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Second Time with My Spanish Host Brother

A continuation from my first story about the first time I had sex with my host brother from Spain

The next morning I had to get up early and go to work.  Even though it was a Saturday, the part time internship office I work at requires someone to be there on the weekends. I got dressed slowly so I wouldn't wake up Joaquin, who was sleeping soundly on the bed.  My mind flashed back to the night before...Joaquin and I, my first time, in my parents bed! It sounded crazy, but I knew it was true, and certainly something I would never forget.

The whole day at work I couldn't get my mind off Joaquin. Would it be awkward when I got home? I hoped it wouldn't be. I definitely wouldn't mind having another similar experience with him, and we still had almost two days with just the house to ourselves.  Of course we couldn't let our family know about the feelings we had, so we would have to make the most of our time. 

When I got home Joaquin was in the living room watching TV. As I closed the door, he turned his head and smiled.  "Hi Erika," he said.  "How was your day at work?"
"It was fine," I told him.  "Nothing special, just the same old stuff."  So far, I was relieved to find that there was no awkwardness between us. I headed into the kitchen to start making an early dinner and he followed me.  I headed over to the sink to wash my hands.  I could feel him standing behind me, watching me.  What was he thinking? 
"So...last night..." Joaquin started speaking slowly, trying to find his next words.  It made me melt just hearing the way the words sounded with his sexy Spanish accent.  I turned my head slightly, and saw him walking up behind me.  "Are you ok with everything?  You didn't have any second thoughts today?" he asked.
God no, I said inside my head.  If only he knew I had been thinking about his cock inside me for the majority of the time I was at work.  I shook my head.  "No," I told him.  I shut the water off and grabbed a towel to dry my hands.  "Actually, I was thinking..."
I felt both his hands on either side of my waist and stopped talking.  He slowly turned me around so I was facing him.  His face was inches away from mine.  "Thinking what?" he asked me with a small smile. 
I took a deep breath.  Just having him this close to me while remembering last night was enough to make my mind swirl.  "You know what I want," I said.  I looked up at him, and in an instant his lips met mine.  All the passion I had felt the night before ignited inside me again as his hands traveled my body.  He quickly took his shirt off and then mine.  I slid my jeans off and kicked them to the side on the floor.  As I began unbuttoning his pants, I couldn't wait to get another look at his cock.  I kneeled down on the floor and slowly slid his pants then boxers off.  His cock was right in front of me, and he was already hard and erect.  I grabbed it with my hands and slowly felt up the length of it.  I could hear Joaquin's breathing starting to get faster as I licked the head of his cock.  I hadn't gotten to experience his cock in my mouth yet, and I was going to make sure he enjoyed every second of it.  I teased him while my tongue swirled around the tip, never putting any of it fully in my mouth.  I remembered how he had teased me last night, and I considered this payback.  Some precum started to appear and I lightly sucked it off into my mouth, enjoying the salty taste.  I heard Joaquin let out a small moan, and I tilted my head up to look at him.  He was watching me at work on his cock, and I could see that he was clearly anticipating the moment when I would take it all.  I looked back down at his gorgeous cock once again and slowly worked it into my mouth.  Once I had got the length in, I started sucking, slowly at first, but then building up pace.  My hands rubbed up and down his shaft in rhythm with my sucking, and I only wanted more and more.  I worked his cock in until I had pushed it back into my throat.  Joaquin started pushing his hips back and forth, thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth.  I certainly didn't need any more encouragement, I wanted all of him.  I had never wanted any guy as much as I wanted Joaquin, and all I wanted was to satisfy my hunger while I pleased him as much as possible.  A few times I gagged as Joaquin's cock pumped deep into my throat, but this only made me try harder to get his fulll length in my mouth.  I could feel his cock harden even more and I could tell he was almost to the point of release.  I took his cock out of my mouth and licked and sucked his balls, still rubbing my hand up and down his shaft.  I saw Joaquin's hands tightly grip the counter and he let out a short moan.  In an instant, he exploded, and I quickly put my mouth over his head, feeling his hot cum shoot into my throat.  I sucked feverishly as I drained all the cum from his cock.  I swallowed it all and licked his cock clean before standing up.  I kissed him and made sure he could taste his cum on my tongue, slipping it inside his mouth. 

"Erika," he murmed, "you are so incredible..."  He started whispering softly in Spanish as he kissed and caressed my neck.  His hands reached down and cupped my ass as he pulled me in close to him.  Feeling his cock rubbing on the outside of my pussy immediately made my clit start to throb.  I didn't know what it was, but Joaquin could turn me on like no one else.  "Oh god, Joaquin," I moaned as I felt him on my body.  He grabbed my hand and quickly began leading me to the bedroom.  Once inside, he pulled me on the bed and climbed on top of me.  He instantly began licking and sucking my nipples, as my back arched upward in response.  He started biting my nipples softly, not enough to hurt, just to send a small shock through my body.  I could feel the wetness building in my pussy, soaking part of my legs.  I couldn't take it much longer, and Joaquin seemed to read my mind, because for the second time in my life I felt his cock bury itself deep inside me.  I gasped and moaned, feeling him thrust in and out of my body.  His cock felt so full inside my pussy and I never wanted it to end.  I couldn't help but scream out a little, I was feeling so much pleasure, but when I looked at Joaquin he smiled and seemed to be enjoying my reaction.  He kept pounding into me until I felt the same tension as last night build up, and he shot his warm load inside my pussy.  It was an incredible feeling, and I dug my fingers into his back as I moaned out in ectasy.  To imagine a life without Joaquin now was like imagining nothing... 

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