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Secret Love- The Beginning (Part 1)

Tried writing something a little different for a change...
Delilah and Anthony have been in a great relationship for almost two years. No one expected it to change, not even Delilah and Anthony themselves. Everything about their relationship was so perfect. They got together at the end of Senior year in high school, during the last month of school, right after their prom. Delilah wanted to keep their love a secret at first, because she didn't want the whore of the school Jessica to find out. She knew Jessica would probably be all over Anthony if she knew he was taken, since "taken cute guys" seemed to be Jessica's type. Anthony was a real stud, dark hair with soft green eyes, and nicely built. Delilah couldn't believe Anthony's last girlfriend would let him go, he was a keeper.

Jessica was a real slut in high school. She was a complete snob, which made things even worse. She was definitely a home-wrecking whore. During her four years of high school, she broke up more couples than people could count. Delilah did not want this to happen to her and Anthony. Anthony agreed to keep the whole thing a secret, since school was over in a month anyway.

Everyday after school in June, Anthony and Delilah would meet a few streets down from the school, in the driveway next to an old brick house. They spent their afternoons sitting in the driveway, talking, holding hands, making out, just normal relationship kind of stuff, except that no one knew what they were up to.

One afternoon, Anthony and Delilah were getting really into their kissing, almost forgetting that they were outside. Anthony didn't seem to really care, but Delilah was always worried the owner of the house might come out and yell at them one day.

"Baby it's okay. No one is going to see us." Anthony said to Delilah.

"How do you know that for sure, there are people walking by, they can turn around and see us in a second!" Delilah replied.

"Come on then we will go into the yard." Anthony said, grabbing Delilah's waist from behind.

"What? No way! What if they look out their window?!" Delilah shot back.

Anthony grinned and pointed to the window above their heads. "Has anyone looked out of this window?"

Before Delilah could protest again, Anthony kissed her, causing her to forget what she was going to say. He pulled Delilah into the yard with him, and started kissing her with even more passion than before. He gently pushed Delilah, so that she was sitting on the steps up to the small patio, containing a few chairs, an old wooden table, and a barbeque. Before Delilah even realized, Anthony had her shirt pulled down, and had his mouth surrounding one of her nipples. Part of her wanted to stop him, but her body overcame her mind, and she let him continue. Anthony moved Delilah's curly chocolate-brown hair out of the way, and switched to the other nipple. Delilah could not stop a few small moans from escaping through her soft, full lips, as Anthony's skilled tongue worked its magic on her small, but beautiful breasts.

Delilah could feel her panties becoming progressively wet with desire. She soon forgot where she was, and lost the willpower to stop what they were about to do. Anthony almost ripped off Delilah's pants, but left her sexy light blue thong on. He began teasing her, kissing up her legs, higher and higher, at an extremely slow pace. Delilah thought he was going to make her lose her mind if he didn't start eating her pussy that second. Her panties had a huge wet spot, and Anthony finally decided to stop teasing her. He moved her panties aside, and slowly licked her wet slit, from her clit down to her wanting hole, which was soaked with her sweet juices. Anthony slid his tongue deep into Delilah's pussy, causing her to shudder, and moan a bit louder. She was so wet at this point, and couldn't wait any longer for Anthony's hard cock in her pussy.

"Mmm baby stop teasing me... I need you in me right now." Delilah moaned.

She did not have to tell Anthony twice. He whipped out his throbbing cock. Delilah guessed it was about seven inches long and it was pretty thick. Anthony positioned himself over Delilah's body, and slowly pushed his cock into her. He stopped when nearly his entire cock had disappeared into her pussy.

"Oh fuck yes." Delilah moaned. Anthony's cock was so much better than her ex boyfriends. It was bigger and thicker, and filled her up perfectly. It hurt a little at first, but once she adjusted to it, it was the best feeling she had ever felt up until that point. Anthony picked up the pace, as Delilah's moaning became increasingly louder. They both came in less than five minutes, most likely due to the fact that there could be someone watching them, and they could get caught at any moment.

Delilah had done a fair share of risky thing, but never had sex outside. She had almost been caught masturbating by her her parents dozens of times. Taking that risk made her orgasms better than just any orgasm. The most daring thing Delilah had done up until having sex in some strangers yard was probably the time when she masturbated in her hallway. She knew that the people who lived upstairs could swing the front door open at any given time, exposing her nakedness to whoever walked by. This gave Delilah a thrill every time she did something like that, and made her have some pretty intense orgasms.

Anthony and Delilah took a few minutes to recollect themselves. They got dressed and sat there talking for a few more minutes before leaving to go home. Little did they know they were secretly being watched the entire time...


During the last two months of Anthony and Delilah's Sophomore year of college, their relationship started getting a little rocky. They argued constantly, and fought over stupid things. Delilah's roommate Sara, was always there for her. Whenever Delilah and Anthony would fight, Sara would always be there to cheer her up and make her laugh about it. They had become best friends, since they had met in freshman year. Sara also had a boyfriend named David. David and Anthony were also best friends because they were both on the football team. The four of them would often go out together to bars, the movies, clubs, or just out to dinner. They all got along really well until this one Friday night.

