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Sex at Work, Part 2

She had gotten the proof required, now she wanted even more

Well, it really wasn’t a dream.   I had confessed on a web site I visit regularly, I guess a week or so ago about telling my coworker of a website that I had a story posted on, and her response after reading it and how she wanted proof of my genital size, and getting a pretty fair blow job in the break room at work out of the deal, though it was way to quick, I got my rocks off, and sometimes that is all that matters, isn’t it?   She had her proof that I indeed had a fairly thick ten inch dick.   I had said I would give an update if and when she decided to further the proof about my “sustainability”; she was intrigued by the story’s boasting of how long I could maintain an erection.  


So, today she comes up to me out on the sales floor and asks me to help her in the walk-in cooler with some things that were too heavy for her to lift.   So, being the “ready to be of assistance type”, I said sure, not thinking anything about it.   We went to the back of the storage area to where the cooler is, and she opens the door for us to enter, then closes it behind us.   I looked around, and nothing seemed to be out of order, nothing needed moving.   I turned to ask, and found I didn’t need to, she had her dress pulled up above her waist revealing her naked mound and neatly trimmed bush.   Her smile said it all, she was ready and willing to find out if I was up to her challenge of finding out how long I could fuck.   My jaw must have hit the floor because she started to laugh aloud; thankfully the walls are pretty soundproof in the cooler.  


I told her “there’s no way I’m going to fuck you here, you’re out of your mind.   Firstly there isn’t enough time, and more importantly, it is fucking cold in here!”   She nodded and said “well, you can’t just tease me and leave me to suffer, at least give me something for my trouble of finding a place without a camera.”   I gestured for her to come farther into the cooler, and go behind a tall pallet full of boxes, the sight of her walking around the pallet was funny, her dress clutched tightly around her waist and her fine ass jiggling in the cold air, covered with goose bumps.    I followed her to the back side of the stack of boxes and put my hands on her waist pulling us together and then asked “you sure about this?”   Her reply was one of authority “eat my pussy, I deserve a return favor, and I want you to make me cum at least as much as you did last week”.   I lowered my hand to her waiting groin and felt the warmth of her willing pussy, not hampered by the chilling 36 degree temperature, and began to slide my fingers in and around her outer labia and slightly enlarged clit.   I ran my other hand up to her breast and was pleased to find that she wasn’t wearing a bra either, her nipple was hard as a rock and about the size of a large marble, she moaned as I fondled her on both the upper and lower parts of her now trembling body.


I knelt on one knee in front of her, both of us out of immediate view, should someone open the door unexpectedly.   Then I slid my hand from her pussy to her knee and lifted her foot to my elevated thigh as I leaned to take my first taste of her warm moist loins.   My lips found her clit first thing bringing a spasm of pleasure to her, evidenced by her moan and quivering legs.   As I lowered my aim a bit to lick on her sweet petals I found the aroma of her juices already filling my nostrils, spurring me onward.   She broke the silent tease of my tongue and lips with a commanding “eat me, dammit!” and pulled my head into her pussy full force with one hand.   I obediently followed her command, tilted my head back and began to plunge my tongue in and out of her wet canal while roughly squeezing her clit with between my thumb and index finger.   Her hips started to lunge to meet my face as I scooped the juices from her vagina with my tongue, drinking all I found.   I brought my other hand to her groin and inserted two fingers into the canal and finger fucked her hard and fast as she neared an orgasm, my lips, fingers and tongue working hard on her engorged cunt.   She spread her legs apart and gasped “Holy fuck, I’m gonna cum.”   I removed my fingers and opened my mouth as wide as I could, placing my mouth over the entire opening of her raging vagina and petals, now swelled and puffy from her impending flow.   She dropped her dress over my head as she grabbed my hair     and pulled me into her wetness, then filled my entire mouth with her sweet wet honey.   I swallowed the first mouthful, only to swallow the next, and the next.   Oh my God, this woman was shooting out more sweet nectar than I could have imagined.   As her orgasm ebbed, the flow did as well, thank God, I thought I was going to be drowned in her onslaught of cum.   I licked the remains from her upper thighs and pussy while she stood before me quivering from her flood of joy.   I pushed the dress back off of my head and looked up at the satisfied expression on her radiant face and smiled.   I said “next time I get to choose where” in as commanding a voice as I could muster, my swollen dick ready to be satisfied as well.


I stood up and retrieved a paper towel from my pocket I keep to clean up messes that occur in the store, never realizing how handy one might be at a time like this, not that this happens very often.   I wiped the sweet juices of her orgasm from my face and watched as she put her clothing back in place, we walked to the door silently, and left the chill of the cooler behind.   Thankfully my erection had subsided enough in the chilled air to allow me to go out in public again.


To be continued…I think

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