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Secret Admirer

Miranda has a secret admirer..

Miranda had just gotten home from work on Friday evening after a tiring day, and had nothing on her mind but taking a hot shower and curling up on the sofa with a good movie. She wandered into the bedroom of her apartment, took off her clothes and looked in the mirror. At almost 30, she was lovely. Her blond hair fell in waves past her shoulders and to the middle of her back and her light green eyes, though they were tired at the moment, were still clear and beautiful. She wasn’t fat, but not toothpick thin either and her lush, full breasts were capped with beautiful rosy nipples. She smiled at the woman in the mirror and headed on to the shower.

After her shower was done, she slipped silk robe over her naked, still slightly damp body, went to the kitchen to pour herself a glass of Merlot and tehn headed to the living room. She turned on the TV and immediately found a good movie to get engrossed in. She was really into it, sipping on her wine every now and then and hugging the pillow in her lap. She watched the lovers on the screen sharing a kiss that was escalating into heavy making out and felt her pussy twinge in response. It had been awhile for her, since most men she came in contact with were hardly ones she’d want to kiss, let alone spend the night with. She bit her lip as she watched the scene get hotter before her eyes. She lay down on the sofa, transfixed, her eyes glued to the screen as a hand slipped inside her robe to lightly pinch and roll a nipple. She gasped as she felt the sensation from that in her pussy. God, she was so hot and it had been so long since she had a nice, thick cock filling her up.

Her pussy was throbbing and absolutely dripping, but just as her hand stole up under her robe to satisfy it, the damn phone rang, snapping her out of her lustful mood. She cursed and picked it up...

“Hello? Can I help you?” she said in a slightly irritated voice.

“I sure hope so,” said the honey smooth voice of a man

“ what do you want?” she asked, really wanting to get back to her previous activity.

“You, lovely...just you,” he said quietly.

“Who is this? I don’t recognize your voice,” she answered, yet his voice was sexy and hot and she felt yet another twinge.

“You’ve seen me around, darling, but right now my name doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you are very aroused and you need to be taken care of, am I right?”

Miranda shivered and felt her pussy twinge so hard that she thought she would cum just from listening to him.. “’t..”

“Oh, come now, love, of course you are, I can hear it in your voice,” said the sexier than hell voice on the other end. “Its been awhile for you hasn’t it? Quite awhile since you had a nice, thick, cock inside you. Your cunt is burning for it, isn’t it? You can tell me, Miranda.”

“H-How do you know my name?” she stammered, and fought back a moan.

“I told you, we have seen each other, but my name doesn’t matter right now, you’ll know soon enough. Just think of me as a secret admirer. Now, I could just continue to talk to you like this and make you cum, but what I would rather do is please you in person. Which would you prefer, darling? Just my voice, or meeting me?”

Miranda knew she must be crazy or extremely horny to want to meet the man behind that sexy, honey smooth voice, but she was actually entertaining the idea. She thought for a moment and the more she thought, the more she knew she couldn’t resist.

“Where do you want me to meet you?” she asked in a shaky voice.

“Ah, good choice, darling. I want you to get dressed, doesn’t have to fancy, because your clothes won’t stay on long, and drive to this address.” And he quickly rattled off an address on the other side of town.

“Ok, I’ll be there as soon as I can,” she said quietly and hung up.

She knew she was crazy for wanting to do this, but she was feeling reckless and his voice... just his voice had made her even more aroused than the movie had. She couldn’t wait to find out who this mystery man was. She quickly threw on a halter top and shorts and her sandals and jumped in her car and left.

Antonio smiled as he hung up the phone and prepared for her arrival. He’d been watching her at work for weeks now, waiting for the right moment to get her in his arms and his bed. Just seeing her walk by his desk, her hips swaying in the tiny little skirts she liked to wear, made him have to constantly fight a hard on.

He prepared for her arrival by turning off all of the lights and filling his huge, sunken bathtub with a bubble bath. He planned to treat her like a princess and that included making love to her and pleasing her for hours. He turned on all of the LCD candles around the huge bathroom and through out his penthouse apartment and set a bottle of wine in a chill bucket in the foyer. Then he wrote a note and left it on the small table just inside the doors and went to the place he had picked out to watch her, knowing he could see her, but she could not see him...yet.

Miranda arrived at the address some thirty minutes later and her jaw dropped at the high rise apartment building that she had parked near. She got out and went inside and caught the elevator to the 12th floor, which was the penthouse. The elevator doors opened into a beautiful foyer and she spied the note laying on the small table there. She picked it up and read it:

My darling Miranda,

Push the button on the right of the elevator doors to lock them and then have a glass of wine. Follow the trail of rose petals and when you get to the end, take off your clothes and relax. I will see you soon.


