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Flashing lights and loud, pounding music. I downed my shot of whiskey and eyed Sean from a corner of the club. He was grooving, dancing with another attractive lithe female who was very evidently, ready to give anything he wanted.

Sean is dark, dangerous and handsome as sin, a well-known in the club I always frequent, and I cannot help but gawk. He was very tall, built and had the best sense of dressing I’ve known. Rich, yes, very rich too, never failing to consistently make an entrance with his classic BMW 1600 convertible. Vintage, just as I like it.

“ Hey Amber, I saw your spread, you …were amazing…can I get you a drink?”

Sigh, another of the many swaggering men trying to pick me up but I have to admit that it was a good shoot I had just wrapped. Semi-nude glamour photography shoot for an ad that paid me a cool five-digit, oh yes, that was a good assignment.

I was about to brush this random stranger off when I spotted Sean, from where he was on the dance floor with the other female, who is by now highly intoxicated and kissing his handsome face, glancing over at me, looking pleased with what he had found. I smiled, sheepishly.

“Gin, dry.” I replied, holding the gaze to Sean.

The stranger quickly got me what I wanted and started making a conversation I was barely interested though I knew, I could pretend well. So I took my gaze away from Sean, who was still looking over, and decided to pretend to be engrossed in my encounter with this stranger.

This stranger was David, nothing to complain of. He was tall, had jet black hair with blonde highlights and wore a nicely framed spectacles. Lawyer, I gathered. David was nice and shy, turning on a little geeky fire in me yet, at the same time, I feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand when I realized that Sean was still looking at me. Now he didn’t look so pleased and when he caught my eye, he turned over to his partner and started a passionate make out session.

I grinned and pulled David to the dance floor, deliberately positioning ourselves close enough to Sean yet not near enough for contact. I started grinding David and leaving quick kisses oh his neck, all while looking at Sean, who was now aggressively grinding his dance partner. I saw Sean put his hands on the woman’s ass and started groping her so I did what I knew. I guided David’s hands to my ass and started moving to him very provocatively.

Sean smirked. I could hardly suppress the sexual tension between the both of us and I was quickly getting wet. I excused myself from David to use the bathroom. I quickly guided myself away from the crowd and proceeded toward the bathroom. As I entered, I suddenly felt a forceful grip on my wrist from behind. I spun around and faced straight up to Sean, who locked the doors behind us.

“Hey…” I said, mustering my most sultry voice ever.

“Amber right? And that dude. You dig the geeks, huh? Sean said.

Before I could reply, he planted his lips onto mine. His kisses were gentle and teasing. His hands hungrily roving my body, feeling my every curve. Then suddenly, both hands went under my dress and he slowly slide them up my legs and thighs beneath my dress. When he reached my ass, over my black laced thong, he pulled me roughly towards his throb and whispered “I know you were watching all night”.

I chuckled and he repossessed my mouth with kisses now fast and aggressive and there was no more holding back now. I roughly undid his shirt and pulled down his pants freeing the constraint in his pants which now sprang forward impudently. I grabbed his full length and started teasing him, turning him back against the wall and showing that now, I am the one in control. He started moaning while I rubbed him and then I suddenly stopped, walked to the mirror, adjusted my hair and in a motion, silently threatened to leave him, high in his erection, alone in the bathroom. He looked at me, confused.

“Sean, you assume too much. I never watched you.” I placed my hand on the knob and was about to leave when I knew my little scheme had succeeded. Sean was now furious. He grabbed my waist from behind, lifted my dress up, roughly pulled down my thong and entered me from behind. I moaned. His engorged shaft was right inside me from behind.

“Tell me you want me” He ordered. He started thrusting from behind while grabbing my breasts through my linen dress. “Sean… Sean.” I moaned. And then he stopped. He turned me around and sat me on the bathroom counter and spread my legs so that he could have a full view of my sweet aroused wetness. He quickly ripped off whatever’s left on me and, in a fever of need for him, I pulled him towards me and positioned the throbbing head of his shaft against my bud. I wrapped my legs wantonly high about his back but he stopped.

“Say you want me.” He insisted.

“I want you. I want you to fuck me.” I whispered. As soon I said it, I feel his thick manhood filling me. He started to thrust with long savage strokes and the hot sliding friction aroused me to a frenzy. I started moaning while he grinned at me, thrusting even deeper with his move while the throbbing, pulsating fullness deep inside me got me half mad with passion. I was now crying and biting his shoulders and I felt him take me higher and higher and then suddenly, I cried and felt my body tighten and he simultaneously erupted his hot load into me. We climaxed together and he laid inside me for a few more minutes before drawing out.

We quickly got dressed and left the bathroom.

“My car… the BM 1600 convertible, right at the corner.” Sean whispered in my ear.

“See you there in 15” I replied. As we both walked separately back to our waiting partners.

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