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Seduction of a Friend

Online lovers meet...
John had met Sarah several months ago. They had met like a lot of people these days, over the internet. Their conversations at first were light and fun. They had shared a picture or two, and liked how each other looked.

As time went on, their conversations grew deeper and they shared more of their intimate thoughts. They did not get to talk a lot, as Sarah was already "in a relationship". He was her illicit, naughty secret and she - his fantasy.

John was divorced, in his late 40's and living alone. He came off as a confident person, but quiet and reserved. In the right circumstances, John was far from quiet and took total control. Sarah was in her early 40's and was, she often reiterated, "totally in love" with the guy she lived with. However that didn’t seem to stop her from stealing snatched online moments with John whenever she could...naughty, dirty moments that filled her with a strange, forbidden excitement. She knew the game she was playing was dangerous but after so many months, she felt out of control, swept along on a tide not of her making.

Often while they chatted, they would talk about what if they had met. Both had agreed that a meeting would be an intense inferno. They talked about the things they would do to each other, leaving her as wet as he was hard. Numerous times John had asked Sarah to meet him, as they literally lived mere hours apart. Sarah had always said no, that she was being faithful to her relationship. He would tell her it would only be to meet for drinks, nothing expected or demanded. Both Sarah and John knew that was a lie. They knew if they met, there was no way they wouldn’t end up devouring each other. They continued to talk for several more months and John continued to ask.

One day he had asked again, fully expecting to see those two little letters appear on his screen. There was a longer than usual pause in her reply. The three letter,s he had waited for months to see, appeared on his screen!! His heart immediately started racing, his hands shaking. "Really??" was his reply. Over the course of the next few weeks they began to discuss it more, setting a date and picking a very nice hotel near the halfway point between their homes.

"What the fuck am I doing," Sarah thought as she glanced at her flushed face in the mirror. She was applying her lipstick and her hand froze for a moment as she considered her actions. The trouble was, she didn't want to think, she was tired of being sensible, tired of always trying to work out the best outcome. She just wanted to live...on the edge, if only for a night. "Oh, fuck it a midlife crisis", she smiled wryly to herself as she continued to make up her face pausing to study her reflection. Her hair hung down her back like a wild black mane. Her green eyes made up to accentuate what she considered her best feature. Her lips pink and full glistened with the newly applied shade and she smiled in satisfaction. Turning she considered her outfit, especially chosen for the night. A form fitting little black dress that hugged her petite frame lovingly, and allowed generous glimpses of both cleavage and leg.

John arrived at the hotel early in the afternoon. He planned on showering and dressing there, and ensure everything was ready for her arrival. After sending Sarah a text to let her know he was there, he checked in. Stepping into the two room suite, it appeared to be well cared for. The bedroom portion had a king sized bed, which was quite firm. Grinning wickedly yet again, he thought to himself, "It may not be so firm when I am done with it." He was jolted back to reality by the buzz of his phone. It was a text from Sarah, 'Leaving now.'

The bathroom was fairly plain, mostly white in color. There was an ample amount of counter space around the sink and the oversized whirlpool tub looked plenty big enough for the both of them. A quick glance confirmed there were plenty of towels for them to use. The living room area had a plain green cloth couch, and matching chair. A desk and chair were over by the sliding glass door that lead out to the balcony. Stepping out onto the balcony, John caught his breath. They were twelve stories up and he did not do well with heights. Relaxing a bit, he became accustomed to the height and stood there for a moment enjoying the view of the city below.

Wiping the steam off the bathroom mirror, his mind raced a million miles an hour, trying to think of everything he wanted to do before walking out the door. As he shaved and took care of all his grooming, his thoughts were constantly going back to Sarah. It had been over a year since he had been with a woman and he was determined to savor every minute. He was going to have the night HE wanted.

Throwing his towel over the shower door, he walked over to the bedroom. As he entered the room, he paused in front of the full length mirror. Looking his body over, he grabbed his stomach thinking, "Damn, could look a little bit better." Reaching a bit lower, he held onto his semi-hard manhood, and grinning wickedly thought, "This she will love." Looking back up he ran his fingers through his short cropped hair and thought of her again, his deep brown eyes sparkling at the thought of Sarah.

Taking his clothes off the closet door, he gently laid them on the bed. He took his time dressing, making sure his black pants were fitting just right, his black shirt and dress jacket, accentuating the breadth of his chest and shoulders. Standing in front of the mirror, he was pleased. He felt he looked as good as he could and felt confident she would appreciate the effort he had put forth.

John was constantly looking at the time on his phone. As much as the time was not going fast enough, it was going too fast! His nerves were now on edge, his stomach constantly jumping, trying to remember if he had accomplished everything he wanted to before her arrival. He checked the time on his phone again as he made his way down to the lobby, it was an hour before she would arrive.

He found himself a stool at the bar and flirted with the sexy young bartender while he waited, his mind wandering through pleasant places as he contemplated the night ahead. However when his fantasy eventually materialised before his eyes, even his imagination had to admit it had fallen short this time. She strolled in with the confidence borne from always getting what she wanted. "And what man wouldn’t give this woman anything?", he thought to himself. She was, in short, breathtaking.

He took a moment to surreptitiously study her as she glanced around the darkened bar looking for him. From his vantage point, his eyes flowed down her body like hot lava, devouring her form with his eyes. Her hair, long and glossy black flowed halfway down her back like thick treacle. Her face was heart shaped. Her eyes wide and green, fringed with long black lashes. Her lips were full, sexy and glossy and she was chewing on one as finally her eyes came to rest on his.

