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Seducing Steve

My sister's husband deserved more than she gave him.

The moment I first saw him, I thought Steve was hot. There was a problem though. I saw him because my older sister Tami was introducing him to me as her boyfriend. As the years went by, my attraction to him never faded. He went from boyfriend, to fiancé, to husband. Tami and I are close. She tells me everything, so as their relationship developed, I heard more and more about how good he was in bed.


I’ve never really settled down with anyone. I prefer to have my fun with guys, and then move on to the next one. But Steve has always been a fantasy of mine. Especially after Tami told me that she wasn’t having sex with him anymore. My sister explained that it had something to do with having kids, and that sex was painful for her. I really didn’t care about her excuse, but I felt bad for the guy. He deserves to have pleasure in his life.


Over the years my relationship with Steve has become tense at best. He always avoids being near me. I’ll walk into a room where his is alone, and he’ll soon find a reason to leave. I stand near him, he finds a reason to create more space. I think he can sense my desire for him, and is afraid he won’t be able to resist. I know he’s right. And I plan to prove it.


Steve and Tami live with their two kids, Scott and Laura, in Southern California. I live in Phoenix, which isn’t too far to drive to visit them when I have a reason. And this time my reason for visiting was to fuck Steve. Of course, I couldn’t tell them that. So I told them I wanted to visit on July 4 th , and join them and my niece and nephew in watching the fireworks display at the local park.


I arrived at my sister’s place late Friday night. Scott and Laura, who were aged 4 and 2, had long since been put to bed. Steve was watching tv when I arrived, and I sat next to him on the couch. It was obvious to me he was uncomfortable, as I tried to make small talk with him, asking about his work, and other random things. Tami was in the room with us, but seemed oblivious to the tension between us. Soon, she decided she was tired and kissed her husband before heading to bed.


Being alone with me made Steve even more uncomfortable. He tried to keep his head turned toward the tv, and not pay me any attention, but I knew I was under his skin. I continued asking simple questions, forcing him to talk to me, and occasionally look at me. After maybe ten minutes of this, he claimed he was tired too, and left the room in a hurry on his way to bed.


The next morning was a warm, clear California morning, which suited my plans perfectly. I wanted to make sure Steve got a good look at what I had to offer, and the weather made it perfectly reasonable to wear tight shorts, and a thin tank top. I have been told many times I have great legs. I am short and thin, but I know the guys can’t resist my tight ass, toned body, and pert breasts. I knew how to flaunt them. The tank top gave a glimpse of the tops of my breasts, and the shorts showed off my legs beautifully.


I had slept in after my long drive, so by the time I made my way downstairs it was lunch time. My niece and nephew were excited to see me, and I know Steve was glad they were occupying my time, keeping me away from him. Despite the relief on his face, I smiled to my self as I noticed his eyes linger on my body a little longer than usual. It was working. I was setting him up, and he didn’t even know it yet.


I spent the afternoon playing with Scott and Laura, and every once in a while they would have to catch their father’s attention to show him something. I used those moments to meet Steve’s eyes, and give him a smile. By the end of the afternoon, I was starting to get wet with anticipation.


Steve barbequed hamburgers for supper, and I made sure to compliment him on his grilling skills. I let my hand brush against his arm as I thanked him. His eyes held mine as he responded to my praise, then suddenly he pulled his arm away from me. It was as if he hadn’t noticed, or maybe thought about my hand until that moment, and he was scared of his enjoyment of my touch.


Toying with Steve, slowly seducing him was getting me more and more turned on as I anticipated the next step. I could feel my panties getting wet as I thought about what would happen. If I wasn’t careful, I’d have to change them before we went to the park.


The local fireworks display was going to be held in the park two blocks from my sister’s house. There was going to be bands playing music, and some games for the kids, so after we had cleaned up supper, we grabbed a blanket and walked to the park. We enjoyed the music and games, but we couldn’t wait for the fireworks, and soon it was dark enough for the show to start so we found a place to lay our blanket so we could sit and enjoy the show.


This was the key part to my plan. Even though the park was crowded, everyone would be looking at the sky. Plus, we had a small blanket, so contact between all of us on it was unavoidable. As I leaned back to enjoy the show, I made sure my arm brushed against Steve’s. I watched him as much as the fireworks that night, and on more than one occasion I saw his eyes wander from the sky to my breasts, and down my legs, taking in the site of my entire body. As the show went on, I adjusted myself occasionally, until eventually my leg was rubbing against Steve’s. Not blatantly, just subtle movement that he would enjoy, yet it wouldn’t register in his mind what was happening.


When the show ended, Steve and Tami picked up their two tired kids, and I grabbed the blanket, before we walked home. Steve and Tami put the kids to bed, then came back down to hang out with me. It was obvious that Tami was having trouble staying awake, so she soon apologized and went to bed. That left Steve and I alone. I could see he was still nervous around me, but not as much anymore. We watched tv sitting side by side on the couch, occasionally trading comments.


At one point he made a joke, and I laughed at it, letting my hand once again rest on his arm. This time, there was no pull back. He let it stay there. We went back to watching tv, but I caught him looking at me again. Instead of pretending I didn’t see him. I made sure to make I contact, and gave him a look that let him know he could have everything he was looking at. He held my gaze for a moment, before realising what he was doing, and looked back at the tv. It was then that I noticed the bulge in his shorts. I had him! I didn’t show my excitement. Even though my pussy was dripping in excitement and anticipation, my exterior was calm and collected, as I stood up and told him I was going to bed. As I left the room, I looked back and gave him one last look. This look clearly suggested that he follow.


