Sex at the Movies

By violentforeplay

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The movie probably wasn't that good anyway.
“I think we got here just in time,” Johnny says as he pushes his way through the double doors and into the theatre.

Samantha follows quietly behind. Once they’ve found their seats, conveniently right at the back in the corner, the screen comes alive and the trailer for a new romance comes on. Johnny looks at Samantha and smiles. She smiles back, shyly.

“What’s up, Sam? You didn’t seem so shy online,” he says.

Samantha smiles politely and looks up at the screen. That doesn’t answer his question. Johnny, feeling a little disappointed, follows her gaze without another word. Samantha peers at him from the corner of her eye and smiles. This is going to be fun.

After sitting through countless trailers and commercials, the lights begin to dim and the audience goes quiet. Samantha casually lifts her hand and places it on Johnny’s thigh. He jolts up and looks at her, a quizzical expression on his face, followed by a tempting smile.

“I knew the whole shy girl thing was an act. All those things you said to me…”

“Shut up and watch,” says Sam.

Johnny obeys and looks forward again, but this time he is unable to keep a smile from playing at his lips. Samantha slowly brushes her fingertips over the inside of his leg until she reaches his bulge. Without hesitation, she places an index finger on it and begins to draw circles lightly. Johnny twitches but continues to watch the film. She watches his face as his mouth opens and closes slightly with pleasure. She begins to feel a throbbing between her legs but ignores it. This is about Johnny. Her pussy is going to have to wait for its milk.

After a few minutes of being tender, she places her whole hand over his bulge and squeezes it as hard as she can. Johnny sinks down into his seat and a loud moan escapes his mouth. “Uhhhhh.”

An elderly lady sitting two rows in front of them looks back and puts her index finger to her lips. Once she has her back to them again, Samantha unzips Johnny’s trousers and pushes her hand through, desperately trying to feel for his warm cock. Johnny sits back and closes his eyes as her delicate fingers clasp his bare hard dick and pull it out from beneath the material. Once his cock is out and standing, Samantha notices her own throbbing getting stronger. She ignores it.

“Suck it,” says Johnny.

That’s all the encouragement she needs. Samantha leans over the arm rest and takes the whole cock into her mouth. She gags a little but recovers quickly. Johnny grabs a handful of her hair and guides her head up and down. He looks down in complete awe, as this beautiful girl sucks his dick, in public. Samantha moans each time it hits the back of her throat and winces as Johnny’s grip on her hair gets tighter. Bobbing her head up and down, she slows her pace down as she starts to feel his body twitching. Samantha looks up to see Johnny’s mouth wide open in pleasure. He’s close. It’s too soon. She pulls her hair out of his clutch and sits back up in her seat. Johnny looks at her desperately - hungry for more.

“Not yet baby,” Samantha whispers as she leans over to tenderly stroke his cheek.

Johnny closes his eyes and sighs. The elderly woman looks back again and shoots daggers at them. They both laugh.

After a few minutes of blankly staring at the screen, Samantha groans with frustration as the throbbing in-between her legs doesn’t calm down. Kitty needs attention. She slowly starts to push down her jeans until they’re at her ankles. Before Johnny can say a word, Samantha mounts him and buries her face into his neck to quieten down her moans as his hard cock enters her.

“Shit,” he whispers into her hair.

She lifts her head up from his neck and kisses him as his hands grip her hips. Samantha stops kissing him and her mouth opens in a perfect O shape as she begins to ride him back and forth. Johnny’s eyes open wide. He can’t believe his luck. They both look to the front at the same time to see if the elderly woman has noticed anything. She’s facing the front, oblivious to what’s happening two rows behind. Samantha looks back at Johnny's face and with a sexy smile begins to ride him harder and faster. Johnny moans into her chest and clutches her ass as she fucks him senseless.

“Oh fuck, Samantha, oh fuck!” He repeatedly gasps as she picks up speed.

Thirty seconds pass and suddenly Samantha’s movements start to slow down and she wraps her arms around Johnny’s back, squeezing and panting. Johnny growls in pleasure and flips their bodies over so that he’s on top. Oblivious to how much noise they’re now making, he pushes apart her sexy long legs and plunges his hard cock deep into her pussy, groaning loudly as he does so. Samantha grabs onto the armrests on either sides of the seat and holds them tight, as he fucks her with everything he has. The power in every stroke causes the back of her head to violently bang on the seat. Johnny growls like a beast, as his body stiffens, ready to cum all over this beautiful girl. Samantha’s eyes open wide, her back arches and she screams out in intense pleasure as she orgasms. Johnny pulls out in time for his own and grabs his cock as he shoots his cum all over the soft skin of her legs. He then drops to his knees, breathless and runs his tongue up them until it reaches her pussy. Samantha smiles in satisfaction as he softly licks her cum from her pussy. Samantha stretches her arms and arches her back. Kitty is satisfied.

“Excuse me Sir? Miss?”

Samantha and Johnny both look up at the same time to see a police officer looking down at them, slightly embarrassed. He looks around awkwardly as Samantha pulls up her jeans and Johnny zips his pants back up. He looks around and his face scrunches in confusion.

“Where is everyone?” Johnny asks. The officer raises an eyebrow.

“Sir, the movie finished fifteen minutes ago,” he says.

Samantha and Johnny both look at each other and smile. They completely lost track of time. The officer clears his throat.

“I’m gonna have to uh… have you arrested… by the way. Just don’t have sex in the back of my police car. Please? I just got the seats cleaned.”