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Screwed by the other Computer Geek

Wow these nerds can fuck
Sweat was dripping from my forehead. It was like a salty bitter rain that I loved so dearly. The pace was frantic and the work was arduous. My breasts were fluttering across my chest as my heart beat at a wild pace. My legs felt like rubber but I had to keep going, I enjoyed this way too much. Finally, I heard it, the most pleasurable sound in the world. It was my timing device and my workout was finally done. I loved my cardio routines and my upcoming competition was just a week away. I had thought I had enough time for a shower but I guess I was wrong.


Great this kind of thing always happened to me. I let my workout get the best of me and it definitely made me lose track of time. Oh well, I knew it was most likely Roger so I didn’t let it bother me too much. I had just bought a new large plasma television set from Great Buy and for the life of me couldn’t figure it out.

Roger was a friend of mine from the store and he’s helped me in the past with other projects I’ve had. If anyone could get it working, he could. He’s a real sweet guy so I was glad he was here to fix it and not someone else.

When I walked over to the door and opened it I was startled by a stranger. It was some other guy that I’d never met before. I thought the store was going to send Roger but to my dismay they sent one of their other employees.

“Hi I’m Peter, sorry if I scared you.”

Peter was as frail as his little voice was. It trembled when he spoke and he seemed to stutter his words. His black-rimmed glasses seemed to be bigger than his face and his long nose was the only thing keeping them up. Maybe his big ears were helping too. He didn’t even have to introduce himself because his huge “Great Buy” name badge was displayed on his chest like a large billboard. He must have been barely 21 years old and his acne helped prove it to me. The only thing cute about this guy was his bowl like haircut. It reminded me of something from Dumb and Dumber the movie.

”Oh hi there I’m Robin. Sorry, why don’t you come inside where it’s a bit cooler?”

“Sure thanks, I brought my tool bag with me. Is there somewhere I can set it down?”

“Why don’t you just put it on the coffee table.”

“Okay will do.”

As he walked into the living room to find the coffee table he looked confused.

“Robin, uh where is the coffee table at?”

“Oh sorry about that Peter, it’s actually in the dinning room. Sorry I was practicing my dancing.”

“Really, What kind of dancing?”

“Oh I’m a professional fitness competitor and I was just practicing one of my routines.”

“That’s incredible, I watch that stuff on television sometimes. Is that why you’re all sweaty?”

My face switched to a shade of red as I noticed I was in fact still a mess from my workout. Peter definitely wasn’t the type to be a hit with the ladies so I could tell that’s why he wasn’t skilled in the conversation department. As soon as he commented on my appearance I could instantly tell he wanted to take his words back.

“Sorry about that Peter. I kind of got lost in my workout and forgot Great Buy was sending someone over.”

“Oh no way, my mistake. Sorry I didn’t mean anything by that comment.”

As Peter said this I noticed his eyes navigated toward my chest and then down to my thighs. I was barely clothed since the weather was warm and I planned on getting gross from my routine. He kept staring at me, examining my legs and stomach. My sweat was beading down my abs and my thighs were glistening. When I crossed my arms to make it clear I was aware of what he was staring at he didn’t even flinch. He was just so transfixed on my appendages.

“Well Roger, I mean Peter. I better run to my room really quick and get changed okay.”

“Sure thing Robin, I’ll just wait here.”

“Uh yeah…that’s what I expected.”

I walked across the living room and towards my bedroom as Peter stood there by the television. As I walked into my room I could see him in the mirror’s reflection. It was hanging next to my door and I could see Peter just staring at my ass as I walked away from him. He was totally oblivious to the fact that I had noticed him staring and he finally stopped when I cranked the door halfway closed.

As I grabbed one of my tennis skirts and a tank top, I noticed he was still trying to stare into my room. I didn’t care though because the lights were off and he couldn’t see a thing. He started making small talk as I found a towel on my floor and used it to pat the sweat off my neck, chest and legs. As I pulled my panties off and slid on a clean pair, the light from the neighbor’s driveway flipped on and suddenly illuminated me as I stood in front of the window. I looked over my shoulders and saw Peter with his mouth wide open. I quickly ran over to the door and flung it shut as I finished getting dressed. Minutes later, I re-emerged from my room fully dressed to see if Peter had started on my television yet.

“So Peter, why didn’t they send Roger like they normally do?”

