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I LOVE the beach!
 OK, so I was at home alone minding my own business (masturbating) when one of my best friends blows through the door to my condo. I swear I never keep that door locked. It's gonna bite me in the ass eventually.

"Ally your such a little slut. Are you ever satisfied?" Sarah says.

"Well I don't know you tell me ya apartment invader!" I smiled at her as I put on some clothes.

"Lock ya front door bitch." She shot back.

I laughed.

"So what's up girl?"

"Ally let's go to the beach. I'm aching to have a good time and I wanna pick up a guy."

"OK let's go."

"Let's take your car, all guys are in love with your Camaro."

"OK, but one rule, I'm not getting any cum on my cushions!" I grinned at her.

"Whatever just get your bathing suit."

I got into my yellow two piece and grabbed my purse as Sarah stripped down to her bikini. It was scarlet and it matched her red hair perfectly.

"Damn Sarah! You look so sexy!" I told her.

"Jealous?" She teased me.

"Of what?" I laughed at her.

"Hurry up and let's get out of here."

 We hopped into the car and we were on our way to the beach. Sarah and I joked and laughed every time we stopped at a stoplight and see the guy in the car next to us staring and their wives trying to block the view. We finally made it to the beach and Sarah forced me to park near the volleyball nets.

"All the hunks center around here!" She explained to me.

"If I get a dent in my car I promise we'll never have sex again!"

"Ally you know you can't resist my tongue." She replied.

"Shit you're right." I laughed.


Kevin stopped playing as he watched the Camaro pull up into the lot. Now THAT was man's car. He was happy to see a guy pull up because right now, his team was looking pretty bad. His jaw dropped as he watched the beautiful woman step out of the car. Damn she was gorgeous. Her skin was an even almond tone and it contrasted nicely with her yellow bikini and her golden blonde hair that was done up in a loose ponytail. His jaw dropped even lower as she bent over to retrieve something in her car. Her shapely ass was a looker, and he could make out the outline of her glorious slit in the sheer fabric of the bikini. His jaw hit the floor now as he watched her sit in the car and lotion up. She caught him watching her and winked at him. Nothing could stop his cock from stirring now as he watched the woman put on a show for him. She parted her legs widely for him to get a good view as she lotioned her inner thighs, once or twice brushing her pussy. He barely had enough time to notice the volleyball coming at him at breakneck speed.



I reached back into my car to get my suntanning lotion. I caught a guy watching me lotion up so I played my little exhibition side. I quite say, he was enjoying me nicely. That was to say he was whacked with the volleyball.I rushed over to the guy and checked his vital signs. He was out cold. At least he was still breathing. Everyone crowded around me as I began giving him CPR. As soon as my lips touched his, he jolted awake, and painfully, smashing his head into mine.

"Ouch!" I said I fell into the cool white sand.

"Sorry about that." He said.

I rose from the sand and stood him up on his feet. He teetered ever so slightly and fell into my arms.

"Here, let me take you to sit down. I doubt you're feeling in tip-top shape right now."

I took his hand and led him to a nearby bar, and sat him down. I ordered us some pina colada's and sat his head in my lap. I gently dabbed at the growing bruise on his forehead with ice wrapped in a napkin.


Kevin's eyelids flew open and was filled with energy as the cute blonde breathed into him. He sat forward quickly and bumped heads with her.

"Sorry." He said.

They both rose, and uncertainly, he fell into her arms. He was surprised at how her lithe figure supported his immense bulk.

She took him to a nearby bar and sat him down, his head in her lap. He grumbled in pain as she dabbed his sensitive forehead with a napkin. His pain subsided as he noticed his proximity to her. He felt the warmth of her vagina and the fruity smell of her flawless skin. He felt her breathing and her muscles every time she moved under him.

"It's going to be a nasty one." She said breaking his concentration.

"Great." He replied.

She giggled and flashed her perfect smile, and he noted her perfect teeth. The smile filled him with warmth, and he knew this one was genuine.

"I'm Allyson." She said without looking at him. She was intent on suppressing his swelling bruise.

"Kevin. Nice to meet you."

