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Screams of Joy: Part III

What happens when they join Joy's party
“Do you like watching them baby?” he whispers in my ear, making me blush but still I nod my head.

“Then enjoy it.” as his fingers move back to my ass pressing inside as I stroke his cock faster making it harder in my hands with every stroke. ….

“And man had I enjoyed it” I think as our black cab whips its way around central London’s busy street while Craig’s hand cups my inner thigh, facing Lauren who’s pressed into Chris side kissing his lips at random moments as they chat.

“Do her lips still taste like his cum?” I wonder again looking at her lips, “I wonder what he tastes like.” I repeat the scene in my head where Chris had been thrusting his cock so deep into her while watching Craig’s finger fucking my ass. Seeing in my mind again the moment that Chris had filled her mouth and throat with his cum, making Craig stop thrusting into my ass just before another orgasm ripped its way through my body.

“Maybe you will find out…” Craig’s voice brings me back to the present.

“Wait he can’t know what I was thinking about. Please tell me I didn’t say anything out loud.” I panic slightly blushing.

“Find out about what?” I whisper back

“Ooh, we are here!” He says to us all before helping me out of the taxi without flashing my bare ass and pussy to the world, due to the fact he has stuffed my thong in his jacket pocket. I start to walk towards the queue but Craig grabs my arm and steers me towards the bouncers. We are let in instantly and taken to a set of stairs by a woman called Alice who introduces herself as the manager before talking casually with Craig. I scuff the toe of my shoe on the old worn wooden stairs, but Craig catches me before I fall, pulling me into his body for the rest of the flight of stairs. Alice pushes open the doors to a balcony room above the main dance floor full of everyone from the flat plus even more. I walk over to the balcony edge and look down to the see the people dancing and drinking away the end of the month pay cheque in the converted theatre. Looking back toward our private dance floor seeing the worn vintage leather chesterfield couches lined against the panelled wood wall a small bar with a young girl mixing up some cocktails, a stripper pole and podium currently being used by a couple of very drunk university friends.

“Joy, you made it!” Nate, I grew up with shouts as he hugs me “Thanks for the free bar honey, we aren’t all on the brilliant career path like you and Lilo!” he says before wandering off. Craig and Alice walk toward me.

“What… I mean how…Stripper pole, free bar, and private room. I can’t afford all this.” I said quickly and high “I was fired yesterday.”

“It’s taken care of baby” Craig walks up behind me pressing his lips against my neck, turning quickly as I say “You? Why? You didn’t know me before tonight?”

“Because I wanted to.” he replies honestly.

“But you didn’t know me.” I whisper back looking into his eyes.

“Lauren has spoken about you a lot, and said this morning that you had been fired; Alice is an old friend and gave me a deal.” His head moves down to mine “Now, will you have a good time already.”

“Let me pay for it, and I will, please.” I reply as pouting up at him hoping that my innocent puppy eyes will make him agree.

“We’ll talk about it later,” he slaps my ass and pushes me towards my friends “go enjoy!”

I strut over to my friends making sure to sway my hips as much as possible. After an hour chatting, drinking and dancing with Lauren, Craig and Chris, Myself and Lauren slip away to the bathroom ever so slightly worse for wear.

“Sooo… What have you told to Craig about me?” I grill Lauren.

“That you were the most fuckable women on the planet.” She winks at me.

“Now we both know that is you.” bumping my hip against hers and laughing, as I jump and sit on the sink shelf.

“So what about earlier when you… you know walked in on me and Chris, and how much did you see before I saw you?”

“We saw you cum against the wall and then everything against the table.” she says as she drunkenly lays her head against my chest “How was anal? And did you really suck him after?”

“Anal…. It is painful at first and he was really good, but then he went for it and it really turned me on…. It’s weird even him ordering me turned me on and you know I like to be in control a lot!” Laughing as I stroke her hair as I blush “Yeah I sucked him after… it was good but, nothing like what you did to Chris. I mean it girl you have some skill!”

“Thanks Doll.” just before she kisses me slowly on the lips. She stares down at my face with focused eye and I feel the tension changes and her lips touch mine again. We both open our mouth at the same time and our tongue meet; her hands move to my face framing it moving the kiss to more and more passionate as the minutes pass by. Her hands run up my inner thigh and Craig pops into my head.

“Chris, Craig…. ” I whisper as I rest my forehead against hers.

“Why do you think Chris was so horny earlier?” her hand continues to exploration up my inner thigh.

“What do you mean?” I ask as her finger runs up my slit.

