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Sealing the Deal

"Damn, what a day," Joe said to himself as he started his car. He put his car in drive and pulled onto the highway. Joe picked up his cell phone and called his wife to explain to her that the meeting had not went according to plan and he was going to have to spend the night. He ended the call after explaining the details and began looking for a motel to spend the night.

Joe’s meeting had been with a the fourth generation owner of a manufacturing plant, that his company was trying to acquire. The research had suggested the acquisition would be easy, but the research was wrong. Old Man Cavenal was stern, strong and determined not to sale, even if his company was on the verge of bankruptcy.

As Joe drove around, he pulled into the first motel he came to. It was a locally owned motel, not too fancy but it looked clean. He parked and went inside. The clerk checked him in, and told him where the pool and gym were, as she handed him the key. Joe smiled as he went back to his car to retrieve his overnight bag he always carried, a real key, not a magnetic stripped card, but a real key. He grabbed his bag and went to the room. Once inside, her took off his suit and fished out his swimming trunks and changed. He grabbed a towel from the rack and headed to the gym and pool area.

At forty-one, Joe was in very god shape. If it wasn't for the touch of gray in his hair, he would pass for a much younger man. As he opened the door to the gym, he placed the towel on a bench and began his work out. Shortly after getting married and the third child, Joe realized that he could not drink his problems away, so he took up working out. He learned that working out relaxed his mind and body and during this time of meditation, he had found ideas for work and life, that had helped him succeed in both. In the back of the gym was a window that displayed the pool. As he was moving from the tread mill to the row machine, he noticed someone in the pool. He stopped and watched her.

The person in the pool was a young woman, Joe thought in her early twenties, and she was wearing a purple bikini. Her brown hair danced in the water as she dove down and swam from one end to the other. Joe continued his work out but also continued to watch the woman. Once done with his work out, Joe had planned to take a swim to cool off. So he got his towel and walked out the door to the pool side area. As he exited the air conditioned gym into the humid Georgia heat, sweat immediately began to pour down his chest and face. He walked over to the pool and waited for her to immerge. As she come up out of the water, her blue, green eyes were on Joe. She smiled.

"Mind if I join you?" Joe asked.

In a sweet southern toned, the young woman answered, "it’s a free country," and flashed an innocent smile as she dove back under. Joe noticed her fair skin as the water enveloped her. He tossed the towel down and dove in. The water was so refreshing. He swam a few laps before he realized was alone in the pool. He rose his head up and looked around. The young woman was laying in one of the loungers. She smiled as he turned in the direction she sat.

"Cant take the competition?" Joe joked.

"Competition? Huh," The young woman chuckled.

"I am Joe. I am from Atlanta, down here for business."

"Hey Joe, I am Abby. I live here. Well not here, but in this town."

"Oh? So if you are not a guest, how did you have a key to the pool area?"

"The clerk is a friend of mine, and she lets me come and swim."

The two continued to make small talk. Abby, walked over to the side of the pool. Joe could not help but notice her flat stomach, shapley curves and the way her wet top hugged her perky breast. He tried to shake the urges in his mind as she sat next to him and put her feet into the water. They talked for a while longer until Joe’s stomach told him that it was time to eat.

"Being you are from here, maybe you can tell me a great place to eat."

"Yeah, there is a nice diner just down the street," Abby answered.

"Would you like to join me? I hate eating alone," Joe asked.

"Sure, I would like that," Abby answered with a smile.

The two got out of the water and planned to meet in thirty minutes at Joe’s car, and went their own way. Joe hurried to his room and showered and put on a pair of jeans and a shirt. He called his wife and told her that he was going to dinner and coming back and going to bed, and left to meet Abby. Honestly, he had not lied to his wife. That was exactly his plan. To go to dinner, then come back and go to be.

When he walked out of the motel, Abby was waiting on him. She had changed out of her bikini into a very short pair of shorts and a tank top that hugged her upper body perfectly. Like a gentleman, Joe opened the passenger side door. He noticed her firm legs as she kicked them around in the car. He walked over to the driver side and got in. Abby directed him to the diner. They parked and went in. Joe was amazed on how well Abby was known in the community, but passed it off as being a member of a small town, where everyone knows everyone. The two sat and ate and continued to talk. When done, Joe paid the bill and they left the diner and returned to the motel.

