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Service with a Smile

The night shift suddenly becomes more interesting
My day started like normal. I woke up, stretching in bed as I started to think about what I want to do with my life. Did I want to continue the mundane life style of working at a posh hotel or did I want to do more? With talk of upcoming promotions and changes coming, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life. I got up and shuffled downstairs and laid down on the couch, thinking about my sex life or lack of.

I got my laptop out and opened it up to one of my favorite porn sites. I was feeling a little bit frisky, and since I couldn’t solve any of my life issues right then, I thought I would nose around and see what I could find. Surfing around I found something that caught my attention. As I watched, I reached under my purple tank top and started to twist and play with my nipple as my other hand wondered down my stomach till it reached under my matching purple bikini panties. Taking one finger I started to rub. Arching my hips, I continued to twist and play alternating between my nipples. I was enjoying the sensation as I touched and rubbed myself.

Well, time got away from me; I realized I was going to be late for my shift at the hotel, where I was a desk clerk, for the past few years. It was frustrating as I hurried to work knowing it was going to be a long shift, feeling so horny from playing with myself and not being able to orgasm.

I was right. It was a long shift but I did entertain myself with checking out everybody who was coming in and out of the hotel. I had some time left in my shift so I continued to think on and off about my life. I made good money here and had good friends but no one special in my life. Walking down the hall I stopped and looked at myself wondering what was wrong with me, I’m 5’6, brownish red natural curly hair shoulder length with blonde highlights, dark brown eyes, and lush kissable lips. As I glanced further down I have 38 DD sized breasts, trim waist, and sexy toned legs. I was really wondering how things were going to work out for me.

I was still pondering this when I spotted you. You were walking into the hotel. As you walked by I saw you looked about 6'ish, short blonde hair, gorgeous blue eyes and pretty well built. I noticed how sexy you looked in your jeans, flannel shirt, boots and coat. My eyes started to wonder down you, I noticed a nice size bulge in your jeans and wondered what got you into that state of arousal. Smiling to myself, I continued to watch as you walked past me, watching your sexy butt moving in your jeans, thinking that I would love to see you out of them.

You stopped and turned back towards me; you tried to cover up a little so I don't notice anything. I smiled as you came towards me.

"Can I help you?" I purred as you got closer.

You replied, “Yes, my key card doesn't work anymore, can you get me a new one?"

I took your card from you and issued you a new one. “If there is anything else I can do for you. I'd be happy to do it”, I replied.

You smiled and said, “I'll keep that in mind."

You went up to your room. I was still at the desk thinking about how sexy you looked; starting to think about you taking your clothes off for a hot shower; how your body would look all wet and soapy. I knew I really shouldn’t but it was the early morning, the day shift was starting to arrive. I told my replacement that I have to take this key up to your room. I headed for the elevators; I started to unbutton my white shirt thinking about you. I walked down the hallway holding the card, wondering how you would react when I see you.

Deciding not to knock on your door, I used the card and quietly opened the door as to not be noticed. You were standing in the room, naked and watching a hot porn scene on your laptop. Your hand wrapped around your hard shaft, stroking up and down, using your pre-cum to moisten your cock. Looking sexy as you watched unaware I was standing there watching you. Suddenly you looked up and stopped mid stroke, hand still wrapped around your hard shaft.

Stuttering, you ask "W-w-what are you doing here? You can't just walk in my room." I unbuttoned my shirt the rest of the way showing you my sexy thin tan bra, reaching up and touching the top of my silky mounds, moving my hand down and rubbing my nipples through the material, groaning as I feel the sensations. Feeling how sensitive they are due to my arousal of seeing you naked and hard. Reaching up and starting to push my black mid thigh pencil skirt down, watching you as it started to clear my hips, showing you my black lacy thong as the rest of the skirt puddles around my feet. I stood before you in just my thin tan bra, black lacy thong, black lacy thigh high stockings and three inch black heels.

Smiling, you see how hard my nipples are, knowing how aroused I was for you. Walking towards you I reached out and softly touched your erection, running the tip of my red painted nail down the length of you. I leaned in towards you and said, “I think you might need help with this." Pressed against you I slid down your body feeling the tip of my hard nipple running down your body, groaning from the sensation, feeling the wetness gathering between my legs.