“I was telling him what I did to you when you woke up. And how you had moved your fingers down to here.” Her fingers slip inside my wet pussy as she talks, “Before you moved them up to your own lips and sucked the cum from them.” Two girls who I used to work with rush in towards us and I wrap my arms around Lauren hiding her hand that is stroking slowly in and out of my pussy.

“Um, Martin is here and he is drunk”. one of the girls say quickly.

“And he is sort of kicking off.” the other girl adds.

“Fucking great nothing like your ex turning up to spoil the mood.” I think to myself.

“Want me to go?” Lauren offers

“Nah, I’ll deal with it.” before moving to the side letting Laurens hand slip out discreetly before checking my hair and makeup and moving towards the door.

“Why in the hell did he decide to come? What the hell am I going to do? Ask him to leave and show that his presence bothers me, or say he is free to be here as long as he is nice and make him pay for dumping me and firing me.” Thinking as I walk out into the party to see Chris gesturing towards the door while talking to Martin. I walk as seductively as I can, brushing my body against Craig as I make my way through the crowd, before arriving at Chris between him and Martin.

“What’s going on here then, Christopher?” looking up at him as sober as I can.

“Don’t worry, I’m just helping Martin to the door.” He moves me to one side.

“Why he can stay if he wants…” I give my best version of calm and uncaring face when glancing at Martin then smile at Chris.

“Welcome, have fun.” I said to Martin before pulling Chris away. His arm lies around my shoulders as we walk over to the dance floor. We both dance with Lauren before I pull Craig up to dance as well. The music and Craig take over my thoughts as I forget about Martin's arrival dancing and drinking the night away.

“Want to play?” Lauren shouting into my ear over the music.

“What you got in mind?” I whisper back bend away from Craig, but his hands gripping my hips keeping my ass grinding on his erection.

“Do you remember the old dance from Uni?” She winks at me as she leans back against Chris moving her body down his as she digs her nails in his thigh. I can’t even answer but point over to the podium and pole before turning towards Craig.

“This might be something you want to see.” I say to him before turning running my hand across his erection as I move away. I walk to the podium while Lilo goes to the bar. I stand and move the pole between my hands gripping it as everyone else on the podium scatter.

“Well we have a special treat for everyone!” the DJ shouts out to the audience before pointing up into our lounge “We have a birthday girl who wants to give everyone a special present!” He continues as I see an image of me standing at the pole cover the screen behind the DJ.

“Oh crap!” is all I think before looking over to Craig who is smiling at me almost challenging me to actually do it. But I focus on Craig as I offer Lauren a hand up onto the podium as the DJ starts my favourite remix of birthday sex of the song me and Craig had fucked to earlier.

Closing my eyes before looking at Lauren, we start to circle around the podium slowly swaying our hips as we walk around the pole. Both of us pushing out our chests; our dresses straining and stretching over our breasts. We both grip the pole firmly with one hand as we circle our hips away from it in time with the beat of the music. The pole slides between both of our breasts as we lean forward. I feel her hard nipple press against mine as we both lick up the cold hard pole. My mind gets lost on the thought of it being Craig’s cock resting between me and Lauren’s breasts. The hard beat of the song comes in making me focus on the start of our dance. Our hips start to ripple against the pole, our stomachs and pussy pressing against the hard pole before the wave rides it away repeatedly as we slowly sink down the pole. As we reach the bottom, legs bent both my bare pussy and her thin laced one pressed against the pole, we lean into kiss passionately for our audience before we straighten our legs again rubbing our pussies up against the pole.

Our hands move to each other’s waist as we lean back thrusting our hips up and down against the now wet bar. We both throw back our head as if we are climaxing, I open my eyes and see Craig and Chris sitting in chairs close by I wink at them before dropping my head back and focusing on Lauren again. I grip the pole spreading my legs, leaning back again as I sway hip back and forth against the pole rubbing my wet lips against it with every movement. Lauren moves in front of me and bends toward me while she shimmies her ass at Chris. I sway my way down the pole before I sit on my heels shimming my ass at the camera.

I look over at Craig as I straighten my legs keeping myself bent over as a cheer comes from the crowd below. I simply wink over at Craig as I know I’ve just flashed the crowd below my bare pussy and my still cum filled ass. I spin pressing the pole between my ass cheeks bending over as my hands cup and squeeze my breasts. I stand up slowly caressing my ass all the way up before turning kissing Lauren.

“The stage is yours babe.” I whisper to her as I sway down the steps and walk over to Craig, moving my back to him as I grind my ass against his crotch.

