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Sensual Massage

A sensual massage is long, slow and erotic, it involves nudity and intimate touching.
Kandy knew that her John husband worked long hours, and didn’t like to take a break until everything he had planned to do was done. Most of the time, when the two sat down to supper, he was grumpy, and complaining of achy bones all through the meal. In addition to that, he was too tired to make love. Well tonight she planned to fix that, with a sensual, sexy, massage.

A back rub is one thing, and a powerful, short, effective way or riding one’s body of tension, aches and pains. A sensual massage is long, slow and erotic, it involves a great deal of nudity and intimate touching.

Kandy gathered some oil for the massage, candles, and her favorite Barry White CD. She arranged the candles around the bedroom; put the oil in a warming dish made for it, and put the CD in the player.

She surveyed her handiwork, and winked, “Tonight’s the night, we lock the world outside the door, and I’ll take care of my baby.”

She fixed his favorite meal, and then went to greet him at the door, like she’d done a million times.

When he came through the door, and greeted her with a long passionate kiss, he could tell something was up; she was just too darn cheerful. His day, was long, hard, and hectic, and he didn’t want her giddy mood. He wondered if she’d got a new outfit, her hair done, or, he had forgotten an important date?

“What’s up doll?”

“Oh nothing, I just thought for once you’d like your meal ready when you go home. Besides, it gives us more quality time together.”

“Oh boy, did I forget something, you’re just too damn cheerful?”

“No, now cheer up, lighten up, relax a little, shall I get you a martini?”

“Sure, but then again, maybe not, I’m starved, I skipped lunch again.”

“John, what am I gonna do with you. Sit down, I’ll get you a plate.”

“Aww, you sweet angel, you are too good to me.”

All through the meal he wondered what she had on her mind, but just couldn’t figure out what. He helped clear the dishes, and then went to walk into the den to read the daily newspaper.

“Ah not so fast buster, I need you to turn off your cell phone and put it on your desk, as tonight is our night, and there will be no interruptions. Then meet me in the bedroom.”
He frowned, but decided he’d better do what the little lady said, as he has been neglecting her too much lately. Why she put up with him, he’ll never know.

When he got to the bedroom, the lights were dim; there were candles everywhere, and Barry White, serenading them. He half expected her to meet him wearing that blue teddy or el natural.

She didn’t. She just walked over to him, leaned into him, placed her arms around his neck, and brought her lips down on his.

Before he could say anything she spoke. “John, tonight it’s her turn to give you a sensual massage.”

He was about to protest and have her do it another night, because he was exhausted, but she was already unbuttoning his shirt. She pulled it out of his pants, and eased it from his shoulders, and wrists.

Her soft fingers lingered on his biceps, which flexed beneath her touch. She told him to kick off his shoes, and helped him remove his pants. There he stood in only his underwear, and socks.

“Now darling, lie down on your stomach, it’s my turn to make you feel better. “

She straddled his hips, distributing her weight evenly so it wouldn’t cause him any discomfort. She leaned forward, brought her lips down on his right shoulder, kissed it softly, and then moved to the other. Following that, she began stroking, and kneading the tension out of his muscles. Starting at the base of his neck, her thumbs inched their way down his back, and shoulders.

He surrendered to her touch, and let out a sigh.

She massaged his back for a good half hour, then leaned down, and purred in his ear, "Turn over sweetheart."

He turned over. She moved up next to his face, and placed a knee on each side of it, and looked down at him.

“Close your eyes."

With her thumbs against the center of his forehead, she made little circles in rows from just above his eyebrows to the top of his forehead. From there she stroked the area between his eyes, easing out the deep furrows. Next she did his temples, moving with a feathery touch, to his ears, jaw, and his neck.

Kandy felt him go limp, as a wet noodle under her fingers. She smiled, leaned down, and kissed him hard.

He opened his eyes, and kissed her back passionately. Afterwards, he reached up, and brought her hands to his mouth. He tenderly kissed each knuckle one at a time, uncurling the fingers until the palms were pressed against hip lips.

She observed his cock hardening in his shorts.

“Mmm, you’d better stop that, or I might forget the massage, and ravage that hot body of yours.”