“I want to watch you suck me, I want to see my hard shaft slide in and out of your mouth”, I heard as I looked up at you seeing a long, thick heavy aroused shaft standing out at me with a big flared head and dripping moisture. Your hand is stroking my hair, giving me just enough pressure to insert your dominance of the situation, letting me know you’ll be taking control when the time comes.

Kneeling before you, I looked up at you; my tongue flicks the tip of your cock, tasting you for the first time as our eyes meet, as I reached down and touched my throbbing sex, feeling how wet and excited you have made me. My tongue is running over your hardness, paying close attention to the underside tip. I open my eyes wanting to watch you as I continued to pay close attention to your hard shaft, groaning, loving the feel of you on my tongue, swirling it over you, licking it up and down, and needing to taste you. Sucking and moaning as I get yet another taste. Reaching one hand up to cup your balls I opened my mouth to take you all the way inside. I relax my throat muscles as I tried to take you all the way in, pushing my mouth on you. You moaned at first as you felt my hot wet mouth surrounding your hard cock. You were thrusting harder and faster in my mouth. Holding my head in your strong hands you pushed me onto to you. I heard a low harsh male rumble as you were appreciating my attention to you. Your cock was hitting the back of my throat as you fucked it. I gagged as I felt the tip of your cock sliding down my throat and swallowed hard, trying to breathe.

“Suck that cock, slut” you said as you pumped in and out of my mouth. “Yeah that’s it bitch, take all of that cock in your mouth.”

As you kept fucking my mouth, I thought about how much I loved you taking control. Looking up at you I saw your head was thrown back and I heard you moaning. You must have sensed that I was looking at you because you lowered your head and our eyes met. You reached out and stroked my hair as you continued pumping in and out of my hot wet mouth. You watched your cock sliding in and out noticing how shiny it is, feeling as well as seeing how good it felt. I was hoping I was pleasing you as much as having your hard shaft in my mouth was pleasing me. You started to move your hips, thrusting harder and harder, holding my head in your hands. I started to moan as I took one hand and started to pull and twist my nipples, feeling you fucking my mouth. I was so wet for you. You felt the vibration from my mouth all around your cock. Gripping my hair you pulled my head off your cock and leaned down to kiss me hard.

"You have an amazing mouth and a great talent, but I have plans for you." You pulled me up and told me to finish stripping. I unhooked my bra; it slid down my arms and fell to the floor. My nipples were even harder as the air hits them causing them to become harder sensitive buds. I stood before you topless; I hooked my fingers in my thong and shimmied out of it also. I started to slide out of my stockings, but you shook your head no. Here I stood in front of you only in my stockings and heels.

You motioned to me to walk towards you. I started to walk but you made me stop halfway and motioned for me to turn around. You wanted to see my ass and motioned for me to bend over. I bent over so you can see how wet I am for you, hoping that my pussy and ass would turn you on as much as sucking your cock has turned me on. I looked at you from my bent over position and noticed you’re stroking yourself again. Reaching behind me I spread myself more for you to get a better look. I whimpered as I licked my lips. You looked at me and told me to lie on my stomach on the bed. I did as you said, thinking how weird this is. I’m normally the one secretly in control and now it seemed you had it, shivering as I anticipated what you had in mind.

I looked over my shoulder at you and saw you moving towards me; your cock standing hard and seeing a droplet of pre-cum on the tip, causing me to moan as I remembered the taste of you. My eyes became half closed and pupils dilated more. You grinned as you spread my legs before lying on top of me and rubbed your body against mine. “I’m going to fuck you slut, fuck you like sluts need to be fucked.”

Stopping by the bed you started rubbing my ass, I whimpered at the feeling of you putting your hands on me. Suddenly I feel a strong slap to my backside. Jerking up I look at you.

You just grinned at me.

I felt the heat rushing to that area. Dropping my head down to the bed, my forehead balanced on my hand I jerk up again as I felt another slap. “Can’t have just one red cheek,” you said as I looked back at you. Now your hands were on my backside, I felt you spreading my ass cheeks and the cool air from the room hitting me, I shivered.

Looking back you see me with a questioning look and you commented to me “Just as I thought.”

“W-What do you mean?” I stuttered having a hard time not wiggling my stinging ass.

