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Sex and a Very Merry Christmas

Gosh, baby, you're tight. I said. She nodded her head with her eyes closed.
Life is so good when you're able to sit around the fire place and tell stories about past Christmases with your family. Right now, Joe was telling us about the time where he spent Christmas alone. That was when he met his girlfriend, Kris. She was giggling about the whole thing and I couldn't help but smile at the wonderful couple.

While Joe was in the middle of talking, I heard my phone buzz from my pocket. I looked and saw that I had received a new text message. It was from Alyssa. I smirked to myself and stood up, excusing myself from the group. I then went upstairs and read the text message.

Hey, Sexy! I was just sitting in the house thinking about you. I'm getting rather lonely, so why don't you come home to me? I have a surprise for you *wink wink*.

I couldn't help but smirk to myself about how badly she wanted me to come home. Trust me, I'd like nothing more to do than to speed back to the house in my Mustang, but I need to be with family. Actually, I can always go home and bring her back with let's pretend.

Sorry, babe, I can't. I text back, licking my bottom lip in happiness.

Within seconds, a text came back. Oh, but baby please! I need you to be here with me. Just come home, then you can go back. All I need is...IDK. Just come to me, hun. Oh, so she was begging now? I liked that.

Alright, I'll come. What's the surprise? I knew what the surprise was, but I just wanted to make it official.

You'll see. Was her only reply. I closed my phone, then headed downstairs with my leather jacket. "Guys, I got to go back to the house for something. I'll be back as soon as I can." I said without a serious explanation. Before my parents could object, I went out the door and drove over to my house.

The ride was long and suspenseful...though I lived a little ways from my parents. All I could think about was my sexy fiancee and what she had in store for me. I pictured her amazing body, groping herself and that's when my hard-on came to place. Shit. I wasn't even at home yet. Seriously, you have no idea what this woman does to me.

I was finally at home, so I got out of the car and let myself in the house. Once I stepped inside, I noticed that the lights were dim. It was certainty that something was going to happen tonight and I couldn't wait for it to happen. "Lyssie!" I called.

"I'm up here!" She called back. Oh hell yes. She was upstairs. I slowly walked up the stairs, as if I were expecting to be tackled by someone. Once I was finally up them, I walked into the doorway, just in time to see her black, silky robe drop to the floor. "Hello, Mr. Jonas." She said, seductively before she turned around.

I stared in complete lust at Alyssa's body. She was clad in black, lacy lingerie; thigh-high fish nets; and 3' black pumps. I felt my mouth drop to the floor once her fierce green eyes met my brown ones. She looked so damn sexy in her naughty attire. I felt my pants get tighter and tighter as she sauntered over to me. "Wha..."

"I missed you so much, baby." She replied, wrapping her arms around my neck. Her luscious breasts were in my face. All I could do was ogle at them. Her curvy figure slid into my body, her hip bone hitting my rock hard pelvis. I was devilishly mesmerized by her appearance. "You know, I started thinking naughty things about you and I." She replied. Her minted breath sizzled against my lips.

"What were you thinking about?" I asked, uneasily. She giggled then kissed my neck. Her lips lingered on my favorite spot. A gaspy moan escaped my lips. I felt her hands slid down my chest and down to my front. She grabbed me, then began to suck on my neck again. I put my hands on her waist, pulling her close to my aching body. "Fuck." I whispered. She stopped and stared me down. I could literally see the lust in her eyes.

"You read my mind." She whispered, seductively. Her hand crept up to the top button of my shirt. She then popped it open...then the next one. "Why do you always cover yourself? You know I love to see your skin." She replied. I gasped as she kissed the exposed space, then continued to button down my shirt, leaving a trail of kisses down to my belt.

By now, my shirt was off. Alyssa was working on my belt. She had unbuckled it and was swiftly pulling it out of the loops until it fell to the floor. My hard on was in her face and she could finally sense that I was huge. She place a firm kiss on my member, leaving me to moan aloud. She then started to unbutton my pants and they soon dropped to my ankles. It was then that I realized. She was teasing me.

I stepped, uncomfortably, out of my pants, only in my briefs and boots. Alyssa stepped up to me and like a cat...

...she attacked.

Her lips met mine in a heated kiss. I grabbed the back of her head while forcing my tongue down her throat. We back up to the bed, her under me and continued our make out session. I was in between her legs, caressing them as I made my way down to her pumps. I threw them off, along with kicking off my boots and throwing off my socks. My lips left hers and went to her already semi sweaty neck. I found her sweet spot instantly, then I let my hands drift to her bra strap.

