and continue to massage her back and legs until she would say something like, “You know what I want.”

I would reach down and touch the end of a nipple with my finger tip. Sarah would inhale deeply and moan. Eventually, I would massage each breast and play with her nipples, while she expressed her pleasure in sounds and words.

When Sarah was ready, she would turn over, her feet and head on the couch, and her ass on my lap. She would undo the button on her pants and pull the zipper down. Lifting her ass off my lap, she would slide her pants down, and with my help, take them off.

Naked on my lap, Sarah would spread her legs giving me her slit. I would tease and tease her, running my fingers over her stomach, through her pubic hair, along the inside of her thighs, touching the area between her slit and asshole, and running my fingers along the edges of her pussy lips. Sometimes the teasing went on for a long time, Sarah’s climax building; other times, Sarah was so horny and wanting that she could only take a little teasing before she wanted and needed to be fucked.

I knew she was ready for my fingers to be inserted into her pussy when her love hole was wet and dripping.

I’d slide one finger up and down just the outside of her pussy lips. Sarah would tremble, moan and her pussy juice would flow down to her ass.

I would slide my finger lightly along her lips until Sarah begged me to put my fingers in her pussy.

“Put your finger in!”

“Say please,” I would tell her.

“Please put your finger in.”

I might put my fingers in at that time, or I might continue to tease her, depending on my mood.

One good indication that Sarah could no longer tolerate more teasing was her grip on my shoulder or arm with her right hand. When she grabbed me so tight that it hurt, digging her finger nails into me, I knew she was ready.

With Sarah across my lap and her legs spread, I would slide two fingers into her wet hole and with my other hand I would play with her nipples. Sarah would moan and rotate her hips, something that I found very sensual and erotic.

Eventually I would move my fingers to her clit, rubbing it with my wet fingers, and at the same time I would pinch her nipples and roll them between my fingers and thumb.

Sarah liked having her nipples pinched, rolled and pulled, causing a little pain along with her pleasure.

Sometimes, while still on my lap, and depending on how horny she was, Sarah would cum while I teased and played with her pussy.

Other times, when she could take no more teasing and playing, we would start on something new, which usually involved having my pants taken off, and my hard shaft released so she could work her hands and mouth all over it.

This was our usual routine. And it remained the routine for years to come.

When the routine was not followed, it usually meant that Sarah had decided that she needed more immediate attention and that she was up for a wild session of sex.

Sarah would sometimes come out of her room wearing nothing; naked. Whether I was sitting on the couch or in the leather chair, she would straddle me, kiss me hard with an mouth open, and would aggressively try and tickle the back of my throat with her tongue; she would hold one of her boobs with her hand and hold it up to my mouth so I could lick and suck on her nipple; and she would tell me what she wanted, where she wanted it, how hard she wanted it. Sarah was not shy about letting her needs be known. Nor was she shy about directions and commands, sometimes telling me, in advance, that I should not stop fucking her, even though she may have experienced an orgasm.

On those occasions, when, for whatever reason, Sarah was very horny and needy, we usually stayed on the couch or chair, she would get on her knees, and I would fuck her doggie and play with her clit and nipples. She would claw at the couch or chair with her hands; was always loud, talking to me, moaning, or yelling that I should do it harder or faster; and, she would often cum two or three times before I had to shoot my load.

Other times, Sarah would wear this red, revealing lingerie that went down to her mid- thigh. The lingerie hid nothing, so I don’t know why she bothered. Maybe she thought that it was a little different look; a tease of sorts. Or maybe she just liked the feel of the material rubbing on her nipples and body.

One night when she wore the red lingerie, she lay on her side on the couch with her head on my lap and I just teased her until she almost cried.

I ran my fingers lightly over every part of her body, but never touched the parts she wanted touched. I ran my fingers up under her breasts, along her stomach, on the inside of her thighs, over her ass, legs and feet, and along the crack in her ass. She asked me to touch her. She begged me to touch her. She moaned and moaned, pulled the lingerie off and spread her legs. Still I did not touch her where she needed and wanted to be touched.

That night, when I was done teasing her, and gave her the pleasures that she craved, I think we had the best hard, physical, no mercy sex to that point, with Sarah screaming and yelling. She would cum, and tell me not to stop; cum again, and tell me she wanted more.

I fucked her on the couch, the floor and up against a wall, before she got on her knees in front of me and begged me to cover her with cum.

The sex was so intense, and her yelling and screaming for more and more, had turned me on so much, that I spewed ribbon after ribbon of gooey white cum all over her face and hair, and collapsed on the floor.

Sarah sat back for several minutes, trying to catch her breath, her eyes closed and her mouth open, cum dripping off her chin in large, stringy gobs, onto her tits and nipples.

I lay on the floor, spent, my balls aching, and my dick red and raw from the experience.

It was some of the best sex we ever had.

On a Saturday afternoon late in the fall and a cold rain falling outside, Sarah wanted to play and suggested that we take pictures of my cock. Photography was her passionate hobby, and she was always taking pictures, outside and inside.