“You get turned on by spankings and having a red ass; I like that. Get up on your knees,” you told me, so I crawled up to me knees, facing the headboard. You’re behind me spreading me. Your tongue is hard and strong as it starts licking me. My juices were starting to flow even more, flooding your mouth as you licked. On my hands and knees with you behind me I felt your lips clamp on my hard clit, sucking so hard. Putting my head down on the bed, pushing back against you, as your hard wet tongue is getting a taste of how much I want you. Feeling so much pleasure as you’re tonguing me, I reached up and started to tug and twist my nipples. I started to grind against your tongue as I feel a finger starting to flick my hard clit, squirming against you as so many sensations flow thru me. Floating on the sensations I felt you insert two fingers in me, bucking back against those thick fingers.

“O, yes fuck me, finger fuck me” I cried as I felt so hot, so wet for you.

“You’re going to cum for me aren’t you and once you cum I’m going to fuck you so hard, just as a little slut needs to be fucked,” I heard you telling me.

I’m was bucking against your fingers as I felt more fingers sliding in me, pulling my nipples harder, twisting them, and tugging them. I felt the familiar sensation start. The sensation starting to move thru my body till finally I exploded for you. Screaming, I came so hard, bucking against you, panting and moving as I started to come down from that sensation. My head balanced on the bed I felt you at the entrance, my muscles are still quivering and you pushed in me telling me how you love that I’m still tight and wet. Reaching over and taking a handful of hair you pulled my head back. “Now it’s time for you to be fucked slut,” I heard you tell me as you start to pound in and out of me. The sound of our bodies slapping together, the feeling of you sliding in and out of my sensitive pussy, the way you held my hair as you rode me. Our bodies sliding together, the sweat coating us as we both move in time with each other.

“You like that don’t you slut, you like how I’m fucking you, making you take all of me,” I heard you say.

“Yes, oh please fuck me, I need you, I need your cock fucking me, filling me and stretching me,” I said desperately back to you.

You released my hair and I turned and look over my shoulder at you, watching your face as your cock slammed in and out of me. Seeing you enjoy my body, I reached down and started to rub myself. Bending down onto my shoulders you continued to pound in and out of me, as I took two fingers and continued to rub my hard clit.

“Rub that clit,” I heard you say. Rubbing harder and faster I bucked back against you. Suddenly I feel a hard slap to my ass. I looked over at you, you just grinned “You were starting to lose that sexy red color.” You smack again on the other side. I’m rubbing my clit harder, feeling your balls smacking against me. I started to feel that familiar feeling.

“Please I’m so close, please come with me” I said to you.

You reached down and pulled my hair back bringing me back up on my knees. “Rub that clit, cum while I’m still fucking you”

Reaching back down and fingering myself, I felt your hard shaft sliding in and out, slamming into me. Bucking against you I started to cum, my back arched and I let out a little scream. “OOOO Yes, I’m cumming.” Feeling my muscles squeezing around you I felt you starting to lose control. Suddenly I felt teeth on the back of my neck as you pulled out of me. Your teeth scraped my neck as I felt the hot sticky wetness of you on my back and ass, the air cooling us as we both panted and heaved.

Collapsing onto the mattress we began to become aware of each other again. You rolled to the side of me and prop yourself up on one elbow. Looking down at me I heard you ask “So what really brought you to my room?”

Giggling, I proceed to tell you about my morning and how sexy you looked coming into the hotel. Turning my head I look at you grinning and I couldn’t resist you in your work cloths and seeing how excited you already were. I asked you what got you in that condition.

“Well, um….” you stutter, “I um….was thinking about you and seeing you last night when I checked in, got me thinking on the way back from the job site.”

Grinning, I told you that today I was thinking about you when I was playing with myself. You lean in and start leaving little kisses on my neck; this is definitely my favorite hotel. I turned back to you and kissed you, rubbing my tongue with yours, before breaking the kiss and sliding out of bed and heading for the bathroom.

I came out of the bathroom and handed you a warm washcloth you started to clean yourself up. I was getting dressed.

You look confused, “where are you going” you asked me.

“I have to go finish my shift” I informed you. Running a red tipped finger nail down your check and kissing it, “Get some rest, I have a feeling you might need it.”

Starting to back away from you, seeing you watch me as I headed for the door. Reaching for the door handle I turned back to you and blow you a kiss, you grinned and right before the door closed I head you say “You might want to take your own advice.” Giggling again, I closed the door and headed down the hallway. Thinking I may just like my job a little more from now on.

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