She frowned at little at why he didn’t write his full name, but she poured herself a glass of wine and walked through the lavish penthouse and up the stairs, following the trail of rose petals just like the note said. When she got to the end, she was in a huge bathroom with candles lit all over and a huge sunken tub full of bubbles. She smiled. Even though she hadn’t long showered, it did look very inviting. She took off her clothes and slipped into it, moaning in pleasure at the feel of the hot, swirling bubbly water. She let her eyes close and her mind drift, wondering who this man could be. Suddenly she could hear his voice, the way it had sounded on the phone and felt her pussy twinge again. She moaned softly as her hand came up to squeeze a breast and play with a nipple and the other stole between her thighs to lightly rub over her soaked pussy lips, and then slip fingers inside to pump.

Antonio had to stifle a long, loud groan and the sight of the blond beauty masturbating in his tub. He watched her from the shadows of the door way between his bedroom and the bathroom. The louder she moaned, the harder his cock got in the silk boxers he wore. ‘So beautiful,’ he thought to himself, watching as she touched herself. Her moans told him that she was on the edge. ‘Yes, beauty, yes, that's it, cum, let it go’ he thought as he watched her writhe and moan as her orgasm thundered through her. Just before she finished and opened her eyes, he stepped out of the shadows and into the candle lit bathroom so she could see him.

Miranda moaned and writhed as she heard his seductive voice in her mind, her body shuddering as she came all over her hand. Her head lolled back, eyes closed. She stayed that way, panting softly as the aftershocks raced through her body. She finally opened her eyes to see a man standing there in the candle light and gasped. It was the new guy in her department at work, Antonio. She’d been looking at him for weeks now. Hell, what woman wouldn’t! He stood there, in only black silk boxers, his long, dark hair around his shoulders and dark eyes watching her with a heated gaze. She’d never seen his hair down before since usually he wore it in a ponytail at work. He looked a hundred times sexier with it down. She didn’t think he’d even noticed her, let alone planned this sultry seduction scene. She had every intention of doing whatever he had planned.

“Oh my god...Antonio?” she said when she finally found her voice.

He smiled, moving closer. “Are you surprised, my beauty?”

All she could do was nod, transfixed as he moved closer, bending down to take her chin in his fingers and lightly brush her lips with his. Miranda shivered and moaned. His tongue swept in, kissing her passionately, but slowly. When the kiss broke, he whispered against her lips..

“Time to get out of the tub, lovely, I have so much more in store for you.”

She moaned again and he smiled.

She stood up and stepped out of the tub and into the fluffy towel he held up for her. Antonio wrapped her up in it and held her close, kissing her neck, which made another soft moan escape.

“Time to please you now, my lovely, as you’ve never been pleased before,” Hhe whispered and picked her up in his arms.

She felt weak and hot all over cradled in his strong arms against that gorgeous, smooth chest. She wanted to kiss him all over, he was so sexy.

Antonio carried her into his bedroom and gently laid her on his bed after taking off the towel she was wrapped up in. Miranda felt very sexy and more than a little aroused lying there on the black satin sheets of the king size bed in the candle lit room. He stood there at the side of the bed, his silk boxers doing next to nothing to hide his arousal. Her eyes riveted right to it and he noticed her hungry stare and reached out to stroke her cheek.

“Yes, beauty, I know you want that, its been awhile for you, I can tell. Don’t worry, you’ll have it, just not...yet,” he said as he moved to his knees beside her on the bed and ran a hand down her heated body.

Miranda writhed in pleasure and want under his hand as he stopped to slowly squeeze and caress her breasts and on down her belly and stroked her thighs, then settled a hand on her hot and damp mound. Miranda moaned, but it was stifled by his hot tongue filling her mouth, kissing slowly, seductively as his fingers brushed over her clit. She immediately lifted her hips to get more of his fingers, but he removed them and she whimpered in lustful frustration.

“Yes, I know you are eager, beauty, but you must be patient. I intend to take my time and explore every bit of your lovely body,” he said softly against her lips and kissed them again.

She wanted him to devour her, she wanted to touch him all over, but most of all, she wanted him as naked as she was. This was blissful torture for her and try as she might, she was not sure how much she could take before she would cry and beg for him. Her hand reached out and rubbed over the bulge in his boxers and Antonio sucked in his breath sharply at the unexpected caress. He did want her badly, but he couldn’t allow himself to lose control, not yet. He wanted to savor her. He pulled back just a little and moved off the bed to slowly push his boxers to the floor. The second his lush, big cock was revealed, Miranda moaned, wanting so much to have that hot, hard length in her mouth and even better, in her pussy that was now aching and dripping wet for him.

Antonio leaned down to kiss her, and then, gently putting his hand on the back of her head, guided her mouth to his aching hard on. Miranda’s tongue flicked out to caress the tender, wet head and he hissed softly between clenched teeth. She licked it all over, every throbbing, hard inch and then swiped her tongue back up and swirled it over the head, before sucking lightly on it.

