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Seduced In The Shower

I wasn’t supposed to be seduced. I just couldn’t help it.

I had agreed to do it, just for her. My task was to take some images of Emily in the shower, sexy and erotic images for this social sex site, of which, we were both members. She wanted to take the next step and show off her sexy and voluptuous body to all her followers.

I had agreed on the one condition that nothing happened. So at seven-thirty I arrived at her place complete with camera kit, tripod and a few makeshift lights. I don’t normally do people or portraits but seeing as she was a friend, I thought why not.

Emily was buzzing with excitement and I had decided that it may be best if she were to take a shower as normal and act as if I wasn’t there; without all the posing and staring at the camera stuff. It would also be less of a problem with her getting naked in front of me; she would be far more relaxed. I would then enter the bathroom and start taking photos when she was not looking. Natural photographs are always the best, I find.

Emily agreed, though I knew her a little too well, and I knew something was very wrong with how she presented herself, how softly she spoke and how much she was smiling. I put it down to nerves, but deep down, I knew she was not the nervous type.

I caught a whiff of her perfume as she passed me on her way to the shower; a sweet, yet musky scent that I caught myself trying to follow as she disappeared out of sight.

I could hear the water in the shower hit the floor with a resounding patter. I guessed Emily was stripping off her clothes and I waited for the tone of the shower to change; indicating that the water would be falling on her instead of the floor.

I poked my head around the door of the bathroom and took a quick peek. Emily was in the shower resting with her back against the wall. Water flowed effortlessly over her breasts, belly and down onto her half-raised leg. She was swooning with her eyes closed and her hands gently caressed her shoulders; her large and wonderful breasts were pushed together causing water to drip from her erect nipples.

The whole scene caused me to double take and look on her in complete admiration.

I started clicking away as she pretended to wash her body and revel in the luxuriousness of the falling water.

I couldn’t help but get aroused. No matter how professional I thought I was being, Emily was turning me on. She’s not a slim woman, I would say rounded, full bodied or voluptuous; a BBW to all intents and purpose, but a gorgeous looking one. Her broad shoulders formed a wonderful plinth on which she presented her sleek and beautiful blonde looks. She has a gorgeous face and to me, she looked like she could have launched a thousand ships; in a past life, that is. Her wonderful breasts stood out admirably; especially the way she was pushing them together.

What blew me away the most were her ample features, wonderful thighs and those legs; she was blessed with the most unblemished skin imaginable. She had a skin that contained her rather than wrapped around her; a skin that announced her body to whoever set eyes on it and its utmost perfection.

Emily was happy in her skin and I was happy watching her and clicking away; capturing her erotic form on digital media.

I was surprised when she opened her eyes and looked at me. I shouldn’t have been. I suppose I was, after all, making a lot of noise. I pressed the shutter some more capturing those come-to-bed eyes and the way she moved her body like the water was a musical instrument and she the musician.

When she crooked a finger to entice me into the shower, I just grinned and took some more pictures. It wasn’t until she spoke that I stopped shooting and held my camera to my side.

“Come here, join me,” her softly spoken tone made me stop. Her eyes implored me into the shower, her body was crying out for me but I was married and so was she. This was just supposed to be a photo shoot, nothing more than that.

“Put that camera down, come in here, with me.”

Her soft speech and soft body enticed me. I felt my camera slide uncontrollably out of my hand and onto the toilet seat. I found myself kicking off my trainers before stopping; my eyes never leaving her body. I was desperately thinking what I should do for the best. But I was losing that battle.

Emily lifted her hands to her breasts and presented them to me with a pout on her lips. My cock hardened under my jogging pants reminding me that I should have worn a little extra protection under them.

Her finger slipped into her mouth and I found myself mesmerised and helpless as I lifted my T-shirt over my head; discarding it on top of my camera.

Emily turned around in the shower; she knew full well that she had me when I took my T-shirt off. She wiggled her bum after placing her hands on her hips. It was so seductive. By the time she had turned to face me again, my mouth was open in admiration of her body.

“Come on, two more to go.” She leant forward a little allowing her breasts to move from side to side more effectively.

She didn’t know that I was naked under my trousers, and that in one go she would be feasting on me as I was feasting on her.

I couldn’t stop myself. I wanted to, and I knew that afterwards I would feel guilty. I wasn’t sure she would feel the same. Her finger wiggled at me some more and I placed my thumbs into the waistband and pulled downwards; never once taking my eyes from hers.

My jogging trousers hit the floor allowing my semi-flaccid cock to spring free. I caught the wanton smile on her face as I stepped out from my pants.

Emily had stopped looking at me. It was a relief to be honest. At least I didn’t have to look into her imploring eyes as I joined her.

I took a step forward and stopped. This was my last chance to walk away from her, but I just watched as her eyes were fixed on my growing cock. My mind was imploring me to be logical. My heart told me I was already helpless, and my cock, well that was telling me to hurry up.

How could I not enter the shower? It was impossible to walk away now and I shook my head from side to side; resigned to the fact that I would step in the shower with her, get wet, and then what?

Her hand crept between her breasts and she pushed it up between them finally moving it to cup her breast. Her other hand wandered over her belly and slipped between her thigh before bringing it back up and over her breast to caress her neck.