“Oh well he was stuck on a project at the store, rewiring the new shipment of televisions and monitors.”

“Oh, that’s too bad. Roger is a really sweet guy.”

“Yeah, he’s my roommate actually. We’re like best friends.”

“Best friends?”  

“Uh huh, we tell each other everything.”

As he said this he looked back over at me and kind of smiled. I just sat there on the couch and watched as he fixed my television. I was sure glad he was here to fix it because I was desperate to get it working.

Roger was very skilled with his hands and made the project seem almost elementary. It took him barely ten minutes to set the cables up and hook my cable box in.

“Okay lets see if we can get this working for you miss.”

He stepped back and turned the television on as I watched the wonderful glow reflect off his glasses. I was so excited. It was beautiful and extremely vivid.

“Oh I love this channel, leave it on here for a second okay.”

It was the 2008 Fitness America Pageant and I was so thrilled to see it in high definition. The girls were fabulous and every one of them was absolutely stunning. I clapped my hands in excitement as I started to jump up and down. I ran over to Peter and gave him a huge hug in gratitude for his efforts.

“It’s perfect Peter, thank you so much for you help. I owe you a lot!”

I could tell he was caught off guard and unsure how to react. He was shocked by my elation and seemed lost in the moment. I got the feeling he rarely had the chance to be so close to a beautiful woman. I felt his hands reach up slowly and pat my back as I snuggled him in my arms.

“Wow Robin, I’m glad I was able to get your television working.”

I backed off of him when I realized how uncomfortable I made him. My face turned red and I ran my fingers through my hair in embarrassment. When I turned around, I noticed the program on the television switched to competitive ballroom dancing. I loved watching it. Now it was even more enjoyable since it was in such high quality. I started clapping again in excitement as I watched the female dancer spin in a circle and gyrate her hips as she performed the Samba. I couldn’t help myself as I started dancing across the wooden floor, attempting to mimic her movements.

“That’s terrific Robin, you’re really good!”

“Ha-ha thanks Peter, I used to be a competitive dancer too.”

“Well it shows. You’re really good.”

“Do you dance Peter?”

“Oh gosh no, I’m not really a physical person. I'm really just a computer geek. I’ve never even been to a dance.”

“Peter please tell me you went to your Senior Prom Peter?”

“I’d be lying if I said I did. I wasn’t really into that thing plus I couldn’t have gotten a date if my life depended on it.”

“Aw that’s awful Peter.”

“It’s okay Robin. I didn’t really mind. I’ve always admired dance though. I bet I would have been decent if I applied myself.”

“Is that so mister? Why don’t you come over here and show me then. I continued to gyrate and shift my hips in motion to the music as I danced over to Peter. He just looked down at the floor and twiddled his fingers, hoping I was kidding with him.”

“Come on Peter, show me your moves?”

“Ha-ha.” Peter laughed lightly as I challenged him. I could tell he was embarrassed and afraid to even try.

“Here let me show you how to move then. The steps are really simple.”

I took hold of his hands and led him across the floor, leading his steps and directing his movements. He was a fantastic student and seemed light on his feet.

“See silly, you’re wonderful. See how fast you picked it up?”

“Well its because you’re an excellent teacher Robin.”

“I bet you would be a terrific slow dancer too.”

“No way, I’d get to nervous and sweaty. My palms sweat profusely. Its not a pleasant sight.”

“Here let’s try and see how you do.”

“Really Robin, I’m horrible?”

I didn’t take no for an answer and grabbed him around the neck and pulled him in close. As we started to move back and forth I felt something suddenly poke me in the stomach. It startled me as I jumped backward. I knew exactly what it was. I just hadn’t expected that. Peter had a huge erection and it was evident to both of us. I could see it extend outward, pulling the fabric on his pants forward.

“Oh my.”

“Uh sorry Robin, I uh need to go now. Sorry about that.”

I wasn’t’ sure what to say as I he grabbed his tools and headed towards the door. As I tried to contemplate what just happened he was already at the door. As he opened it I giggled and rushed over to him. I just knew how embarrassed he was by the moment and I could only imagine how he must have felt.

“Here’s a copy of the service order Robin, I just need a quick signature here.”

As he pointed to the bottom and waited for me to sign I looked up at him and sympathized with reaction. I’m sure the sight of me was driving him crazy and was too much for him to handle. He was visibly flustered and seemed like he was about to cry right in front of me. His face was beat red and his eyes were watering up.