“Yes, lovely, you wanted me in your mouth badly didn’t you?” he groaned, hand stroking her hair. Her answer was to take him in as deep as she could, sucking hard as her tongue lashed all over it. His head went back, his eyes closed and he slowly thrust his hips against her face. Miranda moaned the entire time it was in her mouth, sucking it as hard and deep as she could manage, until finally he couldn’t take any more, and he didn’t want to cum yet, oh no. He slowly pulled it from her mouth and she let out a whiny moan, not wanting to let it go. He smiled down at her and then moved onto the bed and eased his body down to hers.

“Oh god...” she cried softly, the second his hot body touched hers. He kissed her deeply, hotly, swirling and tangling his tongue with hers and she felt as if she was going to cum just from that and the feel of him against her. She could feel his hard cock against her thigh and tried to wiggle her hips over to get it at her entrance, but he stilled her.

“Not yet, sweet...I have only just begun to enjoy you,” he said against her lips and then kissed along her jawline and down to her neck, lavishing it with hot, open mouthed kisses. Miranda tilted her head back, offering her neck to his hot mouth, softly panting and moaning as her hands tangled in his long, gorgeous locks.

He kissed along her collarbone and then buried his face between her breasts, and nuzzled them before licking and kissing them all over before taking a taut nipple into his hot mouth. She moaned and her body arched, to offer her breasts to his mouth and he grinned against them and slowly devoured and sucked her nipples until she was gasping and rubbing heatedly against him.

Satisfied with the state her lovely breasts were now in, he trailed hot, open mouthed kisses down her belly and kissed her hipbones and thighs until Miranda was writhing and moaning uncontrollably. He slowly pushed her thighs open wider with his hands, revealing her beautiful shaved pussy. She was glistening wet and so ready for him. He wanted to forget what he was about to do and get inside her as fast as possible, but he knew he must please her just like he said he would. He lightly blew hot breath over her quivering slit and she writhed and whimpered.

“Look at me, beauty,” he said, locking his eyes with hers. “I want you to watch what I am going to do to you.”

She watched with lust filled eyes as he took a long, luxurious lick along her soaked slit and then lightly flicked his tongue up and down it. Miranda moaned and her hips jerked up at first contact of his tongue on her aching pussy, which only excited him all the more. He put both of her legs over his shoulders and began to eat at her voraciously, as if he were a starving man and unable to get enough. Oh, she tasted so good that he moaned into her, which made Miranda cry out and dig her fingers into his hair. His lips found her clit very quickly, sucking it lightly and then harder as his tongue stabbed at it. Miranda was going insane, almost unable to watch him as she writhed and her head tossed. When his tongue thrust as deep into her as it could, she became wild and wanton, moaning incoherently as his thumb rubbed her clit roughly. She began to shudder, on the very edge. He groaned, knowing she was about to cum and raised up long enough to speak.

“Yes, that’s a good girl..cum for me,” and then sucked her clit hard. Miranda nearly screamed as her body arched, shuddering hard and he was rewarded with her squirting juices all over his chin and in his mouth. He groaned, loving it that she’d squirted all over him and eagerly lapped up every drop he could. She was still shaking and moaning minutes later, and he gave her pussy a slow kiss and then kissed her thighs before moving back up and settling between her thighs as his hot tongue swept between her lips. She kissed him back just as passionately as he was kissing her, as she rubbed herself against the hard cock poised at her entrance.

Antonio looked down at her, happy with the state he’d gotten her in. His cock was so achingly hard that he could wait no more to sink into her hot, wet depths. She looked up at him and softly moaned, her hips slowly rolling, rubbing that hot wetness against his throbbing cock that he groaned and slid into her with a firm, slow thrust.

“Oh god yes!” he choked out as he felt her hot, wet cunt grip his cock.

“Oh god, Antonio,” she moaned in response, grinding her hips slowly against his.

He filled her up so good and she just wrapped her legs around his hips and thrust her hips up eagerly against his. He groaned against her neck and began to thrust slowly at first, so she could get used to his size. Miranda thought she would go insane with lust for this man. He was unlike any she had ever been with before. She writhed under him, kissing and sucking his neck as he picked up speed a little and then a soft bite made him lose control.

He began to thrust harder into her, driving his cock deep into her tight pussy. Miranda ground against him as much as she could, moaning his name all the while.Then, he moved to his knees and pulled her legs up to rest her feet on his shoulders and began to pound into her deep and hard. Each powerful thrust of his hips drove them both closer and closer to edge. He could feel her pussy starting to spasm around him and his cock pulsed inside her in response. He put her legs down and lowered himself to her again, capturing her lips in a hot, luscious kiss as they both came at the same time. They moaned into each other’s mouths as their bodies shuddered together in sweet release. He thrust lazily into her until they both stopped shuddering and then broke the kiss and rained kisses along her jaw and neck.

“You are so beautiful when you cum, Miranda,” he whispered against her neck, but all she could do was softly whimper in response. He slowly moved off of her then, though he really didn’t want to, and pulled the pleasantly exhausted Miranda in his arms to hold close.

“Sleep now, my beauty,” he whispered with a kiss to her forehead.

And she did.

The End

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