He got up with great effort out of her lap and leaned into the corner of the booth. HE twinged as his head throbbed. She leaned over him and continued dabbing at the spot. He looked down and saw straight into her bikini top, her breasts were just his type. Round and perky, full but not too much or too little. He closed his eyes and let her wait on him.


I sat there for a about twenty minutes, dulling his pain with the ice. His eyes closed and I looked at him for the first time. His hair was light, dusty brown and his face was smooth and angular, sans facial hair. His body was powerfully built, that of a rugby player or weightlifter. His skin was dark, not from tanning but was naturally so. A deep bronze I thought. He must be mixed. I began to feel a growing warmth in between my legs, and my body was abuzz. Probably was mad from the interrupted session back at the flat. My heartbeat increased and my breathing became quicker. I was filled with sexual tension. Someone tapped my shoulder, and I turned to the sight of a pretty young waitress that happily sat the two pina colada's in front of me. I returned her dazzling smile and pulled a $50 note from my hip (Don't judge me) and tipped her. She beamed at the generous gift and thanked me kindly. I unwrapped the straws and plopped them into the sweet drink.

"Drink." I said as I pressed the straw to his lips.


Kevin awoke to Allyson's perfectly manicured fingers pressing a straw to his lips. He graciously took it in and sipped at the ice cold, sweet drink. He sighed as it slid down his throat and filled him with energy.

"Better?" She asked him.

"A bit. But only because you're taking care of me."

He smiled and winced in pain as his muscles contracted around the bruise. She laughed and he blushed red. He deposited his head back into her lap and watched her. She gently ran her fingers through his hair, soothing him on the contact with his scalp. The heat coming off her pussy was stronger now, and he could detect the smell of her sex. Her heartbeat was faster too. She was becoming aroused. He watched as she took the straw into her mouth, her full luscious lips closing around it. Her eyes closed as she took in the creamy, white froth of a liquid down her throat. His mind instantly imagined her repeating this procedure elsewhere on him... He playfully bit at her stomach, causing her to jump up and yelp in shock. Her legs parted and his head fell into them. He broke into a fit of laughter.

"So not funny Kev!" She tried to be mad but he could see in her eyes she was close to laughing.

"Very." He replied between fits of hysterics.

He turned around and was face to face with her cunt.


I was losing it! His head was DIRECTLY next to my pussy. My breathing came in short gasps, and I could feel the intensity of the warmth in my thighs increase. I looked over at his pelvis and he was completely flaccid. Damn he was good. My body tensed as I felt the warmth build up and I could feel myself becoming wet. A wet spot grew approximately right next to his nose.


Kevin watched as a spot on her bikini bottom became dark. She was wet. Kevin was happy for the pain coming from the bruise or he would have set up "camp" by now right next to her. He riskily nudged the spot with his nose, taking in the sweet aroma of her nectar. She gasped at the touch and she let out a soft but audible moan. How sensitive! It was amazing. This time it was her turn to blush.


"Unnhh" I moaned as he lightly brushed my cunt.

What?!? I looked around in embarrassment to see if anyone heard me. Apparently they had. My waitress turned to me and gave me a sly wink and thumbs up. I blushed and smiled as I turned away. He totally just did that on purpose! The bastard. I grinned at him naughtily.

"Two can play at that game." I told him

I sat him up and pressed my body into his, giving him a burning kiss that set his ears on fire. My tongue pressed into his lips and swirled into his warm mouth. I sucked and tenderly bit on his lower lip, while my hands were having fun below. My left hand subtly tweaked at his nipples, while my hand roamed his thighs, its palm pressing and sliding down his flaccid shaft. I can tell you how long it stayed that way! His cock instantly came to attention and I stood it up. I spread my legs and wedged his stiff member in between my legs as I sat in his lap. He gasped as our sexes connected through the thin fabric, his thick rod feeling the intense heat of my animated cat. I rocked back and forth, rubbing them together, this time getting him to moan. I pulled away, my task completed and beamed at him.


Allyson pressed into Kevin, her body sending electricity through his. She kissed him with intense passion, and he instantly burned up. She groped his penis and he was sprung in two seconds-flat. His breathing became heavier as his arousal rose. She kneaded his nipples between her soft fingers while she sat in his lap, his penis between her heated thighs. He groaned as she rubbed his head back and forth with her steaming, wet pussy lips, and she moved away smiling.