On Friday, they were all supposed to go out to this new bar that had opened a few blocks away from Sara and Delilah's apartment. Sara said that she couldn't go because she had to get a final paper done that she had put off until the last minute. Delilah tried to convince her to do it the next day, but Sara insisted she should just stay home, and to go and have fun and to keep an eye on David for her.

Later that night, Delilah reluctantly left the apartment without Sara, and met up with Anthony and David downstairs. They walked to the bar, which was small, but nice. It was dimly lit, with neon lighted floor tiles, and the few lights hanging over the bar. Everything was going well, and David, Anthony and Delilah were chatting, drinking, and just having a good time. Delilah didn't usually drink that often, so she wasn't having too much, because she didn't want to make a fool of herself. At about one in the morning, Jessica the whore from high school showed up at the bar.

"Oh great, look who has arrived." Delilah said, sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

Anthony and David turned around to see who it was. It looked as if she had come alone and was scanning the place for a fuck buddy. As her eyes landed on the table where Anthony, David and Delilah sat, the guys motioned for her to come sit with them. They were both drunk by that point, and Delilah was now just really pissed off. She stormed off into the bathroom. As she walked into the small bright pink bathroom containing two stalls and two sinks with mirrors on the walls above them, she noticed a gorgeous red-haired girl. This stunning sexpot had a perfect barbie figure, and her red hair fit her perfectly. Not many people could pull off being a sexy redhead, but damn she was definitely one of them. Delilah could not keep her eyes off of this girl. She was even getting a bit wet just looking at her. The mysterious redhead noticed Delilah checking her out, but didn't say anything, and continued touching up her lips with red lipstick that matched the sexy little red dress she was wearing, with red high heels.

Delilah snapped herself out her thoughts, and went into one of the stalls. She couldn't believe that she was getting wet because of another woman. She had thought about being with another woman before, but she never actually had been with one. This girl really seemed to catch her attention. Possibly it was the rarity of a completely stunning redhead, and even better she was a lesbian, but Delilah would find that out later while talking to her. The redhead left the bathroom, and Delilah left shortly after, and walked back towards her boyfriend and David, and oh, right the slut was still there too.

"Oh no. No way. They are not making out." Delilah thought, and walked a little quicker back to the table.

"What the fuck are you doing David?!" Delilah screamed.

David and Jessica stopped kissing. David looked up at a furious Delilah. "What does it look like I'm doing? I am having fun." David said with a stupid grin on his face. "Don't be mad at me, your boyfriend is the one who dared me to do it." He added.

"What?!" Delilah bellowed. "Are you fucking kidding me Anthony? I go to the bathroom for two fucking seconds, and I come back to this slut making out with my best friends boyfriend, and you dared them to do that? You are such a fucking asshole. You know David and Sara are together, but yet you dare him to kiss this whore, who probably has mono and God knows what else!"

"Did you just call me a slut you fucking bitch?" Jessica said, as if she wanted to start a fight.

"Yeah, actually I fucking did. You are a slut, you always have been and you always will be." Said Delilah. Then she turned to Anthony. "And you, don't even bother calling me, we are done." And with that, Delilah took the half empty glass of beer in front of Anthony, and threw the remaining liquid in his face. Then she ran out of the bar crying. "Fucking cunt!" Anthony yelled after her.

The redhead noticed Delilah was headed towards the door and followed her outside. She found Delilah slumped against the wall outside the bar. She sat down next to her.

"Hey are you okay, I saw what happened in there." Said the redhead, in a soft calming voice. She gently pushed the hair away from Delilah's face and tucked it behind her ear, which sent shivers up Delilah's spine.

Delilah looked up, and was happy to see that the redhead had followed her. She smiled and wiped her tears away. "Yeah I will be okay. I think I am giving up on guys, at least for a while."

"Yeah I did that a long time ago, girls are way better. By the way my name is Caitlin, what's yours?" Caitlin asked.

"Delilah." She replied with a smile.

"Do you want to get out of here, maybe go to a club or something, I mean why waste these sexy outfits we have on we look hot." Caitlin suggested.

"Oh... I don't know clubs aren't really my scene." Delilah replied, hesitantly.

"It's right around the corner, I promise you will have fun, and if you don't we can always leave." Caitlin said with a mischievous smile.

"Okay, fine I will go." Delilah couldn't have said no, even if she tried. She was under this girls spell already, captured by her emerald green eyes, that seemed to to contain magnets that kept Delilah's brown eyes attached, not letting them fall away.

Caitlin stood up and helped Delilah to her feet too. "Okay, lets go have some fun!" Caitlin said, a little excitedly. And with that, the pair of them strolled down the street and around the corner stopping in front of a club, that looked pretty busy. Caitlin flashed a sexy smile in Delilah's direction, before pulling her into the club.

To be continued...
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