I was in the guest room bathroom, preparing for bed, when I heard the door to the bedroom open. I turned to see Steve walk through. I walked over to him, and embraced him in a hug, looking up into his face as he turned it towards me and gave me an incredible kiss.


For all his resistance earlier, he suddenly had none. He kissed me passionately, and almost ripped my shirt right off me as he pulled it over my head. I’ve never felt as desired as I did right then, as his hands, and mouth attacked me. He had been without sex for over a year, and was intent on making up for lost time. He ran his hands over my breasts, pulling them out of the bra cups, then undid the bra to give even better access. He sucked hungrily on my nipples, making me moan loudly. My muscles contracted in pleasure, from the sheer intensity of his assault. He then used his teeth on my nipples, nibbling at them, pulling on them, and releasing them, then pulling them again. The slight pain, his hot breath, and the intensity of the situation were overwhelming. I was on the verge of orgasm, and he was just undoing my shorts now.


He slid my shorts and underwear down in one motion, and ran his fingers over my wet pussy. The moment his hand made contact with my clit, it pushed me over the edge, and I had my first orgasm of the night. The scent of my womanhood must have really got him going, because he threw me on the bed, pulling my shorts the rest of the way off before sliding his tongue along the length of my slit. He ran his fingers over my clit again, rubbing it, then stopping, then rubbing again, while running his tongue in and out of my pussy.


I was really enjoying his attention, and then he switched it up again by sliding his fingers into me, and moving his mouth to my clit. He sucked my clit hard, pulling it into his mouth, as he ran his fingers in and out, in and out, of my pussy. I was still on edge from earlier, and his manipulations were incredible and I soon found myself in the throes of my second orgasm.


I had two orgasms, and Steve was still fully clothed. So I quickly changed that. I kissed his lips, and pulled his shirt over his head. Then I ran my hands down his body, feeling his large cock through his shorts before removing both his shorts and boxers. I knelt in front of him and took his cock in my hands. I licked the sides of it, then the head before sliding it into my mouth and sucking on it as I looked up into his eyes.


The look in his eyes was one of pure lust, as he watched me devour his cock. It had been so long since he had experience the feel of a woman, that he could hold out very long, and filled my mouth with his cum. I loved it. I greedily drank all of his cum, and continued sucking as he deflated. Watching me, his wife’s hot sister, naked on my knees in front of him, sucking his deflated cock, was too much for him to stay soft for long, and soon he began to get hard.


He pulled my head off his cock, helped me to my feet and led me to the bed. I wanted him to remember this night, and to do it again. I lay down on the bed, smiling seductively up at him as he positioned himself on top of me. His cock was still wet from my saliva, but he rubbed the head up and down the length of my slit to get it wetter, and to tease me with the anticipation of what was about to happen. He positioned it against my wet slit, and slid it in. The feeling was amazing. I don’t know how my sister could deny this beautiful cock.


Our lips met, tongues duelled, as our bodies intertwined. As we both got comfortable, he slowly worked up a rhythm sliding his cock in and out of me. I was so wet you could hear the sounds of my juices squishing with each thrust. They combined with the moans that I tried to, but couldn’t contain. His cock just filled me, and made me feel too good. I wrapped my legs around him, using them to pull him deeper inside of me.


His pelvis collided with mine, wet skin smacking with each impact.  He was savouring me with every stroke, sliding himself all the way inside before pulling away again.  My hands held his face, whispering to him through heavy panting just how much I'd wanted this for so long.  I pulled him down, face to face, groaning, whimpering, telling him how good he felt inside of me.  Just when I worried that he might not be able to take any more, he rolled onto his side and pulled me over while holding us together.


We continued rolling, and I was now on top of him. I sat up, keeping him inside me, enjoying the feeling of his cock against a new part of me. I started to ride up and down on his cock. He reached out with his hands to grab my waist and drive me down, hard, on his cock, then lift me up, before driving me down again. It was an incredible feeling, as I felt his cock inside me, against my walls, giving me an intense pleasure. He slid his hands from my waist, sliding one up to massage my breasts, and tweak my nipples, while the other slid to my clit, and toyed with it. The sensations were too much. I couldn’t take it anymore, as I reached the heights of my third orgasm. My pulsing pussy was too much for him too, as the feeling of my contractions around his cock pushed Steve over the edge, and he flooded me with his hot cum.


I collapsed on top of him in exhaustion, completely satisfied with what I had done. How could my sister turn her back on a man this good in bed? I knew it wasn’t the last time I would share this with him. A man this good in bed deserved to have sex. Often. If Tami wouldn’t do that, then I would.


Just as I finished thinking that, the doorknob turned, the door opened, and Tami stuck her head into the room to see what was going on.



As the door handle turned, I knew it could only be my wife. I could see where her eyes were fixed as she stared at us. She had a perfect view of Carrie’s wet cunt. I felt my wet cock slowly soften as it rested against my leg. My cum dripped slowly out of Carrie, landing on me. I lay there helpless, staring at my wife.

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