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Sex in the Kitchen

James was sat at the desk in his study, staring vacantly at the fruits of his morning labour on the computer screen. With a contemptible glance towards the computer screen, he rose from the desk intent on taking his mind away from work for a little time at least. He made towards the kitchen, intending to grab some food before going to speak with his girlfriend, Tori, whom he presumed would be in the lounge relaxing.

However Tori was already in the kitchen, stood behind the counter baking a cake in her favourite apron. As James made his way to the fridge which stood behind Tori and the counter, she glanced up at him, a glint in her eye which he failed to notice.

It was only when he turned round to embrace Tori from behind that he noticed she was naked apart from the apron and a pair of stiletto heels, her tight little ass sticking out under the apron.

She turned her head slightly to smile suggestively at him. With barely contained excitement he grabbed her from behind, kissing her passionately while his cock began to limber up within his jeans for the task ahead. He turned her around to face him fully and then continued to kiss her, his cock slowly getting bigger and bigger.

Lifting her up onto the counter, he began to undo the ribbon holding the apron in place and, with minimal effort, it fell to the floor where it was soon joined by his clothes. James began to go down on Tori’s neatly trimmed pussy as she sat on the counter, his tongue flicking back and forth over her slowly swelling clit.

His tongue started to run up and down her pussy lips also, encouraging her to get as wet as possible, while she herself began to finger her clit. James came up for a few seconds to give Tori a taste of her own juices while inserting his middle finger into her pussy, which caused her to arch her back in a moment of unexpected pleasure.

On his way back down to her snatch, he paused to pay attention to her pretty and petite breasts, which had otherwise been neglected. He began to rub her nipples between his fingers and thumbs making them hard; at which point he started to rub his tongue over them, too, making Tori even more turned on than she had been before.

After a few more minutes of giving her oral, James stood up to swap their positions, lifting himself onto the counter as she slipped off onto the kitchen floor, seamlessly taking his cock in her mouth at almost the same time. Cupping his balls in her left hand, she began to wank him with her other hand while her tongue flicked over the head of his cock before slipping it between her lips and into her mouth.

After receiving his blowjob, James lifted Tori’s face away from his cock and, after kissing each other, he lifted her up onto his fully erect penis where she sat, a contented look on her face. They kissed again passionately until Tori began to slide up and down his cock, slowly embracing the depths his cock was plumbing, gently, to begin with.

She began to bounce on his cock harder and harder, her hair falling in front of her now vacant looking eyes as his cock began to pound her g-spot. He began to thrust upwards to compliment her bounce and she came quickly. His increased movement too much for her to take. She slid down until she engulfed his entire shaft and sat there contentedly, enjoying the last remnants of her orgasm.

They began to kiss again while he idly moved a hand down over her pubes and her clit, stroking softly. Sensing she was aching to start again, he pulled his cock out of her and swung her around so she was laying flat on her back on the kitchen counter, her erect nipples pointing skyward. As he arranged himself on top of her, he noticed a bottle of squirty cream lying on the counter just behind Tori’s head.

He reached over to grab it and, giving Tori a suggestive look she returned hungrily, squirted a little on her nipples. After having licked that off, he proceeded to lay a trail from her boob tube to the top of her pubes, which elicited a gasp as the still cold cream connected with her sensitive skin. Starting at her boob tube, he licked his way through the cream to her pubes, stopping every now and again to heighten her sense of expectation and pleasure.

Having found himself at her pubes, he began to work her clit once more with his tongue while sliding his index and middle fingers into her juicy, wet pussy. Grabbing his other hand, she pulled him up to her face where they kissed once more, while her other hand guided his cock into her pussy. As it found its target, she gave a small gasp of pleasure, which only increased as he began to rock back and forth into her pussy, thrusting harder and harder with his leg muscles.

She drew her legs up and onto his back to give him a better angle to get deep. He obliged almost immediately as she gave a huge gasp, feeling his cock slide in balls deep to her pussy. She began to claw at his back as he thrust yet deeper into her, pausing only to kiss her randomly.

The look in her eyes let him know that there were deeper pleasures for her still to experience. Realising this, he pulled out from her pussy, dragging her off the counter so she stood facing him on the floor. He turned her around and bent her over the counter in a forceful way, as he knew she liked, and began to slap her lovely ass hard, leaving his hand imprint on the reddening flesh.

Reaching through her legs, he gave her pussy a little slap as well, which elicited yet another gasp of pleasure. She turned her neck to look at him and the look in her eyes pleaded with him to take her from behind, an act he obliged to carry out almost immediately after.

Her pussy was still dripping juice and it was with great ease that he slid into her from behind, his cock thrusting deep into her pussy once more. He began to reach depths that she had never before experienced and it led to another orgasm for her, her tight ass clenching before his eyes as she came, a groan escaping her lips at the same time.

Pulling out from her pussy, he replaced his cock with two fingers which were instantly coated in her love juices. With a mischievous smile on his lips, he withdrew his fingers, and using her juice as lube, inserted them into her asshole.

She gasped at the unexpected entry but turned her head to face him with a smile, intimating that it was good enough for him to continue. He kept lubing her asshole up for a few minutes, making it nice and wet in preparation for what he aimed to do next. Without a word, he slid the first inch or so of his cock into her asshole, curious as to how much she could take.

With a barely disguised lust she instructed him to go deeper, so he did, slowly inching his cock into her asshole until he was halfway in. At this point she could take no more, and he pulled back out for another go at her pussy, which had begun to feel ignored in the preceding few minutes.

After shagging her pussy for a few more minutes, they were both knackered, and it remained only for James to reach his own orgasm. Tori instructed him to lie down on the counter, intent on giving him a damn fine orgasm.

She began by flicking her tongue over the head of his cock, sending a tickling feeling through his body which was greatly arousing. After teasing him this way, she began to go down on him properly, sliding her mouth up and down his cock while using her other hand to wank him off. He lay back to enjoy her attentions and after a few minutes he could hold his cum no longer.

With a final wank of his cock she made him cum into her mouth, something she particularly enjoyed. She looked up at him with her mouthful of cum and, with a smile on her face, swallowed it all down, like the cum whore she was.

After this, she made her way up the counter until they were face to face so they could get off with each other one more time. They lay there together in a state of post-orgasm bliss until Tori remarked that she should really get back to her baking, which he had so rudely interrupted.

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