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Sex in the Supercenter

Walmart, worth the trip!!
Woke up today hornier then I have been in awhile now. Got into the shower rubbing the soap over my body I could feel the warm water running down my hot silky skin. Feeling very naughty, I took a step back letting the water hit my hard throbbing clit. It felt amazing as I started to thrust my hips towards the stream of water. I could feel an orgasm building up just as my dad knocked at the door telling me he needed me to go to Walmart. Then I felt my clit throbbing for relief but it would have to wait.

I put on a red flowery summer dress with nothing underneath. My clit was to sensitive to put on panties. When I stepped outside, the warm sun felt great on my exposed skin. As I was headed to the Walmart Supercenter, I felt the throbbing of my clit between my legs so I tried to move around to release some pressure but it only made it worse. So I slowly moved my left hand down in between my thighs rubbing it in circles. I felt I was dripping wet as I collected some of my juices to lube up my clit rubbing it harder. I could barely control myself as I felt my orgasm build up fast but I stopped when I realized I was in the parking lot.

As I walked into the store I could feel some of my juice escaping my pussy. I got a buggy and heading in the doors the cool air that is blowing down from the ceiling made my nipples hard as rocks. I started to do the shopping slowly walking down the aisles. I took notice of a family of four as I strolled down the aisles. Forgetting that my dress went only half way down my thigh and I wasn't wearing panties, I bent slightly on the buggy as I passed them for the third time.

I went to the next aisle just as they were turning down at the other end. As I walked past them, I shyly looked over my shoulder and watched as the husband looked up and down my body. I gave him a smile as he quickly turned to his wife.

"Honey, I'm going to go check out the electronics. Take your time and shop." He said loud enough for me to hear him.

I watched him while picking up something off the shelf as his wife answered him. He looked at me signaling me to meet him over there. I nodded my head and turned to go to that department. Walking over there, I felt eyes undressing me from behind, and turning slightly around I saw him trailing slowly behind me. I turned my body looking at him as I squeezed my tits and licked my lips. Turning back pushing my buggy I bent further letting my dress ride up my thigh then I bent down pretending to pick up something. I wanted him to see my exposed pussy and how wet I was.
I finally got to the back of the department, where there is a blind corner that is not in view to cameras or the public. He took a minute getting there so I stood there leaning on my buggy rubbing my throbbing clit and fingering my pussy. As he walked up, he grabbed my right breast giving it a hard squeeze then rolling my hard nipple between two fingers.

He took a step back and I could see a huge bulge in his pants he look about 7 inches long. He was wearing sweat pants so I couldn't get an exact measurement. He grabbed the waist band of his sweats pulling them down a bit to reveal his hard 8 inch very veiny throbbing cock. I handed him a condom from my purse then I placed my right leg on the shelf as he walked up to me placing his cock against my wet slit. He grabbed my hips sliding it in with one push. I gasp at how big he was and oh so thick. He fucked me with such force I almost lost my balance grabbing the shelf next to me for support.

"Damn baby!!! I love a tight pussy." He said as he thrust hard into me. All I could have done was moan softly in pleasure.

“My name is Teddy and I just moved here from San Diego, I love it here and what I see.” he said to me as he plunged deeper and harder inside my wet pussy.

I could feel my passion building up deep in my pussy as I meet his pace thrusting my hips against his hard throbbing cock. I leaned my head back letting out moans of pleasure. He pulled out dropped to his knees, and lifted my dress higher and started to lick from my asshole to my clit. When he hit my throbbing clit he sucked it into his mouth and I couldn't control my orgasm anymore I started to squirt all in his mouth as he tried to drink as much as he could.

Standing up he lifted me placing me on his cock. He started to lift me up and down as I wrapped my arm around his neck to help him fuck me good. As I bounced on his throbbing cock my clit was rubbing against his pubes making it extremely sensitive. He started to fuck me faster and harder as I rode his cock like no other. He started to breath faster and in shorter breathes I knew he wasn't going to last much longer. Looking thru the cracks in the shelves, I saw that his wife and kids were only one aisle over in the shoe department. That made me even more excited about fucking him.

“I want to taste you.” I heavily moaned out. "I want you to cummm in my mouth. I want to swallow every drop of your sweet fucking juice!"

He looked surprised as he lifted me down of his cock. I got on my knees and pulled off the condom then handed it to him as I grabbed his throbbing shaft. Almost swallowing it in one motion I started to suck and lick his whole cock as he thrust his hip into my mouth. My free hand was rubbing my clit with such force I could feel another big orgasm building up deep inside of me. He grabbed my head pulling me towards him as he thrust his cock deep in my mouth hitting the back of my throat I felt his cock swell up. As my own orgasm took over me I positioned myself for his huge explosion. He started to shake and bend down as he shot stream after stream of thick cum down my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could not wasting one drop and it tasted fucking good.

He stopped moving as I continued to milk his cock with my tongue hitting his head. His knees started to buckle so he held onto a shelf to keep from falling on me. I slowly started to get up and he had a look of panic on his face as the pulled his sweats back up because he heard his kids on the next aisle. He reached over pulling me to him giving me a long passionate kiss as I straightened my dress out. He put something in my hand as he pretended he was looking at the wireless mouse on the bottom shelf. Just then I realized that his wife and kids came around the corner so I clinched my hand tight and left the aisle without being seen. I noticed the two male cashiers smiling and licking their lips as I passed them, each having a hard on noticeable to me. I winked and flashed my naughty girl smile at them.

Getting the last few items on my list I opened my hand and could see it was an hundred dollar bill unfolding it there was two. I smiled at myself thinking 'I'm so naughty' as I put it into my purse. I went to the last register the line was shorter as I waited to pay for my stuff I looked around. He was behind me with his family, undressing me with his eyes. I smiled at him and he gave me a wink. Paying for my stuff with the money he gave me I had 2 cases of water and some gallon juices on the bottom of the buggy he offered to assist me being a complete gentleman.

“Do you need help putting this stuff in your car?” He asked.

“Oh please, if you don't mind.” I said licking my lips as I remembered swallowing his juices down my throat.

We walked out to my car and he lifted the cases in the trunk of my truck. Afterwards, he handed me a business card with his cell number on it. I smiled and grabbed a pen out of my purse and wrote my number on my receipt giving him my most naughty smile with a wink. His face lit up like a kid in a candy store.
He turned his back to the store as he saw his wife and kids coming outside. Quickly he lifted my dress and pinched my clit as he scooped some of my pussy nectar up. He took his fingers and licked it as he turned and walked away from me.

Four hours later
"Hey sexy Nikki! Your pussy is so sweet!!! Can I see you this weekend?" was the voice on the other end of my cell phone. I looked at the number and yes it was...Teddy, my new friend with benefits.

More to come...

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