“What if I want you too,” he growled, as his pupils dilated.

“You must wait; there will be time to fuck me later.”

“Spoil sport. Hmmm keep doing what you are doll, it feels wonderful.”

She leaned forward, and licked the indentation at the base of his throat. With soft butterfly kisses, she left a wet trail downward. She grazed his pectorals, and rubbed her fingers across his hairy chest. Her teeth teased at his nipples before taking them into her mouth, and suckling then hard.

“God, I want you,” he hissed, as he raised his head toward hers, his eyes dark, and dilated.

She pushed him back down, "I know, let me continue."

He twitched as her lips caressed his abdomen, and went lower into his dark, curly, pubic hair. He watched her move down, as her fingers tugged at the waist band of his shorts.

He hissed in response, “Oooh fuck take them off!”

She removed them, straddled his legs, and then put her fingers around his wrists, forcing then to his sides. He arched his back, and fought to free his hand, but he couldn’t move.

His cock was hard and oozing pre-cum; Kandy placed her mouth around the hard shaft, slid her lips down, around him, and took him deep into her oral cavity.

With shaky hands she grasped his cock, and took her time, sucking him up and down. He squirmed beneath her, as the pace quickened, and his breathing became labored. She grasped his ass, lifting him higher, as his cock went deeper into her oral cavity.
“Kandy…please….oooh god, stop, or I’ll cum too soon!”

She paused, looked up into his piercing blue-eyes, and moved upward to his awaiting lips.

He moaned, as her lips came down on his, and he tasted himself on her sweet lips. Their bodies moved spontaneously, as their tongues did the dance of lovers.

“I want you John, inside this hot, wet, pussy, now!”

She grasped the shaft, as his hands slid under her, opening her for penetration. She felt him spread her labia, as he slid two fingers inside. Her inner muscles surrounded the digits, pulling them in deeper, and milking them hard, causing her to moan aloud.

He brought the fingers to his lips to taste her essence. He then sat up, held her back with his hand, bent down, nuzzled her big breasts, as his teeth and lips tantalized the nipples.

She whimpered, raised her hand, clasped his head, and pushed it down, as he sucked harder. The small nibbles with his teeth sent shocks of pleasure through her. She could feel the walls of her vagina contract and release, as the copious amount of her juices slid down the crack of her ass.

She rubbed herself against his cock sending shock waves of pure, unadulterated pleasure, through his whole body.

He wanted to pull her pussy down upon his hardened member, but she had other plans, after all it was her turn to pleasure him.

“Oh god, I want to fuck you darling,” he growled.

Wanting to pull her pussy down on his hardened member, but she moved.

She knelt down, pulled his thighs apart, and slid between them. She licked her lips hungrily and considered what to do first.

His erection was standing up upright to his body from its nest of curls. She leaned forward, flicked her tongue across the head, and he groaned. She moved her mouth down until her lips softly brushed again his ball-sac. She inhaled the musky scent, drew one into her mouth, sucked it, and then did the other one.

She moved her lips up and down the shaft, taking her time, teasing and tasting him. She licked a few drops of milky fluid at the tip of his cock, humming with delight, and swallowed it.

She blew lightly across the throbbing head. Following that, she flicked her tongue across the tiny slit at the end, toyed with the sensitive underside of the head, and down both sides of his shaft.

All of a sudden, she stopped abruptly, and he whimpered. She moved up, straddled him, and lowered her throbbing cunt on to his pole. She rode him hard, as his hands braced her hips. She called his name aloud, and her climax began to build urgently awaiting release.

He reached down, and began toying with her clit, and Kandy’s whole body shook, tears rolled down her cheeks, as her first orgasm surged through her body like a train out of control.

His soon followed. Their cries of pleasure mingled, as waves of heat, and passion, swallowed them, and their bodies became one.

She body collapsed on to him, as his arms encircled her tightly. They kissed long and hard, neither of them moved, wanting this moment never to end.

When her breathing returned to normal, she moved curled up next to him, and laid her head on his chest.

He pulled the edges of the covers up around them and held her close. Kandy was content, and fell asleep in the comfort of his arms.
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