I sat on the couch, and Sarah licked, stroked and sucked on my swollen cock until it was standing fully erect. She took pictures of the swollen head and shaft from all angles. If I started to go limp, she would put down her camera and stroke me and suck on the head of my cock until I was hard and straight again.

She may have taken 30 or 40 pictures, some in color, but most in black and white. Her art pictures as she referred to them.

Having an attractive lady take pictures of your cock, I found, was quite a turn on. I later learned that women, too, became very turned on and dripping wet when I took photographs of their wonderful female parts.

Sarah wanted pictures of cum on my cock. As turned on as I was, it did not take long for her to make me cum. As the last remaining spurts ran down the side of my shaft and onto my balls, dripping onto the floor, Sarah took more of her art pictures.

While I sat on the couch, cum still oozing out my now limp dick, Sarah took off her pants and invited me to take some close in pussy shots. She had been turned on by the picture taking, sat on the couch, spread her legs and opened her pussy lips with her fingers. I was able to take several close-up color pictures of her pussy juice, hanging in a sticky string down off her wet lips.

Taking pictures of Sarah got me hard again, and Sarah sucked me off until I came on her lips and chin, which made for one more excellent “art” picture.

I thanked her by licking her pussy and clit for over a half hour, edging her, teasing her, and finally letting her cum. She exploded in a long, very sensuous and loud orgasm.

One very cold December night, Sarah snuck up to my room. Ignoring her own concerns about doing anything when Dave and Julie were in the house, Sarah came up the stairs at about 2:00 a.m., quietly opened the door to my room, and crawled into my bed.

“It’s only me,” she whispered, as I woke.

Dave and Julie were asleep in the room right next door. Knowing of her concern about doing anything when they were around, I assumed that Sarah just wanted to sleep with me, in my bed, for the night.

I was wrong.

Sarah had her period and she was unbelievably horny.

“I need you to make me cum.” she whispered to me.

“At 2:00 a.m.?” I asked.

“Please, I need to cum. I have my period and I get so damn horny during my period I need some release.” She explained.

“And you couldn’t do that yourself?” I questioned, still in a sleep induced fog.

“No. I want you to do it. I want to cum with you doing it, so we both enjoy it!”

Now more fully awake, I made a mental note of the date, anticipating a horny event every month, and offered to fuck her, despite what she referred to as having a “heavy flow”.

She declined my offer, having already inserted a tampon, but told me that I should play with her clit.

She had pajamas on and slid off the bottoms and pulled the top off over her head.

“Be as rough as you want, but go lightly on my nipples. They’re very tender at the moment.”

We lay next to each other, my wet fingers sliding over her clit and her holding my head in her hands and burying her tongue down my throat. I was surprised by her aggressiveness, need and passion.

I increased both the motion of my fingers and the pressure on her clit, Sarah kept her lips locked on mine, moaned, and reached down to grasp my hard member.

It did not take long.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! She began to scream as her body jerked and shook.

Afraid that David and Julie would hear Sarah, I put my hand over her mouth to muffle her screams of pleasure. She dug her fingernails into me, and while I could not see the expression on her face, I could feel the ripples of pleasure flow through her body.

Her orgasm and muffled screams of pleasure lasted an unusually long time, and I had to hold my hand over her mouth while her body arched, contorted and jerked with pleasure.

At the same time, her grip on my cock tightened with every ripple of pleasure she experienced, and Sarah had a strong grip.

When she finally stopped, and settled back onto the bed, she was out of breath, and all she wanted to do was kiss me all over my face as I held her close to me.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Sarah finally caught her breath and relaxed her grip on my shaft, holding it softly with one hand.

“Mmmmmmm. What every girl wants, a mind-blowing orgasm and a hard cock that needs attention.”

She pulled back the covers and proceeded to give me a wonderful blow job/hand job, taking her time, and telling me how much she liked my cock and enjoyed making me cum.

“I’m going to cum!” I tried to tell her in a loud whisper. She continued with her slow, feathery touch.

My orgasm was intense; the kind that takes your breath away, makes your eyes water, and causes sounds that you didn’t know you could make.

Sarah swallowed every last drop of cum, and licked of any cum on the swollen head of my cock that had escaped her mouth and lips.

We held each other and talked for a while, whispering, as we shared our thoughts.

Sarah finally kissed me good night, thanked me and went back to her room.

Sarah and I had, in just a few weeks, developed a weekend sex routine which we both enjoyed and looked forward to; the routine had just enough variations to it to make it less of a routine and more of an adventure; we had managed to fuck on just about every piece of furniture in the house, with the exception the dining room and kitchen tables, and those tables were on our future agenda of things to do; and I had experienced, to my delight, some very interesting things that I had not experienced before.

We would revisit the picture taking, but in a slightly different way, and, sex during her period, but also in a different way.

Now, having enjoyed each other and learned about each other’s wants, needs and desires, there was another level of sex that Sarah wanted to expose me to, and the holiday school vacation period was fast approaching. I remembered what Sarah had told me during our “talk”: “I get ideas!”

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