Secret Pleasures

By Delicious1

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I was always horny, sex just once a day was never going to be enough, not for me anyways. I looked over at Eric, I wanted him, I knew I would always want him.

I smiled at him while my fingers explored his chest, tweaking his nipples and squeezing his pecs. He turned toward me reaching for my breasts and cupping the soft tanned flesh in his hand, his thumb moving over my nipple playing with the turgid flesh. I trembled and moved closer needing the full contact of his skin against mine.

His strongly muscled thigh moved between mine and as my lips met his I slowly rubbed my heated flesh against him. I could feel his shaft twitch against my tummy and I reached for it slowly stroking the hardened flesh. I didn't want the slow sensual love making of the night before now all I wanted to do was to straddle him. I wanted to fuck him hard and fast.

I moaned into his ear then rolled on top of him. My breasts pressed to his chest as I reached behind me and guided his cock into my wet slit. I pushed back and took his hard length inside me fully. I quickly got into a rhythm, I leaned back my hands on his thighs behind me for support as I rocked back an forth on his cock. Riding him hard and fast my pussy grinding against him with every downward thrust.

I pushed myself up using the wall in front of me for balance as I continued my assault on his cock. I could feel the muscle in his thigh flex as he tried to match my rhythm his hands on my ass pulling me into him. I knew I was ready to cum and so was he. His thumb moved to my clit and that was all I needed to shudder to a climax. Within seconds his hands tightened on my hips as he pushed upward and released his load inside me.
Our breathing was still ragged as I rolled off him giggling. His arm curled around me and he kissed my hair and held me close. I was a lucky girl, I knew that, but all too quickly he closed his eyes and fell asleep again. What else is new? I asked myself laughing softly.

I kissed his shoulder then moved off the bed silently, grabbing a morning gown and belting it over my nakedness. I slipped out the room in need of something to drink. The apartment was in darkness still and I dared not put a light on for fear of waking up one of his drunk friends.

We had a party last night and a few of the guys had wanted to spend the night and if I knew them, they would sleep just about anywhere there was space. I tiptoed toward the kitchen, my hands groping the wall trying to adjust to the blackness. I stubbed my toe and let out a whispered curse at the darkness. I felt the edge of a sofa beneath my fingers and ran my hand slowly along it feeling my way, a little more careful now. I was still bent over when I was startled by the hand that just seem to move up between my legs from behind.
I almost jumped from the intimate touch but as the hand closed over my wet mound I heard a whispered 'shhhhh'.
'Eric? ' I said, unsure and questioning.

'Shhhhh', came the reply.
'You scared me', I said laughing nervously, trying to look behind me as his fingers started to move. I closed my eyes in pleasure moaning softly, 'Eric'.

His hand on my back pushed me down and forward over the sofa arm rest. He lifted the edge of my gown over my naked ass as he got down on his knees and began to eat me out from behind. He licked greedily at my wet cum filled pussy, dragging the wetness up to my ass then back down for more, his tongue stabbing deep inside me. His fingers teased at my ass as his face pressed into the juncture of my thighs, his tongue moving up and over my clit between my wet slit and deep into my dripping fuck hole over and over again.

'Fuck babe I'm cumming', I whispered, trying to make as little noise as possible afraid to wake anyone of his sleeping friends His only reply was to lick and tongue me faster till I exploded. I struggled not to scream out my climax and my body trembled with repressed pleasure. Eric shifted behind me now. He was standing over my still bent over form and as I turned to look at him he pulled my hair, pulling my head back hard at the same time thrusting is rigid cock inside me. I cried out a little and again he whispered, 'Shhhh' and relaxed his hold on my hair a little, his one hand on my breast as he squeezed it roughly and pounded into me.

I could hear the sound of his cock as it slammed into me harder and harder still, his balls slapping against me as he moved. It has always been a fantasy to have sex like this, I have always like it a little rough and the fact that we were not alone in the room was even more exciting, but I never imagined Eric would ever want to. I wondered how it was possible that I could cum again, but as he pounded into me and growled into my ear I could feel the heat rise in me again and I closed my eyes in ecstasy. My breathing ragged and heavy, I could feel him thicken inside me and knew he was on the verge of his own release. He pulled my head back and thrust his tongue into my mouth as he emptied his balls into me. He lay on me for a few seconds and then pulled his softening cock out.

I was exhausted and far more thirsty than before.

'Do you want something to drink babe?' I whispered into the darkness as I stood up and pulled my gown to rightness but I was greeted with silence.

'Eric?' I whispered again but he was gone as silently as he had come. Amazing, I thought, as I made my way to the kitchen. I found the fridge in the darkness and grabbed the bottled water. He's probably going to want some too, I thought as I brought the bottle to my lips and took a large sip before making my way back to the room with it.
'Babe', I said as I entered our room, but he was already asleep. The soft night light glowed over his sleeping form, his breathing slow and steady. I felt a shiver run down my spine. There's no way it could have been him in the lounge. He looked just as I had left him.

My mind raced, there were at least six other guys in the apartment; it could have been any one of them. I grabbed a towel and wiped myself clean. I was still shaken but the memory of the pleasure I had experienced stayed with me. I knew I never wanted to let Eric know what had happened or how much I had enjoyed it, so I crawled back into bed beside him and wrapped myself in his warmth...