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Sensual Experience

A foot massage like no other....
Sensual Experience

From the first moment that I met Bronte I loved her Australian accent. She always possessed a bright, sexy smile, every time I bumped into her. The last time we met at the local mall, she invited me over to her house for drinks. She was in her thirties and I had just turned fifty.

I brought her a nice bottle of Australian, white wine. The night progressed as we talked about life in general. The subject of sex came up. How, I’ll never know, but it did. I told her about the erotic stories that I had written. She asked, if she could read one. Well it so happened I had brought a couple of stories along with me in the hopes that she would be interested!

Bronte, read a rather descriptive story of exhibitionism and sexy lingerie between two young lady clients and a salesman that worked in a miniskirt boutique. After she read that particular story she turned to me and said,

“I see that your into kinky sex, lingerie, handcuffs and let’s not forget those sexy lace panties”.

She then told me to relax and enjoy the music, as she excused herself; she said she wanted to put something more comfortable on.

When Bronte returned she was dressed, in a short skirt and a silky see through blouse. I watched her as she walked across the room and noticed she had removed her bra. Her ample breasts and hard nipples pressed at the fabric, of her blouse. My cock became hard at the sight of her gorgeous breasts.

Bronte sat down at the opposite end of the couch. As she swung her legs up towards me, I had a perfect view up her skirt and noticed she wore white lace panties. I also noticed she had put on black fishnet stockings.

Intrigued by how she was dressed I wondered what she had in store for the rest of the evening. We carried on with our conversation. She poured herself another glass of wine and sipped it slowly and then she gave me, a devilish smile. Bronte reached out with her foot and touched my leg. I pretended not to notice. She got bolder and then rubbed her foot along my thigh. While she caressed my leg with her foot, she noticed that my cock became rigid in my jeans.

I grabbed her long, slender legs and spread them wide apart so I could see up her skirt.

Wow, I said, “Bronte did you put those sexy lace panties and fishnet stockings on just for me!”

She wondered, “What would happen next!”

I told her she was a naughty girl and needed to be spanked.

Bronte then pouted and asked, “Have I been a bad girl.”

I told her to bend over my knee.

As she bent over my knee I could feel her stiff nipples rub against my legs as she assumed her position. I hiked her skirt up and gave her ass a sharp slap. She wailed out in surprise, as I then repeatedly slapped her sexy ass harder, several more times. When she looked up at me I could see tears roll down her pink cheeks. Then I told her to go to her room, strip and come back wrapped in a bath towel. She followed my orders to a “T”.

When she returned wrapped in a large, white bath towel I told her, now that she had received her punishment. She needed to be pampered. Bronte wondered what I was up to, as I asked her to slide her sexy butt up on the counter.

I asked, “Would you like a full body massage.”

She was surprised at the turn of events. As she lay on her back, I produced a small bottle of lavender scented massage oil.

I removed her towel. She lay there naked in front of me; her ample breasts rose and fell, as I looked at her luscious body. A cool breeze from an open window blew across her naked body. I watched as her nipples stiffened.

“Shhh,” I whispered, “be quiet and just relax”.

I stood by her feet. I clasped, each foot in one of my hands. I began slowly to rotate my thumbs in a circular motion, as I pressed into her arches. I then rubbed my hands together to increase the heat generated from my palms. I applied a little sensual oil and began to massage her calves. I placed my hands on the top of her calf muscles, and then pulled my hands down back towards her feet. I put a few more drops of oil, on my hands. I then caressed the delicate skin of her inner thighs.

She began, to moan softly, “Oh that feels great.”

I then poured a little oil onto her soft, supple belly, as I gently rubbed the oil into her skin. I rubbed my hands together once more, as I increased the heated sensation of my palms before I cupped each of her breasts, in my hands. I used my thumbs to work the oil, over her hard nipples. I gently pinched and twisted each nipple. She moaned.

I then asked if she would turn over so I could release the tension built up in her shoulders. She obliged me and flipped over onto her stomach.

She sighed, as she relaxed. I dribbled a little oil over her back, as I massaged her muscles. I used my strong hands to manipulate her tender body. I massaged the muscles of her back, and then worked my way down towards her round sexy ass. I then gently but firmly grasped each of her butt cheeks. I kneaded my thumbs and hands from the base of her butt towards her pussy and then up over, her ass. I applied a little more of the lavender oil on my hands, as I massaged her thighs. Alternately I used first one hand then the other as I massaged the lavender scent, into her thighs. I then kneaded the back of her calves. I finally reached her feet once again. I began to massage her arches with my thumbs.

I asked, Bronte, “How are you enjoying the massage so far.”

She said, “I’m totally relaxed now.”

I then asked, if she wanted me to continue.

“Please do” she replied.