“Watch Lauren.” I say as I look up to find my best friend gripping the pole between her long slender thighs spinning around the pole like a pro while the cameras project her onto the screen.

“I want to watch and feel you.” His hands move up my inner thigh. I grind closer into his lap as I throw my head back over his shoulder and kiss his cheek.

“What the fuck!” Suddenly someone is yanking at my hair and pulling me off Craig until I’m laid crumpled on the floor. I look up and see Martin standing over me shouting.

“You silly little bitch! Do you really think I would let my girlfriend make a fool of me?” As he finishes Chris removes Martins hands from my hair and I see Craig hands curl up into fists before offering me a hand up. I look around and see the camera has moved to me.

“I’m not now and will never again be your girlfriend! You gave up that right when you broke up with me! Then! Fired me when you thought I would tell management the fact you stole My idea to get the promotion!” I say, making myself almost taller as I talk.

“Fuck you, you slut! You were already fucking Mr Big Man there!” He points over to Craig.

“Yeah, I was the unfaithful one, give me a break! You fucked your boss while we were together! See maybe that was why you got the job, because it sure as hell wasn’t because you are good at your job... saying that you're no good in bed either!” I say calmly but with force and conviction. I turn to look at Craig and see him again curling his hands into a fist before moving towards me almost in slow motion. Turning my head I see Martins hand flying towards my face and brace myself for the impact of his fist. Suddenly, I am pulled to the side, Martin fist still brushes my cheek with such force that I cry out as I fall into Craig. Craig’s arms wrap around me as my hand clutches my cheek and look back at Martin, moving towards him with a mind full of anger as Chris and Craig shadow me along with Lauren and other guests close behind.

“Don’t you dare ever raise your hand to me again, you useless piece of vermin!” I say as my finger points into his chest.

“Get the fuck out now!” I say as I look over to the bouncers on the edge of the balcony. I see my face on the screen behind the DJ before I watch Martin raise his hand again, but I watch as a fist comes into the frame and connects square on with Martins face. I look around to see Craig dragging Martin up from the floor by his hair before pushing him into the bouncers.

“She isn’t yours! She is mine! And we will be pressing charges.” He shouts at him before picking me up, barking orders at the bar and taking me to the ladies bathroom.

“Wow, I’m his, what?” a thousand thoughts run through my head “She isn’t yours! She is mine!” I repeat over and over. He places me down by the sink and grabs the ice from the bar girl before running it down my cheek.

“You are going to bruise.” He says bringing me back to the present as I stare up at him but he avoids my eyes and focuses on my cheekbone.

“What did you mean?” I stare trying to read anything from his eyes but he turns getting fresh ice for the bucket.

“Mean about what?” He keeps his back to me and I hear my breath coming out faster

“Do I just leave it…? No, I’ve got to know!” I slip off the side and walk up behind him moving, placing my hands in his shoulders before tracing them down to his waist.

“You know what I’m talking about.”

“I just didn’t like the way he tried claiming you…after everything he has done to you and.... after tonight…” he says before going back to the ice bucket. Needing no more words I move in front of him and nudge him back to the shelf by the sink sliding my body to touch his, pressing close to feel the connection.

Moving my hands down to his buckle, undoing it as I look up, kissing and teasing his lips, before slipping inside, running my nails through the light covering of hair on his abdomen, pointing me in the direction we both need me to go. I brush my hand down his full length before wrapping my fingers around him as my teeth latch onto his lip. I stroke his cock with one hand moving up two inches from the base before going back down again. My hand continues to fondle him as its pair undoes his trousers and before both of my hands slide down his hair roughened thighs pulling them down until they pool at his feet.

“Are you enjoying yourself, Honey?” I ask, as I move down to kneel in front of him. My hand slides back up his strong thighs, before I caress him through his clinging boxers. I continue kissing up the inside of his thigh, moving closer slowly, as he watches my every movement. My mouth lightly catches his balls with a kiss, before moving back down slowly, then moving up the other thigh.

I catch the waistband moving it down, before moving it back up, trapping all but the tip inside his boxers. I slide the pad of two fingers up his cock feeling him twitch against my hand before following my fingers with my tongue.

“I’m enjoying this way too much. ” I think as I tense, my pussy starts to be affected by my attention on him.

“Focus Joy. You need to get this right! He is a hell of a lot bigger than you have ever taken.” As I think my mouth makes contact with his tip. I leave a peck on his tip, before moving my tongue down to collect the small amount of pre cum that has already oozed out of his small hole. Craig’s hands move down to my hair caressing it away from my face so he can see my every movement over his cock. My hands reach for his boxers and slowly pulling them down until he cock springs out at me and he lets out a quiet moan. I continue to pull at his boxers slowly moving my head closer to his cock every time, my hair floating over his cock, his cock pressing against my cheek, pressing against my closed mouth.

