Seducing my English Teacher

By spicegirl76

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"Paxton, I going to kiss you." I told my English teacher.

"I'm not going to stop you." He grinned.

I put my hands on the sides of his face and pulled him toward me. I kissed him hard, I pushed my tongue through his lips and massaged his tongue with mine.

* * *

It was a cold December evening in North Dakota, I had just gotten off work at our local grocery store. I only lived about a block away from the store, so I didn't think it would be to terrible to walk home that night. I heard a vehicle coming up the road behind me but I didn't turn around to see who it was. I heard the vehicle come to a stop.

"Do you need a ride, Lexsie?" Mr. Schaffer asked me. "Its awfully cold outside."

Mr. Paxton Schaffer was my high school English teacher, he was pretty good looking. Mr. Schaffer was 32 years old and single. He was about 5'8" and 190lbs. I have had a crush on him for as long as I can remember.

"I'd love one." I said. I got into Mr. Schaffer's pick up. His pick up smelled just like his amazing clogne.

Since we both lived in the same apartment building, I didn't feel bad about making him drive me home.

"Watch out, the sidewalk looks really icy." Mr. Schaffer warned me.

"I'm so sick of winter." I laughed.

"I think most of us are, Lexs." He agreed.

We both got out of his pick up and started up the sidewalk. Mr. Schaffer was a couple feet behind me, and of course I slipped on a tiny patch of ice.

"Lexsie, are you okay?" Mr. Schaffer yelled. I heard all of his bags drop to the ground. I felt him come up right behind me.

"Yeah, I think I'm fine." I replied.

Mr. Schaffer tried to help me up, but my ankle wouldn't allow me to.

"I don't think you're fine." He told me.

"Will you help me up to my apartment?" I asked.

"Maybe we should go into mine, I have some ankle braces and stuff like that." He suggested.

"Alright." I said.

We were finally standing up. I had my arm around his neck and he had his arm around my waist. I felt so comfortable and safe. It took a while to get up the 14 stairs, but we made it! We got to Mr. Schaffer's apartment door, he never let go of me. He got his door unlocked and pushed open with one hand!

"Okay, lets go over to the couch." He said.

Mr. Schaffer picked me up as if we just got married and he was carrying me out of the church. He brought me over to the couch and lightly set me on it.

"I'll be right back, I'm going to go get our stuff off the sidewalk." He grinned.

I looked around his apartment, it was kind of homey (from where I could see). I heard his feet tromping up the steps.

"Alright, I'm back!" He yelled.

I saw him walk to the bathroom. I heard him fumbling around with a bunch of stuff. He finally came back to the living room.

"Wow, look at this!" He said. "Its already swelling!"

"Great." I said.

"It'll be fine." He assured me.

He wrapped my ankle up with something I've never seen before and put some kind of cream on it.

"Mr. Schaffer, is there something in my eye?" I asked.

I wanted him to be close to my face, and this way, he could be right up there so I can kiss him.

"Let me take a look," he said. "and call me Paxton."

Paxton got up off the floor and sat on the couch right beside me and looked in his eyes.

"Paxton, I'm going to kiss you." I told my English teacher.

"I'm not going to stop you." He grinned.

I put my hands on the sides of his face and pulled him toward me. I kissed him hard, I pushed my tongue through his lips and massaged his tongue with mine. I moved my hands to the back of his head. Paxton picked me up, I put my legs around his waist. We never broke the kiss. I opened my eyes quickly to see where we were going, we were in his bedroom. He set me down on his bed and took off his tie. I pulled him down on top of me and kissed him. We rolled over so I was on top of him. I unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. I ran my hands through his chest hair. I felt his member get hard. I slid my shirt off so my black, lacy bra was showing.

"I want you so bad." Paxton admitted.

I smiled and brought his hands to my bra clasp.

"Take it off of me." I ordered.

Paxton didn't argue, he took off my bra. Next he unbuttoned his pants. I got off of him and pulled his pants on. I slid his boxers off after that, letting his member go free. After that, I pulled off my pants and thong.

"Whoa." Paxton muttered under his breath.

"Fuck me, Mr. Schaffer." I demanded.

"Lexsie, you're such a naughty student." He grinned and got on to of me.

I spread my legs, letting Paxton have easier access. I felt him positioning himself in between my legs. I then felt him jam his manliness into me. I grunted. I had never had a man that big before!

"Give it to me hard... And fast." I ordered.

Paxton didn't say a word. He just listened to me.

"Oh Lexsie." Mr. Schaffer sighed.

"Harder." I whimpered.

He pushed himself into me with great force. I was holding onto the bed's headboard. I was screaming with great pleasure.

"Mr. Schaffer!! Ohhh Mr. Schaffer!!" I screamed.

He was moaning as well. I was so close.

"Paxton, I'm gonna cum!!" I yelled.

"Me too, Lexs!" He replied.

"Ohh Paxxxxton!!" I yelled.

Paxton shot his huge load deep inside of me which caused me to have an explosive orgasm.

"Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! Yessss!" I screamed.

Mr. Schaffer grew limp inside of me and fell out. He rolled over to the other side of the bed. We were cuddling and trying to catch our breath.

"Lexsie. All I can say is 'wow'" He told me.

"That was amazing." I said.

"I haven't been asked to fuck anyone that hard in a long time." He admitted.

"That's how I like it." I smiled at him.

"That's how I like to give it." He winked at me.

"Then this should work out." I grinned.

Part 2 or no part 2?! I hope you enjoyed my story. :)