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Seaside Frenzy - (dedicated to Roz)

A summer skinny dip climaxes in car hood sex.

The sun is warm on our bodies, although the full heat of day had long gone from it. Side by side on our towels, still damp from the sea, we lie in a depression in the dunes, waiting for the sun to warm and dry our naked bodies. Propping myself up on one elbow I look down at you, wondering at the smooth flow of your curves, seeing the tiny droplets of water clinging to the golden, near-invisible down on your body.

A light gust of breeze whispers through the marram grass surrounding our hollow, chilling us briefly. I watch as tiny goose bumps rise around your aureoles and your nipples pucker to hardness. I know that it is cold, not arousal that causes your reaction, yet the sight excites me. You hear my soft inrush of breath, open your eyes and turn to look at me, seeing first my hungry eyes devouring your body, and then taking in my swelling cock, lying limp on my thigh yet rapidly swelling with my excitement.

You laugh, “Down boy!” you say, and giggle. But the thought in my mind and eyes has stirred you. “It’s too sandy here anyway,” you tell me, making a quick decision, “let’s go back to the car.”

Rolling onto hand and knees you push yourself from the towel to stand, brushing the sand from your buttocks and thighs with the towel. Standing behind you, I use my towel to brush away the glistening silver grains of sand clinging to your back. “Lead on!” I tell you, wanting to enjoy the sight of your naked body before me on the short walk through the dunes to the car. As we weave our path back through the marram tussocks I admire the lithe flexing of your calf muscles as you walk, lifting my gaze to take in the supple roll of the smooth globes of your buttocks, feeling my cock lengthen, hardening as I glimpse between your thighs the hairless bulge of your sex.

At the car I admire the swing of your breasts and the sudden flaring of your buttocks as you bend to retrieve the key hidden on top of the rear wheel. My cock, already swollen to full erection, further tightens in anticipation, my pulse thudding lightly in my ears as my arousal builds. I take your arm as you begin to open the car door. “No, out here in the fresh air!” I urge.

I spread my towel over the car bonnet, which is warm from the sun and the residual heat of the motor. Intuiting my intention, you put a hand on my shoulder to steady yourself as you climb onto the bonnet and lie back on the towel. Warm as the bonnet is, it feels cool against my inflamed cock as I lean over you, my hands behind your knees, raising and spreading them to expose your sex to my hungry gaze. Like a man starving, I moan in anticipation as I duck my head between your spread thighs, hearing your answering moan as I fasten my greedy mouth over your smooth pussy. You taste of the sea as my suctioning mouth draws the water from your crease of your sex while my busy tongue rakes the puckered folds of your pussy lips, still closed from the sea, but swelling, opening like a flower in the heat of the sun. Your petals part, my tongue delves in, tasting the honeyed tang of your pussy. You moan again, more loudly, your hips squirm, rising to my tongue, and your head drops back onto the windscreen. My teeth rake the underside of my tongue as I thrust it deep inside you, tasting the lubrication of your juices as they begin to flow. Releasing your knees and reaching around your thighs I feel for your breasts. I find your hand at one nipple, and push your fingers away as my greedy hands mound your breasts, my fingers taking possession of your hardening nubs, caressing, tweaking, rubbing, raising your passion as my probing tongue raids your pussy. Your hips writhe against my face as your senses respond to the twin assaults of my hands and tongue on your most sensitive parts. Trapped between my belly and the unyielding car bonnet, my cock is an aching bar of desire demanding urgent attention, yet is your arousal that I first seek.

You whimper with frustration at the rush of cool air over your hot, weeping pussy as I lift my mouth from your swollen nether lips. Briefly releasing your breasts I grasp your ankles, bringing your legs in front of me, lifting them up and pushing them back to raise your hips from the car bonnet. My forearm behind your knees continues to elevate your hips as my other hand takes possession of your nipples, swollen and aching with need. Behind your closed eyes your lids seem to crackle with sparks of light, your senses sizzling from erotic stimulation as my tongue traces lines of fire from your swollen clit, tracking down the wet crease of your parted pussy lips to rim your arsehole, teasing the sensitive nerve-ends within your pink, puckered bud.

Suspended by my arm behind your knees, your hips jerk against my mouth. “Oh God, Doug, yeah!! Lick me out, lick me out good!” “Oh fuck, yes!” as my tongue snakes into your tight arse, “Yess, yes, lick me! Aaaah! I’m coming baby, I’m coming!” My tongue washes over and around the hardened nub of your swollen clit as I slide a finger into your arse. “Ah! Ah! Yes, yes, yesssss!” your breath hissing between clenched teeth, your hips bucking impotently in the air as I continue to tongue and finger fuck your pussy and arse in unison.

I watch the muscles beneath the smooth skin of your belly rippling before my eyes, and a fresh wave of your sweet juices bathe my tongue as you climax. I still, my mouth clamped over your pussy and my finger in your arse as I wait for you to begin to come down. Sensing the tension leaving your body I straighten, lifting my mouth from your pussy. You shake your head from side to side, eyes closed, as if unwilling to come down from your peak of ecstasy. Sliding my hand from your arse to your buttocks I support you as I take my other arm from behind your knees, reaching to grasp the globes of your butt in both hands, pulling you towards me so that you slide on the towel down the car bonnet.