His boxers move down his legs until they have joined his trousers, before moving my head licking up the underside of his cock; I look up into his eyes. My mouth kisses his tip, my tongue moving out to give his hole another little flick, collecting even more of his pre-cum on my tongue before savoring it in my mouth. I moan as my mouth moves back down pressing his cock up against his stomach with my hand as my mouth catches one of his balls and gently sucking it into my small mouth. My hands move and grip his base moving them with slow even strokes as my tongue circles around one ball as I sucking him a little harder into my mouth. My hands move a little faster up and down his length as I take in the taste of our cum still on his balls. I pull back my head until I hear the pop as his ball leaves my mouth, looking up into his lust hooded eyes as my tongue runs back up his cock. I reach the top and press him into my mouth my lips wrap around my teeth as the whole of his tip stretches my lips.

“Fuck he is bigger than I thought.” I think as my tongue starts its trail around him

“Just relax and just take as much as you can.” I nudge my head, scarcely taking another inch inside my mouth. I rub him against the opening of my throat, as I breathe hard through my nose. I pull him out and spit my built up saliva over his cock, rubbing it in with my hands before beating his cock hard and fast, then I take him back into the entrance of my throat. His hand moves to the back of my head and pushes me down on his cock. I struggle slightly as his cock presses deeper into my throat, stopping me from breathing, until he finally releases my head letting me pull back and catch my breath. I look up in his eyes as I ease my mouth down again. My tongue is working overtime as inch by inch, I ease him back into my throat. One of my hands slips back just behind his balls and find his magic spot. My thumb rubs it as the rest of my hand cups and caresses his ball, Craig’s hands move back to my hair, pushing me down until my throat finally swallows and closes around his cock, letting me up only briefly before thrusting himself back down.

We continue in this pattern until my nose is pressed hard against his abs while I control my throat to contract around him. I hear his moans against my lips. His hands reach dragging me up against him; my hands stay on his cock. His moans get louder until I feel him about to climax and slow the pace of my hand prolonging his need, he releases my head before looking down at me, pressing a kiss hard and fast against my lips prior to him pulling down the front of my dress.

I reach over grabbing one of the ice cubes, before circling it around my nipple as I look at his eyes locked on my nipple as it gets harder in front him. I slide the ice up Craig’s chest running it against the bead of sweat on his neck and hear him gasp before I lean up to catch his lips with mine.

I pull Craig over to the cubicles, walking him back revolving in my power as my hand continues to stroke his cock slowly feeling him continue to harden, his pre-cum still oozing. My hands move to Craig’s broad shoulders he allows me to sit him down on the toilet. I move my hands to the zipper of my dress, pulling it down as my breast thrust out my nipples almost begging for his touch. They become too much for him and his mouth closes over one, nibbling one softly then sucking it deep into his mouth. His mouth brings me closer, making me unable to move away. My body shouts my need to cum, as his fingers slip up my inner thigh pulling my dress up before my pussy can be seen by his hungry eyes. His fingers moving, tracing through my slit, one hand spreading my swollen lips apart revealing my dripping cunt before his thumb rubs over my clit while he moves to my other nipple, biting it hard with his teeth. His finger runs down the gap before pushing two inside quickly. My mind and body explode from the tension of teasing him with my mouth, allowing my passion to climax as his fingers thrust into me. The loud slapping sounds of my cum squirting over his hand while he thrusts roughly into me. The sound and my moans echoing off the tiles. My head throw back, leaning into him as my breath pants out of shaking and spasming body.

I back away slowly allowing his finger to slide out of my pussy. I try to collect myself after my mind numbing orgasm before I drop my dress to the floor, kicking it away. Craig’s hand moves down to his cock as he strokes himself while his eyes look over my body, focusing on my breast as they are pushed out of my bra staring at him.