I took another step towards the shower. Towards Emily. Towards infidelity.

As my foot was raised to enter the shower she stepped forward. Her hand grasped my cock and she pulled me in towards her hot water-bottled body before I could escape. She tightened her grip on my cock and let me sink into her. My arms grasped her waist and I pushed them together, savouring her smooth and ample flesh. My hands quickly descended to her bottom and I caressed it as I pushed Emily back towards the wall.

Our mouths met and opened instinctively. Our tongues lashed at each other. Her hands came up around either side of my head and my hands caressed their way onto her lovely breasts.

Water flowed down on top of us as we kissed, passionately. Our mouths only parted to allow erotically charged moans to escape.

I couldn’t get enough of her body and took my time caressing every inch of her. I let my body rub against hers; my cock, trapped between me and the underside of her belly. I let my chest savour the softness of her breasts, aided by my massaging hands. I rubbed her nipples causing delightful little moans to escape from her mouth.

I loved listening to her respond to my touch.

Her hands left my face and neck as they made their way down towards my cock. Emily started to pull upwards on it in a slow deliberate motion that excited me no end. She eventually squeezed her second hand between us to cup my balls.

And still we kissed, passionately, as the water cascaded down on us; running off my head, around my face and over our lips. The combination of her lips, tongue and the hot water was exquisite.

My lips started to quiver with excitement and I could tell that Emily was just as aroused. I was wondering what she wanted me to do, how to move us forward.

Suddenly, I turned masterful; as much as I could. I stepped back from her and spun her around. I pushed her towards the wall of the shower and she instinctively raised both her hands either side of her; palms up and flat against the shower wall. Her bum pushed backwards against my raging cock. Her face, inches from the wall. Her breasts, hanging seductively and waiting for my hands to cup them.

I looked down at her marvellous bottom and then my cock.

I swallowed hard. I was lost. Intoxicated with lust. I looked up at her hands bracing themselves for the penetration she so desperately wanted. I heard a whimper, and then a whisper. It took several attempts for me to hear her words.

“Fuck me!”

She was panting the words out against the wall of the shower. I leant in towards her and grabbed her breast from behind and squeezed one last time. Releasing it, I whispered into her ear.

“You want me to fuck you?”

Emily nodded, as she did so her bum stroked my cock and her breasts beat against the shower room wall.

Seconds later I heard her moan.

“Fuck me hard, please.”

I levelled my cock and fucked it into her, savouring every moment of its travel inside her waiting honey pot. And what a lovely honey pot it was; smooth as velvet, warm and surprisingly tight. Her lustful moans were enough to bring me off the second I entered her and I felt myself lucky that I managed to contain it.

I fucked my cock into her a few more times while I grabbed the ample flesh around her waist.

Emily was a loud girl. She wasn’t short of encouraging me; telling me how it made her feel and how hard she wanted it. Everything she said was just so erotically charged.

I fucked her from behind placing my hands on top of hers. I pulled them downwards causing her hands to slip against the shower.  As they did so, her body lowered, only slightly, but enough for me to get that extra inch inside. My hands found her shoulders and I grasped them hard just before I rammed my cock inside her one more time.

In a way, Emily had asked for everything that she was now getting, and I had now become a rampant pervert chasing my orgasm through my cock and into her cunt.

I had discovered that Emily was just like me.

Her carnal words were disgraceful. She was pushing me onwards with the way she debased the sexual act; telling me to fuck her hard and use her like a sex toy for my own pleasure. And what a pleasure it was; for both of us it seemed.

Her sexual scent started to invade my nostrils as her bottom resounded with a smack, time and again, as I fucked my cock into her.

Emily came hard. The first I knew of it was when her words rang out into the room. The shaking of her body followed closely as her legs repeatedly lifted and lowered. Her arms relaxed; no longer able to hold her face from the wall. A loud and guttural “Fuck-” was let loose from her quivering body.

I couldn’t let up. I fucked her hard. I could feel my own orgasm about to explode and I grasped her shoulders with both hands as I grunted and fucked my cock hard into her flexible and soft body; ripples of flesh travelled across her delectable bottom with every thrust.

“Fuck –” I cried, as my body shuddered and bucked with my pending ejaculation.

I nearly collapsed on the floor, such was the power of my orgasm. Emily was already half way there and without my hands on her shoulders pulling her backwards towards me, she would have slipped forward and onto the floor.

Emily did end up on the floor but only after I had relaxed my grip on her shoulders; twisting her body as she lowered herself and opening her legs around mine. I collapsed too; kneeling on the shower floor facing her. Both of us breathing heavily and looking into each other’s eyes.

Warm water still poured on top of us as we stared intently.

Emily leant forward. Her finger came up to my lips.

“No regrets.”

I knew exactly what she meant and I stopped myself from feeling guilty. It would come, I knew it would, but not at that precise moment.

I sat down in the shower; smiling at her I finally slipped my fingers along her smooth sex. Only one sentence remained to be said.

“What now?”

Emily pulled me in towards her and we kissed again.

This time it was more intense and I so desperately wanted to see her flesh ripple one more time.


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