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Sex at Work, Part 3

She had gotten more proof in the cooler, now it was my turn

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This confession seems to go on and on, when will it ever end….not soon, I hope


I had managed to satisfy Mimi, not only her natural curiosity about my genital size, but as to how well I could bring her to a brief but satisfactory orgasm.   Now we both knew that we would need to be together, really together, to finish what had begun by an innocent admission of a story being published on an erotic story web site.


Now, looking back, it might seem as though I planned the whole thing, the proof, and the ensuing blow job, her beckoning me to the cooler to have sex, and getting some head of her own with both resulting in fair orgasms, but not even I could have dreamed that it would happen as it has, reality is very often much more strange than fiction.   Now, after the third chapter has happened, I can tell you, this is a dream CUM true.


The very next day I asked Mimi what time she was scheduled to go to lunch, it turned out to be the same hour as mine, and I formulated a plan for our next encounter.   I asked her to meet me in the temporary storage container by the east end of the store as soon as she had clocked out, she smiled and nodded approvingly.   So, 1:00 it would be.   I anxiously awaited the morning to pass, worked the hour before in Electronics, normal and as usual.

Mimi made herself busy, but would glance over at me as she passed by my work area without a word or break in her expression, but I could tell what she was thinking, and it had me hornier than hell by the time I went to clock out for lunch at 12:55.


As I went to the front of the store, I paused long enough to tell my wife, working as a cashier for the day, that I was going to walk to a nearby restaurant and grab a bite.   She said “OK, bring me a Coke when you come back, see ya in an hour.”   I walked out and turned towards the parking area, and ducked into the container to wait for Mimi, drawing the door almost closed as I entered.   It was really dark, so I got out my LED keychain light and found my way to the back of the 40 foot long container.   I found, as I had already known, that there was a space at the rear with no pallets of the Christmas Decorations, only the front part was filled to the top, giving plenty of space for the mischief I had in mind.   I stacked two of the larger, sturdier boxes onto the floor and sat to wait for the next part of our encounter.   My waiting was short lived; Mimi opened the door and stepped into the metal container, closing the door behind her.   I turned on the LED light to guide the way to me.


I stood up as she got closer; her smile evidenced her anticipation of what was to come.   The first minutes were a blur of kisses and fondling each other’s bodies.   Our passions in overdrive with the imminence of a dream fulfilled, we were both going to fuck the hell out of each other, no extended foreplay was necessary, and we both were ready for the real thing this time.


She was wearing a really pretty button up navy blouse and a dark tan A line skirt in keeping with the dress code for the store. I wore tan Khaki cargo pants and a blue sports shirt.   She pulled my shirt upwards swiftly, removing it from my torso and began to rub briskly on my small dark nipples with her finger tips.   I quickly unbuttoned her blouse and pushed it from her shoulders and down her arms, tossing it on top of my shirt on the boxes nearest to our location.   I put my arms around her and unfastened her bra, pulled it from her and tossed it in the pile.   Her breasts were fantastic, firm for a mother of three, and the pale areolas served to contrast the dark hard nipples protruding from them beautifully.   I leaned down and took one of them between my lips as she moaned her first song of delight.   I reached around her waist and unhooked her skirt, unzipped it, and lowered it for her to step free of its confinement, leaving her with only a thong to cover the magnificence of her body from my view.   I tossed it onto the growing pile of our garments.


I stood up and kicked off my loafers as I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, pushed them down and stepped from them and my boxers at the same time, tossing them onto the pile and stood before her.   The dim light allowed us to see each other, all of her splendors now visible since she had removed her thong while I finished undressing, and my fully engorged erection standing before me.   Our bodies collided together with urgency, our lips met in passion, our arms around each other, touching and feeling all that we were, wanting what each had to offer.   The moans of pleasure filled the metal chamber, echoing too loudly for safety, so we quieted our voices and went on with the rest with coos and whispers of our satisfactions to each other.


As we held each other we shifted our positions to suit the need, my swollen cock nestled neatly between the top of her thighs, sliding back and forth along the sweet petals of her labia wet with her preliminary juices of ecstasy.   I slid it back and forth being sure that the top of it continuously rubbed her clit, and our mouths came together to muffle the outcries of pleasure from both of us.   As her orgasm increased and I felt her juices flowing more from her silky wet pussy and turned her to face the boxes I had stacked on the floor and prodded her to lean forward onto them.   She was more than willing, and parted her feet as she positioned herself for my advances.