“Peter thanks again for that. You’re a really sweet guy.”

I leaned over to put my hand on the table next to the door when I felt something crash to the ground. Darn it! In my lack of coordination, I knocked my house phone off the table. I watched as it struck the ground and shattered into several pieces.

“Oh shit! I’m so clumsy sometimes!”

Peter reached down suddenly and gathered the pieces in his hands. He looked up at me and instantly gazed at my legs. His eyes seemed to wander up my calves, past my thighs and underneath my skirt.

“Uh, Uh, I can fix this in a jiffy for you Robin.”

He walked over the couch and sat down as he started assembling the phone together. I walked over to him and watch as his instinctively solved the problem. As he shut the back of the casing on the phone and turned it on to see if it worked I reached over and put my hand on his leg unknowingly.

“It’s working just fine Robin. See you don’t have anything to worry about.”

I didn’t notice my hand was still on his leg when he looked down at it and then back over at me.

“Thanks so much Peter, you’re super sweet. Sorry for being so clumsy. I owe you for that too.”

“No way, it was nothing really.”

He looked down at my hand again and then up at my top. I had a tight tank top on and my breasts were poking through it. I hadn’t put a bra on and my nipples were quite evident. He was so sweet and innocent that I didn’t care if he was looking. I had been with so many jerks and assholes that it was kind of pleasant having a sincere, kind-hearted guy like Peter in my house. The last time I had a guy in here like that was months ago when Roger was here. Peter just seemed even more inexperienced than Roger. It surprisingly started to excite me. I loved being a teacher and I loved being with a virgin man even more. I looked down at his eyes and over to what he was staring at.

“Peter are you looking at my breasts?”

“Oh my! I’m so sorry, really please forgive me for that. I’m really sorry.”

“Peter it’s okay really. I don’t mind. Have you ever seen a woman’s breasts up close before?”

“Well yeah, lots of times.”

“Really? Where?”

“Well I’ve been to gentleman clubs before and see them up close.”

“Is that so? What do you think about these ones then?”

I slowly took the straps from my tank top off my shoulders and slid my shirt past my breasts. They bounced as the fabric released them to the open air. The cool breeze from the air conditioning bit my nipples and made them harden instantly. Peter sat next to me and stared in disbelief. His jaw dropped and he couldn’t believe what he was actually seeing. They were perfect, round and full. Free of any tan lines and they sat exquisitely on my chest.

“Peter have you ever touched a woman’s breasts before?

“No I haven’t. Never.”

“Would you like to touch my breasts?”

“Oh yes I would. I would!”

I took hold of his hands and lifted them to my chest. His fingers latched onto my breasts and groped them for several seconds. Finally after a short time he started to squeeze them and fondle them in his hands. He teased my nipples with his thumb and index fingers and massaged the curvature of them. I felt his hands travel underneath them and slightly lift them up as a smile grew across his face. He bobbled them in his hands and was shocked at the density of them. They were much heavier then he expected.

“I’m guessing you’ve never had a chance to suck on them before huh?”

“No but I would love to try with you Robin.”

“Go for it stud.”

“Instantly his head shot forward as his lips wrapped around my right nipple. I could feel his tongue swoosh around it as it tickled it. His lips tightened around it and sucked it in as his head moved backward. He did this several times as I heard the suction sound bellow out across the room. He moved back and forth from my left breast and my right breast, licking and sucking on them freely. Finally as he squeezed them in his hands and stared as they molded to his will, I lifted his chin and looked into his eyes.

“Peter, have you ever tasted a woman?”

“No I haven’t.”

“Do you like shaved or not?”

I saw his pants shoot up fiercely as his erection came to full mast. It was solid and pitching upward in his pants.

“I love the look of it shaved.”

“Lucky you then. Do you think you can show me how well your tongue works?”

“Yes, Yes! I’ve fantasized about this for a long time. I know I can.”

“Why don’t you go down on me then and show me what you know.”

Peter looked down at my waist as his hands migrated from my tits, down to my thighs. He started to rub my legs back and forth as he licked his lips. His hands moved from the outside of my thighs, down my calves and shins and back up to my inner thighs. I felt one of his hands push my thong to the side as one of his digits glided inside of me. He started to push his finger inside and out of me, exploring my pussy slowly.

“Oh my goodness Robin, does this mean you are wet?”

