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Sex in the Kitchen

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for a friend, hope you like it
My name is Derek and this is the story of the first time I ever had sex in the kitchen. I was dating Kelly, a beautiful brunette, who was not only good looking but very nice and sweet as well.

One day we were in my kitchen baking. She thought it was sexy that I baked, so we did it together, sometimes as foreplay. Well that day I was really turned on because Kelly was wearing a very skimpy outfit. I threw some flour on her to see if I could get a rise out of her and she threw some back on me. I saw a look in her eye and she was turned on also, so I grabbed the flour and threw it all on the floor and then kissed Kelly and brought us both down to the floor. We started rolling around in the flour and soon we were both covered.

“Since we’re both all dirty maybe we should get out of these clothes,” I said with a wink. Kelly nodded and pulled off her top to reveal her gorgeous tits. I kissed her and started fondling them, which I knew she really liked. After we broke the kiss, we both quickly took off the rest of our clothes and Kelly jumped up.

I grabbed her arm and said, “where are you going?”

“Upstairs, so we can play.”

With a glint in my eye, I responded, “How about right here?” and motioned to the flour covered flour.

She had a big smile on her face and said, “Well there’s a first time for everything,” and she got back on the floor next to me.

I rolled her onto her back and started kissing her again. After a couple of minutes, she rolled over so that I was on my back. Then she broke the kiss and slid down my body to my midsection. When she got there, she saw that I was rock hard and planted a couple of small kisses on my cock. Then she took me in between her tits and started rubbing them up and down my cock. I’d never titfucked a girl before, but it felt great and I felt like I’d cum soon.

“Kelly stop or I’ll cum,” I told her.

She grinned and said, “Then cum all over my tits.”

I started thrusting harder and faster and I did indeed cum all over her tits and neck.

We laid there for a few minutes just kissing, giving me time to recover. As we kissed, I pinched and sucked on her nipples to make sure she stayed horny for me.

Once I was fully recovered, I flipped her over and started eating her pussy. I started slowly, licking up and down, teasing her. Then I nibbled on her clit and started lightly smacking her pussy, getting her all wet. Once I thought she was wet enough, I inserted two fingers into her pussy and started slowly thrusting them back and forth.

After a couple of minutes of this she pleaded, “Please fuck me, I need you in me.”

I took my fingers out of her pussy and said, “First we taste you.” I gave her on of my fingers and she licked me clean, then I tasted her off of my other finger. We shared one more kiss and then I inserted my cock into her and started fucking her at a steady pace.

She fucked me back and loved it, based on her moans. We fucked like this for a good fifteen minutes until she asked me to fuck her harder and make her explode.

I said, “Flip over onto your hands and knees and I’ll fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk for a week.”

“Yes please, I need that,” she replied. She got onto her hands and knees and I got behind her, teasing her pussy before I inserted my cock again.

She turned around with a pleading look in her eyes and said, “Please, fuck me.”

I spanked her once on each ass cheek and then inserted my cock all the way inside her, making her squeal. I smiled at that noise and then started pounding her hard and fast, just the way she liked it.

She was moaning, “Tes, yes, just like that!” over and over and I knew she was enjoying herself. I was too and periodically, I’d spank her and grab her tits.

After fucking like this for ten minutes, she screamed, “I’m going to cum, pull my hair and make me cum so hard.”

I gladly did as she asked and grabbed her beautiful brown hair and pulled it so hard that her face was right next to mine and she screamed into my ear as she orgasmed and squirted cum all over me and the floor.

I didn’t mind either, in fact her squirting made me so hard that I was on the verge myself so I said, “Kelly, I’m about to cum, do you want it in your pussy or mouth?”

In between breaths, she said, “Mouth… please.” I pulled out of her pussy, spun her around and thrust my cock into her mouth. It was so warm and she expertly worked her lips and tongue and coaxed every bit of cum out of me in two minutes, swallowing every drop.

When she finished, I pulled my now limp cock out and we kissed again and rolled around in the flour.

All of a sudden we heard a noise and I looked up and saw that it was the timer for the cake we were baking. We got up and checked the cake. It was ready, so we took it out.

I looked at Kelly and said, “That made me hungry, should we have some cake?”

With a grin she answered, “Absolutely, let me just get the whipped cream and maybe we won’t stop after cake.”

We sat down to eat the cake with her sitting on my lap. We kissed and enjoyed our delicious treat and each other.

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