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School Uniform!

A mix up in the post leads to rampant sex
I didn’t think any more escapades could befall me and my neighbour from across the hall. I had gone 10 days now without locking myself out, or flooding my kitchen. I finish work early on a Friday and came home about one, had a refreshing cuppa and then jumped in the shower. I had got the weekend to myself and thought about what I might do as I worked the knobs. I was still not used to the controls, normally either getting scolded or freezing half to death.

Eventually I managed to get a pleasant shower of hot water going. I hummed a little tune as I squeezed the soap-filled sponge over my breasts. The water and delicate touch of my loafer was making my nipples stiff. I began to work the shower nozzle down my belly, still soaping my boobs as I went. I wanted to pleasure myself with the stiff head of the sprinkler but decided she would keep till bed time when I would use my new silver bullet.

I dried off and padded into my bedroom in my robe. As I dried my hair, I realised I hadn’t checked the mail and as I was expecting a special delivery I went out to see if the postman had been. I was still a bit paranoid about getting locked out, so I put a shoe in the doorway when I walked down the hall to my pigeon hole. I was excited when I opened the hatch to find a big white box. It had to be the posh frock I’d ordered for my friend’s birthday party!

I ran back to my flat and put the box on my dining table, ripping the lid off in anticipation. I discarded a few layers of scrunchy white paper but knew straight away that something wasn’t right. Instead of my shiny red dress with sequins was a dark navy jacket.

“Fucking hell!” I said out loud.

I picked up the jacket, realising it was actually a blazer with silver buttons. After removing another layer of paper I discovered a little pleated skirt - also in navy. Aside from this was a white tunic and a striped tie. I looked at the address on the label. It was definitely the correct one, but further inspection revealed a slightly different last name. I’d been sent someone’s school uniform by mistake.


I was really looking forward to trying on my new dress. I was all deflated and walked to the fridge for some consolatory chocolate.

I looked at the outfit and chuckled to myself whimsically, thinking of the 16 year old girl who, on Monday morning would be ready to don her brand spanking uniform only to find a short red dress! My red dress! I hoped she got detention.

I laid each garment on the table and figured it was roughly my size. I held the skirt to my waist and decided it might be fun to try it on, just for a laugh. I would fold it up neatly afterwards, obviously. I took off my robe and put on my clean undies - a pair of skimpy white panties and a low cut bra. I carried the parcel to my bedroom and began to dress in front of the mirror. The skirt was a bit short to tell you the truth. Very short actually. I turned to one side, laughing as I cocked my bum up and striking several naughty poses. The blouse was on the tight side too. I guess its intended recipient wasn’t a double D. It fit me, but only just. There were little wrinkles between each button where my boobs were straining against the cotton. If one of the buttons went, it would have someone’s eye out.

After putting on the blazer and tie, I searched through my hosiery draw for a pair of white socks.

“Ah perfect,” I said, as I found two white, knee-high socks. I put my hair in two pig tails and stood in front of the mirror. I might be 22 but I passed for 16. OK, so the skirt showed off my rather pert bottom and I was busting out of the tunic, but with my hair in pigtails I looked quite sweet. Even if I say so myself. I put on a CD and danced a round my flat to ‘I kissed a girl’ by Katy Perry. I suddenly felt like a teenager again. No worries. No deadline. No boss to make tea for. I danced in little circles, making my skirt fan out. I almost stumbled and then realised there was someone knocking on my door. The music had been so loud, I’d barely heard it. I opened my door with a smile on my face. It was my neighbour.

“Hi Danielle I…” His voice tailed off as he looked me up and down lecherously.

“Hi. What’s up?”

“Why…Why are you wearing a uniform? A school uniform?”

“Oh it’s a long story. Just a mix up in the post,” I said.

My neighbour’s face - his eyes - they were all over me.

“You…you look absolutely amazing!” He said.

“Ha ha do I?”

He looked down at my legs and his gaze wandered slowly up my body lingering on my boobs.

“Danielle…I’m not a pervy guy, but…!”