“Can’t you tell Peter?”

“I can, I definitely can. This is my first time even doing this with a girl though.”

“Well I’m a woman Peter.”

“Oh that’s what I meant Robin. You’re so fucking hot. The hottest woman I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

My eyes started to close as I felt him mistakenly rub against my clitoris. It was so shocking and so immense. His finger kept gliding in and out of me as he nuzzled the inside of my pussy. Suddenly I felt a second finger enter me and push my labia wide as he continued to finger bang me. I put my arms behind me and held myself up as he thrust in and out. Finally he leaned down as I felt his tongue lash at my vagina. It licked the rim of my slit for a moment before dipping inside of me and tasting my wet musk. He started sucking on it causing jolts of pleasure to race up my spine. I let out a loud coo as he continued to feast on my pink slot. I could feel his tongue widen as he started to lap against my opening as his fingers stretched my lips apart. Finally, as I was about to cum, I clutched his forehead and pushed him away. My chest was heaving and my pulse was racing from the enjoyment.

“Peter you are definitely gifted with your tongue. Would you like to see how gifted I am with mine?”

Before he could even comment, I unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his ankles. I saw that he was wearing flannel boxer shorts and noticed his cock sticking out of the opening above his crotch. I grabbed hold of his penis with my right hand and massaged it tenderly.

“Peter how does that feel? Do you enjoy being jerked off by a beautiful woman?”

He groaned out as he replied, “Oh yes I do.uhhhhh…oh yeah!!”

I fondled the head of penis with my thumb before sliding my hand back down his shaft. He wasn’t large and he wasn’t wide. I would say he was basically normal sized but very smooth. The head of penis was full and the skin was flawless. I pumped his cock for several more minutes as I watched his eyes roll back into his skull. He was jolting forward, vibrating from the intensifying pleasure. I tightened my grip and stroked his shaft downward and back upward ten to twenty more times when I felt his cock start to pulse heavily. I knew he was close to orgasm so I stopped to let the sensation minimize. Finally when his breath grew to a normal state, I held my hair back and pushed it behind my shoulder as my mouth moved down and around his throbbing penis. As I rolled my tongue around the lower part of his shaft, Peter screamed out and said, “Oh fuck this is incredible. I didn’t think it would feel this nice.”

When I tried to comment back, he cancelled my attempt by shoving my head down. I coughed as I gagged on his penis. Peter laughed out loud as he said, “Yeah bitch take it all!”

As I gagged again, he pulled my head up and shoved it back down again. I pushed off his stomach and was able to pull my head off of his cock and look up at him.

“Peter take it easy okay. I can only take so much. If you do that again, you’re going to make me end this for you.”

“I’m sorry Robin, I didn’t mean it. I just got caught up in the moment. Please don’t stop sucking my dick please.”

I smiled at him and stroked his cock in my hand as I watched his eyelids close halfway. Again I shoved my lips around his cock and started bobbing my head up and down on him as I felt his cock harden tremendously. Finally after several minutes of sucking him off, I sat up and said,

“So what position have you always wanted to experience?”

“I think its called missionary. Is that right?”

“Very good, it’s my favorite too. Let’s move to my room for this. Follow me sexy?”

I crawled on my hands and knees into my bedroom and lay on my bed. I rolled over onto my back and spread my legs wide open as my hands clutched my feet.

“Oh shit you’re flexible! I can’t believe I’m going to have sex finally!”

I laughed at his comment and motioned for him to come into my bedroom. As he walked over, he tripped on his pants and ungraciously kicked them off. I laughed again at his lack of poise as I watched him stroke his cock. He gawked at my body as he pumped his dick and stared into my opening. He walked over to me and grabbed me by my thighs as he pulled me over to the edge of the bed. I felt the night air kiss the bottom of my ass as it dangled past the edge. Without even having to instruct him, he shoved his pulsing cock into my pussy and proceeded to slam in and out of it. I screamed out in pleasure as he continued to punish my slit. Beads of sweat splashed down onto my chest, crashing against my breasts. His mouth was wide open and I could see his eyes fix on mine. His ribs were showing through his chest as I felt his small little pot bellow dance against my pelvis.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” He kept repeating. I felt his balls slapping my ass as he continued to fuck me wide open. His hands started to caress my legs, navigating up my thighs and down to the very lips of my vagina. He started to stimulate my clitoris as he shoved his dick in and out of me.

