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See You Again Soon

A story of a sleepwalker who has a sexual encounter with a beautiful woman.

I tell this story for your entertainment, in a hope that it intrigues you. The character in this story is a sleepwalker. He spends more time in the real world asleep though you’d never know it if you met him. He has no idea how the following events occurred.”

I awoke to find myself lying on my back, limbs cold, numb. I slowly gathered the strength to raise myself and absorb my surroundings. As I sat up a rush came over me and my head began to spin. Clutching my forehead I concentrated on reducing the headache and focus on the here and now. I removed my hand from my forehead and realised that I was completely naked. I could see a pair of lengthy sexy legs crossed with black high heels going into a chair with a cigarette lit just above. The high heels made her legs look even sexier as the straps went around and up her thigh. It became clear to me that this woman was sitting there in the shadows, watching me. How long had she been there? What was she doing? Who is she?

“Where I am?” I questioned. No response. “Listen lady, what the fuck is going on?” Nothing. All I could see was the cherry of her cigarette glow brighter as she took a drag before extinguishing it.

I looked around to find myself in a dark room with only one light above me. I could see I was on a beige carpet and the gentle glow of a wood burner by a wall to the right. My clothes were against a wall to my left with an empty bottle wine to accompany them. Returning my eyes to the pair of gorgeous legs I tried to stare past the darkness to see who I shared this room with. A gently aroma tickled my senses. The smell of jasmine lingered around the mysterious woman.

As I stared intently forward, the set of legs uncrossed and she began to stand. Revealing a luscious curvy body, perfectly tanned skin, gorgeous perky breasts wearing nothing but a lacy black thong. Despite the situation I found myself in, I was extremely aroused. She walked forward slowly, swaying her hips from left to right. As she came into the light I waited for her face to be revealed, but it didn’t. I could only see part of her long brunette hair fall perfectly down her back, some to her front as it tried to reach for her tits

“Your dehydrated, here, drink this” said a smooth seductive voice. As if hypnotised I obeyed, taking a glass from her hand and taking sips of water. Once again I began to feel light headed and fell back. I felt as if I had a hangover. What did I do? I fell back, closed my eyes to collect myself but immediately fell asleep.

I awoke to find myself feeling similar to earlier but less intense. I must not have been out for as long this time. But something was different. I was hot, my heart was racing, and something was moving. Something I felt wasn’t right but… it felt good. I opened my mouth the let out a gasp of air and sat up to see the brunette engulfing my rock hard cock into her mouth. My entire shaft was inside her all the way. She pulled her head away leaving nothing but my head in her mouth as she gently sucked and wrapped her tongue around it. I could now see her face. No. Rather her eyes, staring at me. The corner of her mouth began to rise trying to smile whilst her tongue circled my head as she gently pulled back my foreskin. It was clear she enjoyed the look of ecstasy I had. Her eyes penetrated me so deeply, I couldn’t stop looking into them as she continued to lick and suck the top of my cock. She broke the lock our eyes had by closing hers as she deepthroated me once more. A surge of electricity passed through me, the epicentre being my throbbing cock. She was getting faster, bobbing her head up and down, and occasionally licking my whole shaft. The light bounced of my shiny wet cock as she continued to work it. Every now and then I felt her teeth softly graze my skin and her tongue lick where she had inflicted the small amount of pleasurable pain.

My cock began to pulse more quickly and I could feel my cock tense even more. I was going to cum. This beautiful woman was about to get both barrels in the back of her throat.

“Oh my god yes… keep going”

I began to rock my hips forcing my bulging cock into her mouth, picking up speed I began to feel my ability to hold my cum back begin to wither. Just as I was about to cum she stopped, pulled out and pressed the flat of her fingers into the meeting of my head and shaft. Shear disappointment overwhelmed me. Payback was needed. I leapt forward onto my knees pushing her backwards using my momentum. She fell in the sexiest position I had ever seen. Her breasts facing upwards with her hips twisted to the side as her bent legs reached towards my direction. She looked at me wondering was I was doing. I grabbed her left leg, pulled it forward and kissed my way up her smooth soft thigh. I kissed higher and higher. I knew what I wanted, I was in this situation and I was going to get it. I continued to kiss my way up her legs. She opened them for me to reveal a tight smoothly shaven pussy. Her lips shining, dripping wet. Her smell was unbelievable. I stared at my prize as I got closer, wanting it more with every kiss. I slowed down and stared deep into her eyes as I came to the centre of her being.

“My turn”