Within an instant it popped off. I was able to view her beautiful breasts. I stopped what I was doing and stared. Alyssa had a smirk on her face. She took my hands and slid them over her boobs. My eyes bugged out as she made me caress them gently. Her eyes closed as she started grinding her throbbing area into my pelvis. "Oh...oh...uhhhhh...mmmm...Nicky." She moaned softly. I felt like I was about to burst at the sound of her throated moans. I put my lips to her left nipple and began to suck and bite. Her hands ran through my curls making them frail and messy. I caressed the right nipple and felt her squirm under me. I switched so that my mouth was now on her right nipple and so that I was caressing her left nipple.

"How badly do you want me?" I asked her, interrupting her erotic moans. She gave one in response. Yeah, that meant that I knew she wanted me...bad. I stopped and left a trail of kisses down her stomach, then I pulled off her stockings so that she was only in her underwear. We were both slightly sweaty from our actions.

"Nicky, why did you stop?" She whined. I saw her full bottom lip give a pouty form before I smirked.

"Beg me to continue." I ordered.

"Please baby....I need you now." She said. My fingers went to the elastic band of her panties, but I didn't remove them...yet.

"I can't hear you." I told her.

"Nick, please, please!" She cried out loud. I then slid off her underwear and saw that her pinkness was in my face. I stared hungrily at her succulent area. Her hands suddenly went down and she started rubbing herself lightly. I stared at her. By now, my briefs were suffocated my member. I removed them and let her see how big my cock was. She stared at the full 10 inches and began to rub harder. She was fully turned on.

"You like?" I asked as I heard her repeated moans. She nodded her messy head, moaning aloud.

"Ye-yeah...ohhh." She replied, now fingering her hole. I couldn't take it anymore. I started to stroke myself. She was watching me with this tantalizing smirk on her face. She was done pleasuring herself. She got off the bed and knelt down to where my hard cock was. She gently removed my fingers then started to rub me herself. She licked off the pre-cum putting my head in her mouth...she was still stroking me. Her hand pumped me, getting faster and faster. I threw me head back and moaned out loud.

"Fucking suck me already." I ordered. She did what she was told and her mouth had surrounded my dick. Her lips vibrated as she bobbed on my hard cock. I grabbed on to her long hair to keep myself from toppling over. "Fuck...oh fuck...yes...suck me...Alyssaaaa.." I groaned. She continued her actions until I was about to spill inside of her mouth. She suddenly stopped then stood up.

"I want you to be inside of me when you cum." She whispered, pulling me by the arm as we landed on the bed. Her long legs were once again around my waist and she was under me. I stared into her dazed eyes, gently pushing myself in her hole.

"Gosh, baby, you're tight." I said. She nodded her head with her eyes closed. She then bucked her hips, telling me to start moving. I did, at first moving at a slow pace. She was sweating. I was sweating.

"Uhhhhhhh....oooohhhh...fuck!" She shouted. "Fasster, baby." She ordered and I obliged, going faster with every thrust. There was this clapping/suction noise that I was making as my sack hit her ass. "Fuck, Nick! Uhhhhhhh....fuck me!" She cried out. I went faster and faster; harder and harder. Her nails were in my back and that's how I knew I was beating her up good.

I then felt her flip me over. She was now on top with a sticky smirk on her face. She started to grind me and she rolled her hips as I rolled my eyes to the back of my head. I put my hands on her hips guiding her on how I wanted to move. We were both gasping for air as she continued to ride me hard and good. Her boobs were flopping in my face getting me more turned on. I put my hands to her breasts feeling them.

I then flipped us back over and started to violently thrust myself in her. Her eyes crept out. She was wide awake. "UHHHHHHHH!" She screamed. "UHHHHH NICHOLAS!!" She screeched. Her nails were in my back again. "FUCK!!!"

"Cum for me baby. Cum with me!" I shouted. We were sweating hard and liking it. Her walls had become tight around my member and I knew that she was coming.

"Nick...I'm gonna...uhhhhhhh." We both unleashed our liquid and I collapsed on top of her.

"Nick, that was amazing." She breathed as we were laying in bed together. Alyssa was caressing my face and I couldn't help but smile at my beautiful fiancee. "Please, don't leave least not tonight." She begged. I kissed her lips then waved some hair out of her face.

"Come with me." I said. Her eyes went wide. It was weird that I said that. My parents, once in my life, have never met Alyssa, but even I knew that they were going to love her.

"Are you sure?" Alyssa asked me. I nodded, kissing her again. She squealed and kissed me, happily. "I would love to." She said to me. I smiled, knowing she would.

"Well, we need to pack up, so..."

"...let's get cleaned up." She replied. She giggled at me, then kissed my lips. "I love you, Nick." She told me.

"I love you too." I replied.

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