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School For Sluts. Part: One

this is no ordinary school
It is my first day of school here at Freemont Academy. Looking down at a note I see that I am to go to the headmasters office. I walk down the hallway with my directions, pulling my way to short plaid pleated skirt down. After a few short moments I find the office and sit down on the bench. About five minutes later a tall attractive man with graying brown hair and a mustache walks in with a busty brunette trailing behind.
"Ah, you must be the new girl..."

He looks at a sheet of paper in his pocket. "Katrina." I nodded and he motioned me to go into his office. I sit down in a deep leather chair tugging on my skirt again. He walks over and sits at his large desk. "So, Katrina. There is a lot to discuss about Freemont Academy. This is no ordinary school." As he said this I get a weird feeling that this wasn't a normal school. "Yes," he continues, "This is a very elite school for... different girls, and no I do not mean young ladies with disabilities, I mean ladies with sexual needs. Do you understand what I mean Katrina?" I nod and look down blushing deeply. I understood this was a school for slutty girls to get what they want, but I thought, I'm not a slut?

"Ah, I almost forgot to tell you the reason your here. Well I am an old friend of your dad and he wants me to make you a better girl." And I understood what he means. My daddy sent me here to become a slut. I got a twinge between my legs imagining having sex with a bunch of sexy men. I look up at Headmaster Anderson and I feel my pussy getting wet, he gives me a smile and gets up and walks around to the front of his desk and sits against it.

"So, before you go to class we're going to have your first lesson." He says grinning. I shyly smile and he places his hand on my knee, leans down and kisses me. I lean in and kiss him back, our tongues intertwine. His hand slowly works its way up my leg going in between my thighs. He slowly strokes my pussy through my panties. I feel the juices of my pussy leak around his fingers and I begin to moan.

He bends down, picks me up and puts me on his desk. While still kissing me he unbuttons my white cotton blouse and opens it up. He starts to play with my 34C tits and pops open my bra. Breaking the kiss he leans down and starts licking and sucking on my tits. I tilt my head back and moan as he lets his hands trail up my skirt again. He abruptly stops and smiles.
 "Now Kat, do you mind if I call you that? I'm not going to do all the work, you have to do some stuff too."

 I panic for a second but nod my head obediently. "What is it you'd like me to do Headmaster?" I ask shyly.

"Please, please call me Jeff, and I would just love it if you would suck my dick. You know how to do that right?"

I nod and get down on my knees as he unzips his pants and pulls out a 9' inch dick. I take it in my hand and start to slowly jack it off.

"Now you don't have to take it all in your mouth just do as much as you can babe."

I slowly lick the tip of his dick to get the taste and start to suck the head of his cock. Slowly I take it in inch by inch, feeling it glide down my throat. I have one hand holding his shaft and the other rubbing his balls his moans make my pussy wetter. He grabs my pony tail and pushes my head down and I begin to gag on his hard cock. Pulling away, I wait for my eyes to stop watering, then I start up again sucking faster this time enjoying it more and more. Jeff starts pulling my pony faster and harder jerking my head up an down his cock. Grunting he pulls my face off his cock.
"Okay Kat I'm going to fuck you now. It's going to hurt babe but I'm sure you will enjoy it." I nod and open my thighs to allow my first lover to mount me. "Okay babe I'm going to go nice and slow." He puts the head of his cock against my wet pussy and rubs it up and down to get the head wet. Slowly he begins to feed his hard cock into my virgin pussy until he reaches my hymen. I grit my teeth as he pulls out and with one mighty thrust he takes my cherry and makes me his slut. The pain is searing and I bury my head into his shoulder. A tear rolls down my cheek as the pain begins to subside. Jeff pulls my face up and kisses me hard.

Jeff slowly pulls his cock out until the head is just in and I can see my virginal blood on his cock. He pushes it back in and continues to assault my pussy. I can feel the pain start to go away and it begins to feel great. "Oh fuck! that feels so good" I gasp.

Looking up I see that he is smiling and I can feel him start to speed up his thrusting. The pain is long gone and all I can feel is the pleasure take me over. My pussy is over flowing with juices and I can feel it coat my tight pink little asshole. My nipples are stiff and poking Jeff in his chest and he reaches down to grab on to them. He roughly pulls on my nipples and the feeling is unbelievable. I can feel myself start to peak and I don't understand what is happening. The feeling is intense and my very first orgasm crashes over me. My pussy spasms around his cock.

As I begin to come down off my orgasm high I can feel Jeff begin to quiver. He is slamming his cock hard into me now and I can feel the head of his cock ram against my cervix. Jeff begins to grunt and with a mighty thrust he slams into me one last time. I can feel his cock head swell and the first of his cum jet against my cervix. His cock shoots jet after jet of potent sperm into my pussy.

We are breathing heavy against each other. Jeff slowly pulls out of my once virginal pussy and our combined juices flows out of me.

Jeff pulls up his pants and instructs me to clean myself up and he will direct me to where I need to go. Before I leave I can hear him on the phone telling my daddy that I did well and that I am on my way to becoming the slut my daddy wants me to be.

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