Now that her body was totally relaxed I then began the next step. I glided my fingertips lightly, as I barely touched her skin. I gently slipped my hands up between her legs along the soft delicate skin of her inner thighs. I heard her whisper that it felt really good. I continued up over her sexy round ass, as I made circular patterns, on her back. I then asked her to turn over once again, onto her back.

I then told her to close her eyes, take a deep breath, exhale slowly and just relax. I proceeded to glide my fingers lightly over her eyelids. I brushed her lips with my fingers, as I glided my hands down her slender neck to her chest. There I slowly circled each of her breasts. I bent forward and flicked my tongue across each nipple, and then popped each of her nipples into my hot mouth. I then gently let my fingers glide over her areoles, between her breasts and down her soft supple belly.

I then spread her legs, just a bit. I gently passed my fingers over her vagina. I just barely touched her skin, as I passed over her clitoris. She gasped, at the sensation of my touch. I continued to tease her pussy for a short time, before I glided my hands down along her legs, ever so slowly towards her sexy feet. With my finger and thumb on each side of a toe I pulled gently.

She whispered, “Please, please don’t stop.”

I moved my hands slowly back up her legs, as my fingers barely touched her skin. I reached between her legs. This time she spread her legs further apart. I then leaned forward and slipped my hot tongue over her thighs, as I slowly moved towards her pussy. With my fingers I gently spread, her pussy lips apart and flicked my hot tongue across, her clitoris. I tasted her sticky, sweet juice as I heard her moan,

“Keep your tongue right there.”

After a few minutes I moved my hot tongue across her belly. I gently grazed my teeth, across her hard nipples as I popped them in my mouth. Then brushed my lips against hers.

I whispered in her ear, “Bronte, how did you enjoy your sensual massage.”

She sat up, reached out and grasped my hard cock in her hand, as she squeezed.

“My” she said, “ is your cock hard. Would you mind if I sucked your cock into my hot mouth.”

Ecstatic I could hardly wait. Bronte kneeled on the floor in front of me as I leaned against the counter. She pulled my pants to the floor. My cock sprang up finally released. She then grasped my cock in her left hand. She bent forward and sucked first one ball and then both into her hot mouth. I nearly exploded with the heated sensation from her hot mouth. She stroked my cock as she sucked my balls.

I was moaning, “Bronte Please awwwwwww… it feels so good please don’t stop!”

She could feel my balls tighten in her mouth and she knew that I was about to cum. She slipped her hot tongue up the length of my shaft and engulfed the head of my cock. She went ballistic just then, as she sucked and stroked my cock. I grabbed the back of her head and thrust with a mighty vengeance down her throat. I spewed my load into her throat and mouth. She continued to suck harder, as I watched her swallow.

She then smacked her lips and said, “ yummy cum.”

I said, “Let’s go into the bedroom Bronte. I want to suck your pussy lips and drive my tongue deep inside your wet pussy.”

I lay down on my back as she positioned herself so we were in a 69 position. I placed a couple of pillows behind my head so I could readily lick her clit. She pushed against my face as I flicked my tongue across her clit and alternately drilled my tongue deep inside her wet pussy. She sucked my limp cock into her wet mouth and teased my balls. I was so horny it wasn’t long before she sucked my cock hard again. Bronte sat up, turned and faced forwards as she leaned against the wall. She descended upon my face with her wet pussy positioned once again over my mouth. I sucked her pussy lips into my mouth and with the tip of my tongue I flicked it repeatedly across the tender skin of her clit.

Till I could hear Bronte as she crooned, “Yes oh yes baby that’s the spot…Keep your tongue right there…. Oh baby I’m…I’m...cum….ming!

She moaned as she pressed her pussy against my face. My chin buried in her wet pussy, my hot tongue on her clit, I grabbed her hips and held her tightly against my face till she shuddered several times. Her sweet juice flowed in my mouth and over my chin as I eagerly swallowed, her sweetness.

I slipped out from underneath Bronte. I then turned her towards the headboard. I reached forward and grasped a hand full of her hair. I pulled her head back just, as I slowly pushed my cock into her wet pussy. I could feel her pussy stretch as my thick cock forced it’s way into her body. I thrust my cock’s full length all the way in until my balls touched her ass. I then slowly began to withdraw.

Then suddenly, I thrust deep inside her wet pussy with an ever-increasing rhythm, I stroked harder and faster as I pounded into her lovely body. About to cum, I reached up with my right hand and tweaked her hard nipples. I came deep inside Bronte’s pussy. I could feel her wetness trickle down my legs as she came moments after I did.

As we spooned together, I brushed her hair from her face and kissed her tenderly on her neck. I thanked her for an incredible evening of pure bliss. I reached between her legs and gently inserted a finger into her wet pussy. I used a finger and thumb to pull her pussy lips before I sucked her sweet juice, from my fingers.

I whispered, “Bronte your pussy tastes so sweet.”

She asked, “ Would you hold me in your strong arms and cuddle for awhile.”

By Wolf Spirit
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