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Sean and Felicia

Our first time with another couple.

A recent business trip proved to be a little more exciting than normal. First, my wife Linda had gone along. The trip was to Little Rock, and I had told her about this fabulous steak place where the smallest steak on the menu was 2 pounds. Oh yes, and the hors d’oeuvre menu was short – tamales. Definitely not a low fat place. I had eaten there once before, and we were going to try It out the next evening.

We were staying at a nice motel on the outskirts of town. Our room had a balcony that overlooked the river. The place also had a great pool, and Linda and I were taking advantage of that and getting some sun in the early evening. We each were in a chaise lounge on opposite sides of a table, where we had our towels, drinks, etc. piled. Mine was the gin and tonic, Linda is a Scotch drinker.

I was almost asleep when I noticed a young (mid-twenties?) couple walking towards us. Now these two would have stopped traffic anywhere. The guy was about 6 feet tall with jet black hair and had a nice tan over what was probably originally very light skin. He was well proportioned and had on about the briefest bikini swimsuit that you could get away with in Arkansas. I was sure Linda was admiring his taut butt – she tells me that is one thing women really like in men.

The woman was clearly of Mexican-American heritage. Her skin was naturally very dark, her hair and eyes were both deep brown, and her body was beautiful to behold. And was it on display – her bikini was as brief as her friend’s. She had breasts to die for, a stomach so flat you could have played pool on it and an ass that begged to be caressed.

I thought at first they were going to walk past us to another table, but they stopped and the guy started a conversation. He said that he (Sean) and his girlfriend (Felicia) liked to meet people and just talk when they were traveling, and did we mind if they joined us for awhile. Linda and I both said sure, but probably for different reasons! I think we both got our wishes when Felicia pulled up a chaise lounge next to me and Sean did the same next to Linda.


When I first saw the couple walking towards us, I thought “Oh damn, not another young slut for Ron to ogle.” Well, maybe he was ogling, but then I did too. The guy had on a bikini swimsuit that did a great job of showing off what he had. And he had plenty. His butt was perfectly formed, round but firm, with slightly concave sides and muscles that literally rippled when he walked. He seemed to be similarly well endowed up front, as a bulge in his swimsuit did more than hint at what was only being barely concealed. Now I don’t like to look at men like Ron does women, but as this guy approached I felt my hand involuntarily inch toward my pussy. After the two of them introduced themselves and set down to talk, I actually took my towel and laid it across me. I wanted to be able to softly stroke myself as Sean and I talked.


The table kind of made a natural divide between the conversations, so Felicia and I talked while Sean and Linda did the same. I would occasionally catch a word or phrase from the other side of the table, but I mainly concentrated on Felicia. We talked about work (I do engineering consulting, Linda is a fantastic amateur chef and shows dogs, Sean in starting his own accounting firm and Felicia is a nurse). After a bunch of normal stuff, Felicia seemed to steer the conversation to a new direction. I never exactly figured out how it happened, but I found myself telling Felicia that yes, Linda and I were very comfortable with each other, and yes, we had found that our enjoyment of each other was better than when we were first married, and yes, we were very open in talking to each other about our wants and needs. I could hear the same kinds of phrases from across the table, and I frankly was beginning to wonder where all of this was headed. About that time I saw Felicia and Sean make eye contact and give each other a small nod. Sean then sat up on his chaise lounge and started talking to both Linda and me.

“You seem like a real nice, well adjusted couple. Felicia and I would like to talk to you about some real personal stuff, but we don’t want to offend you. If either of you get uncomfortable with the conversation, just say you want to quit and we’ll both leave.”

Yes, this was sounding interesting.

Sean continued. “As you probably can tell from our swimming suits, we are both kind of exhibitionists. We were both lucky to have great genes, and we work out three times a week to keep fit. We know we look good and we like to show off. We have talked about showing off sexually, too. We’ve thought of renting a video system or just taking photos of ourselves while having sex, but we are a little worried about what would happen if we split up. Like who would get the tape or photos?”

I took a quick glance at Linda and thought of the video tapes we had made. I also recalled the one I had made just for her – me jacking off. Not an academy award winner but I thought she could play it on a lonely night when I was out of town.

“So, what we decided to do was find a nice couple that would just watch us while we had sex. Nothing more than that. Just watch. We think that would help us have an even better time than we normally do. Would you be interested?”

Now Linda and I have a pretty good collection of X-rated videos, and we do enjoy them. However, I wasn’t sure how she would react to a “live” show. I shouldn’t have worried. Maybe it was Sean’s taut butt, maybe the obvious bulge in his swimsuit – whatever. Linda said “Sure” before I could even react. As soon as I followed with a similar positive response, Sean and Felicia got up and led the way to their motel room. Linda paused for a minute to slip on her skirt – she was wearing a bikini to get the sun but it had a matching “modesty” skirt.