“Fuck, I need him inside me!” I think as my hands move to my breasts fixing my bra to frame my breasts as I sway my hips slowly to the beat from the club. Swaying closer, his hands move out to grab me but I grab him hands locking our fingers together as I move my body over him. I move his hands move his head pressing his head between my breasts as I lower my stomach down his body. His cock slides up between my lips and he tugs at my hands but I bite his bottom lip

“Patience” I repeat his words from earlier. He laughs as he realises I’m not going to make it easy. I move my hips pressing his tip inside tightening around him as he stares behind me. I turn to see a full length mirror reflecting my body taking the tip of his cock. His eyes look at mine in the mirror winking, challenging me again. I quickly thrust my hips down taking every inch of him inside my tight walls. Looking back round to his face as I move my hips to one side then the other before I arch my hips moving an inch of his cock in before thrusting back down quickly. My hands grip his as press my bare breast against his shirt as I grind against him, sliding my smooth thighs down his hair roughen ones. Craig’s hands move to the top of my ass grabbing handfuls as I grab another ice cube and place it on my cleavage as I push them together. The cold ice raises goose bumps over my heated breasts. His hands grip me and pull my hips above him until only a little of him is still inside then thrusts me down quickly, he repeats this until I feel myself getting close. I release my hold on my breasts slightly allowing a little of the ice water run between our bodies, I watch as it trails down perfect down to my slit, goosebumps start as it slides over my heated flesh. Releasing my breasts completely the ice cube bounces down and slide and presses between; his sharp intake of breath makes me smile as I contract around him.

I start moving my hips faster as my ass lifts and lowers on him. I use my legs pressing up against the floor to stand, almost as I press him all in. His continues to thrust up as his fingers caught the ice and rub it against my clit, the mixture temperatures makes me shiver and contract making the chain reactions rip through my body as I cum again moaning loudly in his ear.

Craig uses this time to pick me up leaning me back against the toilet before thrusting hard into my bucking body. My hands hold on to the seat of the toilet as his hands hold my hips in the air. He uses my body, fucking mine with the need and passion that has been building all night. My breasts move fast slapping against each other with every thrust. I throw my head back as I feel his head pushing forward which a fast pace thrusting making my orgasm continue to ripple through my body.

“Baby I’m going to cum.”

“Yes, yes fill up my cunt.” I almost scream as his hand digs into me. His balls slapping harder and faster against my ass, he moves from base to tip inside fucking me roughly. I tighten my stretched muscles around him as much as I can before a loud long scream of passion comes from my throat. My arms buckle as my climax rips through my body harder than before but Craig twists us until he is sitting back, moving my ass above him while he bites down on my neck.

“Fill me up.” I beg as he groans. Moving my hips hard as before he pulls me down to his hips making slow powerful thrusts into me as he cum fills me coating my walls. He deep groans vibrating through my neck as he moves me off his sensitive cock and groans as his hands stroke the last of his cum out. My legs still spread watching his hand move, as I feel the sensation of our cum dripping out from my pussy and pooling on the floor. His cum continues to run down his thumb and over his hand with every slow stroke of his milking hand. My hand takes his and slowly sucks his fingers into my mouth tasting his cum properly for the first time.

“You are truly amazing baby.” he says as he watches me suck the last of his cum my eyes focused on him.

“I want to go home with you... now.” I whisper to him, as I nip at the end of his thumb with my teeth.

“Soon baby, very soon.” he says as he grabs a little paper towel, moving it between my legs, wiping his cum from my hyper sensitive slit, catching my clit with his stroke, making me arch into his hand without thought. Craigs arms reach for me and sliding me back up his thighs, until his cock rest back in the “V” of my thighs as he kisses me with longing passion. My hands grab onto his shoulders as I move to stand on my wobbly knees.

“Please God, tell me I have the ‘I want to fuck her again’ just fucked look and not the ‘damn she looks like shit’ look... Please!” I think as I turn my back to him, almost not wanting to see myself in the full length mirror, but looking anyway I was surprised I didn’t look too bad. My hair was messed up from him grabbing it but it only had a little cum in it. Walking slowly over to my dress stepping in and bending over to pull it up, just as Lauren walks in with Chris and a bucket of ice.

“You two have perfect timing to see me naked at every chance today.” I say at them as I pull my dress up to my hips before moving my love bitten breasts back into my bra. I look over to Craig to find him stroking his cock while watching me.

“Just lucky I guess.” Lauren says as she walks closer to me, gently kissing my lips in front of both Craig and Chris

“Oh, someone got another birthday present tonight.” As she licks her lips, probably tasting Craigs cum on me. She continues winking at me then looking over at Craig trousers and boxers around his ankles still stroking his cock back to hardness.

“Wanna play again?” She whispers in my ears as she nibbles on my earlobe.

“Do I?” I think, as she takes the decision from me and kisses me quickly but hard. I peek over her shoulder as her hands cup my breasts to see Chris giving me the nod of approval, then looking to Craig to see his cock now completely hard.

“Well, looks like more birthday presents for me.” I laugh to myself as Lauren's hand slips down my hip under my dress and to rub against my clit...

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