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Sex in Centerfield: A True Story

We were out of our clothes before we knew it. . .
When I first met Cheryl Lynn, it was at the start of our fifth grade year. I was already sitting in my desk when she walked in the door. Her long blonde hair tied up in a pony tail set off her features. Of course, I did not know anything about that then, but somehow, even then, I knew that me and her would end up together. I knew that she would be my first.

The years past by us quickly. We started dating each other in our sophomore year and continued to date until the day we graduated that night in May of 1991. It was a very joyous moment for us. We were in love and we had graduated. We had survived. Next step, college!

Cheryl Lynn and I both attended the same college. We had applied to the same one on purpose so we could be together. It was going to be the first time that we had been away from home for such a length of time, but we were going to be together. That was what we wanted. Our parents had seen us off to college and they were happy for us, but at the same time, they were sad that their children were beginning their own lives. I think me and Cheryl Lynn were happy to gain some freedom. Moreover, we were happy that we could have some intimate time together.

It did not take long for us to have that intimate moment when we arrived at college. It only took one day. I remember her two dorm mates had classes and well, it just so happened that Cheryl Lynn and me did not, so we fucked in her dorm room while they were in class. I guess one could say that we wanted to christen our college debut with a bang.

After the semester was over, we came back home. It was good to be home. It was good to see our families again. I felt like I had grown as a man and I knew that Cheryl Lynn had grown as a woman. Even in that short time we had been away.

We met some of our friends that we had graduated with also. Some were home from college as well and others just never left. It was good to be with them. It made us feel like we were back in high school again.

However, one thing made our trip back home worth the visit. One night, one very late night, after Cheryl Lynn and I had been out, we decided to pay a visit to our alma mater. I remember driving into the parking lot at two o’clock in the morning. The security lights were on and illuminated the buildings where we had learned. We drove to the place where I used to park as a senior and just reminisced a few minutes. Then I drove around what was called “the horseshoe” to the baseball field and parked.

Cheryl Lynn and I got out and walked to the baseball diamond. We did not need any lights. The light of the full moon illuminated our way. We started talking about the times I was playing and she would sit on the bleachers and root our team on. I remember hearing her cheer loudly as I stood in centerfield. We walked hand in hand to centerfield where I stood most of the time during a game and waited for the ball to be hit to me. Which was often. There was something about that spot.

As Cheryl Lynn and I reminisced, we got caught up in the moment and I took her in my arms and began kissing her, deeply and sensually. The feeling of desire began to run through me and I felt it also run through her body. Cheryl Lynn was getting aroused. We were both into the moment heavily and I found my hand reaching up and cupping one of her breasts through the shirt she was wearing. She moaned and did not try to stop me. Her breast was firm and ready. I was willing to bet she was even nice and wet down below.

I ran my hand down to the waistband of her shorts. Slowly, I slid my hand down inside them and felt on the outside of her panties. Once I touched her sweet spot, Cheryl Lynn shuddered. I felt how hot she was there and I felt the dampness of her pussy through the fabric. Once I felt that, there was no holding back and Cheryl Lynn knew it.

We were out of our clothes before we knew it. Cheryl Lynn’s back was against the ground and like rabbits, we fucked each other. We’d take turns; I’d be on top for a while, then she would ride me, and then it was the other way around again. All the while, the grass dug into both of us and we were getting dirty in more ways than just one.

There was little passion, little petting, little everything. Cheryl Lynn and I were merely fucking. It was not making love or taking our time. We were just taking each other right there in the blue moonlight in the early morning hours.  

As I came inside her, it really hit me what we had done. Cheryl Lynn also. She started to laugh as I exited her hot wet cavity and I could not help laughing also. We both looked around. Nothing but grass and pale blue light surrounded us. We had taken each other at our alma mater. Not inside the building, not even near it. No, we had taken each other on the baseball field. Right in the middle of centerfield, the position I used to play. For once, I had finally hit a home run at my former stomping ground.
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