It was a pretty typical room, two double beds, one against the wall and the other not over two feet away. Linda and I took the one against the wall. We laid down, my back to the wall and Linda in front of me, both with a good view of the other bed. Sean and Felicia seemed a little nervous, stage fright I guess, as they stood at the foot of their bed. Felicia finally turned to Sean, they begin to kiss, and their nervousness disappeared. I could tell their tongues were beginning to work, as were Sean’s hands. He first held Felicia’s ass cheeks, pulling her almost off the floor to press her female mound into his obviously hardening dick. She began to moan, grinding against his body. Sean then reached around her back to unhook her bikini top and let it fall to the floor. Her breasts were as beautiful as I had expected, firm and with an upthrust that just begged to be kissed. Sean then pulled off his own swimsuit, slipped Felicia’s bottom off her and knelt as she laid back on the edge of the bed.


As Sean directed our conversation to more and more intimate subjects, I knew something was coming. And when he and Felicia finally told us what they were proposing, I was instantly ready. This was going to be a lot better than a porno flick. These were two real people, not actors and actresses getting paid, and they were really going to make love. Not just sex for a camera, but two people in love showing off for Ron and me. Ron of course agreed to the proposal – and I’ve often wondered what I would have done if he had said no. I think I would have gone by myself!

As soon as we got to their room, Ron and I laid down on the bed. Ron immediately pressed up against me (or did I press back against him?), and I could already feel his slowly hardening dick. He laid his left arm across me and cupped my breast in his hand.

As Sean and Felicia began, I could not wait to see Sean’s butt and dick. He finally removed his swimsuit and I could see that indeed he did have great genes and took care of his body. His muscle tone was superb. I especially liked the severe tan line that separated his pure white skin from that exposed to the sun.

As Felicia laid back on the bed, Sean knelt at the foot and began to suck her pussy. He seemed oddly hesitant, and really did no more than stick his tongue in and out of her vagina. I thought that while Ron might not have Sean’s body, he surely knew better how to please a woman with his tongue. Felicia responded by grabbing Sean’s head and pulling it toward hers. They both moved further up on the bed and he mounted her immediately. While perhaps not much of a tongue man, Sean could certainly fuck. His drove his dick in to the hilt again and again. Felicia was writhing like she was possessed, screaming “fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckme” as if it were all one word. Sean’s muscles were hard at work, straining to the point you could have put your whole hand in the depression in each of his ass cheeks. Felicia finally let out a guttural moan that I was sure could have been heard two rooms away, and Sean shot a load of cum that overflowed her pussy. Fluid dripped from their coupling as they both collapsed in exhaustion.


While I thought I could have done a better job of sucking Felicia’s pussy, Sean certainly held back nothing when he began to fuck her. He got up on his knees and raised her right leg over his left, rolling her on her left side and stradling her left leg to ram his dick in as far as humanly possible. His left hand was on her shoulder, pulling her towards him, while his right massaged her breasts almost savagely.

As all this was happening, my dick was growing so hard I finally had to shift my position and release it from the mesh lining of my swimsuit. I pressed it against Linda’s ass and was rewarded when she reached around, grabbed her own ass cheek and spread apart for a more comfortable fit.

When Sean and Felicia finally came, I was ready to fuck my beautiful wife. The thought of waiting until we could return to our room was just too much. I moved the hand that had been caressing her breasts and slid it under her skirt. I grasped the top of her bikini bottom and started to slide it down over her hips.


I felt Ron’s hand start to try and remove my swimsuit bottom. Now having been married over 35 years, we don’t have to verbalize everything we want to say. I just pressed my right hip against the mattress – that said “No way am I taking off my swimsuit bottom in front of those people.” But Ron persisted, gently smoothing out my skirt, and in doing so essentially said “You have this skirt on. They couldn’t see my dick in your pussy even if they were awake, which they aren’t.” Now while you might think that smooth talk convinced me, I was so aroused I finally decided if they saw us so what. I lifted my right hip off the bed, Ron slid down my suit and pitched it behind him on the floor. I hoped I would be able to retrieve it gracefully when we finally left. I was ready to make love to my wonderful husband.