He gripped my shoulders, pinning against my door and pressed his lips into my neck. He reached round, feeling my bum with one hand and stroking inside my leg with the other. I struggled briefly - half-heartedly, but his lips nuzzled my neck so wonderfully. I just melted there and then in my doorway. He was like a man possessed. He was gone, groping me with such fervour and his breath - panting, as I was completely ravished.

I felt for the bulge in his trousers as he turned his attention to my front bits. Firstly he squeezed my boobs and then cupped his hand over my little pubic mound, sliding his longest finger between the groove in my panties. I was so wet - so gooey. I loved the way he was touching me. There was no control in his rampant fondling. It was so spontaneous and I was enjoying the attention he was giving every inch of my body. I could feel his cock pressing into my pussy and I was getting so worked up myself. We had already gone way further than most neighbours, but I sensed that this time, we were going all the way!

I closed my door with my bum and immediately set about undoing his trousers. At the same time he unbuttoned my tunic, fiddling with the buttons excitedly and then doing his best to remove my coloured tie.

His cock was at least as hard as I had ever known it, pressing with such force as it was, against his boxers. I couldn’t believe the effect I had had on my neighbour, all because of my silly little uniform. His strong, firm hands cupped my boobs through my bra, teasing the soft mounds of cleavage as his cock squashed into my bum cheeks. He was more turned on than he had ever been before. A girl knows when a guy wants his cock inside her pussy and I knew that’s what he wanted. He actually snarled as his lips pressed into my neck. He wasn’t just turned on, he was like a super-charged sex machine as he began to unclip my bra. As the white satin fell away he squished my boobs, rolling my nipples between his finger and thumb. I put one hand behind me and ran my fingers along the outline of his throbbing manhood, which had made its way through his boxers.

“Do you want me to take my skirt off?” I asked.

“Oh no no no!” He said, breathlessly. Leave it on - and your beautiful white socks. I want to fuck you with them on!”

“OK no problem!”

He walked me to the sofa and I felt his hands go for the top of my panties. He pulled them down with an eagerness that was hard to convey, unless you were there. I found myself being bundled over my sofa and then he had his tongue in my bum and was licking my tight little ass hole. He groaned and slurped at my bum, making me giggle and squirm as his tongue explored my bottom. My pussy was just getting wetter and wetter. As good as having my ass rimmed might have been, I just wanted his stiff cock inside my wet little cunt.

As soon as his tongue gave up its moist engagement with my bum, I knew I was for it. It was as if he had been delaying the inevitable, making the moment when his rock hard dick entered me even better. He groaned wildly - no madly. It was the only word, as his cock pressed into my sticky, wet cunt. I gripped onto the cushions as he pushed, sliding one inch after the other into my aching pussy. I just moaned feebly, my whimpers of pleasure hardly matching the intense pleasure I was enjoying as he fucked me. It was such a yummy, delicious feeling inside me as his sword thrust into me over and over again. His groans were more than a match for my little cries of pleasure. I was gradually building up to the best orgasm I had had for ages. I had been satisfying myself for a while and a nice hard cock was just what the doctor ordered. I held on to the back of my settee, digging my finger nails into the fabric as he pulled my hair gently, hitting me like a ram rod with that third leg.

As annoyed as I was from getting the wrong parcel, I forgave the postman, because my uniform had ensured I received the rodgering of my life. My whimpers grew louder and louder as his groans became growls and we finished together. My body juddered and jolted in an amazing orgasm as my neighbour unloaded his balls into my vagina. It was a beautifully intense moment as all his hot spunk pumped out into my little pussy. He had both hands on my pig tails at the end, tugging them playfully as his body relaxed after his ejaculation.

“Wow!” That was unexpected!” I said.

“Phew! You’re not joking!” He said.

“Anyway what did you actually come round for?” I asked, as his cum slid down my leg.

“I think I left my best Parker pen here yesterday, when you signed my sponsored run.”

“Oh yeah I found it under the coffee table.”

“Thank you Danielle. And thank you for today.”

“That’s OK,” I said. “I suppose I better put this uniform back. Do you think they’ll notice?”

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