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Second time's a charm!

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Maybe you can take back a bad first impression
I can’t believe I’m doing this...

She knocked the brown wood door and waited...


6 months earlier.

Matt walked around the apartment displaying all the mod-cons he installed almost smugly, mentioning how much they retailed for.

If he wasn’t so attractive I so would have opted out of the guided tour
thought Jo.

Jo and Matt met at the orientation meeting for graduate students a few hours ago through mutual friends and there was an instant attraction. Jo wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to go back to Matt’s place but she couldn’t turn him down when she realised she was the only one that was offered a tour of his brand new apartment.

“So, what do you think? Nice place right?” Matt asked.

“Yeah, it’s pretty cool. How can you afford it? The rest of us are stuck with the dorms the campus offered us.”

“Well it helps if you have friends in the right places ..... and a large trust fund!” He laughed. “Follow me. You haven’t seen the best bit.”

He guided her into his bedroom. It was pretty chic for a boys room, simple but nice and Jo was just glad to see no dirty socks and boxers lying around like she had in most other guys rooms. Matt walked over to the bed and sat down.

“Come over here.” He patted the space next to him.

Jo walked over nervously. It was her third day in the States and her first on campus and she didn’t know how she managed to get talked into going back to this guy’s apartment whom she’d only just met a few hours before.

It’s fine
- she told herself – I’m sure it’ll be fine.

She sat down on the edge of Matt’s bed, it was undeniably the comfiest bed she ever sat on, and she could tell it was expensive. He moved closer to her, his right arm brushing against her. Matt couldn’t believe his luck. She was the most stunningly beautiful person he had seen on campus in 4 years and somehow he talked her into coming back to his place.

I wonder if she tastes as good as she smells

Matt cupped her chin in his hand and scanned her face. She was an absolute delight; big chocolate eyes, pouty full lips, gorgeous tanned skin and long beautiful brown hair. He leaned in and kissed her softly, tasting her coconut lip gloss.

The kiss got deeper, his tongue was in her mouth teasing hers softly before he stated to get more passionate and the kissing intensified. Matt moved his left hand from her face to her right shoulder pulling down on the strap if her blue vest.

Jo drew back from him immediately.

“What are you doing?” she asked almost angrily.

Matt was confused, “What do you think? I was moving things along. I thought you would like to help me test the mattress springs?” he said teasingly with a grin slowly creeping across his face.

“Did u seriously think I would have slept with you after just meeting you a few hours ago? Do I look like some kind of slut?!” Jo asked with a tone that Matt realised she was actually pissed off.

“Of course not! I just thought maybe you’d want to since u came back here with me.”

Typical! Jo thought. Typical that I got into this situation with the first hot guy I met here in the States.

Jo was a international student from the U.K. and was excited about being away from home for the first time. A new uni, new room, new start. But the events with Matt had her reeling. She wasn't a prude but she hated when guys thought they could get into her knickers easily.

She got up from the bed picked up her jacket and bag from the kitchen counter and slammed the front door shut behind her.

“Typical!” Matt shouted as he heard the door slam. I just managed to piss off the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life. Bet that was the last I’ll see of her.


6 months later

Jo waited patiently at the door hoping he was home. Come on she thought, telling herself that if he didn’t answer in 5 seconds she was leaving.

5 , 4, 3, 2......

She heard the lock turn in the door and the door swung open. He stood there slightly confused to see her.

He looks amazing as always she cooed to herself a smile forming on her lips.

Matt stood at the door wearing faded blue jeans and grey hooded sweatshirt. Every girl on campus knew how attractive he was. At 6 ft 2 he was lean and fit from the 5 miles he jogged every day. He had eyes as blue as sea water a long nose that fitted he face perfectly and a startling wide smile that set every female Jo knew heart’s on fire.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” he asked while he rubbed his dark blond cropped hair.

“Can I come in?”

He moved out of the way and let Jo through, their bodies deliberately touched as she walked past him taking in the smell of his cologne. Confidently Jo took off her jacket and put in on the counter. She was wearing a tight black and white striped sweater-dress that just about covered her round ass and a sheer pair of embroidered black tights with black leather ankle boots.

Matt had seen her wear the dress a few weeks before and loved how it displayed her curves perfectly.

He loved her figure since the day he first saw her. Everything about her just fit her 5 ft 4 frame; her curvy hips and butt, her small but generous sized breasts and her gorgeous face.

What is she doing here?
he thought.

Since their first eventful meeting 6 months ago the pair usually felt awkward around each other. They talked about the misunderstanding and decided to put it behind them since they both had the same group of friends. Jo felt as though she over reacted about it and Matt apologised for being so forward.

They became good friends but neither of them could ignore the attraction they felt. Matt was cocky and slightly arrogant but the confidence he had only made him more interesting to Jo. She was sick of all the boys she knew back home who were too shy to ever make the first move and ultimately put themselves in the friend-zone.

Jo was high maintenance and wasn’t easy to charm Matt discovered, but that’s what was appealing to him. All the girls he’d been with before made it all too easy and he lost interest in them very quickly. But here she was in his front room looking sexier than ever.

“I wanted to see you” said Jo. “I thought about this for 6 months and I realise what I want.”

Matt stood with poise. “And what would that be?”

Jo looked at him straight in the face, “You. I want you.”

“That right?”

“Cut the BS Matt. You want me too.” Jo declared boldly.

“You sure you made your mind up this time ‘cause I wont apologise this time if you change your mind again.”

"Playing games isn’t getting us anywhere. I’ve told you what I want.”