I actually had to slide part way down the bed to get Linda’s swimsuit off and changed my mind as to what I wanted to do. Instead of sliding up behind her and slipping my dick into her warm, moist pussy, I started at just above her knees licking and stroking her thighs. Linda grabbed my head and tried to push me away, apparently still concerned about Sean and Felicia, but my tongue must have been too much to withstand. She quickly changed directions, rolled over on her back and pulled my face upwards until it was even with her soft red pubic hair. She lifted her skirt to give me easy access to whatever I desired. As I gently separated her pussy lips and began to softly stroke her clitoris with the tip of my tongue, her hands moved to her own breasts underneath her bikini top. When my tongue wandered back to her thighs, it was eagerly replaced by my fingers. I alternately drove them into her, two then three at a time, and played with her clitoris, rolling its tip between my moist fingers.

Linda was really going. She moaned my name over and over, would suddenly say “Yes! Yes! Yes!” when I hit a particularly sensitive spot, and was shaking on the bed so hard I had a hard time keeping my mouth between her legs. I glanced to my left and saw that Linda had made enough noise to get Sean’s and Felicia’s attention – they were watching us intently and fucking at the same time. Sean was laying behind Felicia, but I could see his dick was in her pussy. He was sliding it in and out by rotating his hips in perfect time with Linda’s moaning.

Not to be left out of all this sexual gratification, I had dropped my right hand to my dick and was stroking it madly. Whenever it seemed too dry, I would wipe Linda’s pussy for some natural lubrication. Even that seemed to excite her.

I finally felt Linda’s orgasm coming. She grabbed my head with both hands, literally jammed my face into her, began to shake uncontrollably and arched her back until my face and her pussy were well off the bed. Although I could not see her face, I knew what was happening. When she comes, her eyes roll up, her eyelids close, then she literally collapses into a kind of sexual stupor.

As soon as she fell back on the bed I was almost ready to come myself. I looked over at Sean and Felicia – Linda’s orgasm must have triggered theirs. Sean was on his back. Felicia was kneeling over him, supporting her weight on her knees and hands, pumping her pussy as if she were jacking him off with it. Just as I looked Sean lurched upwards with his hips, grabbed Felicia’s ass cheeks and drove her down on himself.

That sight was enough for me. I simply rose up on my knees between Linda’s legs, jacked off wildly for a few more seconds and sprayed my cum over her bare thighs and pussy. A few drops reached the underside of her skirt, now covering her stomach, but most fell on her soft skin. Even though she was close to being unconscious, the warmth of the fluid must have penetrated to her nervous system. In apparently what was just a reflex reaction, she smeared my semen smoothly over her body. I laid down beside her, at least temporarily exhausted.

I sensed some motion in the room and was a little surprised to see Sean standing at the foot of our bed. I carefully got up and moved next to him. He spoke so silently I really had to read his lips, but could make out “How did you do that?” “Do what?” “Make her come with just your mouth and fingers. I can never get Felicia to get real excited when I use my mouth on her.” “Well, it looked to me like you were just pushing your tongue in and our of her. Linda likes that, but it doesn’t set her off like me fingering and licking her clitoris, especially the tip.” “Could you show me?” Well, Linda was still mainly unconscious, and her legs were spread apart. Having been a teacher for 27 years, I knew the value of a demonstration, so I leaned over and very slowly spread her lips apart, pointing to the area she most liked me to fondle and suck. As we knelt there, I had this sudden urge to go a little beyond what Linda would have wanted. I whispered “Try it.”

Without any more encouragement, Sean leaned forward and began to lick Linda. He was apparently a quick learner, as she soon began to slowly move her hips in time with his tongue’s motions. Her head began to move left to right and back, a clear sign she was waking up. I finally motioned Sean to back off, and just as Linda opened her eyes I slid forward on the bed and mounted her. Although I had climaxed only a few minutes before, the sight of Sean between my wife’s legs had excited me as little had ever before. My dick was hard as stone as I drove it into Linda. She didn’t respond at first, in fact she seemed still asleep, but she finally grabbed me and began to join in my motions. She rotated her hips forward as I entered, allowing me to drive as deep as possible, then rotated back as I withdrew, scraping her clitoris along the top of my dick. We fucked in a frenzy of motion, finally both coming within seconds of each other.


After Ron slipped my bikini bottom off, he began to lick me and I resisted a little. I really wanted his dick deep inside me, but quickly decided that his tongue felt nice also. I guess having watched Sean and Felicia had gotten me hotter than I realized, as it wasn’t too long before I had lost control of what I was doing. I remember calling Ron’s name. I remember his tongue, then fingers, then tongue again. And then a wonderful orgasm, deep and long, so deep and so long I think I passed out.

As I finally began to wake up, Ron was at my pussy again with his tongue. He was very, very good. I felt the tip of his tongue stroke the tip of my clitoris. I felt his tongue rake me along the full length of my lips, and I felt it probe deep inside me. He sucked, he softly blew on my moist surfaces, then moistened them again with his saliva.