"Hehe." She said.

"Oh yeah?"

He picked her up and put her into his lap, turning towards the counter to block the view of any passersby. His hand reached under her and his finger moved into her bikini, and entered her wet slit. His other hand took her firm nipple and began to tug and twist at it. This time her moan, was WAY louder, drawing looks from the staff all around. Good thing the place was empty. She buried her face into Kevin's neck as he continued fingering her unknowingly to anyone else. Her vagina was sizzling and pulsating with pleasure. He withdrew his fingers and set her back next to him. He looked into her flushed face and licked his finger.

"Now that's what I call a drink. Nice and sweet!"


Kevin sat me on top of him, pressing me towards the corner wall. His body blocked everything as he pulled and twisted on my pebble-like nipples. A rush of air filled my lungs as his finger slipped into my bikini bottom and slid snugly into my hot cunt. I moaned three times louder than before and this time, EVERYBODY looked at me! I buried my face into his neck in embarrassment and plotted my next move. He withdrew his finger, and set me back next to him.

"Sweet!" He said.

I pushed him towards the corner this time, and sat again in his lap. I reached into his shorts from the bottom and grabbed his cock. I delicately massaged his testes and went on up to his shaft. My fingers slid up and down, getting closer to his swollen head every time. I pushed in my other hand and played with his sac while my fingers finally reached his bulbous head. I outlined the mushroom shaped erogenous zone and then began to discreetly jerk his rod. I smiled as I did, ignoring my own intense satisfaction. My hand worked his shaft, up and down, up and down and his moan came through, but not loud enough. One hand retreated and slid my bikini down, exposing my wet muff. I pressed into his shorts and slid his head right down the middle, suppressing my own sounds of gratification, I laughed as he let out a VERY loud groan.


"Beat that one lover boy!" She said while laughing at his sexual outburst.

He set her in the corner again and pulled ice from the pina colada. He quickly dropped two cubes into her top and positioned them over her nipples. She gasped, but made no noise. He dropped to her neck, licking it slowly and deliberately, making elaborate circles, nibbling at it here and there. Light, sensual kisses peppered her neck and he could hear her moan this time.

"Best you can do?" She mocked between short breaths.

 He reached the crook of her shoulder and neck and clamped down softly. He could feel her quivering under his mouth. He began to suck, continually flicking his tongue around her neck. He felt the cold of the ice cube in his hand and remembered its purpose. He dropped his hand into her bottom and thrust the cube into her humid, aqueous snatch. Now a response did that bring! She squealed in pleasure, and he withdrew the cube, pushing it onto her engorged clitoris. He flicked the cube back and forth over clit, bringing a series of yelps and whimpers of satisfaction. he deposited the cube back into her vagina and sat her right on top of it next to him again.

The ice was having a marvelous effect on me, hardening my nipples even further, as did the culminating cold and warmth in the recesses of my vagina. I moaned and howled as Kevin took his way with me forgetting the fact we were still in public. I finally came to as he put me back in my seat.

"I win!" He said with a burst of laughter.

It was time to drop my trump card.

I slid under the table silently and shuffled around a moment.

"You OK down there?" He asked me.

"Yea, I think I dropped a note on the floor." I replied.

I positioned myself in the middle of his legs facing the opposite direction, and shoved my ass up into the air. I could here him take in a deep breath. I continued looking for my "lost note" and spread my legs wide for him to see. Up until then he was touching, but never seeing. Well, if someone tells you seeing is believing, believe it! He caught his breath at the sight of my parted legs and shook it a little for him. I pulled the cubes from my breasts and out them in my mouth and turned around to look up at him.

"Nothing." I said with a downcast expression.

"Awww. Poor baby." He replied to my acting. He ran his fingers through my hair.