I took my fully erect cock in my right hand and parted her sopping wet lips with my left, teasing her clit and petals with the bulbous head as I prepared to enter her canal.   Her body was wracked with spasms as I teased her; she bucked back at my cock over and over without success adding to her frenzy.   When I thought she could go no farther without it I shoved my silver dollar size cock into her willing hole about seven inches on the first thrust.   She yelped at the invasion and then pushed back to me to get more.   I began with slow easy strokes, taking time to revel in the glorious feelings of her cunt around my shaft, and then found a rhythm that was perfect for both of us, using about eight inches and almost taking it out with each stroke before pushing it back in.   I continued to fuck her like this for about ten minutes, her sweet nectar spurting out around my shaft with each inward thrust.   She was getting the sex she had wanted, and so was I.


As my own climax drew closer I could tell she was about to explode as well, both of us panting in labored breathing, I could feel her heart race as I cupped her breasts in my hands.   I felt a rumbling in her canal, or perhaps in her entire abdomen, her vaginal muscles were clenching my cock with spasmodic irregularity.   The veins on my dick were standing out from the shaft and rubbed her g spot as I started a pounding rhythm in and out of her, much like a pile driver, and went deeper into the wondrous cavern of lust I had found.   She laid her head down onto the boxes making me able to go even deeper, and as I shoved all ten inches into her she exploded with a flood of cum, it gushed from around my shaft and splashed against my balls as they continued to slap her swollen clit each time I buried my cock into her.   Her orgasm was in full force when I erupted my own jism deep in her womb.   My grunt of pleasure echoed in the metal container as did her moans of satisfaction coming loudly from her mouth.


I stood behind her for only a moment enjoying the fulfillment, then pulled my shaft from her canal allowing her to stand.   She turned to face me with a smile of satisfaction only seconded by my own.   I raised my hands to her breasts and fondled them as I leaned to her and kissed her fully on the mouth and her arms went around my shoulders.   I squatted down and kissed each breast and flicked the nipple of each in turn with my tongue, then on down to lick the juices from her thighs as they continued to dribble from her wet vaginal canal.   The shudders of her trembling body brought forth yet another orgasm from my sexy coworker, so I cupped my tongue into her opening and drank fully of all she could offer along with the remnants of my own cum.


After I had cleaned her of all I could she pushed me backward onto the metal floor and stood over my torso looking at my still fairly erect cock.   A devious smile crossed her expression as she knelt beside me and started giving me a hand job and then put her mouth onto the head and sucking feverishly on it.   As it returned to a fully engorged size she threw her leg across me and shoved it into her pussy roughly and began to ride me hard.   Her loins slammed into my pubic bone fiercely and I yelped with the pain she was delivering, but did not want it to stop, my balls were already ready to explode again, and I wanted her to feel me cum within her at least one more time before we had to go back to work. I felt a familiar rumbling coming from her abs, her legs jerking with the strain and she moaned and grunted continuously as she went on.   She grunted out “I’m cuming again, Oh God, yeah, again….”   I thrashed back at her hips with all I had, burying my tool deeply and grabbed her tits savagely as I gave forth another load of my semen.   She again erupted with an unbelievable amount of her own juices and collapsed on top of me gasping.


After a few moments I looked at my watch, I still had ten minutes left on my lunch break; just enough time to clean up, redress, and return with a coke for my wonderful wife on the checkout stand.   I dressed quickly and left Mimi to dress herself, leaving a clean towel to clean up with.   I ran to the restaurant and got a soda, ran back to the store with a minute to spare, and no will or energy to work the rest of the day.   I saw Mimi walk from the rest room a couple minutes later, a bit rumpled, but had brushed her hair and touched up her makeup to get through the rest of the day.


Pandora’s Box has been opened, we have officially committed adultery, and at work yet.   Strangely enough the biggest concern isn’t whether one or both of will get fired if our activity is discovered, not whether one or both will be divorced soon because of it, not any of the things that should concern me, only one thing holds my thoughts


When can I be with Mimi again?   I want to make love to her over and over, that is my only concern.



To Be Continued…..(?)



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