I finally just barely opened my eyes – My God! It was Sean who was slowly withdrawing his face from between my legs! I was so startled I could not even cry out. I then saw Ron moving towards me. He had watched! He had let another man touch me! Again, I was paralyzed by what I was seeing.

As Ron climbed on me, sliding his dick into me, I realized what had happened. Ron had told me once before that he wouldn’t mind me fucking someone else if he could watch and if it were a complete stranger – no emotion, just sex. I had told him that I was NOT interested, so I guess he had found an opportunity to at least watch a stranger suck me. While I was appalled at what had taken place, Ron was extremely excited. He was relentlessly pounding his dick into me, and then I began to respond. We were soon clinging desperately to each other, Ron in passion, me in a frenzied attempt to drive from my mind the unexpected thoughts I was having of Sean’s tongue and lips on my skin. We came together, hot cum in my womb, his hands on my ass, mine on his, lips joined, together, together.


After we rested for some time, Linda and I made our way back to our room. We had said a brief good-bye to Sean and Felicia – I think everybody was so overwhelmed by our experiences that words just weren’t appropriate. I was so exhausted I didn’t even make a nightcap. I kissed Linda and fell asleep almost immediately.


I waited long enough for Ron to have fallen asleep, then very gently got out of bed. I slipped on my skirt – I wouldn’t be needing my bikini bottom. I did put on the top, my sandals, and picked up the room key. As I quietly opened the door, I wondered why I was going to him.

When I had earlier opened my eyes and seen Sean between my legs, I thought our eyes had touched for just a moment. Then, when we were leaving, Sean had definitely caught my attention, and with the slightest of nods clearly asked me to join him back at the pool. I was a fool for doing this, but Ron had started it. And it was only play. No emotional involvement. Just sex play. And maybe he just wanted to talk.

As I moved out of the deep darkness into the moonlit pool area, I saw a figure on one of the chaise lounges. Sean. I walked over and stood next to him. He was direct and to the point. “Can I fuck you?” So much for him just wanting to talk. “No. You may have sucked me, with Ron watching, but I do not fuck anyone other than my husband.” “Well, how about if I just finish what Ron let me start?” With that, he slid his hand between my legs, forcing me to shift my feet further apart. He immediately began to finger fuck me. I grabbed his wrist with both hands in quick reaction, and he froze. All I would have had to do was push his hand away and I could have gone back to the room. Instead, I pulled upwards, driving his fingers deeper into me.

He rammed his fingers in and out, deeper and deeper, then switched to clitoral stimulation. He stroked, rubbed – softly, harshly. He certainly knew what he was doing as I came within seconds. I shuddered. I shook. I moaned. I almost collapsed, barely catching myself by grabbing my knees with my hands.


While noises don’t normally wake me up, shaking the bed does. I was awake before Linda’s feet had hit the floor. I thought she was just going to the bathroom, but I heard her getting dressed. When she slipped outside, I was up, dressed in my swimsuit, had my Dockers on, had picked up the extra room key and was following her in no more than half a minute. It turned out that even half a minute was almost too long.

I knew she must be headed to the pool. I had seen Sean’s brief nod in that direction, but hadn’t made anything of it until now. I got as close as I could without being in the moonlight – I couldn’t make out what was being said, but I did have a good view of the two of them. Linda was shaking her head no, then seemed to go rigid and make a grab for something. She then relaxed, and my eyes had finally adjusted to the darkness enough to see Sean’s arm pumping her. After all of my subtle hints that I would like to see her with another man, if I got to watch, she was doing this. I was getting to watch, but no thanks to her. I could certainly tell when Linda came. I could hear her moan, and I thought she was going to fall as she came down from her high.

I almost turned to return to the room, thinking the show was over, but I was wrong. After another discussion I couldn’t quite hear, Linda sat down on the chaise lounge next to Sean but with her back to his face. I suddenly knew what was going to happen. Linda reached into Sean’s swimsuit, pulled his dick free and began to suck him.

Linda and Sean

“That was wonderful. Thank you, Sean.” “You’re more than welcome. Do you know there is someone watching us?”, Sean replied. “Yes, and I hope it’s Ron. I made just enough of a disturbance to make sure he was awake when I left. I hope he followed me.” “Why in hell would you do that?” “Ron has said he would like to watch me with another man. This seemed a good opportunity. I’ll tell him I knew he was there when the time is right.” “But you won’t let me fuck you?” “No. That is off limits for me, even if Ron said ok. But I do a good job of sucking dicks.”