My cock is inflamed, engorged, seeming to glow from a fire within after being trapped beneath me. It twitches to the pulse of my heart as I range it against your very wet, parted pussy lips. With a groan matched by yours I lean forward, feeling your pussy yield and spread as my broad knob bulldozes up into your grotto. Your snatch, wet and slick, feels almost cool against my overheated cock as I sink deep into you until my tight, shaved balls nestle in your arse crack. For minutes I remain motionless, resting against your hips, savouring the glove-like grip of your satin-smooth snatch on my swollen shaft, until with a little flick of your hips you whimper “Come on baby, don’t hold out me!” Straightening legs and back I lean away from you, easing out of your snatch in a long, slow slide, feeling the air cool on my wet flesh, until the rim of my bulbous knob slips from you, leaving only my very tip parting your petals.

“You want it baby,” I grit through clenched teeth, “you want it? Take it! Take it!” and with a sudden stabbing thrust begin pumping urgently into the welcoming grasp of your velvety pussy. My surging hips buffet your buttocks, jolting your breasts in time to my thrusts. I look between us to the carnal junction of our bodies, my lustful eyes feasting on the erotic sight of my thick pole sliding in and out of your snatch, seeing your nether lips clinging to my shaft as if reluctant to release it on my withdrawals, and then flattening, rolling inwards with my thrusts. Each time I slam home I give my hips a screw, a flick, hitting your cervix from different angles. Your regular panting breaths become ragged, breaking into gasps. “Oh fuck! Oh yessss! I’m gonna come! I’m gonna come! I’m cominggggg!” you shriek. I feel your snatch clamping down on me, milking me as you climax. The lake of spunk in my balls turns to liquid fire, a burning focus of desire that expands, rising up my stem. My pumping shaft swells in the tight grip of your convulsing quim and I give a sob of pleasure as I come, my molten spunk jetting into the neck of your waiting womb with each thrust.

Ignoring the exquisitely painful tenderness of the nerve-endings in my cock I continue to fuck you with long and powerful strokes, bringing you to repeated orgasms. My spunk is forced out of you with each thrust; I feel it on my balls, hear them slapping wetly in your crack, hear my shaft squelching in your sodden pussy. Sliding my fingers down your buttocks to your crack I find them bathed in the slick, sticky juices flowing down your ass. I work a finger into your tight nether hole; lubricated with our juices it slides in easily. I work a second finger in, beginning to finger-fuck your arse in time to my thrusts into your snatch.

My arousal is growing, heightened by the convulsive milking of my shaft by your spasms of your quim each time you come. Deciding to finish by taking the road less travelled, I slow my thrusts and ease out of your dripping pussy. Taking my fingers from your arse I guide my tip to your lower opening and press forward. Your hole yields; my knob begins to slip in but is checked as my broad rim begins to stretch your sphincter. Your eyes fly open, seeking mine. “It’s alright baby!” I urge, “Just relax, just relax!” I wait, poised over you, gently pressing forward, reassuring you. I feel your hole spread; opening to welcome me, and my knob slowly slips inside your arse. Gently, slowly, I work my cock deep into your arse until I am in to the root. Your arms hold me tightly as I lean over you to kiss you lovingly. “You feel so good baby, so tight!” I whisper to you.

“How tight?” you ask.

“As a mouse’s ear!” I tell you, and you giggle. Bending my head to suckle your breasts, I begin to move my cock slowly in the tight sheath of muscle gripping it so firmly. As you respond your arse slowly relaxes, spreading to accommodate me, and lubricated by the juices running from your pussy I begin to work my cock steadily back and forth in your arsehole. Lifting your legs over my shoulders I lean forward, raising your hips and freeing my hands to mound your breasts, pinching and rolling your standing nipples. Your short, fast panting breaths match mine as we begin to surge to orgasm once more. “Oh baby I love your cock in me!” you gasp.

“Where, where?” I gasp in response.

“Everywhere!” you sob, “In my pussy, in my mouth, in my arse!”

“Yes! yes!” I gasp, “You were made for me, Roz, made for my cock! I love you baby, I love you baby! Oh God, Roz, I’m cominggggg!” My hips are a blur, my cock stabbing over and over into you.

“Yes baby, yes! I’m there! I’m there! Fuck I’m cominggggg!” you shriek. My burning spunk jets from me, scalding your bowels as it bursts forth. I collapse over you, my cheek on yours as we gasp for breath. I feel my perspiration and tears of joy mingle with yours as we hold one another tight, our hips still gently moving together slowly and rhythmically, as if reluctant to end the pleasure. Slowly, as it shrinks, my softening cock is expelled from your arse by the insistent pressure of your muscular sphincter, until my limp length slaps wetly on my thigh, an emphatic indication of our fading arousal.

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