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Sex at Work

I had confessed to being an Erotic Story Writer, She wanted proof and got it!

I encourage comments and voting on my stories, I am new at this type of writing, and would appreciate any feedback.  I feel it would help in refining the stories I feel the need to write.  Thanks


I have been working for a large retail corporation for about four years in one of the smaller outlets in the Midwest .  I am a middle aged married guy, my wife even works at the same store, but would never dream of me getting it on at work with a coworker.  


Mimi, a cute 25 year old and I came to this store about the same time, and over the three plus years have become friends, of sorts, we are two of the only a handful of smokers that work there.  The store provides a separate break area for the smokers, so we often visit about work, life and whatever is going on when we end up on a break at the same time.  A few weeks ago I shared a secret with her, and emailed her a link to the site, so that she could read one of the stories that the host was kind enough to post for me, and told her the title (which I posted under a pen name, of course).  


Anyway, Monday of this week we ended up in the break area alone and she asked me if the story was a true one or fiction.  I told her it was true, except for the names used.  She giggled and said "that will require some proof, it said you have a ten inch dick".  I laughed and told her she would have to take my word for it, though I could tell she would not take that for an answer.  She said "stand by the door, so no one can see through the little window", so I did.  As I did so I could feel my member starting to swell at the prospect of her verifying the facts, so to speak.  There was no one in the other break area just outside the door, and she came over to me and unzipped my pants, reached in and pulled forth the thick swelling cock from my boxers.  She giggled as she felt it swell to a firm erection in her hand and cooed as she gently stroked it and made it fully erect and a full ten inches, as advertised.  She laughed and said "I guess it was true" as she attempted to stuff it back into my boxers.  I said "hey, wait a minute, you can't just tease me and stuff it back in, you got to give something back when you tease me to this point".  She looked into my serious eyes, and knelt down as she said "be sure we don't get caught and I will".  I nodded as she pulled it back out and took the head into her mouth and started jacking me off.  She paused long enough to tell me not to mess up her hair or makeup, and to come IN her mouth, not on her face.  It didn't take long before I felt the urge to climax start welling up in my balls, and I guess she could tell too, she kept bobbing her head and mouth on and off of my tool and stroking my length with her hand feverishly until I shot forth a load of my jism into her talented mouth, almost overfilling it, thank God it didn't overflow.  She swallowed it all and then licked the remains from my shaft and head.  About then the door to the other break area opened, I prompted her to return to her seat, stuffed my still hard cock into my pants and boxers and zipped them up.  I was still standing there a few inches from the door when the store manager pushed it open, hitting me in the back with it.  I stepped aside as he stuck his head in to ask Mimi how much longer she had on her break, and could she take care of a project for him.  She said "I'm about done, be right there".  I sat down to smoke a cigarette and glanced over at my friend to smile and mouth the words thank you. She stood to leave and said, "next time it's my turn, I'll find us a place to get really naughty.  You still haven't proved that you can fuck for hours on end".  I smiled and said "OK" and she left.  


I'll keep you posted if and when Mimi finds us a place at work, there a cameras almost everywhere, so that could be a real challenge.


To Be Continued, I hope

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