As Linda went down on Sean, I didn’t know whether to scream in rage or watch the tremendously erotic adventure being played out in front of me. My choice was made when I sensed someone else was with me in the darkness. It was Felicia. She whispered that she would like to join me in watching her boyfriend and my wife. After watching a few moments, she knelt in front of me, slid my dick out of my swimsuit and began to mimic what Linda was doing with Sean. I grabbed Felicia by the hair, pulling her toward me in perfect tempo with Linda’s bobbing head on Sean’s dick. While I usually don’t come very quickly, seeing Linda and feeling Felicia was too much stimulation. I pulled back from Felicia and began to jack off. She knew exactly what I wanted and parted the robe she had on. Her breasts were hanging free, and I almost immediately came, squirting what little cum I had left over them.


Felicia and I had certainly struck it rich this time. This Linda was awesome. It was too bad she had a thing about not fucking anyone but her husband, but she was sure making up for it. She gave a blow job like nothing I had ever had before. While Felicia knew how to lick my dick head, run her tongue up and down its length and fuck me with her mouth, Linda would pause, seem to gather herself, then drive my dick into her mouth all the way to its base. I noticed that while she moved around as she sucked me, sometimes facing me, sometimes off to the side, it was only when her chin was pressing against my belly button that she could take my full length. I thought that I might ask Felicia to work on that position.


As Felicia smeared my cum evenly over her skin, I reached down and lifted her to her feet. I then knelt before her, forced her legs apart and attacked her pussy with my tongue. The sight of Sean and Linda must have aroused her as it had me, as she came with little effort on my part. And did she come. She clamped her legs around my head, grabbed my arms for support and moaned as she had with Sean earlier.

In fact, I was sure Sean and Linda had heard us. I quickly glanced toward the pool and saw that I needn’t have worried. Sean’s back was arched to the point I thought he would fall off the chaise lounge. Linda had stopped sucking him and was jacking him off with abandon. She had turned to face him and was helping support him by holding on to his ass with her left hand. He gave one final lurch, and although I couldn’t see it, must have sprayed Linda thoroughly.


God that guy could suck! Maybe it was just watching Sean and Linda that had gotten me so ready. Or it could have been the feel of his hot semen on my bare breasts. Or maybe it had been the fucking Sean and I had done just before he left to meet Linda. Of course we hadn’t come, just a little soft stroking to whet our appetites.

I wondered why they hadn’t fucked. That was the plan. Sean and Linda in our room and Ron and me in theirs. It looked like the night was over, and I had wanted to wake up tomorrow with Ron between my legs. Oh well, it still had been a great success.


I couldn’t believe the amount of cum that Sean sprayed me with. I was drenched. Ron doesn’t have that much anymore, at least not after a first climax. And I knew now Ron was watching. I had heard Felicia. It must have been them. Or could it have been someone else? I tried to see, but it was just too dark in the shadows. I kissed Sean softly on the cheek and made my way back to our room.

Sean and Felicia

“I want to show you something, Felicia.” “What’s that?” “Linda could take the entire length of my dick down her throat. It was incredible.” “How in hell could she do that?” “Well, turn around with your back to me, kind of like we’re going to suck each other. That’s it. Now get on your hands and knees. Slide your hands under my ass. Now slow. Slow. Tilt your head just a little forward. That’s it. Now. Now!”


As I slipped inside I could hear Ron breathing. Asleep? I got a towel and wiped myself off as much as I could and slipped into bed, facing away from him. What was I going to do? Had I made a mistake? Had he seen me? Was he upset? I decided I had to know.

“Are you awake?” “Yes.” “Were you outside?” “Yes.”

I couldn’t stop now.

“I thought you were watching. I didn’t let him fuck me.” “That’s good. I enjoyed watching him finger you and you suck him.” “Well I sucked him, but I didn’t let him come in my mouth.” “I didn’t come in Felicia’s either. I just jacked off on her breasts. It is really ok. There is nothing to worry about. It is going to be fine. We have saved the very best only for each other. It is going to be fine.”

As I sighed in relief, I heard the unmistakable sound of Ron putting on a condom. He uses one when he is going to butt fuck me. We have sex so often, and so ferociously, that his dick is often raw, and that helps prevent any infection.

I felt the cool moistness of lubricant being spread over my ass. Then I felt the head of his dick pressing against me.

“How are you able to be hard again?” “It’s easy for the woman I love.”

I relaxed my sphincter muscle, felt more pressure, then he was in. He was so hard that it only took two or three strokes for me to have him completely. His arms encircled me, each hand gently stroking a breast. He was so deep in me I felt his balls touch my skin. It really was going to be just fine.
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