“Oh Peter where did you learn that?”

“I see them do it all the times on my porn videos.”

“It feels outstanding baby.”

I couldn’t fight it back any more as I violently came all over his penis. It shot around his shaft and spilled onto his cock as it pushed in and out of my labia. My body froze up and quickly became rigid as waves and waves of pleasure raced through me.

Peter just continued slamming into me as cum and juices trickled around his balls.

“What the fuck is happening here!”

I jumped suddenly from position. My heart skipped a beat as I suddenly saw another figure standing in my doorway. I looked around Peter and realized it was a familiar voice. It was Roger and he looked extremely irate.

Peter turned his head around as he stroked my stomach with his right hand.

“Roger, what the heck? I can explain really!”

“Dude, what the fuck is wrong with you. I’m supposed to be handling this work order.”

I pushed Peter back and tried to gain a little distance from them. As he turned around to face Roger, I heard and felt his penis pop out of my pussy. The sound of the suction echoed in the room as Peter and Roger stared at each other for what seemed to be minutes.

“I can explain Roger. Please don’t get mad.”

“Peter I’m going to kick your ass!”

“Man you told me about her and I had to see what she looked like. It was just too good to be true. I didn’t plan on this happening.”

“Please don’t lie to me you dick!”

“Really Roger would I be able to pull something like this off?”

Roger stared at Peter for a moment and the expression on his face seemed to give the impression that he actually believed him.

“Really Roger it was my idea. Don’t be mad with Peter.”

“Aw Robin I thought you and I had an arrangement. How could you?”

“Seriously Roger, it’s not as bad as you think.”

Roger just stared at me. My tits were gleaming from the distant light emitting from the living room. My legs were bare and extremely tan for my upcoming competition. Roger just kept looking at me and licking his lips. My eyebrows shifted upward when I realized he was deeply aroused. I couldn’t fight it as a smile stretched across my face.

“Boys why don’t you both climb up here and show me what you’re made of?”

“Suddenly Peter jumped on me and flipped me over on top of him.

“Gosh Robin you’re a dream come true. Now I’m going to ask the questions okay? Have you ever been double penetrated?”

“Uh no Peter, I haven’t…”

Before I could finish my sentence, I felt his dick thrust upward into my pussy as he grasped my hips and shoved me down. I let out a loud moan as I felt my muscles tighten around his throbbing cock. Without even a second to react, I heard Roger’s pants unzip and hit the floor as his pelvis came crashing against my bare ass. His left hand squeezed my ass cheeks apart as I felt his dick slip into my ass. The guys simultaneously started to fuck me as I felt my body bend and contort to their movements. Both of their dicks were inside me. One in my pussy and the other one in my ass. They drove into me without mercy and I felt my holes stretch to the maximum. Within minutes I felt Roger pull out of me as his hot semen shot all over my lower back. His cum started to drip across my hips and down onto my ass as I felt Peter pull out of me. He rolled me over onto my side and shot his load all over my tits.

“Uh yes! Cum for me boys.”

Seconds later, Roger sloppily pulled himself together as Peter rolled off the bed. He was desperately trying to catch his breath as I got up and used the same towel from earlier to wipe myself clean. I reached down and put on a bra and sat on the edge of my bed in just my underwear. I smiled at the boys and started giggling.

Peter asked, “What’s so funny?”

“I just fucked two nerds for the price of one.”

They laughed as I walked over to the corner and retrieved Peter’s pants. I put them in his arms and kissed him on the cheek. I walked back over to Roger and kissed him on the cheek also. I ushered the boys to the door and put my hair in a ponytail. As the boys started to walk down my front steps I called out to them, “Hey guys, come back here real quick.”

As they walked over, I leaned in and whispered, “The key to my place is on top of the porch light. If I leave the patio light on, feel free to come inside and pay me a visit okay.

They both hastily replied, “Sure you can count on it!”

“Oh and guys. Make sure you’re wearing your cute little uniforms. I just love those dorky outfits.”

As I said this, I pulled them both against my chest and embraced them. I reached my arms around their backs and squeezed their ass's one last time. My neighbor was putting his trashcans out when he looked over in shock. All I could do was smile as the boys walked away and drove off. As I closed the door behind me, I looked back at my neighbor who was still on the curb. I extended my index finger out and motioned for him to join me inside.

“He’s kind of cute, in a nerdy kind of way.”

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