Jo walked over and stood directly in front of him. She placed her hands on his muscular shoulders and moved them to the nape of his neck. Raising her head she looked into his eyes deeply before moving in to kiss his lips.

Matt was unresponsive at first, still in shock that she was in his apartment standing in front of him and declaring her lust for him. As her lips touched his he closed his eyes and took her face in his hands kissing her back deeply, his tongue intertwining with hers. He broke away first, looking down at her taking in her striking face and inhaling her scent. She always smelled like coconut from the soap she used and he wanted to eat her alive.

Matt released her face and ran his fingers down her arms then took her hands and walked her into his room. Jo smiled, eager for the night to unfold. He closed the door behind them and embraced her in his arms. He wanted her badly but he also wanted to take as much time as possible.

Their kissing began romantically but soon their need intensified and became heated. Jo pressed her lips hard against Matt, running her hands through his hair taking his bottom lip between hers and running her tongue over it.

Matt could feel himself getting hard already feeling her breasts pressed against his chest. He ran his fingers over the back of her neck down to her spine and holding her waist firmly. Jo felt the hairs on her neck standing up and goose pimples forming over her body. She was aching for him to fuck her but wanted to savour every moment his hands touched her body.

Matt moved his hands from her waist to her hips then her juicy ass. He let them rest there and took a cheek in each hand and squeezed. Jo moaned softly into his mouth, her desire rising and she could feel her clit tingle. Unwillingly she broke away from his body and moved herself onto the bed.

She leaned back but kept her balance by using her arms to hold her torso up. Matt swallowed hard looking at Jo whose face shown she was ready for him. He looked down and took her left foot and removed her boot then did the same with the right. He took her right foot in his hands and rubbed the sole with this thumbs. Jo tilted her head back, enjoying the foot rub. She was getting so horny she thought she was going to burst.

Matt worked his hands over her ankle then to her calf then rubbed behind her knee. She giggled in excitement and Matt couldn’t help but smile widely. Then he moved his hands up her thigh softly, he could feel the heat that was building at her groin.

Using both hands he felt under her dress at the waist band of her tights. She lifted her bottom as he carefully pulled them down and tossed them on the floor. He crouched between her legs and gently started kissing each leg, lingering as he approached her inner thighs then quickly changing leg and kissing her calves again.

Jo was panting in desire feeling the wetness in her cunt build. As Matt approached her inner thighs again she gripped the collar of his sweat shirt and pulled him upwards to her face. 

Lying on their sides, they kissed roughly, panting for air. Matt placed his right leg between hers and she moaned as she pressed her crotch into it.

Quickly Jo tugged at the hem of Matt's sweater and pulled it off. She could feel the warmth of his chest in her hands. His torso was better than she had ever imagined. He wasn’t ripped and bulging with muscles but he was toned and defined and he felt just perfect to her. She ran her nails down his back feeling the warm flesh at her fingers. Matt placed his hand on her thigh and moved it slowly under her dress. He could feel the lacy material of her panties and wanted desperately to yank them off.

Patiently he traced his hand up her spine causing Jo to moan into his ear. He slipped his fingers under her bra clasp then moved them round to her chest to cup her left breast. Jo felt her nipples harden at his touch and completely let her body give in to him. She sat up, eyes still locked on his and pulled her dress over her head and threw it on the floor.

Intent on getting fucked, Jo unbuttoned Matt’s jeans and eased them off. They both looked at each other’s bodies in wonder. Perfect was the common thought.

Jo smiled as she saw the very obvious bulge in Matt’s boxers, she leaned over and started kissing over the swell that was there.

It was Matt’s turn to moan now. He could feel the heat from her mouth trough the cotton and it made his cock even stiffer. He ran his finger through her thick brown hair and held her head in place at his crotch. Jo pulled down his boxers and looked hungrily at his throbbing 7 inch cock. It was the most delicious thing she had ever seen. The head was already wet with pre-cum and Jo licked it like a lollipop.

“Hmmmmmmmm,” Matt moaned out loud.

Jo sucked at the head then took a few more inches in her mouth. She licked down the shaft all the way to the base and back again, covering his thick cock in saliva. Matt couldn’t take any more. He reached down and pulled Jo’s mouth off his dick. He hastily pulled off her panties and sat Jo on top of him.

Looking downwards he rubbed the head of his cock against the opening of her wet pussy, covering it with her juices.

He then held her hips as she slowly pushed down on his cock. He could feel her tight around his thick cock and concentrated his hardest to stop himself from exploding. She pushed down farther, taking 4 inches of his cock inside her.

Jo stated building a steady rhythm taking him deeper each time she pushed downwards. His cock felt superb inside her, it was thicker than her last partners' and she couldn’t get enough of it.

Matt gripped her hips as she drove her pussy down on him. As she pushed down he began thrusting into her. Her moans turned into screams which only aroused him even more. Becoming restless he rolled her onto her back and climbed on top of her. He pushed his cock in her tight hole again and began kissing her neck and down her chest to her nipples as he thrusted with greater speed. Feeling her orgasm approach Jo wrapped her legs round Matt’s waist and grabbed on to his shoulders.

He heard her moan and gasp in his ear and then her pussy walls contracted around his cock. He thrust harder into her hearing the slapping noises his balls against her pelvis. Suddenly the veins in his cock got tighter and he felt his balls tense up as he came inside her. The release of his hot spewing load left Matt drained and Jo felt his warm cum deep in her pussy.

It was the most amazing orgasms they ever had. Matt pulled his softening cock out and rolled over on his back. They were both covered in sweat and their bodies ached with exhaustion.

Matt looked at Jo and a trademark huge smile appeared on his face. “I told you the mattress springs were good.”

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