When they arrived at the motel, the were still in conversation. They got out of the car and continued to talk all the way to Joe’s room. As they stood at the door, Abby asked if she could use his bathroom. He agreed and unlocked the door. They walked in and she went to the bathroom while Joe sat on the bed, and checked his email. When Abby walked out, Joe noticed something was different. As she stood in the cool room, her nipples had reacted and were pressing against the material of the tank top she wore. As hard as Joe tried, he could not pull his eyes off her beautiful breast.

"Joe, Joe, earth to Joe," Abby called, breaking his trance.

Embarrassed that he had been made, Joe apologize.

Abby began to walk slowly toward him. " I am use to it Joe. No need to apologize, but if you want to get a better look, all you had to do was ask."

As she walked and talked, she slowly raised the tank top up her stomach. As bad as Joe tried, he could not stop looking at her, and he could not tell her to stop. She lifted the tank top over her head, and tossed it on the floor, and reached back to unclasped her bra. She pulled it away from her perky breast as she stood in front of Joe. With out thinking, Joe pulled her to him and sucked her hardened nipple into his mouth. His hands were on her back and pressed her closer to him as her fingers ran through his hair. His tongue lightly brushed against her sensitive nipples as she moaned softly. Abby pushed herself away from his grasp, and unbuttoned her shorts. He watched as she pushed the tight shorts down her thighs, he noticed a wet spot had formed in the front of her white panties.

She reached down and pulled him to his feet. For the first time they kissed. Her soft lips felt so good to Joe. He pulled her to him, and pressed her breast into him. Her fingers moved to his shirt, and lifted it above his head. Then her fingers traced down his stomach to his jeans. She expertly unbuttoned his jeans and ran her hand down them. She moaned into their kiss as her fingers wrapped around his hard shaft. Still in their kiss, she pushed his jeans down, along with his boxers. She broke the kiss as she pushed him onto the bed and knelt between his legs. Joe could not believe what was happening, and could not believe he was not trying to stop her.

Joe had been married for almost twenty years, and it had been so long since his wife had performed oral sex on him. He felt Abby’s warm lips on his shaft, he could do nothing but moan. He placed his hands into her brown hair as she engulfed his cock. Her tongue and lips were like a vice as she gripped his cock in her mouth. She worked her lips up and down slowly, and allowed him to enjoy every second. He looked down, and her blue, green eyes sparkled as they looked at him. He slowly pulled her up, knowing he would not last long. He kissed her lips as he placed her back on the bed. He kissed down her stomach as his fingers traced the waist band of her panties.

Once between her legs, he pressed his lips against the wet spot over her mound. He softly sucked on her panties, enjoying the sweet, tangy nectar coming from her pussy. He slowly pulled her panties down her legs. He looked down at her neatly trimmed pussy. With her panties hanging on her feet, he lowered his head, his tongue lightly traced her closed slit, up and down. Then he opened her legs wider. He vulva opened and his tongue slid inside. Her legs gripped tight around his head as his tongue pressed against her engorged clit. He lightly sucked her clit into his mouth and she erupted in an orgasm almost instantly, feeding him her sweet cum. He continued to lick and suck her until she pushed him away. She pulled him to her and they kissed, passionately.

She rolled him over to his back and straddled his lap. She reached down and took his hard cock and lowered herself down. He placed his hands on her waist as she slowly allowed her pussy to engulf his cock. She slowly rocked her hips as she lowered her breasts to hip lips. He propped his head up on a pillow and sucked on her perky breast as she rode his cock. Their pace quickened and soon the small motel room was filled with the sound of flesh slapping and moaning. He rolled her onto her back and lifted her legs to his shoulders. He began thrusting his cock into her tight pussy. The wet, velvety walls enveloping his invading cock, drawing his cum from deep in his balls. He felt her arch under him as she announced loudly that she was cumming again. He continued his lustful assault on her tightness. As her orgasm hit, she bucked under him, screaming loudly.

He withdrew his cock from her, and rolled her onto her stomach. She responded by lifting her stomach off the bed, aching her buttocks into the air. He took his slick cock into his hands and aimed it back into her pussy. She moaned as she felt him slide back into her. He placed his hands on her hips and began to thrust back and forth. She turned her head and looked at him, watching pound away at her tight pussy. He pushed hard, and she felt his cum shooting deep inside her. They both collasped onto the bed.

Joe was awakened by his phone ringing. He answered and it was his office. Mr. Cavanal had a change of heart and was waiting with his attorneys to finalize the deal. Exstatic, Joe hung up the phone and looked around for Abby. Then he heard the shower running. He got up and went into the bathroom where she was drying off.

"You are up early," he said.

"Yeah, my dad will kill me if I am late for the meeting," Abby replied with a smile.

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