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Sex in the countryside

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Taking Teddy on a tour!!
Continuation to Sex in the Supercenter!!

As I said in my first story Helping Hand, all my stories are true events that happened to me. I hope you enjoy reading as mush as I enjoy sharing my life with you!!

He called me on the phone, and as always I pretended like I didn't know who it was. So he said he wanted to meet me again. So I decided to go to the movies with him that coming Thursday.
We decided to meet at Starbucks coffee house and I don't even drink coffee. Anyway, he got there and I was in the car watching him walk looking all sexy as he strutted in the coffee house door. I waited till he got inside and then strolled behind him. I sat at a table alone after I had gotten a bagel and some hot tea. So he came over to me and said, "Hey there."

I was wearing a mini Jean skirt and a yellow blouse and some heels looking as sexy as I can be. He was looking me over from head to toe and he said, "Mmm, damn girl, NC has some sweetness I have never seen before!"

I looked up at him and smiled.

We talked about the weather, politics and even church. Then we realized that we missed the times for the mid day matinee. After that we decided to take my car, because I was driving my dads explorer. So the movie we were going to "see" was not starting for another 2 hours so I suggested taking him for a ride thru the town. As I drove I had a thought! I decided that I would tease him by revealing my naked pussy lips to him, so I drove to this secluded place out in the country. I know that no traffic comes that way much, so my plan would work good.

Reaching my destination I parked between two pine trees and I turned to face him. I opened my legs and of course my clit was at attention....stiff as a board. So I began to rub my clit up and down as he gazed in amazement. He moved my hand and replaced with his, then stuck his finger inside me to feel my wetness. I was soak soak soak. He started to fuck me with his fingers right there and it was so good. I started to moan and thrust my hips as he fucked me hard and deep.

Then he shoved four fingers inside me as I slid down lower on the seat. I adjusted the seat so it can go back some so I can have more space. He was now lying in the chair and licking my nipples as he was finger fucking me.

Then he did it...thrust his whole hands deep inside my pussy. He was not saying anything at all to me just fucking me and sucking on my erect nipples. I had one of the biggest orgasms ever. I began to cum as he fist my pussy so hard and fast. I lifted my whole body so I can ride on his hands. I began to fuck his hand back as I leaned over to grab his now hard as rock cock.

The only sounds we heard was the squishing sounds of my pussy juice and him moaning as he fucked me. I was speechless but having the time of my life.

He moved my hands off his cock and told me to lean back. I pushed my head out the window as I rode on his hands. I began to feel my pussy contracting over his hands as my orgasm took me again. He pulled his hands out and replaced it with his mouth. He latched on to my pussy as I began to squirt. He was drinking and sucking me with so much force that I started to cum like never before. I was moaning and shaking and hanging outside my dads truck.

As my orgasm began to pass, he helped me back inside the truck. He reached over and kissed me. He slid his tongue in my mouth and there was a battle for control. He squeezed my breast and pinched my nipples, almost driving me over the edge again.

I broke the kiss and looked at him. "Teddy, I want you to fuck me now!" I said. He looked at me and then opened the door and pulled me outside. As I came out the door, he turned me around and bent me over on to the seat.

"Ahh fuck!" I said as I felt his steel rod enter me from behind. I rest my head on the seat as he began to fuck me with force. He had no mercy on my pussy as he drove deeper inside me with every thrust.

"Nikki your pussy is so tight!" he said as he groaned. I stuck my ass out more and higher as I pushed back on his cock. "Fuck me then. Gimme all this cock Teddy!" I growled as he spanked my ass. "uh huh, uh huh, yeah baby, fuck this pussy" I said as he continued to hammer my pussy.

I looked back at him at his expressions. He was the happiest man I had seen for the day as he fucked me with all he had. I reached my hands back to him and he grabbed them quickly not wanted to slow his pace.

"Ohhh fuck yeah," I said as he began to pull me back on his cock. "Yeah, yeah, yeah oh yesssss Nikki...this pussy is worth it baby!" he said as he pushed even deeper. I felt his cock throbbing deep inside me.

"Im gonna cummm Teddy...oh fuck yeah...faster, faster," I yelled in my passion. He released my hands and grabbed me by the waist. "Fuucckk yeeaahh!" I yelled as I came all over his cock.

"Aaarrrgghhhh, mmm, fuckkkk" he groaned as he shot load after load of hot sweetness inside my pussy. I pushed back onto his cock and began to squeeze him as he came inside me.

"Give it to me, Teddy! Give me that calcium that I need." I whispered to him as he fell forward on me. His breathing was out of control still as he held onto me. Then the unthinkable happened....his phone rang.

"Hello? Theodore?? Are you there?" was the other voice on the phone. We realized that somehow the call was accepted and the speaker was on.

"Hey Lucy, yeah am here." he said. "Why are you breathing like that? Are you ok?" his wife asked with a little concern in her voice.

"Yeah, you caught me as am finishing up my daily exercise!" he said as his now soft cock slips from my pussy. "I will be home around 7pm, have to go view a property" he said as I was cleaning him up!

"I thought I saw your car parked at a shopping plaza by Starbucks. Is that you?" She asked.

I looked up at him as I squeezed his balls making him jump. "Ye...yea yeahhhh!" he said as he threw his head back. I was sucking on his now fully erected cock, taking him all the way down my throat as he lied to his wife. "Am out with Nikk..uhmm Nick, we about to go for a mile run, then am off to see the property....mmmmm" he said as I stuck my tongue in his cock slit, sucking it as if I was sucking juice out of ice.
"Are you ok, Teddy?" she asked hearing him moan. "Yesssss yes yes am ok, just doing some stretches and am abit sore." he said as he bent down to pinch my nipples. "Fuck baby!!" he whispered as I began to deepthroat him.

He grabbed my head and began to fuck my mouth. I reached down and was fucking my dripping wet pussy with my own fingers as he did that.

"Gotta go, Lucy. Nick is ready again. Love ya!" he said as his cock began to swell in my mouth.

More to come.

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