Sex on a Bed of Leaves

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Our second sexual encounter continues outside...
A few nights after that unforgettable experience I lay and thought about Craig. In a way I felt awful for his girlfriend but he was unhappy with her and just didn’t have the balls to leave her. He enjoyed the excitement just as much - if not more - as I did. He’d been with her a couple of years now, and I had been single in that time, bar a couple of dead end boyfriends. 

I craved sex, and he craved adventure. I wouldn’t deny him that. 

Just thinking about what we had done turned me on so much and I wanted more of him. I wanted to feel him inside me once more.

At that moment I received a text.

“R u free tonight for a drive? X”

My heart began pounding once more. My mind in overdrive.

We agreed a time and I busied myself for the next hour making myself look presentable and smelling gorgeous.

This time, it was my turn to drive. I went round by his place to pick him up and just seeing him walking to my car made me wet. The sight brought back all the memories from the other night.

He got in the car and seemed quite subdued. We made small talk while I drove to a secluded car park where people would go to see a local monument but at this time of night, we wouldn’t be meeting any tourists.

When we arrived, I left the engine running to keep us warm, he was still being quite quiet so I asked him what was wrong. He admitted to feeling guilty about what we had done but how much he had enjoyed it. 

“What parts did you enjoy the most?” I asked him.

He told me he had loved getting a blow job while he was driving, and the feel of my nails down his back as he had fucked me. All this reminiscing was making me so hot. 

I stroked his cheek lightly, “We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to,” I told him.

He looked at me, “No, believe me, I want to.”

With that, he swiftly turned towards me and pulled me onto his lips. I couldn’t believe that one moment he had been feeling guilty about cheating but the next was holding me tightly to him, running his tongue over mine. 

I broke away from him and suggested we get out of the car for a walk. It was pitch black so we walked hand in hand using the lights from our phones to find our way to the monument. We passed benches and plenty trees and my mind ran riot thinking of how much I wanted to just push him down on one of the benches or up against a tree and just fuck him then and there. 

Eventually we reached the monument and there were some large boulders on the ground which we sat on. We looked out over the town down the hill and I could feel the electricity sparking between our bodies. His hand lay on my thigh, mine on his. I slowly started running my hand down to his knee then back up to his crotch, his grip tightened on my leg. I couldn’t stand waiting anymore. I stood up and straddled him. I could feel his cock pressing against me through his jeans already. I held his face in my hands and kissed him hard, grinding my hips against him. His hands went up my top and cupped my size C tits through my bra. I reached behind my back and swiftly unhooked it. He pinched my nipples driving me crazy, I wanted his clothes off.

I pulled him up and he pushed me back against a tree. The impact took my breath away. We tugged at each others clothes in desperation. Him biting my neck, me nibbling his shoulder. I pushed his jeans down and his thick cock sprung up into my waiting hand. He thrust his hand down the front of my trousers, and roughly shoved 3 fingers up into me. I cried out and jacked him off harder and faster. His spare hand pressed against my throat firmly and he looked into my face. I could feel myself going weak at the knees as my orgasm built. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, moaning louder and louder, drowning in the moment, when he stopped.

I groaned and looked at him in disbelief. 

“Not yet?” he teased.

He knelt down in front of me and pushed my legs apart, inserting his tongue into my pussy.

“Oh fuck that feels amazing,” I moaned as he tongue fucked me. 

I felt myself beginning to climax again, he must have felt my muscles tense as he pulled away from me and grasped onto my hands. He pulled me down on the ground with him and pushed me back onto the leaves. He then straddled my face, forcing his cock down my throat. I welcomed it and held onto his ass, pressing him into me. It was so hot, deep throating him outside in the open, lying on a bed of leaves. He trusted in and out of my mouth, moaning loudly above me. 

“I’m gonna cum soon!” he told me. 

I pushed him off me and laid him back on the ground. Placing my feet either side of him I lowered myself onto his swollen cock. I teased him, taking just the head into my pussy then lifting off him again. Each time I did this I lowered myself further. He grabbed onto my tits and squeezed them hard. I couldn’t take it anymore and took his whole length into me. I leaned on his chest as I fucked him hard. He ordered me to fuck him harder and harder. I could feel his cock hitting my g-spot. Fuck it felt so good I could barely contain myself. He grabbed me and threw me onto my back, his cock never leaving my pussy, and slammed me hard, holding my legs by my head. I begged him not to stop. He slipped a finger down to my clit and rubbed it hard. I was screaming in ecstasy by this point, feeling my orgasm building fast.

“Don’t stop! Fuck baby that feels so fucking good!” I screamed as I felt myself cum. I clung onto his back, pulling myself up to him keeping his cock in me so deep. He waited until my orgasm subsided before pulling out and turning me over. He pulled my pussy up to his cock and pushed my head down, he shoved his cock into me and started fucking me doggy style.

“Mmm fuck me hard baby, cum deep inside me. Don’t stop. I wanna feel you explode in my pussy”

He thrusted faster, gripping my waist, I felt him swell as he got ready to release. He leaned forward and grabbed my tits as he came inside me. I felt his cock pulsing against the sides of my pussy. It was enough to send me over the edge and cum again. 

“Fuuuuuuuck!” I screamed as the feeling engulfed me.

Once our orgasms had subsided, I knelt up on my knees with his cock still inside me and he gently kissed my neck. I turned my head to him and kissed him passionately while he was still catching his breath. His hands were still cupping my tits and squeezing my nipples between his fingers. I had to tell him to stop before he had me horny and wanting him again.

“We need to head home before your girlfriend gets home” I told him. He reluctantly agreed.

We dressed and headed back to the car, discussing when our next late night encounter would be.

This is based on the same characters from my story “Interesting Car Journey” (myself and a friend) you don’t have to read that first to understand but feel free.