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Seducing My English Teacher - Part 2.

"Oh Paxton," I moaned. "Harder!"

Mr. Paxton Schaffer didn't say a word to me, he just shoved his manhood farther into me. I couldn't believe that I was actually being fucked by my teacher.

* * *

Mr. Schaffer and I were still lying on his bed after our first sexual experience together. We were just laying on his bed cuddling. I felt like we had been married for years because of how we connected. I sat up and crawled over to straddle Paxton. I ran my fingernail from his belly button down to his leg; I wanted to make him hard again. I wanted more action from my English teacher!

"Lexsie... You make me so hot," Mr. Schaffer whispered to me.

"That was my goal." I winked at him and bent down to kiss him.

I heard him let out a whiny-moan type of thing. I felt him start to get hard again. We both sat up now. I had my pussy on one of his legs. I started moving up and down. I was grinding his leg. I had my hands around his neck and my head was tilted back. I was all out humping his leg.

"Oh, Mr. Schaffer!" I yelled. "I want you so badly!"

I could feel Mr. Schaffer's member stand straight up now.

"Alright Lexsie, it's time," he said bluntly.

I got off immediately because I knew he was ready again.

"Get on your hands and knees," Paxton ordered.

I knew he was going to give it to me rough once again. I was completely ecstatic for Mr. Schaffer to fuck me again, anally this time!

I got on my hands and knees, I could feel my wetness when Mr. Schaffer mounted me.

"Fuck me hard, Mr. Schaffer." I basically begged this time.

"Planning on it Lexs." I could tell he was smiling even though I couldn't see his face.

He shoved himself into me without warning. He was ramming it into me harder and harder with each thrust.

"Hard enough for you?" he asked.

I almost couldn't get any words out. I was in pure ecstasy.

"Oh Paxton," I moaned. "harder!"

Mr. Paxton Schaffer didn't say a word to me, he just shoved his manhood farther into me. I couldn't believe that I was actually being fucked by my teacher.

"I'm gonna come Lexs!" he yelled.

"So am I!" I agreed.

Both of our bodies stiffened, and he shot his juices into me. Our wonderful cum was all mixed inside of me. I collapsed underneath him, and he fell on top of me.

"Gosh Lexs, you're good," he said, sounding surprised.

"I can handle anything." I said. I wanted to wink at him.

"I'd say so,." he said.

We both got off the bed and put our clothes back on. Mr. Schaffer helped me walk across the hall to my apartment. I thought that this was the greatest night of my life!

I was about to close my apartment door when Mr. Schaffer put his foot in the way. He closed the door behind me and lifted me up. I put my legs around his waist. Mr. Schaffer was kissing me rougher than he'd kissed me at all that night.

"Lexsie, if you wouldn't have gotten into my pick up tonight, I don't know what I could have done. This night was amazing. I have wanted you for a very long time. Thank you for fulfilling my fantasies." Mr. Schaffer thanked me.

I was seriously shocked, I would never have guessed that he wanted me sexually. I was glad he did, because I have wanted him for a long time.
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