I caught my prize peeking out at me from under his beach shorts, and made my move. I pushed his shorts up and quickly took his engorged penis into my mouth. His chest swelled with air as my tongue flicked about his head. Intricate and skillful circles manifested from my tongue on his penis. he was moaning now and I knew I had him. The ice shuffled in my mouth all over his cock creating the pleasurable sensation of warm and cold he had given. The ice soon melted and I took in more of his cock and began to work him. My hand reached into his shorts and grabbed his testes, my fingers grazing it and disappearing again, phantoms of sex. He was at the back of my throat now and I took more and more, keeping direct eye contact. He moaned even louder as his thick member, now invisible, sat in my throat. I had developed a technique where I could contract my throat muscles and apply pressure to the penis lodged in my throat. Every contraction Kevin moaned in ecstasy. I pulled out and took a breath my chest heaving. I took him in again, this time with speed. I bobbed back and forth on his rod, my tongue never ceasing it's work. My teeth lightly brushed his cock, adding to the pleasure of the present moment. I had him now, and I could see the effects of my work on the exertion in his face. His hands shot down and shoved my head onto his cock. His hips gyrated and twisted as he began face fucking me, losing himself in his own pleasure. My ponytail became loose and he wrapped my hair around his fist. He yanked at my hair, and the his rough handling was turning me on even more. His moans were loud and clearly discernible as sexually-oriented sounds. He went on for another minute or so and then held me down firmly on his cock, and I felt his urethra bulge with fluid. He shot his sperm directly down my throat, and I myself moaned as the warm, stick fluid ran down my throat. His cock jerked and twitched four more times before finally emptying its load into my awaiting stomach. He held me there for another minute or two and then let me go.
"Yummy cum in my tummy!" I said with a grin on my face.

I lapped up the leftover cum spilling out and sat next to him. He was breathing heavily with a smile on his face.

"Damn." He told me.

I leaned in close to him and kissed him again, my fingers running through the light hair on his chest. I myself wasn't satisfied, but you win some you lose some! Oh how I was wrong.

Apparently, this guy never heard of a "refractory period" because in two minutes of making out, he was back in high gear.


Kevin sighed as his cum hit the back of Allyson's throat. This one was incredible, never had he gotten such great fellatio in his entire life. And the ice! Great move. She knew how to keep her skeet down too. She had got him good, but it wasn't over. He waited until he was sprung again and for the last time sat her in his lap. He pulled her bikini bottom over and this time there were no games. He pinched her nipples roughly but not too hard. Her moan was caught in her throat as he thrust her perfect body onto his tumescent penis into her lubricated vagina. He knew she was a sex kitten this one, as her pussy suddenly became sopping wet and drenched his entire pelvis and lower stomach. Kevin took this one to the extreme and couldn't control his own pleasure.

"Ahhhhh..." They both sighed in unison. Kevin loved the sight of her head dropped back, her breasts heaving, her face contorted in extreme pleasure as she vociferated her gratification. They barely noticed their waiter.

"Excuse me." She said.

They both jumped in alarm and blushed in embarrassment.

"I have a little room upstairs if you guys need it." She beamed at them and winked coyly. "Just follow me."

Allyson got up and smiled a smile back with equal intensity.


Kevin waited until she dismounted and cover his manhood. Kevin followed Allyson following the waitress. He watched in awe as her ass moved back and forth on those legs. He couldn't wait to grab that and have his time with it. He slapped it for good measure and glowed at its malleable firmness. She turned around and laughed at him. When they reached the room, Allyson gladly took out two $100 notes and handed the waitress. Kevin stepped in the room and removed his trunks. Allyson followed him inside and locked the door. Kevin never saw someone look at him so seductively.

"Now let's see if you can really beat me at my own game!"

She dropped her bikini and stood there for a moment letting Kevin take her whole body in.


The waitress returned ten minutes later and was pleased to hear the sounds of the two lovers enjoying the room to its fullest. She herself felt aroused at the sounds of Allyson moaning and the thunderous slaps no doubt her ass was taking. Her hand dropped to her pants and could feel her own wetness accumulating. She imagined Allyson on the bed taking Kevin's huge cock, both in immense pleasure. Her legs weakened as she played with her clit and she almost jumped when hands wrapped around her waist. It was her boss.

"Let's make it our turn." He said as he motioned at the room. The waitress was getting intense gratification from his stiff rod pressing into her ass.

"I'm ready!"

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