Never breaking eye contact I slide her thong to the right and licked from the bottom of her slit all the way up making sure to avoid her pink clit. I slowly licked up and down a few strokes. I went lower. I licked around her arse and teased it with my tongue going in ever so slightly. I felt her body move as she arched her back and let out the most gorgeous groan I had ever encountered. The juices from her pussy begin to cover the lower part of my face as well has here lacy underwear as I licked from her arsehole to the top of her pussy. She tasted so good I couldn’t stop licking up and down. I wanted more. It was then I removed her thong and began to lick her hole. Her juices slowly coming out onto my tongue and face. I put my tongue in as deep as it would go, trying to get the most of her pussy as I could. I felt her legs tense and heard her groan once more. As my hands explored her legs and ass cheeks I raised my mouth to her clit and begin to gently kiss it. I wanted her to feel every move, every stroke, and every suck, no matter how little. She began to hump face in time with my kisses. Suddenly I stopped kissing her wet clit and began to lick it in a circular motion. Another groan of pleasure only this time it was accompanied by hand on the back my head pushing me in closer. I continued to lick circles into her clit. I could feel her nerves flutter as I continued to exploit her senses. She was getting hotter, the sweat on my brow mixed with the heat and sweat that cascaded her body. Her other hand added strength to her other one forcing me to now suck her clit as well as circle it. She groaned in ecstasy as I continued to perform. Her hips rocking, humping my face, Her legs arched as they wrapped around me. With one of my free hands I reached up and began to rub her hard nipples, her tits felt so soft and supple. She grabbed my hand and began to suck my fingers. She then pushed it away and I realised my next move. I brought my wet fingers down and inserted them inside her, pressing up. Massaging her inside, sucking her clit sent her body into a frenzy. She humped back and forth.

“Fuck yes, oh my god keep going”

I pulled my three fingers out and insert my small finger to lubricate it. Pulling it out I returned my three fingers only this time my small finger was aimed for another hole. I gently inserted it into her beautiful sculptured arse. She clearly did not expect my move as she screamed with delight.

“Oh yes, keep going, don’t stop. Harder. I’m so close”

I obeyed. Sucking her clit harder, increasing the tempo of my fingers in both her pussy and arsehole. Her hips matching my rate of my movement.

She could not hold back anymore. Her pussy was now wetter than ever before and all of a sudden her back arched, her head back, gasps of pure excitement and ecstasy took over her body. Spasms surged through her beautiful curvy figure. I continued to lick and feel her pussy and clit attempting to make her orgasm last longer. After a few quick seconds I stopped and rushed my face in line with hers. I grabbed my solid cock and inserted it in to her dripping wet pussy. Engulfed by it I let a moan of pleasure as did she.

“Oh yes. Yes!”

She regained control of her body and wrapped her legs around me. I began to slide my unyielding cock in and out of her quickly, easing a little more of myself inside her each time. Her hands grabbed my back and she dug her manicured nails into me. I let yet another gasp of that familiar painful pleasure. It caused me to fuck her harder and faster. She was getting it big style.

Her vaginal muscles tightened with every withdrawal I performed. Gripping my shaft like that felt unbelievable, sending that extra surge through it. Our sweaty bodies embraced each other as we tried to get even closer to each other. She wanted my entire cock and I sure as hell wanted her to have it.

I arched my back to get a different angle as I continued to fuck her dripping pussy. In this position I could the see her body glisten due to the sweat and heat of our bodies. I stared at her tits as my member continued to force its way into her. So round and full of bounce as our bodies moved her nipples hard, pointing at me. Her entire body was crafted to provide to utmost sexual pleasure. She saw me trying to look at her full figure as I fucked her. She pulled me back in close and both rolled across the floor. Now with her on top I could see her entire body and appreciate its beauty and sexiness. My cock never left her pussy and switched our position. Now she was in control and she began to grind her hips into me forcing my cock to deep into her. She bounced up and down causing friction along the length of my shaft. I was close to cumming, it was unbelievable. The surges were getting stronger. She leaned forward and began to rub my chest and occasionally scratched it as she continued to fuck me hard. She soon needed more pleasure so she once again arched her back and did her best to rub her clit. The noise this woman was making was just as arousing as the sight of her.

I could once again feel her pussy tighten around my shaft. I leaned forward as best I could and grabbed her hips and pulled her forward, into me, as she pulled back I pulled forward again.

“I’m gonna cum, keep going” I yelled.

“Me to, hold on please dear god hold on”

We were getting faster and harder, my cock had never been so firm as I went deeper than ever before inside a woman. I could sense her juices all over my cock, her lips, seeping down onto my pubes.

“Come on cum!” I ordered.

Her body tightened as she tried to control it but she couldn’t, still grinding me she was orgasming. Her screams of pure pleasure made it impossible for anyone not to know and with that I couldn’t mine either. I felt warm semen travel through my solid cock and spurt out deep inside her. We let out screams of delight as we orgasm together, trying to make it last as long as possible. It was so intense that even my entire body spasmed in a similar fashion to hers. And then it stopped. Shed fallen forward onto my chest and all that could be heard was us grasping for breath. My cock still inside I could feel my cum seeping through the smallest of gaps down onto my shaft. She pushed herself off me and pulled my now limp cock out of her. Her hair a mess, her skin sparkling with sweat and a look of satisfaction covered her face. She picked up a glass of wine and returned by my side. She took a swig and kissed me passionately, pushing the wine in her mouth into mine. I swallowed in continued to kiss her lips, neck and tits.

“What’s… going on…? I feel…”

All of a sudden I blacked out, was it the wine or was I doing it again.

I woke later in a bed. I was in my flat. The glow of my alarm clock told me it was three seventeen. What a dream. That was amazing. I felt down and felt my cock was solid. I sniggered to myself as I got up to get a glass of water from the bathroom. I returned to my bed and saw a piece of paper on my bed side locker. A surge of fear and excitement overwhelmed me as I walked to the bed side locker. I lifted it up and smelt a familiar fragrance.

I unfolded the note to discover its content. It read…

“See you again soon… xxx”

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