She smiled hesitantly at first, and then, without warning she released a full beam smile in his direction, the force of which nearly knocked him off his stool. He felt himself harden in response. Fuck, .he wondered if he had just fallen in love.

"John, there you are."

She walked straight up to him and boldly kissed him fully on the mouth...her naughty tongue teasing his lips until he opened obediently and allowed her entrance. Shamelessly she devoured him, sucking gently on his tongue and drinking from his mouth until she had had her full.

"Well hello," he answered breathlessly when she finally pulled back with a cheeky grin.

He was mesmerized, captivated by this beauty that stood before him. Her giggle snapped his thoughts and immediately he wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight. Arching his back, he looked into her eyes and redness began to rise up her neck and into her cheeks.

"Come on," he said, taking her hand as he led her to a rounded booth in the corner of the bar, Sarah happily followed along. He held her hand as she slid into the seat, taking a moment gaze over her magnificent body.

Sitting next to her, he pressed up close to her, sliding his arm around her. He continued to stare at her, feeling intoxicated by her beauty. Sarah began to blush again, asking, "What's wrong?"

He smiled at her, "Nothing at all, you're perfect."

Her cheeks reddened more as she playfully hit his chest, her smile growing. She ran her hand over his chest, this time feeling its muscularity. His eyes wandered down to her ample chest, his tongue running over his lips at the thought of them. "AHEM," she giggled as his eyes raced back to hers.

They sat chatting about their drives, the weather, the elegance of the hotel and the surreal nature of them being in such close proximity. The waiter came to take their drink order and the entire time his eyes were fixated on Sarah. He introduced himself as Joe and took our order. As he left, John leaned over and whispered in her ear, "He wants you... But he can’t have you, tonight you are mine." His warm breath and manly tone sent shivers down her spine, making her squirm in her seat.

John knew she was his and she could not refuse him anything he desired. Sarah turned to him, smiled and pressed her lips to him. John was ready for this moment, his every nerve ending on fire. His hand deftly slipped into her hair, grabbing the back of her head and pulled her firmly to him as his tongue slid into her mouth. Sarah was caught by surprise for a moment, his tongue reaching deep into her mouth. Eagerly she responded, sucking his tongue hard, drawing him closer. Reaching his hand across, his fingers headed towards her firm legs. His fingertips finding the inside of her knee, he unhurriedly grazed his fingers over her smooth skin. His kiss was sending waves of desire through her body, she needed to more of him. Her delicate fingers opened his shirt a bit more, her hand sliding inside. Her soft fingers nestled into the hair of his muscular chest. A soft moan slipped from her mouth, feeding his craving for her.

Joe returned and placed the drinks on the table, interrupting their ardent kiss. Joe stood there for a bit, making small talk. Slightly winded, Sarah entertained his conversation. John sat smiling, nodding his head from time to time. His attention was more instilled on her thigh, his fingers edging higher up her leg. Sarah squirmed imperceptibly, her pulse racing. Reaching under the table, she placed her hand on his, hoping to stop him from moving up.

Joe continued to talk, spilling his whole life story to them. Despite her hand, John continued to move higher till his fingers could feel the dampness of her thong. Sarah tried to push herself back in the seat more, but that only caused John's fingers to follow. Ever so lightly, his finger tip skimmed over the smooth material, making her catch her breath. Joe cocked his head a bit and asked if she was ok.

In a sharp breath she replied, "Yes."

Clueless, Joe continued on to talk about his cats and how they ruled his home. Secure in knowing Joe had no clue, John slipped his finger inside her thong, pressing it against her red hot swollen lips. Immediately he could feel her nectar drip onto his finger. Sarah did her best to maintain her composure, her hands now pressing hard into the seat cushion, almost lifting herself off the seat.

Drifting his finger erratically over her wetness, John now turned a bit of his attention to Joe asking him if he had a girlfriend. Joe began to drone on about how most of his dates never go past one. John returned his attention to Sarah, his finger tip now focusing on her ever hardening clit. Slowly he rolled around it making her tremble. She turned to look at him as she grasped his thigh, digging her fingers into him hard. John began to smile, knowing he had her right on the edge... just where he wanted her.

He continued to toy with her enlarged clit, keeping her right on the edge. Sarah was gasping and it was then that John wanted to end her torture. He looked up to Joe and said, "Thanks for stopping by Joe, mind if we have some time alone now?"

Joe excused himself and as he turned to walk away, John plunged his finger deep inside her. Sarah let out a sharp moan, catching the attention of Joe. Sarah was trembling, her head bowed down as Joe stopped and turned, with a puzzled look on his face. John smiled to him and assured him everything was fine.

Joe continued on as he drove a second finger inside her, pushing them as deep as he could. Sarah threw her head back against the seat, erupting in a fiery orgasm, her essence spilling onto his fingers. Sarah lay there for a moment, trying to catch her breath. John looked towards the bar and saw Joe standing there, his mouth agape. Sarah shuddered as he pulled his fingers free from her silken walls, her legs clamping closed. Joe's eyes were now wide open as John brought his dripping fingers to his mouth. Slowly he consumed her cum, savoring every drop. Suddenly, Sarah grasped his face, pulling him to her. Hungrily, she thrust her tongue into his mouth, wanting to taste herself on his tongue.

Pushing him out of the booth, she pulled him towards the elevator, her heels rapidly clicking on the tile floor...

To be continued...

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